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Freerider 1 and 2 Thread Cont.
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Posted: Apr 27, 2009 at 8:51 Quote
kickitpinkbike wrote:
rmxfreak wrote:

18 *SNIP*
that is so dope its intense! plz continue ever tho i haven't got to the end.

Awesome track... but could you sort out the dj's? they leat it down for m a bit. I loved the rest though!

Posted: Apr 27, 2009 at 17:20 Quote
-18 1i 18 1i 6u 1j 7p 1i 8j 1g 9g 1c ac 16 b7 u c3 g cq -1 de -m e0 -1g ec -26 en -33 er -3s es -4i fa -4i fb -3r ff -37 fm -2h g4 -1h gi -n h8 4 hq g il u ji 18 km 1f me 1k p9 1m qn 1m rs 1j t1 1f tv 18 v2 t,2bn 3k 2ce 2n 2d4 1o 2di m 2dv -e 2e6 -1f 2e8 -27 2e9 -2p 2nu -2t 2pl -2n 2rp -2i 2v8 -2a 304 -2d,-19 1i -2l 1e -40 14 -53 i -63 -1 -6t -r -7l -25 -86 -39,-7r -2g -7a -1h,-76 -1a -6j -g,-6b -9 -5m 7,-4c u -39 19,-k9 -39 -l1 -21 -lk -17 -mj -c -nf 8 -om n,-tc 1c -uq 1c -109 1b -11j 17 -12n 12 -13j o -14e b -158 -8 -15t -u -16b -1o -16m -2p -16r -3j -16t -4b -16u -52 -16u -5r -172 -5r -16v -52,-17u -5s -18v -5s -1al -5p -1cr -5m -1k6 -5i,-on o -pn 11 -ri 1b -td 1c,16h -h 17n -7 18q -2 19s 1 1ap 1 1bg -1 1cd -6 1dd -f 1e4 -p 1em -15,1en -15 1f6 -1l,20g 30 21e 3t 22f 4o 23h 5c 24g 5m,2bn 3l 2av 4f 2a2 55 292 5o 27v 60 25u 60 24e 5m,27f 60 28c 5t,28l 5r 29b 5j,2ao 4k 2ba 43,2cs 24 2dc 15,25d 5s 26d 60,238 57 23u 5h,2e8 -2c 2e8 -2p,1uq 1b 21e 3t,1f7 -1j 1f4 -1j,2e7 -2p 2e8 -25,1gi -m 1h4 a 1i7 1q 1j2 2i 1jd 2p 1jq 30 1kj 37 1lb 3c 1ls 3e 1m9 3f 1mk 3e 1n8 3c 1ns 37 1of 2r 1ov 2c 1pi 1j 1pm 19 1pp 19 1q0 17 1qa 16 1qs 16 1rm 18 1se 17,1sd 17 1tp 17 1u6 17 1up 1b,-k9 -39 -hq -3a -87 -39,1f6 -1m 1fa -1s 1fe -1t 1fj -1u 1fp -1u 1fv -1s 1g3 -1n 1g8 -1f 1gi -m,v3 t vl j 10b 3 114 -n,15r -s 158 -1c,14v -1s 14h -2s,115 -n 11a -10,12i -1b 12u -1g 137 -1t 13g -2h 13n -2s 13u -2v 146 -30 14a -30 14h -2r,-jm -39 -kd -39,s8 1h tj 1b,ui 12 vk k,110 -i 118 -s,106 7 10g -2,11e -19 11a -v,11e -19 11j -1c 11n -1c 11r -1c 122 -1b 128 -1a 12h -1b,1pl 1b 1pl 18,14v -1s 158 -1c,15r -s 16i -h,-17u -5s -172 -5r##

