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Posted: Nov 26, 2022 at 12:48 Quote
Are there any apps that will help with weight loss and diet based on a weight loss goal?

I bought a fat bike and plan on riding all winter with the goal of sliding down. A program I could follow would be useful

Posted: Dec 5, 2022 at 15:51 Quote
Keith556 wrote:
Are there any apps that will help with weight loss and diet based on a weight loss goal?

I bought a fat bike and plan on riding all winter with the goal of sliding down. A program I could follow would be useful

It is as simple as calories expended > calories consumed. But really it is not that simple when it comes to trying to achieve that. I did the calorie counting thing for a while with the LiveStrong app, and it was effective but not sustainable. I feel like at any moment I could balloon back 5 or 6 kilos.
A good bet is trying to eat lower calorie density foods like veggies as a greater proportion of your normal diet. Drink plenty of water too (most of us don't drink enough). I found that over time I had an easier time eating less in total by spending 2-3 weeks being diligent about not going for seconds and not putting as much as I normally would on my plate. I LOVE eating, so it is a bit of an addiction I think.

Posted: Dec 27, 2022 at 0:23 Quote
I've just started using Noom and find it very good. The basis of it is calories in - calories and food tracking, but it also uses psychology to assist you. It also categorises foods into green, yellow and amber and encourages you to eat more green foods. It doesn't track macros but I think that's fine deliberately too keep it simple. It's working for me so far. You can get a two week trial initially but you'll need to pay for it beyond that.

Posted: Jan 5, 2023 at 9:14 Quote
If you like coffee try this,

the product is called java burn. I like it.


Posted: Jan 5, 2023 at 9:59 Quote
I'm glad you're looking to reduce your body fat percentage and improve your current, and long term health. I'm a firm believe in: What you do in the decade prior, paves the way for how you will be in the current decade. In other words, what you did in your 20's paves the way for your 30's, etc.

Personally, I wouldn't rely or use an app, although I understand their usefulness. I just don't think that it's sustainable. IMO, it's more sustainable to make your own journey, through learning and applying what you learn.

Calories in/Calories out, is absolutely key. The other phases of that basic rule are to keep your sugar intake really low, and not have sugar with a meal (learn all you can about that, because it's extremely important), eat nutritionally dense food as close to the source as possible (this means nothing from a box or a bag).

To the above, you can add intermittent fasting, where you don't eat until noon each day, and try to be done with eating, by 7pm. The longer you can give your body without food, the more your body will move away from "fat storage" to "fat burning." It will take a few weeks to get through the feeling of being hungry and dying, so try to remember that this is just your gut biom screaming for sugar, and your body metabolism, which has become accustomed to storage vs. fat consumption, struggling to convert. Be patient.

As you develop your learning and understanding of all this, look at what foods are actually doing you harm, both in terms of long term health, and fat storage, and you may consider these are no longer an option for you. Learn all you can, and consider the learning process part of the journey. For example, if you drink alcohol; it has zero benefit, and is bad for your weight, and health. You may feel a lot better once you stop drinking. Dairy, grains, and corn are similar, in that you don't need them, and they do nothing good for your long term health, quite the opposite actually.

Healthy fats will be an important part of your spectrum of foods; eggs, avocados, walnuts, pecans, blanched almonds, and pistachios are all a great source of nutrients, healthy fats, and they are non-inflammatory.

Speaking of inflammation; take a look at the Dr. Gundry "Yes and No" food list on google. Make a solid effort to eat off the yes list only, and watch what happens and how you feel. Inflammation at the cellular level is part of the fat storage issue.

I'm a fan of owning a quality scale that can measure body fat percentage, like the Omron version. Of course they aren't as accurate as calipers and a tank dip, but they are fine for getting yourself dialed in. Link to the scale I use: https://www.amazon.com/Omron-Body-Composition-Monitor-Scale/dp/B0020MMCDE/ref=sr_1_2?crid=36WF0VDZE7XP9&keywords=omron+scale&qid=1672942047&sprefix=omron+scale%2Caps%2C146&sr=8-2&ufe=app_do%3Aamzn1.fos.006c50ae-5d4c-4777-9bc0-4513d670b6bc

As you progress, you'll learn to listen to your body and what it wants, verses the method of eating where you say, "It's dinner time, where's the xxxxxxx? You'll may get to a point where you're more like, "I feel like a giant salad full of everything, that takes me an hour to eat."

It's a life long journey, and if you make it interesting, rewarding, and sort of fun, it will eventually just become part of what you do and how you live. It won't feel like "All I do is tell myself no" because the rewards from health and fitness, and how you feel being lighter, and physically smaller, along with how you look, will reinforce that you are actually telling yourself "YES" all the time. Imagine showing up to your 50's, still getting after it like you were 20, not needing any prescription meds, or blue pills, having excellent testosterone levels, and having a nice low blood pressure... and carrying that into your 60's and beyond!

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