Freerider 1 and 2 Thread Cont.

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Freerider 1 and 2 Thread Cont.
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Posted: Dec 26, 2008 at 9:37 Quote
*Quoting tracks without snipping will get your post deleted!*

The Game:

Freerider 2:

That game link isn't working for me any more, so if it doesn't work for you then give this one a try.

*Make curves by makeing short lines gradulay getting steeper.
Copy and past these codes into the box the pops when when you click on the floder icon.(bottom left original, bottom righ on # 2)

Have Fun!

Due to the size of the previous thread it had to be removed. If anyone would like for me to retrieve a track that they recently uploaded (as in the last 2 days) then send me a PM and I will do so.

Posted: Dec 26, 2008 at 9:54 Quote
bring back the old thread
i used to just pay the old tracks

Posted: Dec 26, 2008 at 9:58 Quote
First Track Big Grin FR / DJ, pretty cool

18 1i 99 26 ap 2a cd 2b ds 26 f0 1s ft 1h gn 10 h8 k,id 1f ie 23 ig 33 ij 3b j2 3o jm 41 kc 44 om 44 va 44 10k 42,10i 42 11g 41 12c 46 137 4m 16p 7q 181 8m 1ag a1 1ct am 1fn au 1ik b1 1lf au 1np ap 1q9 ab 1sh 9m 1ub 8r 206 7h 21b 66 220 5k 22o 5e 23g 5e 24g 61 24u 6c 25b 79 25j 8m 25j a1 25r am 26l b6 27j b9 29g bb 2b2 ap 2ba 89 2bo 6s 2ca 69 2cn 5s 2dn 4e 2fd 3k 2hs 2p 2l4 21 2pu 2n 2s1 2s 2ur 2p 34b 31 3aa 2v 3dt 37 3ga 34,2hc -m 2l4 f 2oi 11 2t2 1c 32i 1f 37e 1d 3bt 1b 3fb 14 3ii l 3kq 1 3l1 f 3j1 12 3fg 1k 3c9 1s 316 1v 2sk 1q 2oa 1d 2kv q 2ha -b 2hc -k,2if 2 2ib 2k 2j2 2g 2j4 8,2nv 1d 2nv 2c 2od 2g 2oc 1d,2si 1s 30c 2r 31a 2r 357 1u 339 1u 30t 2k 2u8 1u,3bk 21 3bk 2v 3cb 32 3cb 1v,3bj 21 3bj 1u,3g6 34 3ic 3c 3je 3j 3lp 3p 3oi 4i 3q6 4o,3hv 19 3hu 38 3ii 3e 3ig 17,3q0 4o 3rl 51 3sv 5l 3u1 61 3v3 6i 42j 8h 455 9m 46o a2 4cm dd 4da db 4f9 ed 4hc el 4jl ef 4l9 do 4m2 do 4s0 k1 4vf n3 53j pu 57e s0 5b9 tf 5eo u6 5js uo 5nj ui 5r5 u2 5u4 t9 5vm sm 618 sj 62l t0 63e ts 63u v8 63u 10b 64a 12d 653 130 673 13a 6c0 13d 6fu 12g 6j3 11n 6kc 11e 6m8 11h 6p7 133 6so 13d 72p 14v 76a 17u 795 194 7a5 19d 7ae 1bi 7ae 1dd 7c9 1f7 7da 1fq 7dt 1gp 7eh 1i3 7fd 1kb 7gh 1lq 7hq 1nk 7in 1p2 7j7 1pv 7k0 1qo,7jt 1qn 7ke 1qv 7kq 1r4 7l9 1r8 7lj 1rd 7lu 1rl 7rk 24v 856 2hd 90s 3cm,85t 2i3 884 2jh 8aq 2kp 8db 2ld 8f7 2ll 8f7 2lr 8db 2lj 8ao 2kv 880 2jm 86e 2ik,8f1 2lr 8cq 2ot 8cf 2oj 8eh 2lo,8c7 2la 8co 2o4 8ch 2of 8bq 2l8,8ak 2kt 89u 2m3 89n 2lr 8aa 2kp,87s 2jk 87m 2jq 87g 2jn 87m 2jf,90p 3co 91v 3d8 92i 3d1 92s 3cr 94i 3dk 95l 3dr 98g 3d8 99n 3du 9a6 3ea 9c3 3ea 9dp 3ek 9el 3et 9gk 3fg 9l9 3hj 9n3 3ig 9sh 3kc 9v7 3lv a22 3n1 a58 3nk a5b 3nk,8h4 2t6 8j7 2tj 8l0 2u2 8m9 2us 8n9 308 8ol 31r 8pb 33e 8pr 35q,8jn 2uf 8k0 2us 8l6 2v8 8mf 2vv,9mu 3b0 a56 3le aav 3ok afj 3qn al2 3sn,a52 3ni a5o 3pm a6a 3q3 a6t 3qb ab6 3tc acf 3td aeq 3tp ai1 3uf ajm 3uf akf 3uf al0 3so apk 3te avq 3tp,aku 3su afh 3qv aam 3op a55 3lo 9mp 3ba 9mu 3b2,a55 3lo a52 3lp a49 3ne a3g 3n9 a4f 3l8,ajd 3se aio 3uf ai6 3uf ait 3s7,ag7 3r8 agd 3u3 afp 3u0 afk 3r0,abn 3p9 a8g 3rf a85 3r7 ab9 3p3,a8d 3ni a8g 3qs a83 3r5 a7v 3nb,9tf 3g7 9og 3iv 9nt 3ip 9t3 3ft,9oa 3ig 9os 3cq 9of 3ch 9nr 3ip,au0 3tp b31 3tm b37 3u5 c0d 402 c3v 40d c7r 40d cdb 407 cgn 3vt cjm 3ve cm7 3uq co9 3u0 cpk 3tc cr2 3sd cs5 3ru csv 3rr cu7 3s7 cv1 3su cvd 3uc cvi 3v9 d09 405 d1q 40v d4k 41b d7q 41k djm 428 dlj 41k do0 424 dr7 42m dto 428 dv3 426,-dk -fp -bq -eq -bi -e1 -9l -cb -9e -bt -7o -9j -67 -8j -5h -8a -57 -75 -2h -72 -30 -5f -32 -4i -2h -31 -2h -2u -2a -2n -27 -1g -1f -b,18 1i -t 1i,duv 42a e0m 42a e29 42j e3t 43h,e3q 43e edo 4f0 ehl 4ig em3 4lk ep6 4n7 f0t 4pa f8n 4r0 ffb 4s0 fme 4sq fro 4st,i8s 45s iev 3ur,go4 5ai gha 5ff gdv 5ld g8q 5pa g0c 5rb fp1 5ta,fov 5t9 fnm 5ub fnq 605 fj0 62a fjr 69h fft 6co fb4 6ei f8p 6h7 f0p 6l5 etm 6sk ep0 6uo el9 6vu ehv 71r ee8 74n e70 77t e5q 78p dva 7c9 do9 7er dla 7gb dec 7je dd7 7k9 d62 7ma d5o 7mr cpq 7u6 ck9 82v cii 857 cd4 87f c75 88u c3r 8p1 bpk 8qk bco 90u b9h 935 b3p 991 avh 9au arc 9du,ar5 9dv aqv 9f0 apa 9g5 ao0 9hf amh 9jl,ar8 9e4 as9 9db,amk 9jn amh 9jn ak8 9l4 af0 9mv abh 9nt a6n 9op a57 9pr a5a 9ve a17 a1n 9ql a30 9hr a45 9hm a4g 9da a8p 9a8 aas 938 adg 90l ae9 8q9 agn 8p4 amr 8ni arc 8c7 asj 892 atl 83l avd 819 b1r 7rk bal 7lr bca 7hr bdq 7b9 bgb 73g bip 6u0 bp2 6q0 bql 6hp buu 6fb c0a 6do c5l 6ef c7q 69s c9t 670 cc2 614 ch6 5vr ci9 5qh ck6 5on clb 5gh ct6 5b6 d0c 58r d3b 54m db9 535 dgb 53e doq 52h e40 51h e5h 509 e7s 50q e9s 4vn ehb 4sr ekb 4ns end 4bh eve 49e f18 45l f8i 44u f9c 3ue fh4 3rt fj6 3q6 fl6 3oi fop 3fh fv3 2pq gar 2nq gd9 2lf ghh 2kf gjs 251 gp0 1uf gr0 1r4 gtj 1ou gvg 1nv h0u 1ap h6c 14i h8b 10j hdg ue hfo nf hj8 nc hje hb ho7 8q hqj 3p hst -5i i1l -iv i47 -rp i5c -18i i5e -1fb i53 -1l3 i44 -1qf i2c -1va hvh -240 hrd,-242 hrg -251 hri -25o hst -25u htb -263 hul -266 i00 -266 i1d -26h i2v -26k i47 -2eo i4a -2ie i3u -2mm i3g -2tf i3p,-34t i11 -3a9 i65,-2td i3p -2tv i3n -2uj i3g -2v8 i39 -306 i2v -310 i2e -31m i1t -32p i19 -33m i0q -348 i0n 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itj -25f ir8 -25f ip4 -26d ik7 -261 ije -25i iha -25f if2 -24c idq,et a3r et a7g,-24 hsh -ar i2k,-6g hvi 4 hmq,-48 hsi 0 hjf,-7p i0f -i hp7,-7n i0a f hn3,-7j i08 a hmm,-4a hs8 -1s hp3,-96 j7v -5g j81 1e j8e,-41 j2g 70 j7b 88 j7s 9s j89 cf j8o ii j94,88 j7v 7m j7v 77 j81 6r j86 6j j89 62 j8e 43 j8j 17 j8g,-41 j2l -46 j34 80 j7s,-3p j39 -41 j86,-3n j86 -3d j3g,5e j6u 56 j8g,4s j8g 54 j6n,id j94 kj j92 o8 j8t td j86 11f j76 157 j5a 1bf j1a 1f0 iu4 1hl iqt,-24i ido -24i idr,-24d ie0 -23h iep -20q ihj -1rq imq -1mv iqn,-vo j5j -41 j2i,-44 j36 -u7 j5t,-7s j3n -8i j7s,-99 j7s -8b j3n,-p9 j5e -p2 j73,-ot j6u -oq j5c,fr7 4su fsm 4t3 ful 4t5 fvt 4t0 g1p 4sc g3n 4r9 g52 4q4 g67 4oi g7f 4mh g8v 4m2 gah 4lq gbu 4lo gel 4l6 gfj 4kg ggk 4j0 gig 4gq gla 4fv gn3 4g9 gov 4ht gqr 4kv gt9 4o0 gv5 4pv h21 4t3 h53 4vo h7j 51f hb3 53d heu 55c hh9 562 hlg 56u hn9 573 hqn 578 htp 578 i0g 56p i25 565 i3f 55e i4l 549 i5e 531 i5t 51m,ifl 4r4 ig4 4sf ihf 4ve iis 520 ijv 53l ilh 55j in5 573 ios 586 iqh 58n iru 591 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Some more tracks until people get posting again;
Made by ndburns

