Freerider contest

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Posted: Dec 21, 2007 at 13:28 Quote
entrys for the contest ended long ago, judges for the comp should be doing or be done judging. im surprised unhip dident finish this long ago

Posted: Dec 21, 2007 at 18:52 Quote
Sorry I havent been around lately, had exams to deal with and completely forgot about this thread. Uhmmm...Since the new freerider two came out, how bout we extend the deadline to the 23rd, 6:00 PM.


-only post once! What I will do at the deadline is post all the nominees maps one after another followed by their names. If you posted more than once, I will only nominate the first one you posted, so edit your first post to the map you want to submit.

-If the map was designed using FR2, then include that in your post along with the vehicle. Otherwise, leave it blank and we will assume its for FR1.

-Judging will start at 7:00pm on the 23rd, and all you have to do is type the name (in bold) of the map designer you vote best. 27th is the last day to submit a vote and they will be tallied up and a winner will be picked.

Have Fun

Posted: Jan 19, 2008 at 21:19 Quote
-18 1i 18 1i,18 1h f9 1g v4 1i,v7 1n vl 25 vu 2o vp 39 10h 3j 111 3v 11q 47 12g 4f 12v 4v 13m 58 14f 57 14v 5l 15e 60 168 6l 176 7e 186 7r 18q 8a,v5 1i 17r 1j,v4 1m 17q 1n,17q 1i 17s 7n,17i 1n 17j 7i,126 1o 126 49,12b 1p 12b 4c,12b 4a 17i 4c,12c 43 17k 44,18k 86 19b 88 1a1 8j 1av 8n 1bs 8m 1cn 91 1dj 91 1ee 90 1f5 93,1f1 92 1fn 98 1gd 9n 1h0 ae 1i4 ak 1j3 ar 1ju be 1ks c6 1lo ch 1mm cs 1ne de 1nt ea 1oq eq 1pr f6 1qq fh 1rj g7 1s6 h0 1so hp 1tn ia 1uq im 1vq j5 20v jh 228 jk 23l jn,1mq 9t 1mq cv,1ml 9o 24v hl,1mu 9t 1mu d2,1mk 9n 1mn 9j 250 hi 2ei ki,1r2 c8 1r4 fn,1r6 cb 1ra g3,1ug e3 1ud ig,1up e9 1uj ik,24u hm 2f1 ks,23l jm 24g jp 25a js 260 k7 26f kl 26r l1 271 lm 283 m8 296 mi 2ab mo 2bf mr 2ch mu 2dt mu 2f8 mu 2ge mt 2he n7 2i7 nr 2jc o9 2ko op 2mb p3 2nq p3 2pc p0 2qq ov 2s2 p3,2eh ki 309 l0,235 gp 23a jj,239 go 23j jm,2ae jf 2af mp,2aj jg 2am ms,2gd kt 2gg mt,2gi kt 2gm n0,2ev kr 2o9 l2 30a l8 3ap lb,2s0 p3 2t0 om 2u4 ov 2v4 pj 30f ps 31t pv 334 q6 349 ql 35m qo 379 qh 38n qe 39v r6 3ba rv 3cq sg 3ef sm 3g5 sm 3hq ss 3j6 th 3km u5 3me u8 3o8 u4 3q0 u5 3rn ue 3tf un 3vb ul 417 ud 432 u5 44u u8 46p ui 48l ut 4an uv 4co v1 4eo v2 4gk v9 4if vh 4kb vc 4m7 ut 4o3 ug 4q0 ue 4rq ul 4tl uo 4ve uf 50r uj 529 um 53g uq 54o v0 55t vd 575 vc,67j 11t 69i 122 694 148 684 15v 677 172,2u6 l7 2ua p1,2ug l9 2uk pa,3ar l2 3aq r0,3aj lc 3aj rh,3ap qv 3aq rk,309 kv 363 l0,3h0 i1 3t0 i7,3gv i1 3gv i5 41v ig,3st i5 4co id 4cv v1,41t ih 4ck im,4cc im 4cm v0,3kn i9 3l4 u8,3ks ia 3l9 u6,3to ie 3tv uc,3u2 ie 3u8 ug,4ns pp 4nu ud,4o1 pn 4o3 uc,4nr pn 568 v8,4o1 q1 54m uu,4o3 ss 4qp r5,4r3 r7 4o5 t2,4st s0 4t1 ul,4t4 s1 4t9 un,678 171 68i 176 69u 17f 6a3 182 6a7 18a 6au 18i 6b3 18m 6bd 18p 6be 191 6be 19d,6bi 19j 6cl 19d,6cp 198 6cm 19d 6cm 19u 6d1 1a5,6da 19u 6dg 19o,6s5 1jt 73i 1l1,73h 1ku 7cr 1sm 7p9 26r 825 2bu 8ed 2hm,8ea 2hm 8em 2ie 8ff 2j5 8gg 2j7 8h7 2k0 8he 2l7 8i3 2m3 8jd 2m0 8kg 2m2 8l5 2mv 8mc 2nb 8nr 2nf 8pa 2o5 8qh 2op 8rt 2o7 8t0 2ne 8u7 2nc 8v5 2o3 909 2p5 920 2p4 93h 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2ov b5j 2pa b6d 2q2 b7a 2r0 b8j 2rg b9v 2r5 bbg 2qn bd1 2ql beg 2r0 bfs 2rm bh8 2sa bij 2r5 bjv 2pu blb 2q5 bme 2qp bnr 2qi bp6 2q9 bqi 2qi brh 2r6 bsj 2s6 bu8 2s3 bvq 2r9 c1e 2qk c2r 2qt c44 2rp c5j 2sm c7c 2se c98 2rr cb3 2r5 cch 2r0 cdi 2s3 ces 2sq cg6 2sa ch6 2tj ci1 2ur cjb 2v9 ckt 2uo cm9 2u4 cng 2tq coh 2ue cpp 2ts cqs 2sn,csq 2tf cto 2ul cv7 2uq d0h 2u7 d1p 2ts d2r 2ui d4f 2us d61 2us d7l 2ut d92 2v5 da4 30a das 31a dc0 30t dd8 2vq dej 2vm dfu 30e dhc 30i dit 2vj dkh 2ug dm0 2ua dna 2v5 doo 2vk dqf 2vs ds6 300,b3o 311 b2u 31b,av4 2jc avn 2jq b0b 2k8 b13 2km b21 2l0 b2t 2l7 b3q 2lc b4p 2lf b5s 2l8 b6p 2kt b7n 2ka b8e 2jm b99 2j1 ba8 2ih bba 2i7 bcc 2i1 bdf 2i2 bei 2i8 bfh 2ii bgg 2j0 bhe 2jf bi9 2jt bja 2k9 bki 2ke blu 2ka bng 2jv bor 2jg bq6 2is brg 2i5 bss 2he,575 vb 5es vt 5mu vv 67s 120,av2 2jc av2 2jr b0o 2kt b3v 2ls b6j 2lk b8r 2k3 baj 2it bcr 2ib beu 2ir bin 2kh bkl 2ks,bkl 2kr bmt 2ki bp7 2ju bsg 2ie bt5 2i1,bsn 2he btj 2hb buh 2ha bvg 2hd c0d 2hj c16 2hv c1v 2ig c2q 2iu 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-1t m8 -1l,mn -28 m9 -1b,mi -2k m7 -1r,mk -21 mt -21,ml -2d n2 -2a,mk -2n mt -2k,mf -3c mv -33,mk -3q n4 -38,kh 14 kd -3p,kk -3s ku 14,kg -3u k4 -2r,kl -3g kd -1u,kp -2b kc -1o,kg -39 kc -28,km -2h k4 -1u,kg -3b k8 -2v,kg -40 k7 -3b,kf -3i k0 -20,ke -2r jq -1k,kk -26 k8 -1a,kj -1j k8 -1f,kg -2e k5 -1s,kh -3u kv -3h,ke -3n ku -32,ki -3a kp -2u,ki -34 km -2g,kd -2h l5 -1t,km -22 ki -1q,kj -23 k0 -1c,kj -33 js -2a,kh -38 k1 -2n,kf -3h k9 -34,kf -3l kt -34,kc -32 l2 -29,kl -36 ku -2t,ke -3o l5 -2v,kk -2v ku -2c,kg -29 l2 -1j,ce j cl -4m,ct -4o cq m,cp -4m c9 -3r,cq -49 c9 -34,cr -3e cl -2b,ct -2g c6 -1n,cp -37 c8 -29,cn -3q c4 -2n,cr -4c c9 -3i,cn -4r cg -45,cn -4t d6 -43,cp -4g cv -3q,cp -41 d4 -3h,cs -3m da -2q,cp -38 dc -2j,cq -2u d6 -28,co -2e d5 -1u,cn -32 d6 -2t,cm -3o db -31,cu -30 c9 -25,co -36 cd -2g,1t 14 i 15 -1a 12,-1c 10 -1k j -26 s -26 1g,-76 1j -7e -1h -85 -2d -9b -3l,-9b -3l -a6 -2n -aq -3v,-aq -45 -an -59,-an -5d -bh -5h#T u28 48e,B n0l 4i3 23,B qem 4dk s,B hga 2vi 1o heres the complete version hope u like it

