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Posted: May 30, 2020 at 19:18 Quote
Stans Flow EX3 or MK3

Posted: 1 days ago Quote
Managed to crack my Stans Flow EX3 rim yesterday at bikepark. Hit a rock, heard a bang. 3 spokes had come loose, thought i'll just go by my car to tighten the loose spokes and continue riding, but the rim was cracked so nothing to do.

Anyways i've ordered a new rim, spokes and nipples and i'll swap those when i receive them.

What i wanted to ask, is :

I already had a dent in the rim from a previous rock hit, i tried to push the rim back round by making a jig from wood, if the rim is in front of me, i applied pressure inside the rim from 12 o'clock and had blocks of wood at 10 and 2 o'clock pushing the rim from the outside.

I managed to straighten the rim a bit, from 3mm to 1mm dent.

Now what i'm wondering is that did this previous fix that i tried actually weakened the rim. Since the crack from the rim is @ 2 o'clock where i had a block of wood when i tried to fix the prevous dent.

Posted: 1 days ago Quote
Difficult to be certain. It's possible the problem was not due to a weakened rim, but uneven spoke tension.

The spokes in that region may have been under greater load, causing them to fail more easily. If the spokes failed first, before the rim, the spoke failures could've caused the subsequent failure of the rim.

Posted: 1 days ago Quote
I do check spoke tension quite regularly, i had actually checked them last week so they should have been quite evenly tensioned, but i'm not a pro wheel builder, more of an beginner having built 2 set of rims. (These are factory made rims)

It is possible that the spokes have been too tight on the drive side.

Overall i was just suprised that they failed like that, i even had a diy rim insert and 1.8 bar pressure, have been running 2.0-2.2 bar before the insert, will mostlikely run the replaced rim with higher pressure in the future to prevent this from happening.

Posted: 1 days ago Quote
If the rim isn't perfectly round and straight, the spokes must be unevenly tensioned to pull it into shape. This wouldn't be due to poor skill or maintenance on your part, it's an inevitable consequence of a bent rim.

Posted: 17 hours ago Quote
If repaired once and now needs another repair, the choice is simple. Build a new wheel. Dont take your safety lightly. For what you can buy a rim for from say, chainreaction or such and some spokes, keep the hub you are using.. worth the investment of $150 to $200 bucks..

Like most people you probably piss that away in take out and beer in a couple weeks anyway.

Just sayin

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