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New bike help please
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Posted: May 27, 2022 at 4:50 Quote
Hi Everyone
After some advice please, will try to give as much info as possible
So after a hardtail bike through my cycle to work scheme so has to be through Halfords or tredz

Looking at max bud of £500 stretch to 530 max

Before anyone says it not a lover of halfords and voodoo just personal so looking at tredz

I have posted a link below to the selection available through tredz but am struggling with the choice so any help greatly appreciated.

Mostly cycleways/tracks but the odd blue or red (maybe) trail and general off road sort of riding

Have ridden before on said trails and that but been a few years

In terms of requirements
So i am 5ft 10 about 16 stone so not the smallest lol
27.5 or 29 not too fussed
Hydro or mech brakes are the hydro still better even at this price point ?
Fork type some are 75mm/80 some are 100 which is the better brand ? as 20mm isnt gonna make much diff i guess

A few different brands but not sure what is better the more recognised brand with lower equip or lower brand with higher equip ?

Anyway before i bore you all to death here is the link and thanks everyone (must be from said list please no other rec)

Posted: May 27, 2022 at 6:30 Quote
These are all well recognized brands and they make good bikes.

Whatever you select, I'd recommend the hydraulic brake option in any case.

What to avoid? In my experience the Cannondale bikes are one of the most expensive brands. Comparing against the bikes in the same price range, Cannondale seems to offer the least in terms of components. All your money is spent on the brand name. I'd steer clear of that one personally.

Good luck.

Posted: May 28, 2022 at 8:25 Quote
Some of the things that differentiate a nicer bike from a more basic bike include:

1. Hydraulic brakes instead of cable actuated.
2. A fork with an air spring and adjustable rebound instead of a coil spring with only a preload adjustment.
3. Single narrow-wide front chain ring, a wide range cassette and rear derailleur with a clutch instead of multiple front chain rings.
4. Through axles on the fork and/or frame rather than quick releases.
5. A frame with a 67ish degree head tube angle and 74ish degree seat tube angle rather than a frame with 70ish degree seat and head tube angles.
6. A dropper post.

I don't know which if any of those features you'll be able to find in your price range, but if you can find a bike with them, get that one instead of a bike without those features.

Posted: May 29, 2022 at 10:41 Quote
There all pretty much on equal with each other, £442 to £529 have hydro brakes,
all look front mech'd, basic fork, seems like what looks the best to your taste.

Me, Specialized Rockhopper either wheel size, has choice of colours.

When things wear, you will probably need to change cranks coz possible chainring is rivoted
to crank, amongst other bits.

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