Posted: Apr 27, 2009 at 18:17 Quote
based on a real location

-18 1i 18 1i,17 1h 2d 1h 3q 1m 59 1s 6q 28 87 2n 9n 3a b9 3u ct 4i ej 58 g9 5u i1 6l jp 7c li 84 nc 8r,1b3 h0 1c1 hg 1d4 hn 1e4 i3 1eq it,1du i0 1er i6 1fo ip,1fi in 1gk j3 1hj jr 1ib kn 1j8 ln,1hq k0 1ik k5 1je kn,1ik k8 1jm kb 1kq kr 1ln lh 1mq mc,21e ov 2bs ov,1ms md 1nd np 1o7 p2 1pb qc 1qu rj 1sp sl 1ua tc 1vs tt 21h ud 238 uq 24s v1 26m v1 286 uq 29g uf 2aq tr 2bn t2 2cf s4,2cf s4 2ct r6 2cr q4 2cd p7,2bl p1 2cc pa,1mv mc 21g mc 21g p1,21e mc 211 mr 20q np 211 oq 21o p9,2bk ov 2ci p5,2cb p4 2du pn 2ft qf 2hi r3 2j8 rm 2ku s7 2ml so 2oe t7 2q6 tl 2rt u0 2tk u9 2v8 uf 31c uj 33d ul,s9 am tt b2 vm bd 11h bl 13d bq 154 bs 16m bt 180 bu 19c bu 1ag bu,n9 8q o8 95 p8 9g q7 9p r1 a3 rt ac so al th at u9 b4,1ag bv 1b3 gv,1ci hj 1d0 hi 1dc hd 1dn h0 1dv f9,1f4 id 1es hs,1es hs 1ef gr 1ee f9 1ec f2 1ea fb 1e9 ep 1e9 f2,1e8 f4 1e6 ep 1e7 f4 1e3 f1 1e3 fa 1e0 f8,1e1 f7 1e3 ei 1dv fb,1ee f3 1ed f6,1eb f5 1gu il,1ec f6 1ek fd 1eh f1 1eq f8,1eq f7 1ej er 1f1 fc 1et f3 1f8 fc,1f9 fa 1f5 f4,1f3 f4 1fb fb,1f9 f7 1hb i6,1g9 gk 1h3 h4,1gi h5 1ha he,1h1 h3 1h8 h1,1h4 h3 1hf h6,1h9 h4 1hf h3,1h8 hc 1hv ht,1hn hn 1ho i2 1hl i8,1hm i3 1ht ia,1ho hv 1hu i2,1hr hr 1i3 ho,1h6 h9 1if he,1ht he 1ib hm,1i6 hj 1ic hf,1i9 hk 1ia i0,1i2 he 1ii h8,1hs hb 1i8 h8,1id hb 1im he,1i3 h9 1i3 h5,1hd hb 1hq h7,1hn h8 1ho h3,1fa gf 1fq ik 1fq ir 1fr im 1ft is 1ft ik 1fv iq 1fv im,1g0 il 1g5 it 1fs h4,1g6 im 1hp jc,1gr j7 1hr jk 1hp jg 1hv jj 1ho jd 1hv jh,1hv jf 1hk j8,1ho ji 1i1 jv,1hv jf 1ih k5,1i0 jt 1i7 k7,1gv ik 1h8 it,1h9 it 1h3 ih 1hh iv 1ha ik 1hq iv,1hq iu 1hi in 1i0 iv,1i0 iv 1h7 i4,1h3 j1 1ig it 1ib j1 1ij j0,1ii j1 1ib j3 1in j6 1it ja 1io j3 1j0 jc,1io j6 1h8 j7,1im j7 1ji kd,1j0 jb 1it j5 1jn kb,339 um 345 uq 351 v9 35q 101 36d 10t 36s 11p 376 12l 37e 13f 37t 147 38s 14m 3a0 14s 3b4 14t 3c7 14s,3c5 14t 3da 150 3ej 159 3fo 15v 3gq 16s 3ho 17n 3in 18c 3jo 18r 3l0 195 3m8 194 3nd 18l 3of 181 3pe 17c 3qb 16s 3ri 16q 3sq 179 3u5 188 3va 198 40j 1a8 421 1b7 43i 1c3 455 1cq 46r 1de 48i 1du 4a9 1e9 4bv 1ef,3id 187 3ib 16e 3ii 160,3ic 17h 3ik 16i,3ig 171 3il 16r,3ii 16v 3ii 16s,3ig 16r 3ig 16k,3ia 17b 3i2 16c,3i8 16u 3hv 16n,3i2 16l 3i6 16b,3id 16i 3ii 16a,3ib 16l 3i4 165,3if 167 3id 15v,3ig 16c 3ij 16c,3i5 166 3i9 162,3ic 17r 3i1 174,3i8 17i 3ht 17a,3i5 17b 3i4 173,3i2 17d 3hu 17f,3ic 17p 3ik 17d,3if 17j 3ih 179,3ig 17j 3in 17k,3ih 17g 3ip 17g,3ik 17k 3il 17p,3il 17g 3is 17b,3ih 17c 3il 17b,3n1 18s 3n1 173,3n7 18r 3n7 174 3nl 16g 3no 16j,3n7 174 3no 16g,3n7 179 3nk 16r,3n6 185 3nu 17d,3nf 17s 3ns 178,3nm 17l 3o4 17k,3nm 17d 3nl 17a,3nl 17b 3nn 17e,3nu 17m 3o4 17p,3ng 17r 3nq 17r,3n1 18f 3me 17l,3n0 185 3mh 17n,3mv 189 3m9 181,3mh 184 3m0 18b,3m7 189 3m4 18g,3me 186 3m1 184,3mh 183 3ma 17s,3mp 17t 3mm 179,3mp 17l 3me 17d,3ml 17f 3mr 176,3mt 176 3mo 16n,3mv 175 3mf 169,3n0 175 3n5 16b,3n5 173 3n6 16f,3ml 16m 3mp 16a,3mn 16s 3md 16i,3nd 172 3nv 16v,3nb 16o 3nb 16d,3nb 16m 3nd 16q,3nj 16k 3o3 16n#2c9 p7 249 k6,21e p1 246 k6,21e mc 236 jr,1mt m9 233 jr 243 k6,21s pb 221 o0,21i p3 22j p1#

