Not buying a Lapierre, a story of arrggghhhh!

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Not buying a Lapierre, a story of arrggghhhh!
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Posted: Apr 2, 2009 at 10:32 Quote
Moderators, hopefully having read the guidelines this time I have kept this within the rules...if I haven't please just star out the offending bits.

A story of woe:

Been fancying one of these new Lapierre Spicy's, so looked up stockists on t'internet and it came up with a "well known national stockist". Having a business meeting just down the road I called in and they look as good in the flesh as they do in the mags.

Talking to the manager I ask "How much?"
His reply "Come in with a sizable deposit this week and you can have one for £2500.00 cash."
Wow I thought, that's a great discount.
"Ok, I'll have a chat with the missus and get back."

Now, supporting the local traders, I am one myself, I called in at a local Bike shop who I knew had a meeting with the Lapierre rep that week, looking at becoming a stockist, so I thought I will give him a day or two to see if he can do the deal.

Local bike shop had meeting with the rep, nothing def. so I contact Evans and say yes please.

Well, what a rep.

1, He can't say yes or no to the Local Bike shop cos there is someone else umming and aring a bit further away (regardless Local shop has customers waiting)

2, He gets onto head office because he doesn't like people offering discounts - and therefore selling bikes!

3, Head ofice get hold of "well known national stockist" - cos they don't like selling bikes either!

4, "well known national stockist" renage on deal.

5, lapierre succeed in not selling a bike, promoting brand or gaining customer.

good effort Mr rep.


I don't have a bike.
Local bike shop pis**ed off.
"well known national stockist" are pi**ed off.
lapierre a sale down.

Being a retailer I know there is no such thing as a fixed resale price, the r in rrp stands for recomended! We as do "well known national stockist" and every other retailer often mark down, do deals and sometimes sell at a loss to shift things. So a good discount as long as profit is made is good business. Unfortunatley the Lapierre rep doesn't see it that way, a bike in the shop is better than one on the trails it seems.

On a bitching note, if lapierre don't want people to do deals then don't put such large mark ups on them in the first place, obviously there is still adequate profit at £600 below list to make a profit for "well known national stockist"!

I feel I am being penalised for trying to support my local shop, if I hadn't bothered then I would have my bike, Lapierre would have a sale, "well known national stockist" would have a sale - Everyone would have been happy. The rep would continue to not promote the sales of Lapierre in blissful ignorance of any being sold (maybe someone should explain credit crunch to him?).

Now where is the local Intense dealer? I believe there is one in Ireland!!

Understandably I feel pretty cheesed off with Lapierre. Am I in the wrong?


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