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Nelson/West Kootenays Visit
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Posted: Jan 27, 2022 at 13:55 Quote
My wife and I are planning to visit the area around Nelson, BC from June 19th-23rd. Got a couple questions I was hoping some locals or frequent visitors might be able to answer.

1) What are the must-do rides in the area that would also be snow free by mid/late June? I assume not everything but I don't know how quick things melt out up there. And obviously no one knows much snow there will be this winter.

2) I haven't booked lodging yet. Nelson seems like the largest town in the area and the logical place to stay. But any other options I should consider?

3) How busy is the Metaline/Nelway border crossing? I haven't had much luck finding average wait times at that crossing. I have a mid-day flight out of Spokane on the 23rd and am trying to determine if driving to Spokane on the day is a dumb idea (because we have to wake up early) or a really dumb idea (because we might miss the flight).

Posted: Jan 28, 2022 at 18:28 Quote
Really good riding in Nelson, most trails will be melted out, anything above 5-6k feet may have snow. I'm sure others will post of trails in Nelson.

Also consider staying in Rossland, plenty of logging at red mountain during this timeframe. Rossland and nelson are only a hour or so apart. Also if you stay in Rossland you can very easily bike out the door. At Nelson many trails are a little drive away.

If flying into Spokane, I would go to Rossland/red mountain for a couple of days, then work your way up to Nelson. Tons of trails everywhere.

In Rossland check out:
Trails at resort, super quick laps (no lift)
All the trails above town.
7 summits (probably snowy then)

Then on the way to Nelson
Grandiflorum(north of Castle guard)
Mary Creek trails
Then morning mountain (right by Nelson)

Posted: Feb 6, 2022 at 11:43 Quote
I live in Trail BC
Rossland,BC is the mTB hotspot. Lots of trails around Red Mountain. Call Gerick Cycle in TrailBC or Revolution Cycle in Rossland for info

You can cross border at Patterson BC just 5 miles south of Rossland BC. It is 24 hr crossing. You need a PCR test to enter Canada. Hotels in Rossland include Josie, or Uplander.
In Trail the hotels are Best Western Columbia or Crown Point Boutique. There are less expensive options in both cities too
Hope this helps

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