Help please! Transition Scout or Patrol?

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Help please! Transition Scout or Patrol?
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Posted: Jul 6, 2022 at 0:50 Quote
I am a new-ish (third season) rider, looking to buy my first bike after borrowing a stumpjumper for 2 years. I have two good available options:

1) Transition Patrol (2018, second hand) aluminium. 160/150 travel.
2) Transition Scout (2021, new) carbon. 150/140 travel.

Both feel good in terms of sizing, etc. I just don't have the experience to know when a bike is the right bike, nor to understand how much difference I'll notice in the geometry and travel differences. I am 176 or 5'9", female, about 65 kg/145 lbs.

Bikes I've ridden before:
SC Nomad: Too heavy
SC Bronson: Really liked
Specialized stumpjumper: Neutral
Canyon Spectral: Sizing or geometry wasn't quite right for me (super long legs with short torso)

How I ride: I live/ride in the French and Swiss Alps. I prefer flow trails over more technical, but also hope to grow into more technical trails as my riding improves. I am not a particularly good climber so weight plays into my decision (don't want to get too tired too fast). I ride mostly blues and reds in a bike park, but, aiming for solid and consistent reds across different types by the end of the year.

So, basically. Is a Scout enough bike for not just where I am, but where I hope to be? Will I notice the difference of 10mm travel between the two bikes? If yes, is new vs 4-years used enough to sway towards the new one? Will I regret the smaller/lighter bike?

Any tips really appreciated.

Posted: Jul 6, 2022 at 1:59 Quote
The Patrol for putting all mountain miles in.
The Scout is that but more aggro, park. despite less travel.
I love my 2018 Scout but, I do get a lot of pedal strikes on my trail loops.
I'd say the Patrol is more buisness, the Scout is all Party!!

Posted: Jul 6, 2022 at 5:59 Quote
I think the patrol has 160mm rear travel. That might help with decision making.

Posted: Jul 7, 2022 at 14:26 Quote
Don't know very much about the riding in the Alps but the newer scout has a bit more modern over the older patrol and is able to be over stroked front and rear to be 160/150. I like mine for just about all types of riding

Posted: Jul 7, 2022 at 16:31 Quote
Go with the new Carbon Fiber Transition Scout.
The two bikes you are torn between are pretty much the same bike.
The new Scout is what the old gen Patrol used to be, but lighter, poppier and faster.
You can remove the spacer from the shock on the Scout and get 150mm of travel in the rear on the Scout, and or run a Cascade Components link and get another 15mm of travel, 155-165mm of rear travel, and have a lighter, faster Patrol.
The geo is pretty much the same between the old Patrol and new Scout.
My wife had the new Scout and loved it but wanted to send it even harder and start riding bike parks, jumps and doing more strict downhill and got the New Patrol. The new Patrol is much more bike than the old Patrol even though they show the same travel numbers. It is also much, much heavier than the Scout.
If you thought the Nomad was heavy, felt heavy, you'll more than likely feel the same about the Patrol.
If you liked the ride of the Bronson, you'll like the lively ride of the Scout.

Posted: Jul 8, 2022 at 7:30 Quote
Did the Patrol get its travel reduced? My Patrol from that generation (2018-2021) came with F170/R160. However, the 2017 Transition Patrol is 160/155, so that might be what you're looking at.

I've ridden both (the 2018-2021 Patrol), and if you can afford the Scout, get the Scout. Scout is definitely enough for red trails, and plenty for blacks too. If you end up wanting to go bigger way later, you can buy a ~$40 air spring and the Cascade Link to bump up the travel numbers without affecting the bike negatively.

If your patrol is actualy a 2017 Patrol (with the 160/155 travel), absolutely get the Scout. I vaugely remember there were some chainstay issues from that generation, and I dont think Transition carries replacement parts for that anymore.

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