Posted: Jan 20, 2008 at 10:13 Quote
I worked ages on this one. I hope you really like it.

-1i 1i 1i 1i 4s 1i 7o 1s ag 2v 90 5e 9m 6j,8h 6f 76 7r 6u at 7g cc 9q an bl dh aa e5 b5 i0 94 lb a6 n1 7l n5 85 q6 bk um fe 16f j4 1e7 nn 1no ra 1vh u6 24p 10q 28e 12v 2ai 15h 2c7 181 2d3 1a4 2db 1bp 2dd 1du 2d9 1fd 2cp 1gg 2c2 1hi 2b3 1ia 2a2 1im 28t,1rq 216 1r3 20u 1qc 20u 1pd 223,1rp 215 1s1 21p 1s9 22d 1sj 232 1sv 23r 1te 24k 1u1 25e 1um 266 1vc 26v 205 27p 20r 28f 21i 293 22a 29l 238 2a8 246 2am 256 2as,-1i 1j -7q 19,-7s 17 -d7 u,-d7 s -e1 n -ev f -ft 3 -gp -e -hl -16 -ie -23 -j5 -30 -jq -3t -kb -4r,-ke -4r -l1 -4s -lg -40 -lt -2t -mf -1t -nd -17,-vk -1t -10d -g -11f u -12v 28 -14n 3c -16l 4a -18j 54,-vk -1v -v2 -2v,-18l 53 -19d 5c -1ab 5l -1bf 5r -1co 5v -1dt 62 -1f2 63 -1g8 60 -1hc 5o -1id 59 -1jb 4j -1k5 3p -1ks 2r -1lf 1t -1m1 p -1md -7,-v4 -30 -uo -3p,-2gm 9s -2hl 98 -2ig 8f -2ja 7i -2k1 6i -2kk 5j -2l5 4h,-2la 4f -2lt 4n -2mh 57 -2mp 66 -2n7 76 -2o1 7r -2p4 7s -2pv 79 -2qk 6f -2qu 5a -2qv 42 -2qu 2u -2qt 1r -2qt k -2r3 -a,-2r4 -a -2rp -c -2sf -4 -2t3 c -2tl 11 -2u3 1q -2ud 2n -2ul 3j -2v1 4j -2ve 5g -2vt 6f -30d 7c -311 8e -31o 9k -32n au -33n bv -34s co -368 d7 -37h d8,-up -3q -u7 -4e -tj -4m -sj -4o -rf -3u -q3 -22 -or -14 -nc -17,-37h d7 -39l d7 -3dj cv -3gt cf,-3gv cb -3h3 cp -3bp dh -371 dj,-373 dl -357 dd -347 cp -32n bp -31r ap -30b 8n -2uv 61 -2u5 3p -2td 1h -2sh h -2rh 7 -2r1 7,-2tl 2f -2t1 45 -2u5 7h -2tn bb -2st er,-2t1 er -321 k9 -339 nn,-3jf on -3qt n3,-3qv n3 -40j ob,-40f od -447 mp,-44d mp -483 o1 -4d5 sb,-4d3 s9 -4dm ss -4ed th -4f5 u9 -4g2 v4 -4h6 102 -4ia 110 -4jc 11t -4kl 12u -4m4 142 -4np 158 -4pk 16f -4r8 17c -4sv 186 -4up 18t -50l 19g -52j 19t -54j 1a5 -56l 1a6 -58m 1a3 -5ao 19r -5co 19f -5em 191 -5gf 18d -5i5 17o -5jn 16v -5l5 163 -5mf 153 -5nu 13m -5p6 126,-3jg om -3hv pa -3el r6 -36r 114,-36u 111 -2v4 17b,-2v6 179 -2rj 19o,-2rh 19o -2lq 1ct -2gt 1ev,-2gu 1f0 -2am 1h1 -23n 1i6,-23n 1i4 -1sm 1ig -1m4 1ie -1ll 1it -1jc 30s,-1bm 1jm -113 1jr,-111 1jr -109 1jr -v9 1jn -tu 1jd -sg 1is -r7 1i7 -ps 1hb -oj 1g8 -nf 1eu -mf 1dg -li 1bu -kp 1a9 -ka 18i -jv 16p -jr 14u -ju 133,-338 ne -36j nc,-36o nc -3at j7,-3b7 j5 -3f9 hq -3go e5 -3i0 e5 -3h2 h6 -3e1 ka -38p oc -33i pi -2pg ta,-2pj td -2j6 123,-3ga co -3g7 fg,-3fm cr -3fm gq,-3a2 dk -3a2 k1,-39b dk -39e kl,-33q ce -33v nc,-331 c4 -33d nf,-2vt 7t -2vv i5,-2vg 74 -2v9 he,-3am dh -3fh gq,-3a4 du -3fc hj,-34b co -39e ju,-33s d0 -39b kl,-30c 8p -33d m2,-2vv 9a -331 mt,-5p6 125 -5pm 11j -5q7 10s -5qo 100 -5ra v2 -5rq ts -5s6 so -5sg ri -5sn qb -5su p6 -5t3 o3 -5t7 mu,-5ta mv -5th k0 -5tk f0,-5tm f2 -5u3 dq -5v3 d4 -60e d6 -62a dj,-jv 133 -ka 123 -kq 113,-v9 q6 -10r q7 -128 qk -13g rc,-1ja 30s -1j7 31r -1j5 32u -1j0 349 -1io 35n -1ih 373 -1i9 38j -1ht 3a5 -1hg 3bt -1h1 3do -1gb 3fk -1fc 3hg -1ed 3it -1d9 3k8 -1bv 3lg -1af 3mm -18v 3nq -17f 3os -15v 3pq -14e 3qh -12r 3r2 -117 3ra -vj 3rd -th 3r7 -ro 3qm -q1 3pt -oe 3ot,1s 3rl -5k 3rs,-5p 3rs -b8 3v5 -jj 41s,-of 3or -n7 3pm -me 3tj,-mc 3tm -kv 40i,-kv 40l -ji 41q,-vb q4 -uo q7 -u0 qa -t8 qf -sh qm -rs qu -r8 r7 -qj rj -pt rv -p9 sc -oj ss -nu tc -n9 tt -ml ue -m2 v1,-m3 v0 -ld vu -kr 10q,-13g rb -143 rn -14k s9,-18g r4 -1b6 q4,-1b8 q2 -1fu ri -1lo mm,-1bm 1jm -19s 1m4,-19s 1m6 -142 1ou,-146 1p2 -vu 1vi,-vk 1vm -km 1va,160 3v4 1ba 40s,-1tn -59 -1tt -4n,-1tu -4o -1un -1r -1v9 3,kg 3ij 15 3g0,13 3fv 11 3ge kd 3iv kd 3ij,1o 3rl 6m 41a ds 3tm j6 3tu,jv 3ir j6 3u0,ja 3ir im 3ts,20 3gi 1q 3rj,19 3gg 17 3rj,99 3hg 8r 405,9q 3hi 9d 3vt,9q 3hu ii 3to,aa 3hk im 3ss,1u 3h4 8p 407,26 3gi 8p 3up,-18i r4 -15s t9 -14k s8,117 3s6 11v 3sp 12m 3t9,12j 3t7 15u 3v4,md 3lb ks 3n8 jj 3od,iv 3oj i3 3p1 gu 3oj g8 3pd,fj 3ps ev 3ra ef 3t1 dg 3tr,12 3fv -35 3hp,-37 3hn -35 3i3 12 3gd,-2k 3ht -32 3ro,-32 3i1 -3f 3rq,1b9 40t 1c0 410 1cq 412 1dm 412 1en 410 1fr 40p 1gt 40f 1i0 403,1oh 42k 1po 424 1qu 41l 1s9 417 1tl 40u 1v7 40m 210 40h 232 40k 24o 40u 26j 41h 28k 42b 2ap 43e 2d3 44m 2fh 465 2i7 47t 2ku 49p 2nl 4bj 2qc 4d0 2t4 4ds 2vr 4e3 32b 4dk 347 4cm 35c 4bk 36g 4a9 37g 490,37g 48v 381 49h 38m 4a5 39j 4aq 3am 4b8 3bu 4bf 3d7 4bh 3ec 4bf 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Posted: Jan 20, 2008 at 17:55 Quote
heres mine

