2008 Devinci Cameleon Hardtail Upgrades

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2008 Devinci Cameleon Hardtail Upgrades
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Posted: Jul 6, 2022 at 18:19 Quote

Dream bike seems out of reach and not interested in any affordable new bikes I cannot afford.

I don’t know where to start or if I should even bother.

Please help with affordable suggestions.

To get back on the road rolling I need a new Pg 950 9sp cassette and front 42 sprocket. Chain and rear derailer are sketchy/bent for suspect smooth travel.

Do i replace with stock x9 or upgrade to 1x10 now?

Obviously I need a new shock( dart 2) used somewhere. In the mean time what stem upgrage can i do? I want a more agile bike. More slack would be better for me I think. I keep my seat low. I would like a bike that could visit a pump track if presented

My concern about one chain ring up front is for my rides ,32 isnt enough resistance on the flats . Is running a 40 or 42 upfront possible in a 1x10.

To make life easier I was looking for a shock with the same specs as the original(100mm) . Is that the best idea?

Dream bike = olderSanta cruz Cameleon

What do you recommend?
My bike:

Previous owner of 2 Redline 600a’s‍♂️

Posted: Jul 7, 2022 at 5:01 Quote
Is it even worth buying parts for?

Posted: Jul 7, 2022 at 10:14 Quote
I'd say it's worth it for definite.

For drivetrain 1×10 will be perfect, but with chainring there's going to be a maximum size that'll be compatible. And no ideas what the largest you can get.

Possibly could even go to 2×10 for more range, but you're best using an online gearing calculator and also taking notes on what gears you tend to use the most. Especially when going uphill.

But if you consider upgrading the drivetrain (cassette, derailiuer, shifter and or crankset), you may want to go with Shimano as some of their derailiuers have an adjustable clutch. Where as the latest SRAM offerings now don't, so when their clutches go loose or fail there's nothing that you can do with them.

Derailiuer hanger sounds as though it's bent, that's a pretty easy fix with either bending it back into alignment or replacing it completely.

I'm not too sure if the headtube on your bike can be used with tapered steerer forks. But it kind of looks as though it possibly can with if new headset is installed, you'll need to measure up to be sure though.

If so something like the FOX 36 831 forks would possibly be a good fit, they're for dirt jump but they're one of the only 26" forks you can find around that I know of. So they could be sourced second hand.

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