18 1i bt 3a,bp 39 cp 3d di 3e e9 3d eu 3a fi 35 g3 2u gi 2m,143 7c 174 ab 195 bu 1as d3 1cj dv 1e0 eg 1fl f0 1h7 fb 1il fh 1kf fm 1lp fm,fr 38 gc 30 gt 2l h0 5s,fr 38 ga 3l gj 4g gi 4r gm 5d h6 64 h6 6n,h5 6m h6 7h ha 8h ha 99 hi a1 io aj l4 bh mg b9 ns av ou b7 qg bb sk b7 114 bk 11i bh 11r bb 122 b0 12b aa 12h a3 12p 9m 12r 99 12u 8t 133 8j 136 84 138 7m 13b 7a 13g 75 13o 74 13t 77 14a 7i,-15 -13 -b -1e 5 -1h i -1c 22 -1f 2q -1k 3l -1g 46 -t 4l -k 50 -k 60 -k 6q -13 8h -12,8f -12 96 -s a0 -n b6 -i bo -p ci -p cr -n di -r e9 -k f1 -m f5 -q f8 -17 fn -1h g7 -23 g7 -2a g6 -2q et -48 g1 -5f h6 -6t gr -85 g0 -93 fq -97 ev -aq fl -cu ft -dk g7 -fb fb -gr eb -if eg -jg el -lo gc -ov gc -r5 ds -sn a9 -v9 9l -136 gt -13l f9 -16s du -19c du -1ec ge -1hs g7 -1ls fj -1mq,gv 2d gf 2o,gv 2d h2 2g gq 2n,e4 3e f2 39 ft 31 gg 2n,gr 2m gu 5p,gs 3n gb 31,gd 30 gs 3l,1lo fm 1ne fk 1ot fh 1q7 fb 1rl f1 1ss el 1tt e8 1uu dp 1vq da 20l cn 21q bp,21q bq 22f b4 235 aa 23q 9c 24d 8b 24t 79 25a 6b,21h c0 22i b2,2jf 58 2mr a6 2o3 bl 2pk d3 2r2 e5 2sc eu 2tv fn 2vb g8 30t gp 327 h4 33m he 34t hj 36c hm,25b 6b 25f 66 25n 62 25t 61 264 62 268 66 26c 6e 26d 6r 26j 75 26q 7f 26t 7q 276 89 27c 8j 27c 8v 27m 9d 287 9t 28d a6 28f al 28l b9 28v bh 294 bv 296 c7 2a1 d8 2a1 e1 2b4 el 2c2 el 2dk es 2es es 2fq e3 2gj da 2h4 d0 2h9 cc 2he b2 2hr ae 2hr 9q 2ht 8s 2i5 8j 2i5 83 2i7 7q 2i7 7d 2i8 6r 2id 6g 2id 64 2ie 5u 2ie 5q 2if 5g 2ii 57 2il 53 2it 50 2j2 51 2j8 53 2jf 59,36b hm 3bd hq 3ch ho 3dr hk 3eu he 3g3 h4 3h7 go 3hk gm 3hs gm 3i4 go 3if gu 3in h5 3jc i1,4nn t9 4t4 10q 4uk 11j 506 129 51k 12q 538 139 54u 13k 567 13r 57f 13v 58p 140 5f0 140 5gc 13u 5hi 13p 5ig 13h 5jb 137 5k9 12n 5l9 123 5m2 11i 5ms 10q 5nj 101 5o8 v7 5oo ug 5p8 tl 5pn sn 5q5 rl 5qe qo 5qj pr 5qm ot 5qp nl,5le 120 5mm 110,5p4 ts 5pr t5 5qu sb 5rd s3 5rv rv 5si rt 5t0 rn 5tb rl 5u7 rn 5v2 rv 5vv s6 609 s3 618 rp 61e rk 625 rk 62v rj 63g rc 64q r0 65k ql 66j qs,5ug mj 5ug mo 5qs mp 5qs nt 5qq ou,5qq os 5ql qd 5qc rc 5pt sj 5pd tk,66h qs 683 qn 6a1 pk 6b9 pn 6cc pp 6ed pd 6fe or 6gh or 6ik pd 6ko q8 6n5 ps 6on p8 6rh o7 6ts nm 710 ne 72q m9,5u7 mo 5uq rt,5u1 mp 5ul rs,5qp no 5qp mk 5ug mi,5qt mo 5ui rd,5qt ms 5uj rk,5tu mp 5q9 rj,5q8 rp 5u1 mq,5q8 rq 5rn s1,5q5 rs 5rf s3,5qt s0 5ps sj,5pr so 5r3 s1,4nn t9 4n8 t2 4mm st 4m5 sq 4lp sq 4lb ss 4kv t1,3ru rk 3id v2,3rt rl 3sp rc 3tl r7 3uq r6 3vo r9 40q rg 41e ro 42s rv 443 s3 45a rp 46i ru 47n s5 49e sb 4ag sc 4c0 si 4cv sf 4dl sf 4f7 s8 4fd rs 4g6 rq 4gt rq 4hq rs 4ir sg 4ji so 4jp sp 4k7 t1 4ke t4 4ki t3 4l1 t1,3jb hv 3kb j9 3ks jl 3m1 ju,3id v1 3hg va 3ga vj 3fa vn 3ec vp 3dg vo 3cd vk 3bg ve 3ah v4 39n up 38v ua 38b tp 37m t3 379 sj,2sh h4 2u6 r9 2tt ra 2sa h4 2sh h4,378 sj 372 sg 36o sf 36h sh 36a sl 366 ss 362 su,2si s9 2r7 rq 2r1 rq 2oj s1 2n8 ri 2m3 ri 2la s1 2jj s4 2hi rb 2h0 rb,2gr rb 2g0 rg 2dv rg 2cp qu 2c3 qu 2b0 r6 27k rb 25t rb 257 rn 236 rq 21r rs 1vg s4 1sr s6 1pl tc 1o5 vf 1j8 12c 1g9 14a 1ef 15n 1dk 190 182 1bj 14d 1fd 14a 1fn,2sh s8 2ub sc 2uf sf 2vk um 309 vl 30s 10e 31j 119 32c 121 338 12n 348 13b 358 13s 368 14d 37d 14t 38h 15b 39s 15o 3as 15v 3c0 165 3co 168,2tq qr 2rf rs,2rj rt 2tr qu,2sc hf 2di rc 2do rd 2sc hj 2ou jt 2st l2,2su l7 2ot jv,2s7 rh 2th or,2te oi 2ru rl,2na l0 2t6 mu,2t8 n4 2n4 l3,2oc lg 2ma lm,2m6 lo 2of li,2sq rc 2t9 sa,2su rb 2tf s9,3cm 168 3e6 16c 3f4 16c,3f1 16c 3ha 17e 3is 17l 3kq 197 3mc 1ad 3pl 1bv 3r7 1f3 3s0 1gd 3tb 1h6 3v4 1j5 40r 1li 43n 1o7 46k 1pd 4ao 1rq 4eg 1ta 4et 1ta 4in 1ui 4lp 1us 4mu 1v1 4q2 1v3 4s8 1vb 4tg 1vg 4vm 204 50r 20e 51k 212 52g 220 53b 233 55m 25q 