Want a new x1 10 speed compatible crank for my Surly Krampus - currently have an OD crank from Surly

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Want a new x1 10 speed compatible crank for my Surly Krampus - currently have an OD crank from Surly
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Posted: Sep 22, 2021 at 8:45 Quote
Have an old XL Surly Krampus and the O.D crankset it came with is starting to go. Wanting to get a new crank to replace and use as a x1 setup again with a small chainring on the front. Any recommendations on what is compatible? Ideally shimano as that is what I'm using for my brakes/rear derailleur. It was originally bought in 2015/2016 and is the moonlit swamp version. Currently has an OD crank 175mm on it and using 10 speed gearing. Have done some research but having issues finding a 10 speed x1 setup. Ideally wanting to find another small chainring (mid 20s) for the front as well since I mostly do loaded touring with it. Im based in the UK.

Thank you!

Posted: Sep 22, 2021 at 21:49 Quote
Hello again @mmlyons24. 1x cranksets with spider mounted chainrings restrict how small a chainring can be as dictated by their bolt circle diameter (BCD).

Older 1x Shimano cranksets have a 96mm BCD (assymetric bolt pattern) so pretty sure you couldn't fit anything smaller than a 30 or maybe a 28t chainring minimum.

Don't know much about Pro Wheel cranksets except some of their models use the same Hollowtech II bb system but have a 76mm BCD which would allow for a smaller chainring.

Alternatively you might be better off looking for a direct mount crankset as chainrings are centrally mounted with a lockring.

A 3x crankset might work using the middle chainring mounting point. A 2x might work also but could leave the chainring inwards (reduced chainline) and could cause issues.

If you haven't got one fitted already another option could be to go for a big range cassette (11-42-48 ) for lower gearing but that could require a hanger extender or new derailleur, chain and possibly shifter too.


Posted: Sep 23, 2021 at 8:40 Quote
As always, thank you! thats very helpful. I will go with a race face direct mount. Seems to be the easiest option for my current setup!

Posted: Sep 23, 2021 at 21:29 Quote
No worries. Wink My last crankset was a Race Face Ride Cinch (30t DM chainring), it did its job just fine, zero issues never dropped a chain so a good choice imo.

I had troubles getting mine off to change the RF bb so probably wise to put a little grease on the spline at the end of the axle on instalation.

Have you looked into the spec for the one you want Buddy? Mine had a 51mm chainline better suited for a 148mm (Boost) rear end. Maybe your bike is 135qr (non Boost), ideally requiring a slightly more inwards chainline (offset chainring) to get your set up spot on?


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