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Posted: Nov 25, 2021 at 7:40 Quote
Has anyone put a different brand coil on the DHX2? I find the fox coil running the shock body a lot. If you have put a CC coil or DVO did you need to install adapters?

Secondly anyone have their DHX2 rebound fail in climb mode? Shock 2 months old and when in climb mode there is a noticeable clunk and sound when bike rebounds.

Posted: Nov 25, 2021 at 8:23 Quote
Put the spring on a flat surface and roll it--is there major radial run out? If so, you probably need a new spring.

You absolutely need an adapter to run DVO or CC coils, ID is 36.5mm vs 35mm on the Fox spring

Also, call Fox and ask them things like this, they're very helpful!

Posted: Nov 28, 2021 at 20:25 Quote
Yes you “absolutely” need an adapter but there are other ways of doing it using the Fox adapter. Depends how “hack” you want to be.

DVO and CC springs are usually have a larger internal diameter so the Fox adapter or plastic sleeve that spring sits on ends up being too small and the spring will be loose. I wrapped electrical insulation tape around the adapter quite a few times to effectively increase the diameter to match the new spring inner diameter. Just keep wrapping it until the spring fits snugly over the adapter. I trimmed off the excess that wasn’t touching the adapter. You will need to repeat the process on the shock preload ring end.

I used this hack to install a CC progressive spring to a DHX2 on a SJ Evo. Worked mint. No rattle on the spring and fits tight. That’s all the adapters do is center the spring on the shock body so I’d doesn’t move off center and rub.

Came up with this idea when I used a similar trick to stop cables from rattling in the frame internal routing holes. Wrap it up and jam it into the hole…

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