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Hammerhead Karoo (2) compatibility
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Posted: May 21, 2022 at 9:03 Quote
I just wanted to open a thread to warn everybody about this device.
There is no native or easy way to use this to navigate Trailforks routes.

I just got my Karoo 2 a few days ago and have used pretty much every free minute of my time to find a way to make it work with trailforks routes.
I suppose i was just not thinking that a device this hyped and good looking would fail at reading a gpx file that my almost 10 years old garmin 810 had no problems with whatsoever...
I only found one way to "kind of" use trailforks GPX that didnt involve sideloading an app (GAIA GPS) to the device:
Get a KOMOOT account and import a trailforks route there. then link your komoot account to the karoo and it would kind of work in most cases with a few glitches.

Karoo will not allow you to disable rerouting on their device! Which imo is such a ridiculous oversight not only for the following problem but also for battery life.
Rerouting results in missing the trails completely as soon as you either miss an exit, have to search for a hidden entry or have bad gps reception.
It will reroute you to the nearest trail that is actually available on the komoot or karoo map data. Which simply isnt nearly as complete or detailed as trailforks...
If a known komoot or karoo basemap trail or road is near enough a trailforks route, the komoot planner will also overrule the gpx information and try to bring you back to "safety".
So it is only kind of working...

If disabling rerouting was an option, that wouldnt matter, you could simply burn the trails onto the map, close enough, and follow them. But as soon as you deviate from the route you will lose the visual overlay of the trail and end up on a road that leads to the next waypoint. You will miss your trails completely this way.

So, even if you get this to work with Trailforks gpx through any kind of overlay, sideloading or conversion hack, (which is already kind of ridiculous for such an expensive device) the missing option to disable rerouting makes this device still pretty much unusable for serious MTB riding IMHO.

PS: the desktop dashboard for the karoo is a completely unusable nightmare. If you load your route on the dashboard before you transfer it to the device and accidentally tap anywhere on the map while checking for routing errors, it will completely mess up your map and reroute everything with no way to undo... as shown in this video
Even Garmins unsightly, completely outdated and impossibly convoluted basecamp software works better...
Komoot is a better option but only as long as it recogniyes and accepts the trails you feed it with a GPX... nighmare.

But wait, there is more:
-I have accidentally started rides a few times. Sometimes you need to restart due to the rerouing nightmare that sent you somehwehre you dont need to be, sometimes a ride is started by accident due to the somewhat misleading UI... BUT! there is no way to cancel a ride without saving it!
All your faulty data then will appear on strava and consequently every other account you tie to that. Which is fun to fix in post... Either that or you can fumble with your device while you get cold...
-loading a route from an online source even in wifi range can take forever
-the screen is so sensitive that moisture will make the touch screen unresponsive or at least unreliable. that and the tiny screen buttons make it frusttrating to use with wet gloves or in the rain. The side buttons work but are also pretty unintuitive and sometimes result in adding unwanted laps, pauses or just other frustrations that cause me to having to stop and fumble while getting cold...

Everything about this device feels like it dazzles with hot graphics and sleek exterior but is actually extremely limited when it comes to functionality.
The price of this thing and the promise of a beautiful and easily usable UI seems to make a lot of people really want this to be a great device. Sadly i cant say i had a good impression. It should be made obvious that this is simply not made for serious MTB or bikepacking use but speaks to roadbikers only pretty much.
If i´d have known this i could have saved myself a lot of frustration.

Glad i can still return this device. Sad i still have no other options but Garmin
Hope it helps some of you who wondered about getting one of these...

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