Posted: Apr 27, 2009 at 18:54 Quote
bmx auto

-11 1f -o 1m -g 1m -b 1k,r 83 19 80 1f 7m,-3p b7 -3b b4,-8p e6 -6n g8 -67 go -5j h9 -5i gt,-3a tr -j sr,-5l 10r -53 10r,-92 14t -92 15j -8e 15j,-6a 1bg -5h 1bg,-57 1fd -2g 1fm,3 1k9 s 1jr,-2j 1o8 -e 1pv -v 1pk,2c 1t1 38 1t3,92 281 ar 2a5 bc 2am c4 2bc cq 2bs,cr 2bt df 2c7 ek 2ch fg 2cm gl 2ce hj 2c2 ih 2b6 j3 2a3 jd 285 jd 277 ja 26g ik 256 hm 24d ge 23k f8 235 e8 22t gb 23k i5 24s j0 25q jf 27m iu 2ab i7 2bj h7 2c7,-23 22u 1f 284,16 27o 2s 2a5,96 2rm 9b 2rt 9g 2s1 9m 2s1 9s 2ru a0 2rp a1 2rk,4h 3ib 5n 3d8 6q 3ii 6g 3d9 81 3ii 7l 3d1 9m 3hv 8v 3ck bk 3h1,4j 3i6 53 3d9 37 3hb 4c 3cv 2e 3gr,2d 3gs 36 3cs#35 3cv 19 3f3 37 3b8 j 3b1 30 3an 17 37g 4g 3ah 70 371 7a 3a3 bb 384 9p 3b6 d3 3bk ae 3c4 bj 3h3,41 3ci 3u 3ak 56 3au 56 3bi 40 3bn,5g 3as 5g 3cb 77 3cd 77 3b5 5i 3au,7k 3as 7p 3bv 82 3bg 8f 3bu 90 3ah,9b 3a2 9s 3c6,a6 3d4 ab 3dm#B fd 2ce dl,B ir 29p bq,B it 26d lp,B g8 23o jq