58v 29d,3f2 16c 3l6 16b,3l6 16g 3f7 16g,3l2 16b 3nc 16b,3na 16b 3o8 16a 3o8 16d 3n9 16f 3l1 16g,3nl 16f 3od 1bd,3o9 1bc 3nh 16c,3nr 18l 3kt 16g,3ko 16g 3nu 18u,58u 29c 5a6 2ae 5bl 2bf 5d0 2c8 5ea 2ct 5fn 2de 5gp 2dq 5i0 2e6 5j8 2ef 5kf 2el 5lj 2en 5mn 2en 5nn 2ej 5p1 2ea 5q2 2dt 5qv 2db 5ru 2cl 5sp 2bs 5ti 2au 5ud 29o 5v3 28k 5vj 27l 601 26o,6c0 1sc 6i6 200,6c0 1sc 6bi 1s9 6bc 1s9 6b7 1s9 6b2 1sa 6ar 1se,6ao 1sg 6ah 1sl 6ad 1sp 6ab 1su 6a9 1t4 6a8 1tf 6ad 1uc 6a0 1uq 68i 1vc,68h 1ve 688 1vt 684 20c 67r 211 67a 21e 670 21i 66n 21n 66f 223 66b 22k 666 239 65a 23f 64r 23l 64i 249 64i 24i 64b 24t,64d 25j 64u 260 644 26h 631 26i 627 26k,61j 26c 61g 26i 616 26m 611 26m 60u 26m 601 26p,6i5 200 6j4 20f 6kb 211 6ll 21g 6n2 21t 6o7 224 6pi 228 6qn 229 6rj 228 6sg 225,61k 26b 621 26d 628 26l,64a 24t 64a 252 64c 25b 64d 25i,6te 21v 6sd 225,6td 21v 6u7 21o 6uo 21i 6v0 21h 6v8 21j,6vn 22g 70d 22r 70m 22u 70u 231 71n 23g 72k 23n,72j 23n 794 24t 7cl 25c,6vn 22f 7d6 1t2 7d4 1sq 7d1 1so 7d0 1sl,7d0 1sk 7cv 1sh,7cu 1sh 7ct 1se 7cq 1sb,7co 1s9 7cr 1sb,7cl 25b 7fe 25r 7he 265 7ja 26i 7kp 26r 7me 27p 7nc 28d 7pc 28q 7q9 297 7rd 299,7ra 298 7te 29i 7u8 29n 7vd 2a7 81d 2ag 82l 2an 83q 2ai 84g 2ag 852 2ad 85e 2ab 85n 2a7 867 29v 86q 29n 87b 29m,8ea 2d4 8fh 2e1 8gt 2eq 8i5 2fb 8jo 2fs 8l2 2g7 8mj 2gf 8o6 2gj 8pd 2gj 8qe 2gf 8rb 2g8 8sb 2fu 8t7 2fi 8u5 2f0 8uv 2eb 8vp 2dh 90b 2co 90u 2bo 91b 2b0 91g 2aq 91p 2ao 921 2ap 925 2aq 92c 2b0 92f 2b9 92f 2bf 92i 2bp 92n 2bs,92m 2br 931 2cf 93k 2dc 94a 2dh 94f 2dr 94g 2e9 94p 2er 954 2f5 95a 2fq 95d 2g1 960 2gl 97b 2ho 9b0 2ia 9do 2ih,9c4 21i 9ik 23h,9c5 21i 9be 21e 9ap 21f 9ae 21j 9a3 21q 99s 223 99m 22b,9ig 23g 9ju 23r 9la 243 9mq 249 9o7 24b 9pd 249 9qe 243 9rg 23r 9se 23f 9t6 231 9ti 22q 9tq 22j,9tp 22j 9tt 22n 9tb 234 9sh 23k 9rh 240 9q2 24c 9o9 24g 9mp 24e 9lb 248 9jr 23v 9ig 23l 9c2 21m 9bc 21i 9an 21k 9a9 21q 99r 22d 99l 22b,9dm 2ih 9el 2ii 9fe 2id 9fm 2if 9hk 2j3 9i3 2j3 9is 2j3 9jl 2j6 9kc 2jn 9lh 2jn 9m3 2jn 9ol 2jn 9pr 2jn 9ru 2k9 9tq 2k9 9vh 2kb a0u 2l7 a2l 2l7 a45 2kt a5d 2k1 a7e 2j3 a8j 2ii a9r 2id,agb 2jl aih 2js,a9q 2id ab0 2ie ab8 2if ac3 2il act 2is adv 2j7 aej 2jb af6 2jf agj 2jn,aif 2jr ajh 2k0 akj 2kb aln 2kq amo 2lb anp 2m3 anq 2mc ao2 2me aub 2td,7cn 1s9 7ck 1s7 6v3 21j,6um 21j 716 20o,6v1 21h 707 214,au9 2tb avg 2ue b0r 2vh b21 30e b36 315 b4m 31t b63 32g b7d 32u b8t 33b ba9 33k bb9 33o bcj 33q,9de 224 98o 2hv,98r 2hv 9di 224,9cq 24c 9b0 21j,9b5 21j 9cq 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3an edh 3bm eev 3ck efv 3d6 egv 3dl eib 3e3 ejk 3ed,el2 3eo emd 3et ens 3f0,ejj 3ed elm 3er,enr 3f0 eoq 3ev epo 3es,epn 3es erj 3ej es1 3ek,ert 3ek esh 3em etp 3ga eur 3hv evo 3je f0k 3kl f1o 3lg f3b 3m5 f5a 3n9 f6p 3oc f89 3pi f9o 3qn fbg 3ri fde 3s5 ffd 3sl fhb 3t5 fj9 3tl fl7 3ue fn5 3va fp1 409 fqt 41a fsl 42g fu9 43o fvs 450 g1r 460 g40 46m g67 478 g8d 47p gaf 48i gcf 49d ge7 49j gfv 49i ghp 49g gjh 49r,esi 3en f7o 3b5 f7p 3b9 esk 3eq,ftq 3b3 g84 3cj gac 3cs gc1 3d1 ge2 3d4 gg1 3d4 gg1 3d8 ge0 3d8 gca 3d5,f7b 3be f8d 3pl,f86 3pg f77 3be,f7i 3g7 f2n 3cs,f2i 3cu f7g 3ga,f0t 3de f45 3ml,f40 3mh f0p 3dg,f1o 3g9 euf 3e7,eub 3e9 f1r 3gf,ftq 3b3 ftq 3b7 g1n 3bp g5m 3cc g9v 3cu gcg 3d6,894 28g 8ed 2d7,8dn 2ck 8eo 2de,894 28h 88q 289 88f 284 886 284 87u 288 87t 28g 87l 28s 87d 297 87c 29l,b76 32s b9j 33f bar 33m bc8 33p bdf 33o bev 33j bfj 33h bgt 336,fvv 3bi fqh 413,fqm 415 g04 3bi,gcp 3d6 ghn 49g,ghg 49g gcj 3d6,gd6 3fe gf2 3d8,gf8 3d8 gd8 3fj,gdc 3hm g8l 3cp,g8f 3cp gdd 3hu,fvc 3dm fud 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Courtesy of ben24;