13o,1h2,-13p,19m -13m,1il,-13n,1h0 -13k,1k2,-13m,1il -13g,1lb,-13k,1k2 -136,1mv,-13g,1lb -136,1mv,-11n,1r8 -11o,1r6,-114,1sn -114,1sn,-105,1uk -105,1uk,-ut,20d -t0,1r7,-tu,1s8 -tu,1s8,-sp,1sn -ut,20d,-td,22c -ru,1nt,-sc,1p6 -s6,1oj,-rm,1p1 -s6,1rq,-t0,1r7 -rh,1si,-s8,1t6 -s8,1t6,-r4,1tj -td,22c,-rt,23s -rv,1o1,-re,1oe -re,1p9,-rn,1pp -rf,1pc,-r0,1pk -qi,1pm,-r5,1qf -qu,1q1,-q7,1q5 -r5,1qf,-r1,1qi -r1,1qi,-qd,1qr -r4,1tj,-qu,1ss -r9,1sm,-rt,1sc -qs,1tp,-q4,1t4 -rt,23s,-qo,24u -qo,24u,-mq,27m -q7,1q5,-q1,1pk -q1,1pk,-qi,1pm -ov,1po,-pe,1pt -pb,1qf,-oo,1qk -pe,1pt,-pe,1qj -pe,1qj,-p5,1qv -p5,1qv,-ov,1r2 -q4,1t4,-q8,1to -q8,1to,-pf,1tc -pf,1tc,-q6,1uj -ok,1tn,-pu,1vd -o2,1ud,-pb,1uo -om,1q6,-ov,1po -oo,1qk,-om,1q6 -ov,1r2,-ob,1rf -o4,1r1,-oe,1ro -o4,1r2,-ne,1r6 -oh,1tn,-o2,1ud -na,1ue,-os,1vl -os,1vl,-oa,202 -na,1vd,-o6,20d -nr,200,-n8,1vu -o6,20d,-n1,20h -mo,1ra,-mr,1rf -n0,1rs,-n6,1sb -m3,1sb,-mj,1rv -mj,1rv,-mn,1sk -mn,1sk,-m8,1sr -m8,1sr,-ll,1re -nc,1vg,-mj,1vl -lp,1vl,-mj,213 -mp,20a,-ls,20l -le,20k,-m6,21k -m6,21k,-l7,21j -lv,212,-la,213 -mq,27m,-hg,2ar -lm,1su,-l8,1t2 -l8,1t2,-l6,1se -l6,1se,-lq,1td -lq,1td,-lg,1ti -ll,20m,-kr,20p -i2,1o2,-io,1o1 -in,1o7,-ik,1ru -hh,1os,-i2,1o2 -gp,1ps,-hh,1os -ik,1ru,-dj,1sc -hg,2ar,-de,2ce -f9,1rb,-g1,1qo -g1,1qo,-gp,1ps -e7,1rs,-f9,1rb -d4,1s5,-e7,1rs -c7,1sh,-dh,1sb -d6,1s5,-bv,1sc -de,2ce,-8m,2dq -9m,1si,-b9,1sk -b9,1sk,-cd,1sg -bv,1sc,-av,1sg -av,1sg,-aa,1sh -7m,1sa,-9o,1sh -aa,1sh,-9i,1sh -8m,2dq,-4e,2ek -4f,1rk,-7m,1sa -62,5,-64,-3e -64,-3e,-5d,-3e -5d,-3e,-61,-22 -61,-22,-5f,-1n -5f,-1n,-64,-r -64,-r,-57,-b -57,-b,-5u,d -5u,d,-3g,-h -4b,1a,-57,v -57,v,-62,5 -3g,-h,-50,u -50,u,-2t,-k -2t,-k,-47,1c -34,1g,-3t,1d -3r,1d,-4b,1a -47,1c,-2r,-1 -2r,-1,-39,1h -f,1qj,-4f,1rk -4e,2ek,-6,2f1 -1h,1i,-2b,1h -2b,1h,-34,1g -1i,1i,1i,1i 2p,1pg,-f,1qj -6,2f1,4o,2f6 1i,1i,60,1i 52,1og,2p,1pg 60,1i,78,1h 8k,1mj,52,1og 4o,2f6,9q,2f6 78,1h,8l,1f 8l,1f,9m,19 c7,1k9,8k,1mj 9m,19,ab,13 ab,13,b3,q h6,2f5,9m,2f6 bo,e,cd,-5 cd,-5,cu,-p b3,q,bo,e en,1ie,c7,1k9 cf,2ac,cf,2b6 d3,2ae,cg,2aq de,-1i,do,-29 do,-29,dt,-2t dt,-2t,fd,-2t cu,-p,de,-1i cj,2a9,d3,2ae d9,2ai,d9,2b2 dp,2b3,dq,2ah e3,29q,e0,2b3 d9,2b2,dp,2b3 d2,2bq,d6,2cr dq,2cm,di,2c4 di,2c4,d5,2c9 ef,2c3,ds,2c6 d6,2cr,dq,2cm ds,2c6,dv,2cl dv,2cl,ei,2cm fd,-2t,fd,1i fd,1i,gq,1i hg,1fs,en,1ie ea,29s,ea,2b4 ei,2cm,ee,2bv ee,2bv,ek,2cr fb,2c4,en,2c9 en,2c9,ev,2cq ev,2cq,ff,2cq h6,-40,gp,-3h gp,-3h,gq,g gq,g,gq,1l fn,2b5,fp,2d4 fp,2ca,g6,2bp fp,2ca,gd,2cr h2,2f6,i0,2f6 ih,-35,ir,-2b ii,-33,ia,-3j ia,-3j,hq,-3v hq,-3v,hg,-40 hg,-40,h6,-40 jp,1di,hg,1fs i0,2f6,jb,2f2 ir,-2b,j6,-1h j6,-1h,jg,-u jg,-u,jt,-9 jt,-9,kb,9 mt,1a3,jp,1di jb,2f2,kf,2ep kb,9,ku,r ku,r,lk,1a lk,1a,mg,1l l9,2ed,mf,2dl kf,2ep,l9,2ed mg,1l,n9,1r n9,1r,oc,20 qm,15h,mt,1a3 mf,2dl,ne,2cr ne,2cr,o7,2bs oc,20,pa,24 on,2b2,p4,2a8 o7,2bs,on,2b2 pa,24,q7,24 q7,24,r6,24 pn,28f,pr,27r pr,27r,qv,27q q5,272,13u,272 p4,2a8,pf,29a pf,29a,pn,28f r6,24,tk,24 tu,129,qm,15h qv,27q,11p,27q r2,276,r2,27p r2,279,r2,272 tg,23,12l,22 sl,273,sl,27o 11i,v4,tu,129 tr,272,tr,27p vc,273,vc,27q 15e,sb,11i,v4 11p,27q,16j,27q 110,272,110,27o 12h,23,13p,22 13p,22,14m,1v 12j,273,12j,27p 13o,272,173,272 14m,1v,15d,1p 15d,1p,15u,1h 15u,1h,15d,1p 15d,1p,16j,15 157,sg,16u,rb 14f,272,14f,27r 15s,1i,16l,14 16f,17,17a,n 16j,15,178,o 