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Strongest Rims

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Posted: Dec 4, 2021 at 11:47 Quote
jeremy3220 wrote:
WAO Strife. Haven't tried it but the Union and Agent are super strong. I've had better luck with carbon personally.

Yep. I run a Strife rear and Union front on my enduro bike.

Posted: Dec 4, 2021 at 17:00 Quote
I run WAO Unions on my Devinci and Factions on my Stumpy. Never touch them.

Posted: Dec 5, 2021 at 5:23 Quote
noakeabean wrote:
I keep destroying wheels. I'm running cushcore and DoubleDown Maxxis casings. 25psi. What rims do I need to get? Thank you!

How heavy are you and what are doing to destroy rims?

If you are running dd and cushcore with correct tyre pressure for your terrain and weight you shouldn’t be wrecking them unless you are landing sideways after a whip, running uneven spoke tensions and or slamming them into square edge rocks, all of which will destroy any rim.

I personally switched to carbon about 4 years ago for my go to enduro wheels and have had no issues with either Reynolds or home build LB rims and they have had some grief. I’ve also got a few sets of alloy rims which need truing from time to time( 511,s and hope enduro 30s and 35s. ). I won’t run rims under 30mm and I’m really pedantic about tyre pressures though and rarely feel a rim strike. I’ve found with careful suspension setup I can get away with running higher tyre pressures so less rolling resistance and chance of rim damage but still with plenty of traction. I also keep a regular eye on spoke tensions but the carbon wheels don’t seem to move.

Posted: Dec 6, 2021 at 7:03 Quote
Parsurf wrote:
Ews and World Cup racers generally have personal mechanics and the ability to throw a new rim on whenever. That being said they still have to finish runs and place well enough to keep those new rims/wheels coming. I have no idea what kind of shape those wheels are in after a couple days of practice/racing but would imagine they are pretty thrashed.

I too was on a run of destroying wheels and started doing some research on what the pros were running. Through a ton of looking on the googles I came to the conclusion that they are running significantly higher pressures than the average rider.

I was always in the ballpark of 22/25 when I was wrecking rims. Three top tier rims in a couple months. Started running 25/29 and haven’t had any problems since. I also run cc pro with dd front and rear. I will still dip into lower pressures but only on full on loamers I know don’t have any nasty rock gardens.

I have tried carbon rims from noble, wao and ridefast and really don’t like the feeling of pinging off objects, alloy just has a level of compliance I get along with. I didn’t build the carbon wheels so I don’t know what the tension on the spokes were but they all felt the same generally.

This is the solution. ^^

I've trashed many rims too, what solved it for me is:
DH casing +
Inserts (I run the nukeproof ARD) +
28-31 PSI in the rear tire +
24-26 PSI in the front tire +
doing my best not to land big impacts on pointy rocks

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