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Posted: Dec 26, 2008 at 10:18 Quote

a little 4x track, pro and beginner lines
post times, mines 11.261
edit: 10.97

-18 1i 18 1i,15 1j 2e 1m 3h 1s 4m 24 5s 2c 7f 2j 8p 2k a2 2e b6 24,ku 4j mr 5a oh 5r qd 68 s6 6i ts 6o 101 6u 11l 70 139 6u 15b 6m 17a 67 193 5j 1am 4p 1c4 3s 1da 2v,221 4t 239 5n 24f 6d 25m 71 270 7i 28d 80 2a0 8c 2br 8p 2du 91 2g2 94,33t fu 35n h3 376 hv 38r ir 3af jk 3c0 ka 3di kv 3f5 lg 3go lv 3id m8 3k2 md 3lm mf 3nq m4 3pn le,37l r4 38v se 3af tm 3c3 uq 3do vq 3ff 10l 3h4 119 3in 11n 3km 121 3mk 126,3mh 125 3o1 126 3pc 123 3ql 11t 3rs 11h 3t5 10t 3u8 105 3v6 vb 3vv uh,4h7 q6 4i0 qt 4ir rj 4jp s7 4kp sq 4m0 tg 4n7 u2 4oi uh 4ps ut 4rb v2,4r9 v1 4se v2 4ti uv 4uq uo 501 ub 513 ti 51s sm 52c rn 52o qm 52t pm,4i4 h5 4jo h4 4lg h3 4n8 gv 4ou gn 4qb gb 4rh fu 4sn fd,53m mb 549 nb 557 of 56g pg 57o q6 59b qr 5b9 rf 5de rt 5f4 s3 5go s4 5ir rv 5kp rf 5mi qo 5o2 pt 5p6 p2 5q9 o4 5r3 na 5rp mf 5sb ll,4i1 h4 4g3 h4,673 j6 684 jq 69a kd 6aj ks 6bt l8 6d7 li 6ek lt 6g3 m8 6hi mf 6j1 ml,5de fg 5ei fu 5g1 ge 5hh gp 5j4 h0 5kl h3 5m1 h1 5n8 gr 5oj gg 5pn g0,53l mb 53g mb 538 pj,52t pl 536 pl 539 pi,54f ed 55k ep 56s f1,56r f2 57t fa 58v fh 59t fn 5ao fo 5bh fo 5c8 fl 5cr fh 5db fg,431 kn 44o kk 46b ke 47s k4 497 jo 4al ja 4bs ir 4ct ie 4dt i1 4eq hl 4fj ha 4g9 h2,404 ug 412 u6 42a uf 43b v0 446 vk 44v 10o 45e 121 45u 13f 46j 14i 47h 15a 48k 15q 49p 162 4b0 161 4c7 15i 4d9 14q 4e4 13p 4ep 12f 4f6 112 4ff vm 4fl ub 4fo t4 4fr rv 4fv r2 4g9 q9 4gs q5 4hb qh,2g3 95 2g3 ai 35r r6 37n r6,1d9 34 1eg 30 1fp 34 1hc 3q 1ip 4h 1k8 58 1lt 5r 1nh 66 1p1 6a 1qd 66 1ro 5s 1st 5g 1tu 54 1uv 4q 1vs 4m 20o 4k 21g 4o 222 4v,b7 26 c4 27 d6 2e e7 30 f6 3l g4 45 h5 4h i1 4k is 4g jk 4c kd 4d l1 4k,5sd li 5tb kv 5ug l2 5vi ls 60b mr 60v no 61n om 62j p6 63l p2 64e o6 652 n1 65i lq 65u kk 666 jl 66i j0 675 j3,6iv mm 6k9 mo 6lm mn 6n3 mh 6oa m7 6pk lj 6ql kp 6re js 6s1 iv 6si hu 6sr gt 6su fs 6ss et 6sl dv 6s7 d3 6rj ca 6qm bi,6mq a1 6lb 9j 6ju 9e 6if 9m 6hb a9 6gk b7 6g7 c9 6g5 dh 6gi en 6hi ft 6im gp 6jt h7 6kv h8 6lu gu 6mr gf,6qm bh 6pd at,3pj lg 3ro ke,4sl ff 4vm e8##T 6hp lp

Posted: Dec 26, 2008 at 10:18 Quote

-18 1i 18 1i 2e 1i 7d 93,21 27 8b 92,2p 2m 86 93,3h 4q a8 9u,4j 59 ak ah,69 7m c5 aj,7j 9e d9 ag,92 ad g5 ac,ba b2 g8 9s,dr ba gs 97,eo af gr 9b,f1 a7 cm ag,a2 9l d2 ah,7t 8c bm aa,g4 a9 hl 86,gn a1 i3 70,i2 6v jc 6v jb a7 125 a9 125 6k 13e 6k 15o 9u,13k 6t 13r 6o 13v 6v 13p 72,13v 7e 147 79 14a 7f 142 7g,14a 7t 14h 7o 14l 7t 14c 7v,14h 87 14p 85 14s 87,14r 88 14j 8a,14p 8g 14u 8d 150 8g,14u 8g 14q 8h,152 8s 158 8o 15c 8v 156 95,158 99 15g 94 15j 9c 15f 9g,15i 9l 15n 9h 15q 9l 15j 9o,15k 9s 19h 9s,19h 9q 1jb 9v 1j9 7m,19e 9q 19c 89,19b 8a 19b 7o##B 2hc 2i3 b8,B 2hf 2hq 66,B 2h9 2ht 2q,B 2hl 2ii a9,B 2hr 2il 9r,B 2hf 2ir 2q,B 2ho 2ii 6m,B 2i1 2i3 62,B 2hr 2i3 47,B 2hc 2i0 3l,B 2ho 2i6 ad,B 2h6 2if 2q,B 2h9 2hk 5q,B 2h3 2ht 2q,B 2gk 2i3 2c,B 2h6 2h5 6f,B 2h6 2ic 9r,B 2gq 2i0 47,B 2gq 2j1 b1,B 2h0 2i3 5q,B 2hf 2i6 6r,B 2ho 2i6 8e,B 2g8 2ii 2l,B 2gh 2ic 8e,B 2h6 2if 80,B 2hi 2ic 80,B 2hu 2i3 6j,B 2ho 2ja 8e,B 2i1 2if 64,B 2hr 2ic 2q,B 2ho 2hh 5c,B 2hl 2hn r,B 2hi 2i0 r,B 2hc 2io g,B 2hc 2j1 b8,B 2hc 2jm b8,B 2hi 2kk b8,B 2hl 2m5 5t,B 19d 7t r,B 19b 83 1f,B 19a 8d 1o,B 19f 8l 1l,B 19e 8r 1p,B 19c 92 1b,B 19f 97 10,B 19c 9d 18,B 19d 9l 19,B 1j0 9a a3,B 1jb 9a 9b,B 1j9 95 96,B 1jc 8o 93,B 1ja 90 9d,B 1jd 7m 8v,B 1jc 83 9c,B 1j9 8f 9d,B 1j3 8t 9f,B 1je 99 95,B 1j9 9m 9k,B 1it 9n 9m,B 1ik 9o a0,B 1ia 9s a8,B 1hv 9r a1,B 1hf 9o ab,B 1h6 9r aj,B 1gu 9q b8,B 1gn 9r aq,B 1gf 9r 4,B 1ga 9t b8,B 1g1 9u b8,B 1fq 9s b8,B 1fk 9s b8,B 1f9 9t b8,B 1f0 9t a,B 1er 9s 5,B 1eo a0 b8,B 1ei 9t b8,B 1ec 9r b8,B 1e8 9u b0,B 1dr 9t b8,B 1dj 9s 5,B 1dd 9t b8,B 1d1 9u b8,B 1cn 9q b8,B 1cf 9t b8,B 1c4 9r b8,B 1br 9s b8,B 1bi 9r b8,B 1b9 9r b8,B 1b0 9r b8,B 1ap 9t b8,B 1ai 9r b8,B 1a8 9q b8,B 19v 9r 6,B 19m 9p n,B 15n 9u 2t,B 1ad 63j 45,B 121 9l 9e,B 129 98 8e,B 124 8r 88,B 121 8k 85,B 120 81 8e,B 126 89 7s,B 11u 7m 86,B 123 7i 8b,B 12a 74 8c,B 11u 76 93,B 12a 7f 8l,B 124 7d 5k,B 127 80 9b,B 127 8e 9b,B 12b 8t 9b,B 128 9e 9b,B 128 9p 99,B 126 a8 a1,B 11r a5 am,B 11i a7 aq,B 119 a7 aq,B 10v a9 5,B 10r a7 d,B 10c a0 15,B 10n ac av,B 106 a9 b8,B 10h ah b4,B 106 ag 3,B vt ac 6,B vl ae 4,B vf ad b8,B v4 af 4,B ur ac b8,B uo af 6,B ul ae b4,B uc ad b8,B u5 ab 2,B tp ab b8,B te a6 b8,B t2 aa b3,B sm a9 b5,B s9 a9 8,B s2 a9 b8,B rn a8 6,B r1 5h b8,B r0 66 b8,B r0 6q b3,B r9 93 b8,B r9 9e b8,B r9 9p b8,B rc a8 b8,B r5 aa b3,B qs a9 b8,B ql a8 b8,B qf a6 b8,B q7 a5 d,B q1 a5 9,B pt a1 8,B pq a3 aj,B ph a3 17,B pd a2 b8,B o9 9n b8,B og 9h b8,B of 9k i,B oe 9n 5k,B oe 9n 5k,B oe 9o b8,B of a1 b8,B p6 a1 b1,B ou a3 b,B op a4 b8,B od 9u 2q,B od 9v b8,B oc a2 e,B o8 a4 1v,B o4 a4 2q,B o0 a4 2q,B o0 a4 2q,B nq a1 b8,B nh a3 6,B nh ad 7,B mm aa b8,B n5 a9 b8,B na a9 4,B ms aa ap,B mh aa b8,B m7 aa i,B m3 a9 e,B lv ab 5,B ln aa b8,B ld aa b8,B l3 a9 b8,B kr aa b8,B ki ab 6,B kb a9 9,B k2 a6 b8,B jp a9 a,B ji a8 10,B jb a3 2q,B j8 a2 2q,B j4 9v 2q,B j7 96 32,B j8 9f 30,B j7 9o 2q,B j3 9e 2t,B j7 97 30,B j8 90 2q,B j8 8n 2u,B j9 8k 35,B jb 8a 2v,B ja 84 2u,B jd 7u 32,B je 7p 2q,B j9 7k 2u,B j7 7c 2q,B jb 6v 2q,B j9 77 2q,B j7 7f 2q,B j2 7j 2q,B j8 78 2q see if you can get into the other pit i have twice