178,o,16h,15 16h,15,15o,1l 16u,rb,190,q6 15v,272,15v,27s 16d,27q,19p,27q 16v,271,17t,270 182,2,18k,-j 18k,-j,195,-1b 17a,n,182,2 17t,270,18f,271 17p,271,17p,27p 1a5,-3i,1bu,-3i 19r,-2n,1a5,-3i 1a5,-3g,1ac,-45 195,-1b,19i,-22 19i,-22,19t,-2r 190,q6,1bf,op 19p,27r,19p,28r 1ad,27h,1a0,279 19p,28r,1an,28r 1bf,op,1dl,no 1ab,27g,1il,2bg 1an,27n,1ao,28p 1an,28r,1bi,28r 1bi,28r,1bi,29i 1bi,29i,1cu,29i 1bu,-3i,1bu,1j 1di,1r,1bt,1s 1bt,1s,1bu,1j 1fh,mk,1d8,ns 1cu,29i,1cu,2a7 1cu,2a7,1e4,2a7 1er,1r,1er,-3m 1er,-3m,1f6,-3r 1de,1r,1er,1r 1dl,no,1g6,mo 1dc,290,1df,2a8 1e4,2a7,1e4,2as 1e4,2as,1fg,2as 1f6,-3r,1fq,-43 1fq,-43,1gg,-45 1g6,mo,1hb,m5 1gs,ln,1g3,ma 1g3,ma,1fh,mk 1fh,mm,1fk,mv 1fg,2as,1fg,2bl 1g4,2a9,1g7,2bl 1fg,2bl,1h2,2bl 1gg,-45,1h5,-43 1h5,-43,1hj,-33 1hj,-33,1i6,-1r 1ih,jp,1hs,kj 1hs,kj,1hc,l8 1hc,l8,1gs,ln 1iu,k3,1hs,lf 1hs,lf,1h7,m3 1hl,ll,1i2,m4 1hb,m5,1i7,m3 1h7,m3,1gh,mi 1hl,m3,1hd,ls 1h2,2bl,1h2,2cg 1h2,2cg,1it,2cg 1i6,-1r,1it,-h 1it,-h,1jk,e 1jv,h8,1j8,io 1j8,io,1j2,j0 1j2,j0,1ih,jp 1jk,j3,1iu,k3 1jf,j8,1kb,jk 1j1,ju,1k4,ko 1is,k7,1ju,l2 1i7,m3,1ij,le 1ij,le,1ja,l8 1ja,l8,1jo,l6 1ia,ku,1is,lb 1it,2cg,1it,2de 1il,2bg,1jn,2c0 1j6,2bq,1j9,2dd 1it,2de,1l7,2de 1jk,e,1kb,18 1kb,18,1l5,1u 1ko,fo,1lr,eh 1kt,hh,1l0,gr 1l0,gr,1lj,ga 1lv,f2,1l1,g1 1l1,g1,1ko,fo 1ko,fn,1kg,fu 1kg,fu,1ko,g6 1ko,g6,1kv,g1 1kb,j1,1kn,ib 1kn,ib,1kt,hh 1jv,h8,1kc,he 1ka,hf,1jk,j3 1kb,hf,1kt,hn 1k7,hq,1kq,i2 1k1,kr,1ka,jv 1ka,jv,1kb,j1 1jo,iu,1kd,j8 1jo,l6,1ju,l0 1ju,l0,1k9,kk 1jl,2c2,1k3,2cb 1k3,2cb,1ks,2cl 1jn,2c4,1jr,2df 1ks,2cl,1ln,2cs 1l5,1u,1m8,2i 1m8,2i,1ni,31 1m0,fk,1m6,f5 1m6,f5,1n3,f2 1pl,eu,1lv,f2 1lr,eh,1pq,ed 1lj,ga,1m0,fk 1l9,fq,1ll,g6 1ll,g6,1lp,fv 1lp,fv,1lf,fk 1l7,2de,1q9,2de 1ln,2cs,1mg,2d0 1mg,2d0,1nm,2d5 1ni,31,1on,3a 1n3,f2,1nt,f9 1nt,f9,1of,fd 1nm,2d5,1om,2d8 1oi,39,1qe,3h 1of,fd,1oo,f7 1oo,f7,1p5,f0 1p5,f0,1ph,ev 1ph,ev,1po,fc 1po,fc,1po,ga 1qn,fq,1pl,eu 1po,ga,1q2,h5 1qa,fg,1pn,g9 1pn,g9,1pt,gm 1om,2d8,1pq,2da 1q9,3g,1re,3j 1qv,fe,1qn,fq 1pq,ed,1qv,fd 1pr,f3,1pn,fd 1pn,fd,1ps,fh 1ps,fh,1q0,f8 1q2,h5,1q4,hi 1pt,gm,1qh,fl 1q4,hi,1q0,ib 1q0,ib,1q4,ir 1q4,ir,1qc,j3 1qc,j3,1qg,je 1qg,je,1qi,jm 1rh,iq,1r7,j2 1r7,j2,1qt,j7 1qt,j7,1qn,jd 1qn,jd,1qj,jh 1pt,2de,1s8,2de 1pq,2da,1r8,2dc 1re,3j,1sf,3j 1sf,3j,1td,3j 1sc,gq,1sj,fh 1sj,fh,1t0,fe 1s8,i2,1sc,gq 1s8,i2,1s0,ic 1s0,ic,1ro,ii 1ro,ii,1rh,iq 1s8,2de,1u4,2de 1us,3g,1t6,3j 1t0,fe,1t8,gg 1t8,gg,1te,hb 1tl,iq,1te,ig 1uj,jc,1tv,if 1tg,il,1tn,is 1ti,hl,1ua,iv 1td,hb,1tn,if 1tj,hn,1td,hb 1un,ka,1ud,jj 1ud,jj,1tv,j7 1tv,j7,1tr,j1 1tr,j1,1tl,iq 1tn,is,1tl,i3 1u4,2de,207,2de 1up,3h,20a,3f 1vr,kv,1v7,k8 1v7,k9,1ut,k8 1un,k7,1uo,km 1v8,k8,1uj,jc 1um,k7,1um,jh 20n,lt,1vr,kv 1uv,ka,1v6,ka 1v6,ka,1va,nv 1vr,nu,1vq,ku 1uo,km,1up,l6 1up,l6,1ul,lm 1ul,lm,1uq,m5 1uq,m5,1us,ml 1us,ml,1ut,n0 1ut,n0,1uv,n7 1uv,n7,1v1,nf 25g,o2,1v1,nu 1um,nf,1up,nl 1uq,nm,1ut,nq 1v1,nf,1v3,nk 20a,3f,21t,3d 204,la,206,nv 21k,ml,20n,lt 211,m6,212,nv 21f,o0,21e,mh 212,nv,21f,o0 207,2de,22e,2de 22f,3e,23c,3c 22n,3e,248,39 21t,3d,22m,3d 239,nl,22i,na 22i,na,21k,ml 22a,n5,22b,o0 22h,nv,22e,n8 22b,o0,22h,nv 22e,2de,238,2dc 23c,3c,24f,38 24f,38,25f,31 248,39,25f,31 25i,o3,24n,o1 24n,o1,245,nu 245,nu,23n,nq 23n,nq,238,nl 238,2dc,240,2d8 240,2d8,24p,2d2 25f,31,26j,2l 25f,31,26h,2m 26a,o4,25i,o3 259,2cq,25r,2ce 25r,2ce,26d,2bu 