Fork offsets/center to center…questions

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Fork offsets/center to center…questions
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Posted: Sep 15, 2021 at 18:09 Quote
I’m tired of CSU’s creaking. Picked up a new carbon Transition Spire and looking to put a dual crown on it. The zeb it came with is already starting to do the precursor click that leads to full blown crack after only three weeks.

My initial thoughts were a boxxer with 46 offset but I’m hearing from transition that the head tube junction is pretty fat and the boxxer in that offset is going to severely limit steering, apparently the stanchions come in contact. The 56 offset works but I’m not looking to make this bike less mobile in steep nasty technical spots. Which leads me to you guys…

I know fork legs account for some of the offset as well as the crowns. Looking to find a fork where the legs account for less than the crowns, allowing me to get the stanchions further forward therefor buying me a better turning radius. I’m also wondering about center to center measurements, maybe some fork stanchions are further from the head tube? Buying me a few more millimeters?

The forks that generally interest me now are the ohlins, boxxer, and maybe the dorado. Fox is off the block for me currently, I have had nothing but bad luck both with durability and product support.

Also maybe I’m just crazy and pushing that front wheel out another 10mm is not that big of a deal but I would rather not chance it at this point. I don’t ride park but once a year maybe this bike is for pnw steep tech trails.

Posted: Sep 16, 2021 at 9:06 Quote
Longer offset won't make it "less mobile"
It primarily gives a lighter steering feel more "flappy" or "twitchy" and can understeer when pushed. Shorter offsets feel "heavier" or "stable" and can knife when pushed.

As far as what forks have what offset at the dropout vs the tripples.... don't know
But don't forget that the spacing between the stancions also comes into play

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