Posted: Dec 26, 2008 at 10:25 Quote
why did you get rid of the old thread , it was going so strong :/

Posted: Dec 26, 2008 at 11:34 Quote
I started a Freeride track

Like how the new thread has been started, the other one was just to large and messy, with loads of spam.
So lets not wreck this one, and keep the good tracks coming

-18 1i 18 1i 43 1g,28p bu 29h da 2ab ee 2ba fk 2cf go 2dp hp 2f7 ij 2gp j7 2id jl 2jv jq 2lb jr 2mo jo 2nk jm 2oj jh 2pg ja 2qc j0 2r4 ij 2rq i5 2sd hm 2su h7 2tc gn 2tn g6 2u0 fk,2se k8 311 k8 37u kc 39r ke,5nf 1m4 5on 1n8 5q1 1o9 5rc 1p8 5sm 1q5 5ug 1r9 608 1s7 621 1sv 63p 1th 65h 1ts 679 1tv 68r 1tu 6a4 1tp 6bf 1tc 6cf 1sp 6d9 1s1 6ds 1rc 6ec 1qm 6eo 1q0 6f2 1p9 6f6 1p6 6fc 1p6 6g2 1p7 6gk 1p8 6gt 1p9 6h1 1pc 6hd 1qa 6hv 1ro,8kp 2oo 8lk 2p5 8mq 2pd 8o4 2pf 8pg 2pc 8r3 2p5 8sp 2oq 8ug 2ob 904 2nm 91j 2mu 92l 2m2 93k 2ks 94d 2jo 951 2io 95k 2ho 964 2gk 96p 2fg 97g 2e6 982 2cv 98j 2bj 995 2a5 99n 28n 9aa 279 9au 25t 9bj 24p 9cm 23j 9du 22r 9fb 225 9gq 21f 9ic 20s 9k2 20d 9lp 201 9nj 1vm 9pc 1vd 9r5 1v8 9su 1v3,43 1j 4e 2m 4t 3a 5k 3a 6k 43 73 4k 7d 4s 84 56 92 5b a5 5b ak 56 b0 4u ba 4u cv 5s ep 6p h1 7l jn 8g m0 92 nv 9d po 9k r5 9o si 9p tn 9n up 9j vv 9b 10v 8u 120 8c 12r 7r 13c 7e 13t 6s 14b 69 14n 5l 150 52,5h 3a 4t 3a,1hn 3f 1jn 5m 1kc 6a 1l6 6t 1m2 7c 1n2 7o 1ok 84 1q3 8b 1rc 8f 1sh 8g 1tn 8e 1ur 8a 201 83 215 7o 222 7b 22r 6r 23c 6b 23s 5n 24b 50 24m 44 250 2v 259 2u 25e 38 25h 4e 25j 7c,22v 9s 245 8m 25i 7b 25u 7j 26j 8k 279 9i,24r 9r 27b 9i 27m 9n 27q ad 280 b6,272 bb 282 b7 28g b6 28p bu,3ak i7 3ap i4 3b1 i0 3bn hu 3c7 hv 3ce i2 3db j6 3e2 k1 3er kq 3fm lh 3hh mm 3iu ng 3kb o4 3lv oq 3nm pb 3pb po 3rf q5 3tb qe 3v2 qk 40s qp 435 qs 44t qt 46d qs 47u qo 499 qi 4ak qa 4c0 q1,6n7 1id 6oa 1jl 6pf 1kq 6qd 1ll 6rl 1mg 6sv 1n8 6uo 1nv 70l 1oe 72o 1oq 757 1p2 77m 1p7 7a3 1p7 7c6 1p4 7dq 1ov,6ot 1gv 6q9 1iv 6qq 1jk 6ro 1ke 6sp 1l5 6ts 1lm 6v6 1m8 70o 1mn 72i 1n2,733 1nk 72q 1ne 72k 1n8 72j 1n3,72j 1n1 72s 1n1 737 1n3 73m 1n6 73u 1nb 743 1ne 747 1nj 745 1nm 73q 1nn 73e 1nn 733 1nk,72p 1n5 730 1n6 738 1n7 73m 1nb 741 1ng 73u 1nj 73k 1nj 73a 1nh 732 1nd 72r 1na 72o 1n6,733 1na 73h 1ne,6ot 1gv 6ok 1hg 6nr 1i5 6n7 1ib 6nj 1hk 6oc 1h8 6os 1gv,6og 1ha 6o6 1he 6no 1hm 6nf 1i1,6nf 1i2 6nu 1ht 6o6 1hn 6oe 1he 6oi 1h9,6o8 1hg 6nq 1hq,73s 1n8 74u 1nf 76j 1nk 78j 1nn 7al 1nn 7c0 1nl 7db 1nh 7dp 1nd 7dk 1o3 7dl 1op 7dr 1ou,7dr 1os 7du 1ob 7e1 1nt 7ds 1nf 7dq 1nc,7dr 1no 7do 1o9,6pi 1ll 6vi 1oe,6pd 1m1 6ve 1ot 6vd 1on 6vd 1oj 6vh 1of 6vk 1oh 6vl 1om 6vi 1or,6pc 1m1 6pe 1lq 6pg 1lm,6t5 1nn 6t7 1ng,6t2 1nh 6tb 1nm,6ug 1og 6so 1tk,6v3 1om 709 1tm,6um 1oj 6t0 1tm,6us 1ol 701 1tn,6sj 1td 6sp 1tk 6t0 1to 6t3 1tm,6vq 1tj 703 1tn 709 1tn 70e 1tk,6pl 1m5 6pa 1qn 6pr 1qo 6pt 1ql,6ps 1m9 6pk 1qn,6p3 1qk 6pa 1qn,6i0 1rn 6i4 1s3 6ip 1sd 6j4 1se 6jj 1se 6jt 1s8 6k4 1s5 6kq 1s3 6le 1s4 6md 1s8 6mj 1s8,6mc 1so 6md 1sl 6mn 1s5 6n5 1rr 6nc 1rp 6o2 1rl 6os 1s2 6pb 1sg 6pp 1su,6qj 1s3 6pd 1ru 6ou 1s5,6o2 1rj 6o9 1r2 6oq 1qo 6oq 1qe 6p7 1q5,6op 1qd 6o8 1qq 6o6 1r4 6o5 1re,6op 1qo 6pa 1r5 6pn 1ri 6q3 1rv,6pg 1rd 6pk 1r8 6ps 1qv 6qd 1qq 6qr 1qq 6r6 1qv 6rf 1qr 6rp 1qs 6s9 1rg 6sg 1rt,6qe 1sf 6ql 1rt 6r4 1rc,6r4 1rc 6r6 1qv,6u1 1tc 6ts 1sv 6tg 1sl 6tc 1sk,6t3 1sc 6su 1s7 6so 1s3 6rp 1s0 6rd 1s9,6pm 1ps 6qd 1q7 6qq 1ql 6qu 1qq,6qi 1qb 6qp 1q9 6rp 1qd 6sc 1qo 6sl 1qv,6s9 1r6 6ss 1qs 6t4 1qs 6tm 1r1,6v0 1rh 6uu 1re 6ub 1r8 6tv 1rf 6tp 1s4,6tt 1r3 6u7 1r8,6tg 1sd 6tu 1s4 6u6 1s1 6uq 1s0 6v7 1s2 6vm 1s8,6uu 1rg 6v8 1s1,6rk 1t4 6sk 1u2 6tl 1u4,6ti 1tq 6tq 1u9 6ut 1uc 6v4 1u9 6ve 1u2 6vh 1tv,6ut 1tq 6v4 1tt 6vo 1u2 70r 1u4 718 1tj 718 1te,70k 1t6 71i 1tg 71s 1tl,70m 1sd 721 1sb 72s 1sl 731 1sq,6vt 1s6 707 1ru 70h 1rp 713 1rn 72n 1ra,70a 1s1 70k 1sb 71a 1ss 71i 1sv,724 1sc 725 1s9 72j 1ri 72p 1rb 72r 1r7 732 1r4 73h 1r2,71g 1tq 71s 1tj 721 1td,739 1sq 72u 1sr 72m 1sv,7bv 1p4 7d4 1ue,7bn 1p5 7co 1ue,7d9 1ub 7d1 1uf 7cm 1uh 7ch 1uf,7b6 1p6 79b 1sl,79f 1sq 7bb 1p6,799 1sd 79c 1sq 79l 1su 79q 1ss,7as 1pt 7c6 1r0,7aq 1pv 7c6 1r8,7c0 1pr 7aj 1qc,7c2 1q2 7ah 1qg,72m 1t3 73k 1si 746 1s9 74n 1s5 75m 1s8 773 1sn 780 1t5,79b 1t5 78r 1t4 77j 1t6 773 1tj,75n 1s9 76q 1rk 787 1ro 78l 1rt,73c 1r7 73l 1r2 741 1qt 74o 1qt 760 1rf 76c 1ro 76l 1s0,74d 1rj 73c 1rl 732 1s0 72p 1sf,740 1s1 744 1rs 74q 1rf 75m 1rj 75v 1rn 76f 1ru,77u 1s6 78n 1rj 78p 1rf 79e 1rb,7a8 1t8 798 1t4 78r 1td 78g 1ts,75r 1ta 77c 1tm 77u 1tv 78c 1u7,7bc 1tc 7bc 1t9 7ad 1t3 79v 1th 79s 1u3,7a0 1s1 7ae 1s6 7bb 1t6 7bh 1tp,7b7 1uc 7bi 1tm 7br 1td 7c8 1t9 7cb 1t8,795 1rj 79h 1rb 79o 1r9 79t 1r9,7b3 1rf 7al 1rk 7ad 1rt 7a9 1s9,7a5 1rc 7aj 1rg,7b4 1rf 7bc 1rj 7bk 1rp 7br 1s8,7bi 1si 7bq 1s8,7br 1s6 7c3 1s5 7c7 1s6,7e8 1ss 7df 1sk 7d0 1sn 7cq 1st,7ck 1sa 7d6 1sa 7di 1sj 7dj 1sm,7dr 1t9 7e1 1st 7eh 1sj 7en 1si 7fp 1ss 7gg 1tq,7f7 1tr 7g7 1tn 7gk 1tr 7gv 1u8,7g0 1uc 7f5 1tr 7ek 1tq 7e6 1tu,88g 27t 8ac 29u 8c8 2bv 8cv 2cj 8e3 2dc 8fr 2e6 8hl 2el 8kc 2f4 8n4 2f9 8pk 2f4 8rn 2el 8sv 2e6 8uh 2d3 8vp 2bm 90n 29o 91h 27j,91g 27k 922 25o 92m 24q 93a 23s 945 22s 94i 22a 95g 21p 95s 21h 96j 217 96v 212 97t 20t 98u 215 99d 21a 99u 21h 9ag 21p 9bo 22a 9d7 22d 9eu 22d,1b 1i 43 1f 48 1e,88g 27t 86e 25o 86m 25j 89o 28t 8be 2an 8ci 2bt 8dq 2cq 8et 2dd 8g5 2dv 8hk 2ed 8j4 2el 8lp 2eu 8np 2f0 8no 2er 8ov 2eo 8ov 2es,8np 2f0 8q6 2eq 8sl 2e2 8tu 2d9 8v2 2c4 8vo 2b4,90n 290 91d 275 922 258 92s 23v 93v 22p 94v 21m 95m 219 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2gn,8va 2gs 8vk 2gg 900 2f8 92v 2ef 939 2ea,91s 2ek 92t 2cl 955 2c4 95s 2bs,95f 2cl 95k 2cg 966 2au 961 29r 97l 28m,97g 295 97l 27j 98c 274 9a3 268 9ap 263,99f 26g 99f 26b 9ap 258 9b8 255,82l 2ac 871 26d,878 26i 82s 2ai,8cm 2hc 8ek 2dk,8f1 2dp 8d2 2hj,8l6 2j3 8l6 2ip 8lb 2f8,8ll 2f6 8lj 2j3,8vv 2fl 8u8 2dc,8ud 2da 8vt 2f6,95t 29s 91h 27m,91k 27c 967 29k,97p 27h 93i 23h,93n 237 97u 277,9a7 25i 9ao 21v,9b2 222 9ac 25b,85o 2dn 8a5 29p,8ab 29t 860 2dr,89o 2fd 8ci 2ca,8cp 2cf 8a1 2fi,8gp 2jf 8hm 2en,8i1 2eo 8h4 2ji,8pl 2id 8pc 2f4,8pf 2f5 8ps 2ib,92s 2cl 909 2an,907 2at 92p 2cr,98m 26t 96m 215,96q 215 98u 26s,9ss 1v2 9u9 1v7 9vr 1vk a21 20s a44 22j,a1s 20p a4m 21q a6n 22l a8t 23o aa7 24k ac1 266 acs 271 adb 27j acv 27v aaf 25i a8t 24a a6s 239 a3o 21s a31 21g,a3t 22j a63 258 a6k 268 a8e 289##

