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Competitive cyclist

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Competitive cyclist
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Posted: Dec 1, 2021 at 3:05 Quote
I wanted to give fewer stars. They are terrible and the customer service is even worse! My order took forever and they gave me the wrong shipping numbers. When I contacted them they gave me one of the numbers correctly but not the two others (bikes come in three boxes!!!). As is usual, I received an email confirming my order and informing me the bike will take 3 to 5 days to "build". They also informed me that my Pilot Firebird was due to be built soon.... I ordered a Santa Cruz Tallboy. I have no idea why it takes 5 days to take a bike out of one box and into another but there you go. I use to work in a bike shop and know that it does take time to do a once over to make sure everything is perfect, but honestly, 5 days??? In my case, it took 8 days from when I ordered it until it shipped.

When I got my order, they shipped two left knee pads... it's been over two weeks trying to resolve this. Again, how difficult is it to resolve a wrong order? I have complained and was sent an email saying they were looking into it..

These guys suck! There are many other online retailers that I have dealt with over the years that do a much, much better job.

Posted: Dec 2, 2021 at 4:10 Quote
Sounds like a bum deal but labor shortages are probably the issue with taking 5 days to build your bike.
Not sure about Pivot and Santa Cruz, but some bikes are shipped from the manufacturer 100% disassembled. Not even a headset cup has been seated in the frame. This will obviously take a significant amount of time for them to build, tune and then disassemble into a few pieces so you can put it back together.

Bummer on the wait times, but at least you have a bike en route.

Posted: Dec 2, 2021 at 22:43 Quote
^Yeah, this.

Remember when 5 days or more was normal for a company to post something to you? Remember when you had to physically go to a shop to buy and collect your bike? We've been made to think that next day delivery stuff is normal via exploitative work practices. Just have a little patience.

Sucks they mistyped an email and sent one item wrong, seems like they're sorting it out though. Mistakes happen.

Posted: Dec 7, 2021 at 18:28 Quote
They've changed their shipping vendors and are much slower than before. I ordered a tire that took way too long to get here, then a fork that was supposed to get here today but will arrive tomorrow. I don't get why they changed- they were super reliable before. I hope they're monitoring this for feedback.

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