24p,2d2,25d,2co 26j,2l,27e,26 27e,26,288,1h 26h,2m,27f,25 27f,25,28a,1f 28v,o4,26a,o4 2k8,2c0,26f,2bv 29b,2,29p,-t 29e,-2,28u,o 288,1h,28r,s 28r,s,29b,2 28a,1f,28s,o 2b0,o4,28v,o4 28f,2b0,28j,2ar 28j,2ar,28o,2ap 28s,2an,28v,2ae 28v,2ae,29b,2a5 29b,2a5,29m,2a3 28u,2ai,28o,2ar 28j,2c1,28d,2bl 28d,2bl,28a,2bc 28a,2bc,28f,2b0 2bm,-3f,2ad,-2t 29p,-t,2a5,-24 2a5,-24,2ab,-2v 2aa,-2v,2a3,-1t 2a3,-1t,29o,-u 29o,-u,29e,-2 2d6,o4,2at,o4 29m,2a3,2a8,2a3 2a8,2a3,2ah,2a5 2ah,2a5,2as,2a9 2as,2a9,2b4,2ai 2d5,-33,2bl,-3e 2bl,-3e,2db,-31 2b9,2am,2bp,2al 2bp,2al,2c8,2an 2c8,2an,2cg,2ar 2ci,2av,2cf,2b7 2b1,2af,2bb,2an 2ce,2ap,2ci,2b1 2cf,2b7,2c7,2be 2c7,2be,2bo,2bp 2bo,2bp,2bi,2bs 2bg,2br,2b9,2c1 2db,-31,2e1,-29 2e1,-29,2en,-10 2g6,o4,2d6,o4 2en,-10,2fo,u 2fh,2b4,2fm,2au 2fv,2br,2fl,2bj 2fl,2bj,2fh,2b4 2fn,s,2gl,2s 2gg,2h,2h0,3i 2gv,3h,2h5,3u 2h5,3u,2hi,4j 2ib,o2,2h5,o4 2h5,o4,2g6,o4 2fm,2au,2fs,2au 2fs,2au,2fo,2af 2fo,2af,2fs,2a3 2fs,2a3,2g3,29v 2g3,29v,2gj,29t 2go,29u,2he,29k 2gi,2c1,2fv,2br 2he,4e,2i4,5h 2i4,5h,2it,6l 2jr,nv,2ib,o2 2he,29k,2i3,29k 2i3,29k,2ic,29p 2ic,29p,2ii,2a4 2ii,2a7,2j3,2a8 2it,6l,2jr,7l 2jr,7l,2ku,8e 2l7,no,2jr,nv 2j3,2a8,2ja,2ac 2ja,2ac,2ji,2ao 2ji,2ao,2jg,2au 2jg,2au,2j9,2b2 2k6,2c1,2ln,2c1 2j9,2b2,2jg,2b6 2jg,2b6,2jl,2be 2jl,2be,2jm,2bq 2jm,2bq,2ji,2bu 2ku,8e,2lt,8u 2lt,8u,2n2,9d 2n8,nc,2l7,no 2lj,2c1,2nm,2bu 2n2,9d,2o1,9n 2ou,mt,2n8,nc 2o1,9n,2r6,a9 2qk,mb,2ou,mt 2pe,2d1,2od,2cf 2od,2cf,2nm,2bu 2s2,lq,2qk,mb 2qv,2dj,2q9,2dd 2q9,2dd,2pe,2d1 2r6,a9,2t2,ai 2u4,kv,2s2,lq 2rn,2dm,2qv,2dj 2rh,2dn,344,2dn 2t2,ai,2v2,am 2us,am,2vm,am 30l,jh,2v7,kg 2v7,kg,2u1,l1 30u,3a,30g,4g 321,3p,30g,4j 30i,7c,30p,5j 30o,6a,303,6d 303,6d,303,76 303,76,30i,7c 31l,76,30g,7a 30g,7a,31d,6a 2vl,am,31f,ai 328,i8,30l,jh 310,3c,321,3p 32h,56,320,4p 310,6f,31q,6g 31q,6g,31l,76 326,6c,31p,7a 327,6f,32o,6h 31f,ai,331,ae 33j,h4,329,i7 335,3r,32h,56 32h,3p,33h,3s 33t,3l,346,45 34u,4g,33u,50 33i,68,34j,68 32o,6h,32p,7h 33j,6a,334,7c 334,7c,340,78 33d,6n,341,6n 331,ae,34n,a6 34l,g2,33j,h4 350,41,34e,45 34e,45,34u,4g 34n,a6,369,9t 35p,eo,34l,g2 344,2dn,35r,2dn 369,9t,379,9f 37a,d6,36i,du 36i,du,35p,eo 35r,2dn,3bk,2dn 379,9f,388,8r 388,8r,396,7v 38m,cb,37a,d6 3al,be,39m,bt 39m,bt,38m,cb 3c0,aj,3al,be 3bk,2dn,3f7,2dn 3dt,93,3db,9l 3db,9l,3cq,a2 3ct,a0,3c0,aj 3ho,3l,3ej,89 3ej,89,3dt,93 3f7,2dn,3k2,2dn 3hn,3n,3m1,-2c 3i8,3q,3ht,3h 3mb,-23,3i6,3r 3j1,2o,3jh,3v 3iq,30,3j9,40 3is,40,3ml,41 3l1,-6,3mj,41 3ko,7,3m1,41 3k5,12,3l5,42 3js,1f,3kn,42 3k2,2dn,3on,2dn 3m1,-2c,3mb,-23 3m5,-1p,3o7,44 3nr,43,3lt,-1e 3mg,40,3o9,44 3o7,44,3nr,43 3on,2dn,3t5,2dn 3pv,2dk,3p2,2do 3rl,2d5,3qv,2de 3qv,2de,3pv,2dk 3t5,2b6,3sv,2bp 3sv,2bp,3sm,2cc 3sm,2cc,3se,2cl 3se,2cl,3rl,2d5 3ue,2ba,3t4,2ba 3t4,2ba,3t4,2cf 3ub,2b8,3vg,2b9 3t3,2cd,3uc,2cg 3uc,2cg,3ui,2cu 3t5,2dn,44n,2dn 3uc,2d6,3ug,2da 3vg,2b9,3vl,2a2 3vl,2a2,43f,2a1 3v1,2df,3v6,2dh 3v6,2dh,3vf,2dj 3vf,2dj,3vn,2dj 3vn,2dj,3vu,2dh 3ui,2cu,3uu,2db 3uu,2db,3v6,2dg 40e,2ci,41g,2ck 403,2df,406,2db 406,2db,409,2d3 409,2d3,409,2cr 40b,2cn,40d,2ci 41g,2ck,443,2cl 404,2de,3vq,2dj 43f,2a1,44n,2b5 44n,2b5,45a,2ba 443,2cl,442,2d1 442,2d1,447,2db 447,2db,44d,2de 44d,2de,44l,2di 453,2dg,44k,2dh 459,2ba,460,2bf 460,2bf,468,2ch 468,2ch,453,2cg 453,2cg,453,2dg #-115,1qu 1jc,hq 1kl,fd 3bc,a6 3a8,aq 3lq,2ch 3mp,2ci 3o4,2cm 3pd,2ck 3qi,2ck 3rq,2cl

