Formula Cura bleed and set bite point

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Formula Cura bleed and set bite point
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Posted: May 21, 2022 at 17:18 Quote
I just mounted new Formula Curas and bleed them after shortening the lines. The bite point on front brake ended up at the exact same location as fresh out of the box--just a hair before the lever is parallel with the bar. I have gone through the full bleed procedure on the rear brakes twice, but the lever goes almost to the bar and I cannot match the bite point I have on the front. If I try overfilling and forcing more fluid in at the lever while the caliper is in place, then the bite point is perfect, but when I disconnect the syringe and close the port, the bite point moves again.

The only thing I can think of his trapped air, but it seems really easy to remove air by creating a vacuum in the syringe. I even rigged up the line vertically and let the vacuum suck out any slow moving air bubbles for half an hour.

Anyone know any tricks?

Posted: May 23, 2022 at 18:56 Quote
I have both levers adjusted close enough to identical for now. The procedure that is working reliably for me now (tried it several times) is this:

* Follow Formula's basic procedure here:
Added instructions along the way:
* Before you disconnect either syringe, use those plastic devices that pinch the syringe hoses--even though Formula did not use them in the video. Not only will it potentially prevent some oil from leaking from the syringe, but it has added an element of repeatability for me where I no longer feel like I am losing fluid from the lever or caliper.
* After you reassemble the caliper, turn the bike in the stand so that the caliper is at the lowest point and the lever is up in the air. Complete the remaining steps in this position.
* Make sure the bleed port on the lever is close to parallel...say 10-20 degrees down, not 45 degress as in the Formula video. If the angle is steep enough, will lose oil you when you disconnect the syringe.
* Before you disconnect the syringe at the lever, create a vacuum to remove any last air, just as Formula already had you do at the caliper. Because of the vacuum, you will have to inject a little more oil. Then try injecting a hair more oil, almost like you are overfilling the system. Pulling the lever, the pads may make contact a hair sooner than you want them too. This is OK for now.
* Disconnect the last syringe at the handle and reassemble. Pull the handle and the pads will make contact where they should--with the lever parallel with the bar.

Posted: Jun 10, 2022 at 23:45 Quote
I've got exactly the same issue as the OP so will try these tips.

I've learnt to live with it as I use more rear brake than front so it means I drag the rear brake less which is good.

I wonder if it also has to do with pad wear? I need to bleed and change pads so will report back once done.

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