Posted: Apr 28, 2009 at 15:39 Quote
-18 1i 18 1i 18 1o -18 1o -18 1i,61 6s 78 8l 8c 9p 9j am au bd co c1 ea cb ff cd gs c8 i9 bu jr bd lg am,10n 8l 14b 8l 15j 8g 16r 87 183 7o 196 76 1ab 6d 1b9 5h 1c0 4j 1cj 3b 1d0 21 1d3 8 1ct -16 1ca -2j 1bh -3t 1al -4u 19p -5m 18k -66 172 -6g,176 -6g 15c -6n 13q -6o 12d -6j 115 -69 vr -5g uo -47 tn -2q t1 -13 sn e,qq 9i qv bu r7 eb rq hh sj kq tp ns vl ra 11u ub 14l 10v,196 15u 1bb 179 1d3 182 1f8 18m 1hf 192 1k1 195 1mp 195,1sd 19e 225 19e 252 195 27l 18p 29a 18d 2b9 17l 2d1 16l 2ek 15h 2fn 144 2gl 12c 2ha 10e 2hj u6 2ha sb,2hb sd 2gm qc 2fd o1 2e0 mr 2bv m6 28t m0 271 m6 25c mi 23s n4 22a o1 208 ph 1v1 r9,1mm 193 1m5 1bp 1lr 1el 1lv 1h7 1mf 1k3 1nd 1ms 1oj 1ph 1pv 1rm 1re 1tk 1tc 1vf 1vi 216 222 22e 25n 23p,j0 d5 l6 ct ld c2 nh c4 oc bb om av pn aq pi b9 pa cc pi dp pd g1 p8 gg pi kb pk lv pu od rl r9 rq t0 s9 11k v3 12u 11e 14v 14d 141 15g 14b 154 16u 162 19b 1cu 1b2 1fj 1ck 1g2 1dq 1hk 1ck 1j6 1ae,1j6 1ah 1jd 1ae 1mm 196,j2 d7 ee do ci dc bi cl a7 c9 a7 b3,60 6s 51 6f 3l 5k 3e 4l 2p 3q 24 3q r 36 h 2v -1t 2i -3r 1q -44 12 -45 b -5a -25 -2b -31 -2l -58 -2u -5u -2u -63 -3a -95 -47 -a3 -33 -ca -2m -cj,195 15u 18u 167 1av 17f 1cr 18c 1f0 18u 1hb 19a 1jv 19e 1lt 19e,197 16e 184 19q,18i 19t 19i 16j,1i9 19d 1if 1ba,1il 19d 1iq 1ar,1ci 189 1c3 1ao,1ci 1au 1cv 18d,1fd 1cg 1fv 192,1fl 1cm 1ga 195,25l 23p 26v 241 285 246 29o 248 2bp 245 2du 23u 2g1 23i 2ic 230 2kr 228 2mo 21f 2ou 20d 2qe 1vg 2t8 1tc,40l 1m7 43s 1np 46t 1op 4a6 1pg 4e3 1ps 4hf 1pv 4kb 1pn 4n5 1p6 4po 1oa 4s3 1mr 4tq 1kv 4v2 1j8 502 1gv 50k 1ei,526 19r 526 19o 52i 16c 52g 12a 523 ul 50k r7 4un on 4sp nd 4qg m5 4o1 l6 4lq kb 4i5 jn 4eu jq 49s ks 45i mk 41q pn 3vd tv 3uh 121 3uf 165 3vk 18v 41k 1bn 45h 1e7 494 1f3 4cp 1f5 4gc 1ek,499 rr 499 u5,480 rq 4a7 rq,490 u4 490 s2 481 s2,49g u4 49g s2 4a6 s2,4at rp 4at u2,4au t1 4bp t1 4bp tu 4bp rm,4b2 u2 4b2 t5 4bi t5 4bi tv,4b3 sq 4bi sq,4b2 sp 4b2 ro,4bj sq 4bj rm,50m 1ej 5hn 1gi,4ch u0 4ch ro 4dk ro 4dk tt,4ch si 4dk si,4cn u0 4cn sp 4de sp 4de tr,4cm rt 4cm sd 4dd sd 4dd rt 4cm rt,5hk 1gi 5jj 1gl 5mc 1gl,-13 1p -13 2m,-s 1p -s 2l,14 1p 14 3a,t 36 t 1p,lh am lk au ll b1 k3 bm ic ca gp ck ff co e8 cn cg cc,cg cc an bo a7 bf,ld b4 lq c3,l4 b9 ld c1,bn c4 bj cl,br cr c0 c7,e2 cn e0 dk,ea dn ec co,jd c0 jo d1,je d3 j3 c3,gn cl gr dg,h5 de h2 cl,-2o -ch 31 -da 94 -eb cv -f6 hs -df jj -dn k7 -e3 pc -da qn -9l u5 -96 vf -93 10b -7u 140 -8k 16j -88 1a6 -83 1e8 -5t 1fn -38 1h2 b 1g1 2u 1f8 5j 1f8 7r 19u 9n 1bb d5 1d5 fq 1h2 ik 1kq m2 1nk o1 1vg ov 1vt np 20h mu 22i m7 244 lo 270 is 2am jd 2d8 k6 2g2 kv 2is np 2j4 qm 2j1 ru 2jo ss 2ko 10f 2jq 12v 2hi 142 2hs 16p 2hk 189 2fh 192 2am 1a7 29b 1bn 29e 1em 2a4 1hd 2et 1jr 2e6 1mv 2gc 1o2 2kh 1nj 2p2 1l5 2s1 1k7 2t1 1ka 37j 1gp 3dr 1ee 3i4 1e4 3ki 1ar 3op 1cl 3p0 1c8 3rl 15m 3oh tv 3sj pe 3t9 pb 44n in 47j i5 4bq i8 4g1 hk 4pd h0 4u3 hf 4uv og 53n ni 56m ni 54b ug 54l 11s 57n 14h 5ae 15p 5f9 15a 5hp 150 5id 16i 5nl 171 5n1 16u,10o 8l 10o 8u 14f 8u,qq 9h qf 9h ql cf qv f2##B 4vs 1fu bk,B 4u5 p9 kr,B 4l9 kn k3