Posted: Dec 26, 2008 at 15:36 Quote
Jupp, i made another one,
I kinda ripped the idea off someone, but i totaly changed it

Just a save, tell me if I should continue

Oh and yeah. Backflip them all

-18 1i 18 1i,11 1i 4n 1h 6o 1d,ce 2q f6 41 hf 4p ju 55,jo 55 kd 55 l6 50 lt 4p,jo 55 hf 4q f4 41 ce 2r,jo 54 kc 54 l4 4v lt 4o,6k 1d 71 1e 7k 1l 7r 1t 82 2f 80 32 80 3e 84 3k 81 49 8a 4o 8j 53 8t 5e 98 5d 9i 54 9p 53 ag 53 ap 5a b9 56 bk 5d c3 59 c6 4t bv 4m bv 44 bh 3h bn 35 bl 2t c1 2o,ce 2q c2 2o,bo 30 bp 2s,bn 2u bs 2s,lp 4q mf 4h,m4 4m mp 49 ng 3r o6 38 op 2h pa 1m pn n q0 -6 qr -6 r9 -5 s4 -5 sj -6,v4 -1d vb -k vm 8 100 12 10e 1v 112 2p 11s 3e 12t 3u 143 48 159 4b 16c 47 17a 3v 186 3h 18r 2u 19d 27 19q 1e 1a3 m 1ab -1 1af -e 1at -1 1bf c 1bp h,v5 -1a v0 -1r,1rn -18 1ra -1b 1qm -1b 1qe -v,-18 1i -1u 1c -2s k -37 -i -3p -1b -3o -2d -4e -3e,287 1j 28f 2h 28p 3d 293 4a 29i 56 2a6 5t 2b2 6f 2c4 6r 2db 75 2ek 79 2fp 7c 2go 7d 2hl 7f 2ih 7e 2jg 78 2kd 6u,2s9 69 35e 69,355 69 35r 67 36k 64 37f 5p 385 5e 38q 51 39e 4g 3a1 3r 3ag 35 3au 2c 3bc 1h 3bs m 3cf -5 3do -2e 3ef -3t 3eo -4d 3ev -4l 3f5 -4q 3fe -4r 3fv -4r 3gf -4o 3he -41 3i6 -3i 3j1 -35 3k0 -2s 3kv -2n 3lq -2l,3lm -2m 3md -2m 3n0 -2m 3o5 -2m 3ou -2m 3q3 -2l 3qu -2l 3rj -2n 3sc -2q 3t6 -30 3u0 -38 3un -3g 3vf -3s 40l -4h 41g -54 426 -5n 42t -6h 43c -77 43o -7t 441 -8g 448 -94 44e -9o 45b -91,2kc 6u 2l0 71 2lm 71 2mc 6s 2n2 6m 2nr 6h 2og 6f 2p4 6f 2pp 6f 2qg 6e 2r5 6a,2sa 69 2rt 6c 2r5 69,1bf b 1bi 9,1bq -4 1c3 -j 1c8 -12 1ci -26 1cq -26 1d0 -24 1dq -c 1ei s 1fa 1q 1g0 2d 1gt 2r 1hq 34 1it 39 1jv 3a 1l0 36 1lq 2t 1ml 2c 1nc 1p 1o2 u 1og 6 1oq -f 1p2 -16 1p5 -1j 1pg -1g 1pr -1a 1qd -u 1qi -r,s3 -5 sn -p ss -10 t2 -18 ta -1h tj -1o,tl -1p u7 -1r uk -1r v0 -1r,1rm -18 1s6 -16 1se -15 1ss 0,1t7 m 1te 14 1tn 1g 1u4 1t 1ul 2c 1vb 2p 1vu 31 20l 37 219 3a 223 3b 22s 38 23q 30 24g 2n 254 2a 25h 1t 261 17 269 o 26f 6 26m -j 26v -c 272 o,272 i 27b l 27k n 27o p 281 q 287 1j,44o -7o 452 -8e 45g -9e 47g -9e 488 -7u 496 -6f 4a4 -5b 4av -4f 4bq -3q 4cr -3a 4dt -2u 4f4 -2k 4g3 -2g 4he -2b 4ij -2a 4js -2b 4kt -2g 4m3 -2s 4n2 -3a 4nu -3r 4om -4h 4pf -5d 4q1 -67 4qg -71 4qr -7r 4r3 -8o 4r8 -9e 4tb -8k,4s8 -7k 4tk -8r 4up -8q 4vb -8q 4vv -7h 50e -6n 50v -61 51n -5a 52f -4p 535 -4d 543 -3v 553 -3k 55v -3d 575 -36 584 -32 58t -31 59p -31 5aq -35 5bl -3d 5cf -3o 5d3 -44 5dn -4j 5e7 -52 5eo -5l 5f6 -69 5fl -71 5fu -7j 5g5 -85 5ga -8o 5hk -89,5hc -7l 5i7 -9s 5ik -b1 5j4 -b1 5jo -9i 5ki -7u 5ld -6n 5m8 -5m 5na -4j 5o7 -3q 5p5 -34 5q6 -2h 5re -1u 5sm -1f 5u5 -13 5v9 -s 60f -n 61v -i 63b -f##