rate it up

Posted: Jan 21, 2008 at 5:32 Quote
6/10 becaus there is just NO jump thats smooth and theres almost no scenery.

Posted: Jan 21, 2008 at 17:10 Quote
jamie990 wrote:
heres mine

rate it up

know what you're saying by entering in this thread?

you're saying, "here's mine, i honestly believe its the best map that's been made yet. i think its a 10/10"
if you aren't %100 confident your map is the best, don't enter it here. if you need it rated, don't enter it.

Posted: Jan 21, 2008 at 17:24 Quote
nwd26 wrote:
jamie990 wrote:
heres mine

rate it up

know what you're saying by entering in this thread?

you're saying, "here's mine, i honestly believe its the best map that's been made yet. i think its a 10/10"
if you aren't %100 confident your map is the best, don't enter it here. if you need it rated, don't enter it.
just soo you know this contest ended a long time a go, read the past comments and you will see but the winner didnt really get anounced.

Posted: Jan 31, 2008 at 11:39 Quote
-18 1i 18 1i,17 1h 81 1c,-17 1i -1j 1br,7v 1c 9h 17 bq 7 d9 -14 d7 10 di 1b3,-u 1j -14 1bm,-s 1p 8s 1k bu h cu -f cv 1b1,cu j6 -1e 7c,-11 74 cu im,-v i6 cu 79,cv 7j -10 ii,d9 du if 81,de je nh dn,dc e6 ik 88 ie 83,dc j4 nc df nh dn,d7 60 hv 75 ju 81,q3 fi jk 87,jj 87 hq 7c d9 6b,ic 82 ij 7o,ij 87 ir 7t,nb de nl cq,ng dk nq cv,ju 80 qd fa,qb f8 12i oj 1dd 10m 1oh 165 23o 190 2g2 19v 2p7 19t,q2 fi 12b oq 1d3 10p 1od 16d 23p 19a 2fo 1a8 2p7 1a6 2p6 19s,26u 1k6 27k 1k0 287 1jj 28v 1iv 2a3 1io 2bc 1ib 2c2 1h4 2ck 1g7 2dr 1gf 2eo 1hg 2fp 1hk 2gj 1gj 2ho 1g5 2is 1gj 2jk 1hn 2kl 1ij 2le 1hu 2l9 1go 2m1 1ft 2n5 1g8 2nl 1ha,2et 1hg 2im 1a6,2ls 1fv 2k0 1a6,2jp 1a8 2ln 1g1,2f2 1hg 2it 1a6,2gn 1e8 2k7 1bi,2k8 1bq 2gk 1eh,2kr 1df 2i6 1bg,2ks 1dk 2hv 1bl,4a9 27b 4df 27b 4hl 2ff 4jd 2hp,4a8 27d 4a0 2i7,4b1 28t 4b9 29f 4bl 28v 4c4 29h 4cb 28j,4bo 2b0 4bo 2a7,4bs 2bd 4b9 2bi 4bi 2c4 4bj 2d1 4an 2d7,4bb 2dm 4bb 2f5,4ap 2dq 4c2 2dr,4b8 2g5 4b8 2h4,4b1 2ht 4bl 2ht 4bo 2ht,4au 2i6 4av 2h8 4bl 2h8,4as 2i6 4av 2ih 4be 2ij,4au 2k8 4b1 2it 4bi 2iv 4bi 2jo,4bi 2je 4bj 2jj,4bj 2jo 4av 2je 4bi 2ka,4a0 2i4 49m 2nn 4ih 2nh,4jd 2ho 4vc 2u3 5c8 350 5kv 38a 5u7 39m,5u9 39m 699 396 6aa 396 6bb 390 6c9 38r 6d9 38i 6e3 386 6fc 37h 6gs 36u 6i8 36a 6jd 35e 6k3 34i,6jv 34j 6kt 34q 6lc 35j 6lf 36l 6m8 375 6mf 361 6md 353 6nb 34i 6oj 35b 6pa 36g 6pv 37p 6r4 37o 6r1 36m 6qu 37v 6r7 36r 6s1 385 6sb 39k 6so 3b4 6t9 3c5 6tr 3bg 6u6 3cl 6ub 3dr,6e0 386 6c8 37e 6a8 38j 682 397,6fm 37b 6dv 36a,6c9 37d 6e0 36a 6g1 34e 6k0 34j,6ju 34o 6g0 34j 6e7 36a 6fs 379,6e2 36b 6cj 37d 6e4 382,6cd 37g 6a8 38o 68e 397,6bq 38v 6b5 386,6bv 38r 6bb 382,6ht 36f 6fi 350,6hn 36g 6ff 353,6u9 3dq 6v0 3hi 711 3jj,70v 3jj 729 3ke 750 3kt 766 3k5,766 3k2 76n 3jh,76s 3je 78f 3k7,78f 3k9 78f 3l2 78o 3lh,78h 3ln 793 3ln,777 3kr 76s 3kr,77e 3jv 76q 3k7,77r 3kr 77v 3l3,78p 3lf 797 3lr 7a0 3lr,7a1 3lr 7an 3lr 7b3 3lh 7bs 3l5 7cl 3l5 7cv 3lf 7d4 3ln 7g1 3pk 7k7 3ui 7p6 41j,7p7 41k 7uc 430 81p 43l 8au 43a 8f3 41r 8hc 407 8j3 406 8iu 434,8i7 439 8i5 40d 8hg 40b 8fa 421,8f8 421 8av 43f 81d 43r 81j 43k,8i7 432 8iu 40v,8iu 414 8i7 435,8iu 42b 8i7 40s,8it 42h 8i7 413,8i5 43a 8j3 432 8o8 3vu 8qg 403 8qe 409 92i 41j,8qe 409 8oc 403 8j2 438 8i4 43d 8i7 43a,8no 40g 8pf 43c 8pl 438 8nt 40d,8nm 42t 8pg 408,8nr 42u 8pl 409,8i4 437 8qv 43c,8nt 42u 8nk 43a,8nk 42t 8n5 43c,8qe 401 92n 41e,92l 41c 981 41n 9dg 41j 9im 404,9im 404 9lp 3tv 9ls 3uc 9hl 41d 9cu 42h,9cu 42f 92c 41j,9a8 3qe 99f 3sc 9bj 3s9 9br 3pu,9bq 3q1 9a4 3q9,9ea 3o3 9e8 3sc,953 3ro 956 3pg 980 3pg 97r 3rm 951 3rm,97r 3rj 97t 3t5 94q 3t2#5st 2up 5ra 2vu 5rs 30n 5sg 31v 5st 33a 5rq 347 5q2 347,5ue 2v5 5u2 345,61e 30f 5vn 30i 5vh 34d,5vh 34c 61q 34c 61o 30g 61d 30d,62r 30d 64a 34c,64a 34a 65i 30f 67j 34a 68k 2vf,698 30a 69u 340 6bb 30g 68k 30p,69d 34f 68p 36d,68p 36b 6an 35s 6ao 34c,6ad 34i 68p 34f#S c7 -p

