Alternatives to OneUp alloy pedal

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Alternatives to OneUp alloy pedal
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Posted: Jul 27, 2021 at 12:37 Quote
I've been running alloy oneup pedals in conjunction with the new specialized roost shoes with success except for instep discomfort related to foot positioning. If I don't have my foot placement just right, I step on the inboard bearing, which leads to the discomfort. I'd prefer a setup that is a little more forgiving with foot placement, as the margin of error seems pretty minimal on my size 12 foot.

So, I'm looking at pedals without the inboard bearing bulge, but are comparable in terms of (ordered most to least important) grip, platform size, and weight to the oneups, which are pretty dang light compared to the competition.

What I'm looking at now are Burgtec Penthouse Mach 5's. How do these compare with the oneups in terms of grip? Also, is it a challenge to source parts for them stateside?

I've also tried DMR Vault's, but couldn't get along with them.

Posted: Jul 27, 2021 at 13:41 Quote
I also run the One Up alloy pedals in conjunction with the Specialized Roost shoe. I only have a size 10 and I don't find the bearing bulge to be an issue but I do however find myself needing to readjust my foot quite often when I first step on the pedals. Once my foot is comfortable it stays put fairly well. I rode Chromag Contacts last year and I found that I rarely had to adjust my foot once I was on the pedals. This could be a combination of older more warn in shoes as well or simply just personal preference. I can't comment on the Burgtecs but I had good success with the Chromags for several seasons.

Posted: Jul 28, 2021 at 12:26 Quote
I really like the Stamp 7 large. I have size 13 shoes and came front the OneUp composites which I also had an issue with my foot placement needing to be overly precise. However that was more to do with the concave shape on the OneUp's.

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