Posted: Apr 28, 2009 at 15:58 Quote
Finished!!! or should i add more? Also tell me if all the boosts load up properly because it sometimes will and sometimes wont.

Sorry guys it wouldnt all fit on one post and i cant delete this so post so ill put both parts on the next page sorry.

Posted: Apr 28, 2009 at 16:01 Quote
rmxfreak wrote:
Finished!!! or should i add more?

18 1i 39 1m,-5d SNIP
Looks PERDY GOOD! tup

Posted: Apr 28, 2009 at 18:00 Quote
Fun Stepups you can use the bmx or mtb both work

-18 1i 18 1i 2d3 1h,2d1 1h 2do 1i 2ej 1h 2fe 1g 2g9 1e 2h5 1b 2hv 17 2ip 10 2ji o 2k9 g 2ku 6 2li -5,2lf -3 2m5 -h 2mo -15,2mm -13 2n6 -1l 2nj -28 2nv -2s 2o8 -3d,2o9 -3f 2ou -3t 2pr -46 2qp -42 2rj -3l 2sa -33 2sr -2c 2t9 -1j 2tm -o 2u2 0 2um t 2vm 1i 30q 25 324 2n,302 -a7 30k -ao 31b -b6 323 -bf,3gl -7 3i5 i,3jo 1a 3ld 1u 3n2 2d 3op 2p 3qg 30 3s7 35 3tv 39 3vn 3c 41f 3e 438 3g 451 3h 46q 3i 48j 3i 4ad 3g 4c7 3c 4e1 35 4fr 2s 4hj 2h 4jb 22 4l2 1h 4mo u 4oc 7 4pn -j 4qq -1b 4rp -26 4sg -30 4t4 -3u 4tm -56 4u5 -6g 4uo -7u 4vd -92 50k -a0,302 -ab 30l -aq 31e -b5 327 -bg,34c -ba 359 -b5 363 -as 36s -a9 37i -9i 386 -8q 38o -7v 398 -74 39q -69 3ag -5g 3b5 -4q 3bp -46 3ch -3g,3i4 h 3k4 1g,3cg -3h 3eh -1g,3ep -1l 3i2 h,50j -9s 518 -9j 51l -8p,51q -7q 51r -6o 51r -5m 51r -4k 51r -3l 51r -2o 51q -1t 51q -16,51l -8t 529 -9k 530 -aa 53p -av 54h -bi 55c -c6 563 -cm,51i -8q 51l -7d,51n -7n 51s -68,5sc -13 5tk -11 5us -u,5us -10 8d9 -3 8e7 -4 8fd -4 8go -3 8hs -4 8j1 -5 8k5 -a 8l7 -f 8mc -n 8ng -11 8oh -1c 8pf -1n 8qa -24 8r5 -2i 8rt -33 8sg -3k 8t0 -46,8t2 -4a 8tj -53 8tv -5s 8u9 -6k,8t2 -4b 8sv -45,94r -ho 95c -ie 95v -j4 96l -jq 97c -ke 986 -kt 990 -l9 99q -ld 9ag -ld 9b4 -l0,9b0 -l1 9c1 -ke 9d5 -jj 9e5 -im 9f4 -ho 9fv -go 9gn -fo 9he -eo 9i5 -dn 9is -ck 9jr -ba 9kp -a4 9lt -8s 9n7 -7j 9on -6c 9qb -55 9s5 -40 9tk -36 9v4 -2d a0k -1m a26 -12 