Posted: Dec 26, 2008 at 18:02 Quote
So we can't post on the old thread now?

Anyway: here are some jumps. I put a star at the end for those of you that like to post times.

-18 1i 18 1i,n 1i 1l 1n 2k 20 3d 2j 44 3d 4p 4e 5d 5f 64 6c 6u 71 7u 7g 8t 7n 9p 7n ak 7i ba 75 bq 6m c7 65 cg 5g cr 4r de 4l e5 4m ep 4o fe 50 h5 4s ii 6d jr 7k l6 8e ml 8t oe 95 s3 95 tn 93 um 8v vg 8p 10h 8c 119 81 120 7i 12d 75 12t 6h 13a 5o 13g 53 15s 62 195 3q 1a8 5o 1b3 75 1bm 7v 1ch 8n 1de 95 1et 9j 1g6 9l 1mn 9l 1oe 9j 1pf 9f 1ql 96 1rj 8r 1sd 8e 1t3 7v 1tg 7j 1tv 70 1u9 6c 1ug 5m 1vn 6g,fe 50 fr 5k g3 6e ga 79 gm 88 h7 93 i1 9k j7 9v kg a7 m1 ad nb af oo ae,1vo 6g 25t 72 26n 8d 27k 9l 28e ah 297 b0 2ag b9 2bv be 2dd bd 2kc b7 2m2 b2 2mt aq 2o7 aa 2pc 9n 2q9 92 2r5 87 2rs 77 2s9 6e 2sm 5c 305 6l 34c v,34c u 34u 23 35h 33 369 3t 36v 4f 37j 4o 38i 51 39h 52,3e9 52 39a 52,3e6 53 3g9 50 3i8 4p 3k5 4d 3lq 3p 3n2 33 3nt 2f 3oo 1m 3pc o 3vt 70 415 e8,516 mm 604 on,48v 9s 412 e6,48s 9s 4b2 dd 4ck fq 4ej i3 4gc jg 4jl kq 4o4 le 511 lm 56s lc,56q lc 59o l4 5bj ks 5d6 ke 5ec k0 5fm j8 5go ic 5hn ha 5ii fq 5ja e6 5jo co 5jt bk 5ju a7 5kv a7 5k0 -a0 5m6 -a0##T 5jc -4c

Posted: Dec 27, 2008 at 6:48 Quote
303 is my best time, just a hint, creep down the first rollin, and the manual pads, coast

