Help identifying mtb dvd song!!!

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Help identifying mtb dvd song!!!
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Posted: Sep 9, 2021 at 2:57 Quote
Hey team,

I've been trying to I. D a song for like 15 years now and it's driving me nuts! All I know is it was a free dvd from the Australian mountain bike magaizine around the 2010s. It was an orange disc and featured cam mccaul, Darren barre loth, cedric gracia among others. At one point there's a bit where the guys are talking about using a wombat as a kicker...

Any way the song I'm after, I can fully remember the beat of it but the only words I can remember is "one ideeeeeehuh" wahooooaoaooo"

If someone can help me track down the dvd I can find the track list suuuuuuurely. The chicharrones little by little also features on it.

Please help a brother out!

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