a3p -f a5c 2 a6v i a8i 11 aa4 1e ac8 1s aea 27 agc 2f aie 2m ake 2s amf 31 aof 34 aqe 38 ase 3b aud 3d b0b 3e b29 3e b47 3f b65 3g b83 3h ba1 3i bbv 3j bdt 3k bfr 3l bhp 3n bjm 3o blk 3q bni 3s bpg 3u bre 40 btc 42 bva 43 c17 44 c34 45 c51 44 c6u 44 c8r 42 cao 3v ccl 3q cei 3l cge 3f ci9 36 ck2 2o clp 29 cnh 1p cp8 17 cqs g cs8 -c ct8 -1a cu7 -2b cuv -38 cvj -49,8u9 -6g 8v0 -6q 8vh -6e 903 -5i,905 -5i 90d -4a,90d -48 90d -2t 90f -24,94u -ho 8vp -5s,8ss -40 8tl -55 8u8 -6k,8sv -46 8s9 -3b,dmg -im e3s -3h,e3p -3k ehk bh,ehk bk eif ci ejj df el1 ef eme fc enp g7 ep7 h0 eqm hn es9 if eu5 ja evo jv f1h ki f39 l3 f52 lk f6r m5 f8i mm fa9 n5 fbv ni fdl nt ffb o8 fh0 oj fik ov fk7 pa flq pi fnu po fq1 ps fs4 q0 fu7 q4 g0a q7 g2c qb g4d qe g6e qf g8f qg gaf qg gcg qh geg qh gg9 qe gi1 q8 gjq q1 glj po gnb pd gp3 p0 gqp oh gsf o0 gu5 ne gvq mq h1c m4 h2n ld h3p kn h4n jt h5i j0 h65 i7 h6n hc h75 gj h7f ft h7n f8,ehj bg ehs c0,ehk bf eia c1 ej2 cl ejp d8 ekf e3 el8 f4 em5 ga,ejq d8 ekm ds eli eg emc f2 en6 fj ent g2 eoi gg ep7 gt epp h8 eq9 hh,hfv 3e hgk 28 hhb 19 hi4 f hj7 -6 hke -h hlo -l,hlo -j hmk -j,dnk 58 dlm 3o,hip -1 hje -4,hms -9 hnq 5 hon k hpj 1a hqf 23 hr8 2t hs5 3r,i47 gs i51 ia i5u jq i6t ld i7u n0 i8v ok ia3 qa ibc rv ico tm idr uu if1 106 ig9 11b ihj 12c iiv 13d ikc 14d ilr 15c inb 16b ior 179 iqc 186 iru 191 itf 19r iv0 1ah j0h 1b5 j22 1bo j41 1ce j61 1d2 j7v 1dk j9s 1e4 jbq 1eh jdo 1es jfn 1f6 jhl 1fe jjj 1fl jlg 1fp jne 1fs jpb 1fu jr8 1g0 jt5 1g2 jv2 1g4 k0v 1g7 k2s 1g9 k4n 1g9 k6g 1g9 kih 1ge lb8 1gg lbs 1gg lch 1gg ld8 1gf,hmv -5 hls -k,hs2 3q hsm 4n hte 5v hu5 77 hut 8g hvm 9p i0d b1 i15 c5 i1r d5 i2g e6 i31 f2 i3h fr i3v gg i4a h1,h7n fa h8d en h9b e8 had eb hba et hbv fl hcb gh hch hj hcl if hcm jb hcn k5,hfg 4h hf7 5v her 79 heg 8r he5 af hdp cf hde eg hd4 gg hcr ib hci k2 hcb li,cvi -46 d0d -49 d15 -3g d1o -2c d23 -1c,dbn -g7 dao -el d9p -cp d92 -at d8a -93 d7l -7c d72 -5k d6i -3r d61 -26 d5a -p d42 q d2p 23 d1m 36,d21 -1g d20 -6 d1v v d1t 28 d1s 3j,55s -cg 56j -cn 57h -cn,5f8 -5e 5gh -4f 5hl -3m 5is -2v 5k4 -2e 5ld -21 5me -1p 5ne -1i 5oc -1e 5sl -11,f86 10p fhc 11i,lce 1gg ld5 1ge,ld3 1ge le3 1ge lf6 1ge lge 1gf lhm 1gg liv 1gf lkb 1ge llp 1gb ln6 1g5 log 1fs lpm 1fg lql 1f1 lrk 1eh lsg 1e1 lt6 1di ltq 1d3 lu8 1ck lum 1c7,lul 1c7 lv5 1bp lvg 1ba lvq 1aq m03 1aa m0a 19s m0f 19a m0j 18p,nhr 1i1 njh 1i6 nl0 1i9 nm8 1ic,moe 11g mpc 135 mqd 14o mrh 16a mss 17p mud 195 n01 1af n1o 1bm n3j 1cp n5e 1dp n7a 1ek n96 1f9 nb2 1fu ncv 1gi nes 1h4 ngp 1hl nin 1i3 nkk 1id,mkh ng mof 11j,mkk nq mkb n1 mk3 m7 mjn ld mj9 kf mis jk mie io mi1 hq mhn gu mh9 g0,57d -cm 585 -cd 58t -bu 59k -ba 5a7 -al 5aq -9v 5bc -9c 5bt -8q 5f7 -5e,fgo og fq4 pr,dbj -g3 dc7 -go dct -hd ddn -hv dei -ic dfj -ip dgl -j5 dhl -je dik -jk djj -jl dkh -jh dl9 -j7 dlt -is dmg -ih dmt -i4,324 -bf 32u -bk 34f -b8,3d2 -2v 3g4 -o,304 -ae 2v9 -9e 2ud -8b 2tf -6p 2sr -4l 2sk -3g 2sk -2k,-19 1i -19 24 2fq 2c,2fq 2f 2jb 20 2mc q 2o8 -1e 2p1 -2u 2q2 -35 2r5 -2r 2rr -1o 2sm -8 2tf u,2tf r 2v6 23 31m 38,2t1 -21 2tm -53 2ub -79 309 -9o,32c -am 350 -ad 370 -90 37u -7c,37u -7b 3a2 -4g 3cj -23 3ei -c,3eh -c 3h4 10 3jc 1q 3nr 3i 41m 4l 4bk 4d 4gj 41 4om 25 4ti -2f 4vo -7r 50f -8m 515 -7o,515 -7p 515 -18 51s -16,q62 21f7 q62 21iu,mh0 ge mpg 15f muq 1aq n51 1eq ndf 1hh njc 1iu nlq 1iu nm3 1ia,mgv gh mha fv,mgp gp mh2 gs,mh4 gk mh7 1gv mi9 1gs mi0 j1,mj3 m1 mjj 1h2 mkj 1h2 mk5 ob,m0k 18p m1b 18o m1c 1h7 lk3 1ha k0a 1h6 jkh 1gl jf4 1fu j9b 1eu j2i 1cv is5 1a8 inp 17q,304 -9l 32j -ao#m23 1hd m2a 1hd,md5 1hf mdf 1hf,hmb -72 hm0 -6j#B nmc 1hv 8i,B nmn 1hm 8e,B nmf 1gk 85,B nm3 1gv 8v,B nm9 1hb 8l,B nmc 1hp 99,B nmf 1hh 90,B nmc 1gv 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Part #1