-18 1i 18 1i 1s 1i 28 1m,2a 1m 33 21 3t 2g 4q 38 5a 3s 5t 4m 62 5e 5o 62 59 6r 6a 86 5f 94 46 cu 4l e6 5e f2 5t g8,5t 4m 8p 8l 8f 8s 5v 5g 6b 5b,6g 66 6s 5v,6s 6j 74 6e,7c 7e 7m 78,7r 80 83 7p,85 8d 8d 88,80 8b 67 8a,7o 82 6a 83,69 83 60 5k,65 5n 6e 81,5b 9p 80 8c,83 8g 58 a1,bj ko c0 oe,bv og c1 p5 c7 pp cj qu d4 s1 dp t2 en ua g3 vk hs 10p j3 11g km 121 lo 129 mu 12d ns 12g ov 12e qt 11r rt 11b si 10j tb vf,tb vg ts uf,143 l8 1ds oh,142 l8 13v lm 1dj op,1dl op 1dn og,1ge r9 1n5 112,1ge rc 1g7 rk 1m8 110 1n0 110,1n3 110 1og 128 1ph 130 1r2 13u 1sd 14b 1ur 14i 21p 14d 247 13q 261 12u,263 130 278 125 27t 11e 28b 10o 28h 106,5t g5 5h h3,5f h3 7s is 99 j2 a5 jn ak kg bg kq,tr ug 13k v2,2hr vd 2iq 11o 2jj 136 2l7 15m 2mu 17i 2oc 192 2po 1a9 2qk 1b3 2t9 1d5 30t 1fa 333 1gc 385 1hl 3fd 1j0,318 1fi 34m 1gs,3fb 1j0 3ht 1ja 3qo 1jp,3qq 1jp 47v 1k4 4aq 1k2,47n 1kb 4e9 1jl,4aq 1k4 4fl 1j8,4cc 1k5 4gg 1iu,4dc 1k3 4i7 1i4,4df 1jr 4he 1ih,4fg 1jk 4ji 1h2,4gb 1j7 4ke 1gb,4he 1ip 4kd 1g1,4ii 1i9 4kg 1fg,4j8 1i2 4ks 1e8,4ip 1hg 4ko 1f1,4i5 1hv 4k3 1g3,4vi s7 50d sb 506 1le,4vk s9 4v7 1ld,53s tp 5e2 17f,53s tu 53b ug 5dd 17r 5ds 17f,53e uq 50e vq,53l v3 50f 101,554 109 50a 1hd,55f 10i 50b 1i6,5ch 179 5cj 1l1,4kv 1e8 4nk 1fv,4np 1g7 4qh 1k4 50h 1lm 5g2 1lo 5od 1m2,5ck 1kv 5ck 1lo,5d6 1lr 5d4 17k,4vh sr 4tv 110,4vr tp 4ul 10r,4vo vg 4u9 12s,4ve tk 4ub 11u,4vt u6 4ub 125,4ve sk 4tn 115,4vo 107 4sn 16u,4uo 110 4t1 15e,4uq 10j 4si 14e,4u1 10o 4sa 175,4v9 11u 4sp 17d,4vt 12k 4tv 17a,4vh 115 4su 17s,4vr 12p 4ss 19t,4v9 14o 4si 1ar,4ve 16u 4ti 1ah,4v7 14q 4su 19v,50h 13b 4s0 1b2,4ut 199 4sf 1ev,4v2 17n 4ru 1db,4v2 1aj 4rc 1g5,4uj 1d3 4s0 1gk,4ut 1bh 4s8 1fe,4ug 19t 4s5 1e6,4ut 160 4rm 1bm,4vh 144 4sd 19q,4uj 146 4sp 18i,4ut 13s 4qo 194,4u1 146 4r2 199,4u6 133 4r0 1a4,4u1 1ae 4rh 1e6,4vr 1a4 4r5 1eg,4t6 18d 4qr 1c5,4ut 18n 4qt 1dv,4uj 1c0 4q9 1gu,4uj 1dq 4qr 1hd,4uq 1ej 4rc 1hf,50a ta 52b 115,507 uv 52v 14j,4ug 104 52d 14v,4vm vo 52v 14t,4v7 uq 528 138,4vt ug 536 13d,510 us 544 149,4ve 117 54t 194,4v2 11r 53v 18l,4uo 12p 53o 1b0,4vr 178 53o 1d3,4v4 18b 539 1eo,4uv 1ba 51k 1fh,4v9 1cp 53t 1hk,4vh 1b0 54o 1fr,4vj 1ae 53q 1fm,4vr 170 552 1et,4vj 16h 54m 1e6,50m 191 53q 1e4,4vh 178 53j 1c8,50u 152 555 1cd,502 13q 54r 1c3,4vc 165 54j 1di,51f 149 54c 183,51n 11c 555 18l,5of 1lv 5rp 1q9,5ro 1q7 5su 1ro 5tv 1ss 5vo 1u8 622 1vo 63p 20p 66n 21u 6bf 238 6e9 23u,6cd 23n 6jh 24h,6dj 242 6le 24j,6fq 24f 6q6 24f,6ja 24n 6qq 247,6n8 24m 6tf 23p,6pk 24k 70m 22s,6rl 24d 71t 228,6tn 249 73f 215,79e 1uh 7s4 1ma,79k 1v0 79d 1uj,28j 104 297 109,297 10c 2a7 11c 2b5 123 2cg 120 2dv 11k 2f2 10r,2f5 10r 2hl ve,1mf 112 1lh 11m 1kv 133 1hc 141 1d5 11c 13f v4,14i m4 143 uq,1bj 112 1be oi,1aj o3 1a6 102,15b v4 15o mj 1a1 107,15t ou 19d 10h,15j vb 17p ta,18i su 1ao od,1a6 nu 18a ro,17c s7 15g ui,-16 1f -2j -b,-2h -d -29 -1q,-27 -1s -1o -3a,-1n -3e -g -4h -13 -5p -2r -7t,-2r -7v -2c -9m -h -da,-h -dj -1n -gq -7s -1mo,7s1 1m8 85r 1hv,8bc 1fg 85h 1i3,8ba 1ff 90t 209,73e 21a 75s 25m 77o 26r,77t 26o 7cm 270 7dc 2bm,7df 2bm 7kd 2fl,7kn 2fj 7ro 2f4,7ro 2f1 828 2l8 810 2p5 857 2sj 8cu 2sj 8in 2q0 8pe 2pp,8pj 2q5 94s 372,1he 142 1hg t1 1im uj,1h9 tn 1it vm,1hl uj 1it 10k,1hg vc 1ie 10u,1hl 102 1ih 11i,1ho 10u 1ih 12v,1h9 11f 1ic 12v,1he 105 1i9 11n,1ir 10m 1ij 10f,1ht ut 1ih vr,1hq uo 1i9 v9,1hv u6 1ij uv,1hq tn 1ie ug,1he tg 1gl 10m,1hb u4 1gi 105,1ht uj 1gn 10f,1hl vh 1gs 10p,1hb 10c 1gs 11p,1hl 118 1gv 11s,1hb 10f 1gv 105,1hg u9 1h6 ut,1hb ue 1g6 vh,9ni 3pn 9rd 4oh a10 5q0,a0c 5n3 a3r 632,a24 5tn a88 6e8,a62 690 abf 6kr,a99 6gf ae6 6p9,abg 6l1 ajb 70e,aev 6qg al9 72f,ai0 6ut apq 762,akc 71e as6 77i,ao5 752 b40 7c3,asl 786 b8m 7dh,atv 78j b2s 7b0,b16 7ah bau 7dr,b3g 7c3 beo 7e9,b7k 7dh bht 7ek,bav 7e6 bng 7ef,beo 7ek bo2 7e0,bh5 7et boq 7dm,bjm 7eu brk 7cl,bm7 7ep bsf 7bs,bna 7ep bt0 7b8,bok 7eo btf 7ak,bq7 7ec bu1 79k,cna 6mn cnn 6mk,cpg 6mp cq5 6n1,crk 6ni csb 6nv,cuf 6p0 cuv 6pj,d08 6qv d0s 6rq,d23 6t7 d2f 6tr,d3h 6vi d42 70l,d4l 71t d4v 72l,d59 73f d5n 74f d66 763,d6e 76e d70 782,d7a 793 d8a 7bq,d8c 7bs ddn 822,ddo 820 df6 879,cnn 6mn cpe 6ms,cq7 6mu crk 6ni,csb 6o1 cue 6ov,cv0 6ph d0f 6r5,d0s 6rn d2b 6tj,d2e 6tl d3j 700,d45 70i d4m 721,d4r 72b d6g 76n,d7b 797 d71 77t,cnn 6mn ck9 6nq chf 6sq,chd 6si cev 733 cca 7ae cac 7gk c6a 7hn c1h 7hn bv4 7eo bu3 7a9,dec 85a dgl 8aa,deh 87e dim 8cb,dfn 89p dn9 8er,dhb 8bb dq1 8fu,dk0 8d7 dsm 8fu,dm4 8er e6u 8gm,dp1 8g2 e46 8ft,du1 8gj e7i 8fj,e17 8h7 e94 8f6,e3b 8h7 eb3 8e6,e4r 8hu ebs 8d3,e6s 8i3 ecd 8br,e8g 8hf ecl 8aj,e8v 8hi ecv 89t,eaa 8gm ecv 888,ega 7uh ecq 7s3,ed2 887 egb 87r,egb 87o ei9 84v eic 81l,eie 81l ehb 7um ega 7ud,ect 7s4 ejl 5q2#cmu 6mt cmu 6lb,cmr 6ld cmh 6mb,cmr 6lb cnd 6ml,cmu 6lq cmp 6ml,co6 6mo co8 6l8,cog 6ld cnu 6mb,col 6li cp1 6ml,cos 6mg cod 6n4,cr2 6nh cr2 6ls,cs0 6mj crp 6nm,cr5 6mg cqo 6nc,cr0 6mj col 6n2#T ee8 7td,S 7se 1lo,S 8bj 1f8,S 799 1u0,S 4kg 1dg,S 13r kf

Posted: Dec 27, 2008 at 10:40 Quote
IsakL wrote:
Jupp, i made another one,
I kinda ripped the idea off someone, but i totaly changed it

Just a save, tell me if I should continue

Oh and yeah. Backflip them all
hey you dont need to backflip at all u just gotta be smooth

Posted: Dec 27, 2008 at 13:56 Quote
best trick competition -18 1i 18 1i,18 1j 2b 1m 3k 1p 5e 20 7k 2q 9e 44 b6 5u cn 8e e7 b6 fq e1 hg h0 ja k0 kl lv m5 nu nr pq pn rl rr ta u5 up 10g 100 12q 10t 155 11c 18h 10v 1b7 v0 1df sc 1fi pl 1h1 np,22c 260 25k 27g 28b 283 2at 28k 2d8 294 2gg 29p 2jg 2a6 2ma 2ac 2p0 2ag 2rn 2ai 2uc 2al 30v 2ap 33g 2b0 360 2b9 38e 2bj 3ar 2bt 3d6 2c8 3fh 2ck 3hr 2d1 3k3 2df 3mc 2ds 3ol 2eb 3qs 2eq 3t4 2f9 3vc 2fo 41k 2g7 43r 2gn 461 2h7 487 2ho,-17 -40 -18 -1f,-18 -3u -5 -3n -c -2u -19 -2v,-17 -1f -7 -1q,-8 -1q -c -31,h -3m 1h -3j,i -3n i -2g,l -2i 1g -2j,j -38 1m -38,1l -39 1f -3i,2r -3m 2d -3p 2k -36,2m -38 35 -37 35 -2u,35 -2v 2d -2u,3p -46 3k -1s,38 -3o 4k -3d,62 -39 5t -1r,5s -3c 6m -33,6p -2t 6t -1m,6s -2i 77 -2l 7f -2r,80 -2g 7r -1p,7s -35 85 -36,8n -2f 8c -1p 97 -1j,8m -2e 98 -2b,9v -35 9q -18,a1 -24 am -2h,br -22 bg -24 be -1o br -1m,c5 -22 ch -22 ch -1m,ch -1n c3 -23,a0 -21 a6 -1v,cr -24 cv -1b,ct -1s df -1u df -1k,df -1t ds -1t ds -1i,eg -1u ef -1a,ed -1t f9 -1p f9 -1h ed -1h,fr -27 fm -14,fg -1p gs -1a,ha -1f h8 -13,hb -2k hb -2e,hm -28 ht -14,hh -1p i9 -1j,ik -1j il -12,ik -23 ik -1r,ir -1i je -1a j7 -v ir -1f iu -1j,jk -1d jk -v,ji -f ko -o,jk -14 jo i,kn -p kt b#-16 -40 -14 -1g#

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