Standalone Cycling (buy & sell) Listing Site (want to build)

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Standalone Cycling (buy & sell) Listing Site (want to build)
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Posted: Dec 1, 2022 at 13:25 Quote
Hi guys, I've posted this question on a few other forums - but trying to get as much feedback as possible because it's invaluable and interesting to say the least.

I 've been buying and selling bikes since I was 13. I took 19 years off from biking and got back into it when I was 31 (I'm 33 today). Back in 2003, I bought and sold my Trek Bruiser 2, a RS Boxxer World Cup (in that beautiful red) and worked all summer to buy a used 2002 Specialized Big Hit DH in Scab Red with a Marzocchi Shiver off ebay. Other than local classifieds, ebay was it for that time. I think Pinkbike might have had their Buy & Sell but it was very small.

Fast forward to today, I've sold countless bikes (from a $ to $$$$), parts, gear and apparel thanks to services like Pinkbike's Buy & Sell, Craigslist, ebay and FB Marketplace. I've had the most success with PB and Craiglist, but I've found that I'm always having to list my things on 2-3, sometimes 4 sites to get enough views or the right views. Certain items or bikes require a certain audience. It can be pretty stressful when you've got an expensive bike you're trying to get sold and it needs to happen in a timely manor.

In the past year i've had family, friends, riding buddies and more recently, mechanics and bike sales folks ask me how they should sell their personal bikes. These people are mainly in road/ gravel/ commuter space. It seems that there's a lack of awareness of services like mtbr, Pinkbike, Craigslist, ebay for anyone outside of the mtb community. That takes into consideration a very large majority of cyclists overall.

My question: Has anyone else wished for an of bikes? Pretty much, one single listing site for cycling gear and bikes only, that's standalone? The services mentioned above are good, but they're not standalone and a lot of people are unaware or uncomfortable (in the process) with selling cycling gear and bikes using them. I've also been hearing similar feedback like, having a POS transaction service and bikeflights integration would be really nice. *A service like this would be great for shops.

I'd love to hear your guys' thoughts on what you use to sell, are you satisfied, are there features you wished existed, do you wish there was one listing site instead of having to use many, etc. Thanks!

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