Need help regarding wheelset

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Need help regarding wheelset
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Posted: Jul 1, 2022 at 3:00 Quote
My son has a 2021 Orange Clockwork Hardtail Mountain Bike 29" front trye says 2.5 back 2.4, he needs a new wheelset due to a crash, im planning on getting them as a gift but didnt realise how hard this is to get the exact sizing and correct ones that fit, can anyone help me out here? After some research i think the ones that came on the bike where WTB ST i30 on Strange 29 i think anyway looking at the website we brought it from, Looking to get mid-high/highest quality available in the right size, any links or any info where to get them doesnt have to be the same brand.
Any help? I can do my best to answer any questions needed to help, cheers guys

Im not a mountain biker so please bear this in mind, i wont understand anything complex, looking for 2 wheelsets all built high quality that fit thats literally it.


Posted: Jul 1, 2022 at 5:23 Quote
Are there any markings on the rims or hubs such as a barcode or part number that might enable you to identify the specifications of the existing wheels? Orange should be able to tell you more about the bike, have you contacted them?

The features you'll need to be aware of when looking at a new wheelset are the inner width of the rim as you've identified, also the hub width/axle type, brake rotor interface and cassette interface ("driver body").

The current Clockwork 29 model takes wheels with "boost" thru-axle hubs, which are 12x148 mm (12 mm axle diameter and 148 mm width) for the rear wheel and 15x110 mm for the front wheel. Fortunately, these sizes are fairly standard for most mountain bikes above entry level. If in doubt, the hub width can be measured from the hub's outer mounting faces (i.e. the contact surfaces where the hub is clamped into the fork/frame). Standard thru-axle hubs are generally 12x142/15x100, while quick release rear hubs will be either 141 mm or 135 mm wide and will be mounted with a thin steel skewer, but my money's on the 12x148/15x110 combination.

Your options for the brake rotor interface are either six-bolt or centrelock. If the brake rotor has six (hopefully six!) screws holding it on to the hub, it's the former, otherwise it's the latter. Getting the "wrong" one isn't a major problem; it only means you'll also need new brake rotors which are fairly inexpensive.

There are three cassette interfaces and this is where it can be a little bit confusing. If you have a Shimano 12 speed cassette, it's a Shimano Microspline driver body. If it's SRAM NX/SX, Shimano 11 speed or anything 10 speed, it's a Shimano HG driver body. If it's SRAM GX/XO1/XX1, it's a SRAM XD driver body. If it's a third party cassette the driver could be any of the three depending on various factors. Some research suggests it's likely to be a Shimano HG driver but it's worth checking. If you're unsure and you have the tools to remove the cassette from the driver, it's easiest to compare what you have to photos of the three options. Otherwise if there's a model code stamped or printed on the cassette, looking that up should help.

As an alternative to entirely new wheels, you could also have a wheel builder lace some new rims to the existing hubs. In this case you'll just need a pair of equivalent 29" rims with ~30 mm inner width and the same number of spoke holes as the current ones. The wheel builder should be able to either tell you what length and type of spokes you'll need, or supply them as part of the build.

I realise this might be a lot to take in but hopefully this helps.

Posted: Jul 2, 2022 at 4:17 Quote
All the info needed is here, the most detailed speccs I could find:-

The WTB ST i30 is basically the 30mm internal width of the rim which suits nicely with the 2.4 and 2.5" width of the current tyres.

As already mentioned above I can confirm you'll need a 29" Boost 110x15mm thru axle hub wheel for the front.

For the rear you'll need a 29" Boost 148x12 thru axle hub wheel.

Standard 6 bolt rotor fitting and providing the Sram SX is the exact groupset fitted as shown in the link above you'll require the Shimano HG freehub option for the SX cassette.

I had a (27.5) 2019 Orange Clockwork hardtail up until recently. I upgraded to a set of Hope Fortus 30 wheels for around £350 from Bike Wheels Direct around two and a half years ago, best price online with £20 discount for buying both a front and rear (wheelset).

The Hope's are a great quality mid price range option but there are plenty of other 29er wheelsets to choose from with the (hub, 6 bolt rotor mount, similar rim width, etc) standards you need.

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