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Posted: Apr 18, 2022 at 13:04 Quote
Hello all. I'll try and be as specific as possible with my experience and riding situation.

1. Currently ride 2003 Giant NRS Cross Country, size M. Like this bike. Always did. 80mm front, 85mm rear - it was no sag rear but that shock has been replaced so it doesn't have a lot of range now. One of the OG tubeless offerings. Brake jack is bonkers, but it feels fun to ride and picks up speed really well.

2. Riding location. Maritimes Canada. Mostly my time will be spent on technical granite nearby in McIntosh run. We'll get to or more dirt stuff in the provinces where there is some more flow, and flow is fun. 2-6 times a year to shuttle stuff - eg Wentworth or Keppoch. For park (Sugarloaf NB, QC) I can rent if needed.

3. Me. 45 year old riding MTB again with teens who have taken up the sport. Like cleaning climbs and picking tech sections, or getting fast over popping off the edge, but would rather be active on the bike than plow. Continuing to build skills on drops will be great, but not looking to send it, enjoy bike park jumps more the smaller the lip.

4. What I've ridden: Yeti SB100 M on trails at Whistler with kids, liked this bike a lot, would have bought it, but never beyond low speed. 2021 Rocky Mountain Slayer M at lift. Liked this bike, felt in it and at home. 2020 Giant Trance 29 M - short test, did not like this bike, felt on top of it, not engaged. 2021 Trek Fuel Ex 8 M, short test, did not like, felt sluggish/cumbersome.

5. Things that appeal as ideals, but I could be talking out my ass. Active in small stuff. Ok with not great midstroke to have more left for bigger hits if it's a short travel. Wants to leap when pedalled. Feels composed but communicates what's going on. Too much to ask?

6. Things I have considered: Trek Top Fuel - probably a good fit, wait to next year to find probably. Specialized Stumpjumper. Yeti SB130. Pivot 429 Trail. I discounted the SB115 based on the 115 not being reviewed as magic as the 100 and also a bit dated for geo.

Thanks for reading this far. Are there any here based on my profile I should just nix or others I should add to the mix?

I've decided I'd rather wait out and ride my NRS rather than buying without riding, but I'll be travelling including into Quebec to ride and holiday this summer and it would be nice to be on the lookout and not miss an opportunity in new or used markets. Any additional commentary is helpful, but short responses, as long as they are from experience, are very much appreciated. thanks!


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