Hub Sizing & Brake Positioning

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Hub Sizing & Brake Positioning
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Posted: Jun 30, 2022 at 7:50 Quote
Hi there -- I'm having some issues with my rear wheel hub, where there is rattling and what sounds like dirt being ground in the bearings once I pedal and let the wheel spin freely. My theory therefore is that it's a freewheel bearing problem.

The rear wheel is a Bontrager Duster Elite 29 ( with whatever hub came on it -- it says the hub is 141mm wide.

I called Trek (since the hub is not listed) and they told me it is a Formula DC2641 hub -- which I can only find on one bike, ever, a Trek X-Caliber 9 from 2019, the product page for which says it is a Boost141 hub.

My bike is a Scott Scale 910 2013 with quick release both front and back. The original Scott catalogue only listed the hubs as "Syncros XR 2.0 29 CL RWS Made by DT Swiss Rear", for which I again can find no OEM product information on. The best I can find is a listing for the rims that came with the bike, which say the rear hub was 148mm wide (

Interestingly, with these new Bontrager rims & hub, the disk brake comes PAINFULLY close to the actual caliper mount on the frame. We're talking, the width of a piece of paper, MAYBE two. If the wheel is not perfectly seated, the brake will rub against the frame mount -- as I can see there was some rubbing from previous rides (I just bought this bike used).

So I have a few questions, sorry if some of them don't necessarily make sense -- I don't know how hub width relates to frame sizing, only how it relates to rim specs.

First of all, why would a less wide hub (Boost 141 or 141mm) bring the disc brake CLOSER to the caliper mount than a wider, 148mm hub which supposedly came on the bike originally? And is this hub too small for the frame or does it not matter?

Second, if I replace the hub (but not the rim), can I buy just ANY Boost141 hub? Or is there some special difference in hubs when it comes to it being thru axle versus quick release that I need to be aware of?

Third, if anyone has any experience with Formula hubs, are the freewheels serviceable/can I just replace the bearings or is it one of the ones where you just have to replace the whole cartridge?

Any insight would be extremely appreciated.

Posted: Jul 1, 2022 at 6:42 Quote
Replacing the hubs is not a problem.

Just seems there's variations in standard when it comes to hubs though, as I've hear a few issues with rotor clearance with some.

As for hubs, you can't really go wrong with HOPE Pro4's, bearings are replaceable throughout, all parts to configure them are available and their warranty is pretty good.

When you have a chance you may want to have a look at their website.

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