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Posted: Oct 22, 2021 at 4:51 Quote
So I'm thinking of getting a Canfield ONE.2 to replace my SB165, however there is no stock on the website and I've had no response from Canfields customer service team.

So two questions...

Does anyone have experience with the CBF platform and how it compares to Switch Infinity?

And how does the customer service compare? given that I've made a sales enquiry and not had a response it makes me a bit concerned that communication could be a bit of an issue and getting hold of customer service or trying to get product support from such a small company could be problematic in the future.

Have to say though I was super impressed with the suspension performance in this video, and the idea of a pedalable 200mm travel dh bike you can fit a dropper post to seems like the way forwards rather than always trying to make the regular enduros burlier and more capable...seems better to just cut straight to the chase.

Posted: Nov 28, 2021 at 11:48 Quote
Sorry- can’t speak to the comparison between switch infinity and CBF. I had a 2017 Riot, 140mm 29er. It pedaled very well, yet remained active while pedaling and braking. I also never experienced any pedal kickback.

I was ready for a new frame- came down to a Canfield Lithium or a Guerrilla Gravity Smash.
I chose Smash this time:
1. Wanted to support a made in CO brand (live in CO).
2. Sizing is getting hard to predict as reach keeps increasing- felt a little safer with adjustable geo of the GG. My large Riot is closer to a medium Lithium. Currently run my size 3 smash in “short” mode (I’m 6’1” with long legs). Also wanted to try a bike with a longer rear end.
3. Smash was available sooner.
4. I was also bummed that Canfield went internal cable routing on their frames- just isn’t necessary since you can’t fit anything inside front triangle anyway with shock placement. I’m all about practicality.

The GG doesn’t climb as well as the Riot did, but it stills climbs very well.
Sometimes I miss the short chain stays of the Canfield (techy slow stuff)

I would buy another Canfield in the future- mine felt very good at everything except super fast wide open crazy speeds- then it got to be a handful. But it was a 140mm 29er with 414mm chainstay- so I’d expect that.

I think a one.2 or a lithium would feel much more stable at Mach chicken speeds.

Posted: Nov 28, 2021 at 11:50 Quote
Also- I never had any issues communicating with Canfield. They were quick to respond to my inquiries. Not sure why they aren’t doing the same with you?

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