Sram RSC contact adjustment + rattle

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Sram RSC contact adjustment + rattle
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Posted: Jan 19, 2022 at 13:07 Quote
Hi guys, which way should I adjust my rsc contact adjuster when the pads start to wear down? The contact adjuster is loose also, it rattles around on the brake level on fire road. Anyone had this? Pretty annoying, hoping to adjust contact point and stop it rattling so bad.

Posted: Jan 19, 2022 at 14:36 Quote
Video after the link may help your adjustment question. Try rotating "IN" as your pads wear and see how it feels.

As for the rattling - I don't know how to help you there.

Good luck.

Posted: Feb 27, 2022 at 18:22 Quote
You can rebuild the master cylinder with new parts, or you can find an old tube, cut a 10-12 mm section, and slide it over that adjuster like a rubber band. Will eliminate the rattle and prevent water and grit from getting in there to boot.

Whenever you bleed the brakes, pull the reservoir cap and the little spring that pushes on the detention ball and stretch it.back out a little..

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