Ninos flat at Nove Mesto..

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Ninos flat at Nove Mesto..
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Posted: May 26, 2022 at 8:47 Quote
why not carry a can of Gup.. able do a quick air up maybe even patch the leak and not lose as much time as riding to the pits on a rear flat? the can is pretty light.... He may have been the strongest rider that day Frown

Posted: May 26, 2022 at 10:41 Quote
Probably a couple reasons he didn't carry this.
First: anything carried adds weight and these racers operate on shaving grams to get the marginal gains necessary to get on the podium. I would guess that a bottle of Gup is probably out of the question.
Second thought: these races are so fast and the top level racers are so close to each other that any time that's spent making a trail-side repair may almost guarantee dropping out of the top ten. In the heat of the race with hearts pounding and seconds ticking something as simple as using a bottle of GUP may take longer than it normally would on a regular day on the trail. Better to race on the flat, destroy the wheel and just have it completely replaced.
Third: I'm no UCI regulation expert, but there may have been an interpretation of the rules that prohibits having the bottle on the course or even being allowed to perform your own repair in this race. See the image from the regulation.

In any case, the fact that he was able to get 3rd place even with the tire failure is monumental. Nino is a beast.

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