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Posted: Oct 14, 2007 at 7:15 Quote
Basic forum rules:

- Flaming anyone's race, faith or sexual preferences WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, PERIOD!
- No trolling;
- No names or avatars that are insensitive to others' faith;
- No vulgar posts, no nudity, no rude, crude or obscene pictures;
- No offensive language;
- No flaming or bashing of competing websites;
- No links to distasteful websites;
- No selling bikes or any items on the forums;
- No "price-my-bike" type of threads;
- No alternate accounts;
- Please don't flame bikeshops, you can tell us your problem, but DO NOT trash who it is your issue is with.
- No replying to "bot" threads. These are threads posted by automated programs whose content consists of links to porn, medication or the like. The moderating team is doing all it can to remove said threads, please DO NOT post in them. Furthermore, the messaging of a moderator or administrator to alert them of the presence of one of said threads is forbidden as it is deemed of little to no use and just clogs up the moderators' and administrators' PM inboxes.
- No avatars (factual or fictional) that depict or allude to the following: scenes involving violence or cruelty, pornography/nudity/excessive sexual imagery, racism or homophobia and other such graphical content that might be misconstrued and deemed as being offensive in nature. The latter will be determined by administration on a case to case basis, their say being final.
- The discussion of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. From marijuana to crack. No drug talk.

Soliciting is NOT permitted!
Soliciting on the forums is NOT permitted, whether you are trying to sell DVDs, give away free iPods, sales at shops, contests or trying to promote your own bike site, or anything site. All posts of this sort will be deleted.
If you have something you feel we should promote on Pinkbike's forum or wish to advertise... Pinkbike will be more than happy to sell you advertising space. Contact for advertising rates.

The discussion of piracy on these forums is NOT permitted!
The discussion of piracy and sharing illegal files is not permitted on these forums.
No: "I can't find it on Kazaa, does someone have it for me?"
No: "I got it, check your PM."
No: "You can send it to my account."

Grammar and language:

Spoken language on this forum is English. Form correct sentences and use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
Posts with sentences like:
“!ve bin 2 my LoWkal B1k3 Sh0p 2d4y and !y SaW tiS AwSum St@B SupR3m3” will be deleted. Likewise, the use of shorthand / MSN speech (replacing "you" with "u", "are" with "r") is strictly prohibited. Not only does it make it more difficult to read posts but the use of such makes it difficult for foreign riders lacking good English skills to understand certain posts. Furthermore, if your post lacks the proper spelling, grammar and punctuation and it is obvious that you rushed the post, it will be removed. Take some pride in your posts. If you find that you are having difficulty spelling correctly, download the Mozilla Firefox internet browser with a built in spellchecker feature to aid you.

Removed / deleted posts:

Posts put into the wrong forum may be moved or deleted.
Any posts which violate the rules will be deleted and the poster will be suspended from posting in the forums for 1 week, or if it has been an ongoing problem then they will be permanently banned at the administrators' or moderators' discretion. If your post has been removed or deleted, DON'T try to post it again! Your post has been removed because rules were violated.

Take into consideration...

This forum is to show the readers of the Pinkbike forum what you do to have fun on your bike. That being said, this is not the place to give negative or sarcastic comments on the size or difficulty of tricks and/or air time or what they ride. Constructive criticism is fine, ex: how the rider might improve the stunt, maybe a tip on how to position his or her body in the air, a quick fix to someone’s bike, etc. Do not just say “Do some tricks,” or “OMG!!! Those jumps were so small,” or “That bike sucks,” because we all started there. At some point in your riding career, no matter where you are at now, dropping off a curb and having the back wheel hit first was cool. Remember that!

Riding is about having fun on your machine. No matter what you are doing or what you are riding. Whether that be riding down A–line in whistler, to bunny hopping up a picnic table, to riding on the bike path with your mom. If you are having fun, then you understand what riding is about. That is the message we would like to convey to the users of this forum. Leave the flaming and immaturity elsewhere. Remember riding bikes is about fun, if you do not believe in that concept then you might want to re-evaluate why you ride. As always, if you’re having fun, then keep on givin’er!

Let’s keep this forum fun and clean for everyone. Salute


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