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GX Eagle Chain Length Correct?

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GX Eagle Chain Length Correct?
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Posted: Oct 22, 2021 at 17:21 Quote
Hi there,

This might be a dumb question, but I am new to how sensitive 12 speed drivetrains are to setup! I'm having difficulty getting my GX Eagle to shift cleanly through the cassette, and I wanted a sanity check on the chain length!

Pictures are taken unsagged, but there isn't much chain growth (2021 Sentinel).

How does it look? Before I break the chain to check, does anyone have any thoughts?


Big cog:

Small cog:

Posted: Oct 28, 2021 at 13:56 Quote
The length looks ok to me.

In my own experience the B Tension is usually the culprit.

-It's kind of hard to not get the right chain length if you follow SRAM's instructions.
-The lower and upper limits are easy to set.
-The cable tension is easy to set.
-The B Tension... well, if you don't have the tool good luck.

I'm talking about this type of tool:

I could be the derailleur hanger too.

Something I would also point out, SRAM 12 speed cassettes seem to have trouble consistently engaging the lowest 2 gears.
I've seen my engaging well 10 times and the next time the chain doesn't exactly sit properly on the lowest 2 gears.
If you are working on your bike on the stand, if you stop pedaling, it might go backward, or if you pedal backward, the chain drops to the next gear.
When you ride your bike you might hear it make a bit of noise and then "bam"! you hear and feel the chain slip and fall into the teeth.
If this is what you are talking about, well, just live with it, it appears to be a flaw in SRAM's 12 speed design with the 2 lowest gears. I had it on an GX and X1 cassette. My friend also experience it on a GX. It was confirmed by my LBC.

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