Posted: Feb 11, 2008 at 16:36 Quote
free ride both sides eather way they meet.

theirs my entry

-18 1i 18 1i,p6 31 q2 3b r2 3h s6 3m tb 3p ul 3s 104 3u 11o 3r 133 3o,13k 6k 13v 7g 14i 86 15c 8n 169 94 17i 9n 18u a7 1a7 al 1bk b3 1d4 bf 1en bq 1ge c5 1i7 cf 1k2 cp,130 3o 13k 6l,1lt d8 1lq ee,1lv d8 1m2 eg,1o0 db 1o3 f9,1o5 db 1o5 fc,1k3 cp 1k9 dc 1kr do 1le e1 1m1 ed 1mn em 1nf eu 1o7 f8 1ov fj 1pl fq 1qg g3,1rd ge 1se gq 1tk h9 1uv hv 20d io,1ph da 1pk fl,1pp d8 1pr fq,1ph fe 1ph fl,1sb d8 1sb gr,1sl d5 1sl h0,1qf g4 1rn gh,1qs da 1qs g7,1r8 da 1rd ge,-18 1h -cg 1h,-cd 1g -d4 1e,-12a -3o -144 -3n,-143 -3m -1f3 -3m,-d2 1d -dr 1c -en 16 -fm r -gk d -hk -5 -ih -m -jc -15 -k7 -1j -l4 -20,-l1 -1u -ln -25 -me -2b -n5 -2h -o2 -2o -p0 -2u -pu -32 -qu -35 -rp -38 -sn -3b -th -3d -ub -3g,-1o7 -2t -1pb -2g -1qf -21 -1rl -1f -1sn -s -1tq -7 -1ut g -200 18 -212 21 -224 2p -236 3h -24c 46 -25j 4n,-25j 4p -26a 53 -275 5d -282 5m -290 5r -2a4 5u -2b5 60 -2c7 60,-1a7 -3m -1av -3m -1bp -3q -1ch -3u -1d9 -42 -1e3 -47 -1ep -4d,-1eq -4d -1f2 -3m,-1od -2t -1nk -2p -1n6 -21 -1mu -16 -1mp -8 -1ml r -1mh 1p -1m8 2n -1ln 3j -1kt 45 -1jr 4j -1in 4q -1hm 4p -1gm 4c -1fu 3q,-1g4 3t -1fr 34 -1fl 28 -1fh 1a -1fd 9 -1f9 -p -1f6 -1n -1f3 -2l -1f1 -3e,co -4 dl -a ej -f fp -j gv -l i5 -h ja -a kd -1 lg c me u n6 1h nr 27 oj 2p pd 36,5u 1g 6n 1g 7k 1g 8l 1c 9m 13 ak n bd c c5 2 cs -7,16 1h 65 1g,-2c1 5v -2ll 4s -2ll 56 -2c6 6c,-2lb 56 -2l6 bm,-2kp bm -2l1 56,-2bv 62 -2cb 6i -2ct 71 -2dm 7c -2eh 7m -2fe 80 -2gc 8a -2hc 8h -2ia 8o -2j5 95 -2jq 9t -2kc ao -2kt bn -2lh cj,-2l8 b9 -2l8 c5,-345 im -34q jn -35e ko -362 lo -36p n0 -37g o7 -38c ph -39c qt -3ah sa -3bs tp -3dc v6 -3f1 10k -3gd 11k -3hu 12g -3ji 139 -3la 13v -3n3 14g -3p1 14r -3r1 150 -3t4 153 -3v8 153 -41e 151,-4dk 15e -4f8 15d -4h0 15c,1k6 d4 1t0 d9,1k3 co 1t0 co 1t0 d7,208 il 20t it 21j j2 22f j5 23e j7 24f j7 25i jc 26e jk 27c k1 28b kk 296 l9 2a0 m0 2ar mk 2bj n5 2cc nl 2d7 o3 2e5 og 2f4 oq 2g7 p2 2hc p8 2il pd,-4gv 15e -4m9 141 -4q4 131 -58t 133 -58t 1af,-58j 1af -58j 13g -4q9 13e -4h5 15p,-4h2 15f -4h2 17b,-4h0 176 -4hd 17r -4i4 18c 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Posted: Feb 14, 2008 at 14:30 Quote
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Posted: Apr 13, 2008 at 19:00 Quote
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g7i 1aov g2s 1ao1 g7v,1al2 g60 1aqm g7i,1arc g8j 1auq g39 1b4b g5h,1arh g8j 1avv gak,1b2d gbd 1b7g g5a,1b7d g5k 1bc0 g7q,1b60 g92 1bah gbn,1b2i gb0 1b86 gde,1bdv gd9 1bfm g78,1bfp g78 1bjm g7l 1bfh gau,1bff gau 1bj4 gcg,1bj4 gci 1be4 gde,1bld gar 1bku gdg,1bl3 g9c 1bln g9c,1boj g8l 1c2m g9c,1bsb g9e 1bsb gdq,1c1e gau 1bth gau 1bv5 gfk,1buu gfk 1c2o gfr,1c45 g9t 1c4h gfh,1c45 gde 1c74 gd6,1c74 g9r 1c53 gg5#

