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Posted: May 8, 2019 at 9:57 Quote
Annihilator wrote:
seraph wrote:
Annihilator wrote:

not sure about the pricing in US, but here in switzerland(dollar - swiss francs is nearly 1:1) is the pro the cheapest option for me, runabout the official retail price from a thomson elitepost in US, i had to pay... and sram i never would touch (again) with gloves... crappy stuff, every try was a failure... and the finish is always like alivio style for a higher price then XTR -_-

I'm not sure what they're selling over there, but the SRAM we have here is is untouchable by the likes of Shimano. It's all I run and it's been flawless.

the finish is really poor... i like the luxury finish from XTR... and the sram rear mech always has play on the main screw, like an shimano after 10 years.... the brakes always a mess with the caliper pistons(stuck, or leaky)... not sure how many i sended back for warranty Frown shimano brakes(9000/8000/7000) only have the pump "problem", but never the pistons stuck or leaky...

Again, my SRAM components have always been flawless. We have our fair share of problems with Shimano though. We've had to warranty a bunch of their brakes and derailleurs. Plus it seems like all the new stuff they come out with is straight up copying SRAM. SRAM comes out with 12 speed, then Shimano does (oh but you can't even get a whole groupset because they can't produce their cranks for some reason). SRAM makes a 1x gravel drivetrain, then Shimano does (about 5 years later). It's kinda funny actually, how much Shimano copies SRAM.

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