Minimalist drivetrain help

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Minimalist drivetrain help
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Posted: Sep 14, 2021 at 13:22 Quote
Not sure this is the right category to post this in or not but I didnt think it really fit into the DH section.

I'm building a Chromag Stylus as sort of a do everything bike to fill the gap of my Tazer which I feel is more of a specific application bike.

With the hardtail I plan to ride with my kids (all under 7) and tow a trailer for the baby, ride the pump tracks, ride the jumplines at a few local spots and just because I like to be difficult I will probably take it to the chair lift parks a few times.

I really dislike the drivetrain I currently have which is a SRAM GX salvaged from my past bike (Roscoe Cool . My main gripe is the shift points dont seem vey precise in so far as there are middle gears that seem to rub the chain and make a lot of noise.

Realistically for the type of riding I plan to do with the bike I think I may want to go with a DH type drivetrain as I dont feel I need or will use all of the tall gears but I also know I'm not studly enough for a single speed especially when towing the trailer up even small grades.

Oneup at one point made a spacer/spoke protector to convert 11 speed cassettes to 6 or 7 but they are discontinued. Is there anything else similar? If not what is the go to DH setup in so far as number of cogs and gearing and the corresponding chainring? Running a rear wheel with boost 148 spacing I assume there are spacers to convert the freehub to accommodate the smaller cassette? I tried google but I dont know the correct term to search for and all I get are things like the Surly single speed adapter.

Any advice is appreciated. Any other options to consider which would simplify the setup I'm open to hear as well.

Posted: Sep 16, 2021 at 18:55 Quote
I run a six speed saint drivetrain on my dirt jump bike. Some derailleurs might not have sufficient adjustment in the limit screws to allow for that much reduction in throw. To accomplish this I just tossed the biggest 3 gears and the 11 tooth from a shimano cassette. I then used a bunch of spacers. You don’t need the adapter thing. They are just for looks.

Posted: Sep 17, 2021 at 0:45 Quote
You need something to take up the space of the missing sprockets. You can do that with a single "dh cassette spacer" that usually acts as a spoke protector as well. If you search that you will quite a few options. But spoke protector isn't really needed as long as you limit out the derailleur to not shift past the biggest sprocket.

Another, and cleaner looking way imo, is buying the right amount of regular cassette spacers. Search for "single speed cassette spacers". Wheels mfg and for example sell these with various thicknesses so you can fine-tune the amount.

Posted: Sep 17, 2021 at 0:56 Quote
I used to run a 6 speed setup on my old 4X bike but, even then I would only use 3 cogs. I used a short block Hope Pro Trials hub though i'm not sure if they come in 148? A Zee 10 speed mech an shifter with slightly longer limit screws. It worked great, especially for 4X
11.4.15 Hope Evo pro Trials 6speed drive
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Cassette was a 105 road block broken apart

Posted: Sep 20, 2021 at 6:50 Quote
Thanks to all this really helps!

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