Posted: Apr 14, 2008 at 19:18 Quote
18 1i 76 1i 76 1s 76 5a,-42 4m -4r 4f -5u 4n -6u 53 -7l 4f -89 3b -97 2k -88 27 -83 13 -7m 8 -7h -l -7a -1l -69 -1n -5c -1a -4h -1p -4s -2j -48 -3a -42 -44 -4u -4t -5e -5l -4o -68 -4u -74 -5i -7h -4l -80 -54 -90 -5g -9p -4o -a8 -5b -ba -6e -b9 -7g -ap -8k -b0 -87 -bv -8h -db -9p -e3 -at -ea -bs -du -cv -e1 -dr -eo,18 1i -1s 1i -1s 4m -1i 4m -r 4i -6 4s b 4e 11 4g 1l 4o 2a 4m 35 4l 3s 4q 4r 4o 5q 4h 6u 54 7u 5h 8s 5d 9c 66,-1s 4m -2i 4e -38 4m -44 4m,-1i 1s k 1s 1s 1s 1s 4m,-1i 1s -1i 4m,26 1s 26 4m,26 1s 5k 1s 6s 1s 6s 50,9c 68 a3 5v at 6g bt 6g cp 5u dk 6e dh 7d ed 7g f0 6t fk 77 g8 7e ft 6s gg 74,gi 76 198 ku 1js rq 1ji s4 1ik rg,198 ku 18d lj 17q mh 191 mp 1a1 na 19g oj 18g pp 195 r0 1ao qq 1c4 q9 1di pr 1en q9 1ds re 1cg s7 1bn t4 1d3 tb 1eb sn 1fp s7 1he sd 1hk tk 1i7 up 1jm up 1kp tv,18u l8 1ag m6 19s n4,1aq mg 1a6 ne,1aq mg 1du oc 1d0 pu,1e8 om 1dk pu,1e8 om 1hc qi 1ge s4,1hm qs 1go se,1hm qs 1iu rq,1v4 15q 2qa 1qe 2qu 1r2 2qa 1r2 2km 1rc,1v4 15q 1uq 164 21a 180 1vo 19s,1kg u0 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Posted: Apr 15, 2008 at 18:47 Quote
MOTHER-HUCKER, your track IS THE BEST BY FAR. amazing flow and jumps+ the design is brilliant! amazing job. I think you should win!tup Beer Salute Camera 2 cents

Posted: Apr 16, 2008 at 19:50 Quote
i herd it ended but not for sure so heers mine

1a 1j 4t 1h hi bf,he bc k1 cu og ep th fp,15d p2v 15d p4q,14d fr 1jj fi,134 fs 16p fe 18m ev 1ac ed 1c8 df 1dj cj 1ek be,1ek bg 1fm 9u 1fm fi,1jf fj 1s6 fh,1s4 fh 2b0 ps 3e9 1mo 3jo 1pf 3o4 1qb 3uf 1ql 46c 1ql,46a 1qm 4gi 1qi 4u5 1q6,4ds 1qj 4hl 1q8 4ka 1ps 4ng 1p8 4q7 1o5 4tb 1mo 4vi 1l9 4vf 1q5 4tt 1q5,4vf 1q5 5h7 1pu,5h5 1pt 60l 1q3,60j 1q4 6co 1q5 80p 35k,80n 35h 83m 370 86l 37m 8bb 37p 8mk 37i 96s 37a,8kb 37f 8kb 37j 8o1 374 8rc 36h 8tt 35v 908 358 92d 348 958 32l 979 317 96n 378,96l 378 bdb 387,bd7 384 br0 37t,bbp 382 bgk 37k bk2 375 bor 361 bs2 34t bv4 33f c35 310 cbm 30j cbl 2qv cuj 2pv cum 2vc dec 2un,c35 311 c46 2vv c4t 2ur c4t 30n,de8 2um eta 3t5 f28 3us f70 3vl,f70 3vn fmt 404 gq6 40k,fhv 3vv flg 3vo fo9 3ve fqg 3uq ft0 3ts fv2 3sa,fv3 3sa g19 3pf,gq4 40j hg1 5cl hhk 5e6 hk7 5fv hnk 5gu hsq 5h0 i7k 5gp,agb 37r agf 30n aio 32r amn 35f aps 371 avd 381,i0r 5gr i3o 5g6 i5l 5fd i7h 5e2 i9f 5bq iai 59i,i7h 5gq irq 5g2,ijo 5g2 ijd 55k ile 58h ioe 5bi irl 5e7 itb 5f1 ivo 5fg j1p 5fg j47 5f4 j62 5e1 j7a 5ci j8j 5a6 ja2 577 jam 54q jaj 5fb irg 5g5,-14 1h -2b 1e -3i 18 -5b 14 -70 10 -8f o -9v 5 -bb -f -ch -10 -ds -1t -f6 -2u -ga -3t -hd -55 -ih -6g -jf -80 -jo -98 -jt -am -j8 -bu -ib -d7 -hc -em -g4 -gb -ev -hh -do -ik -c0 -jr -a8 -kv -8f -m0 -6f -md -4f -mg,-ad -9d -f4 -9d,jd8 55h jdc 5ec,jd9 55j jdt 57n jfj 5c4,jj0 5em jr5 5em,jak 5f8 jlh 5em,jdb 5e5 jdd 5f0,jql 5ek jst 5e7 juk 5dj k0e 5cm k2f 5b4 k3s 59c,jqv 5eh jpn 5en,k3u 5em kcc 5ed,jr0 5ek k43 5ek,kvl 5ta l3i 5un l8g 5vd let 5vg lo7 5v8 lpf 5v8,g1a 3pe g1m 3oi,g1n 3oi g1a 40a,k3t 59f k4p 57h k4s 5eg,k98 5eb k8p 55i ka0 58s kb8 5at kcl 5cj kf5 5dr khc 5ec kku 5ec,kc7 5ed kjk 5ec,kks 5ed kmh 5e2 ko2 5da kq3 5bq krp 5ab ktk 57t kt5 5dh kl2 5ec,kt3 5de l78 5cs,l4m 5cs l4h 55u l5j 571 l6k 57u l9g 5a5 lbo 5bc le5 5bt lh7 5bv lju 5bl,ljs 5bl lm8 5b3 lo2 5a5 lri 588 lrn 5ce l73 5cr,lrn 5cd mad 5cc p2r 6pb qk2 7he,o5k 6ag o96 6bp obu 6c5 oj2 6bu oj2 6ha,oc6 6c8 oit 6h2,ocn 6du oiv 6c0,ohs 6c0 ohg 6ge,qk2 7hd r98 7h6,4r -9l ar -a7 g1 -ar js -bc 182 -hp 1qp -ib,1qn -id 1ra -i8 1sa -i6 1th -i3 1ur -hs 205 -hc 21h -gq 230 -g7 24j -fh 268 -er 27v -e5 29n -df 2bg -co,2km -96 3mq -9f,3av -9f 3bn -9h 3cj -9l 3de -9q 3e7 -a0 3f5 -ad 3g1 -as 3go -bg 3ha -c4 3hq -cr,3ht -co 3ht -bs 3hq -b2 3hp -aa 3hn -9i,3l9 -d7 3lu -cl 3mi -c3 3n9 -bi 3o7 -b3 3pe -am 3qm -ac 3s7 -a2 3tk -9r 3v4 -9k,3lc -d5 3lg -ce 3lh -bg 3lg -al 3lg -9t,3v3 -9j 43h -9d 46e -9j 492 -a4 4bq -bi 4fj -eb 4fm -9b,4gf -9e 4gc -9h,4k5 -9n 4jr -er 55o -ae 5di -ac 5g8 -am 5kn -bd 5nb -cb 5ql -e9 5qi -at,5ud -as 5u5 -gq 6kl -9s 6mf -9o 6p1 -9t 6tf -9v 6vp -ae 71v -av 73u -bm 75g -cm 76r -e8 77f -fh 77f -9p,7ch -a0 7c5 -ir 7df -fk 7ep -dc 7ft -c6 7i6 -b1 7ks -an 7r7 -aj 7sv -b2 7uo -bo 80f -ct 81k -e8 82a -fq 828 -al,86p -b6 86p -hj 87d -g5 889 -ep 89r -cv 8bq -bp 8cp -bb 8e8 -au 8gl -au 8lk -b2,57 -9o -ak -9c,3hr -ct 3ia -ed,3ic -ef 3ii -9k,4fg -ea 4g6 -f5 4gq -gn 4gv -9h,8lj -b3 8n1 -b8 8oj -bk 8q2 -c3 8rb -cl 8tf -e3 8un -fi,91v -cj 920 -ik 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