18 1i 39 1m,-5d -3o -72 -3p -97 -3p -a5 -4s -27 -4p -2m -3l,-6n -3c -5o -3a 2f -31,-2n -3l -5i -3o,-9l -4j -93 -3u -91 -45 -8p -3v -8l -4l,-8g -4l -8e -3v,-8g -48 -88 -4a,-85 -4j -86 -3v,-7q -4j -7s -3v,-77 -4h -7j -4b -78 -47 -7i -3t,-6p -4f -6r -40,-70 -4g -6f -4g,-65 -4i -67 -3v -5p -41,-58 -4k -5i -4i -5i -40 -5b -40,-5i -49 -5c -4a,-53 -4f -54 -40,-56 -4f -4q -49 -54 -47 -4o -41,-40 -3u -44 -4n -3m -4h -3v -45 -3j -45 -41 -3u,-36 -4h -3e -47 -33 -3v,-73 -3n -dl -3e -ni -2q,-ni -2l -nq -2o -nt -31 -nf -35 -nc -2u -ni -2j,-aj -3l -ao -3e -ad -3d -ae -3l -ah -3l,-al -3h -be -u -b5 -5 -ap 7 -a3 c -9b d -90 1 -95 1 -9g 7 -ag 4 -at -5 -ba -10 -b0 -1r -b6 -1r,-b0 -1r -b2 -1n,-g9 -3c -gk -38 -gd -2u -g6 -39 -gd -3f,-gg -35 -hi -10 -h8 -5 -gr c -g5 l -f2 q -e9 d -eg 8 -f3 j -g7 a -gu -1,-gv -3 -h9 -p -hc -12 -h1 -1k -h5 -1k,37 1n 4e 21 60 2k,5v 2l 7t 3i a1 4k ch 5r eb 6h g6 6u hp 72 lv 7d,5lq sa 5m3 sh 5mi sp 5nd t4,68c tf 69m u7 6bk v4 6cj vg 6ep 102 6gt 10b 6j4 10g 6l8 10i,6l4 10i 6t7 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Part #2

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Posted: Apr 28, 2009 at 19:47 Quote
rmxfreak wrote:
Part #2

i 7in rh,7in*SNIP*
you cant part them, part 2 doesn't work, long track tho if you need to part

Posted: Apr 28, 2009 at 19:52 Quote
kickitpinkbike wrote:
rmxfreak wrote:
Part #2

i 7in rh,7in*SNIP*
you cant part them, part 2 doesn't work, long track tho if you need to part
what you do is put in half the code, come back to here, copy part 2, then paste that after part one THEN say load it

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