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Posted: Nov 5, 2008 at 6:55 Quote
here's my map inspired by the Schladming DH track, it takes a bit to master but has been tried and testedWink

-18 1i 18 1i,19 1i 1s 1i 2g 1j 34 1l 3q 1o 4g 1u 58 25 60 2e 6t 2q 7q 37 90 3p a8 49 bn 4t cv 5g ea 68 fo 73 h8 81 iq 90 kd a2,ke a2 kv ac lk ak me ar nb av ob b2 pa b2 q6 au r3 am s3 a2 t1 9c tt 94 um 99 ve 9q 10g ab,10e aa 115 ad 122 af 12v af,12t ae 13s af 14r af 15q af 16o ag 17n ag 18j ag 19h af 1ae ac 1bc a4 1c5 9n 1d1 97,1li ct 1mv dj 1o6 e4 1pc ef 1qj el 1ro en 1sl ek 1tl ed 1uq e2 1vn dt 20i e4 21i ec 22q eg 244 ee 25m eb 26j e4 28q d5,2q1 ee 2r1 dq 2s1 d3 2t2 c5 2u2 bb 2uv al 2vn 9v 30c 98 311 8q 31s 94 32f 9k 33q a2 35a ac 36r aq 37v bj,37u bi 38i bl 395 bc 39s b8 3ak bm 3bb c2 3c3 ce 3cs cv 3dj dg 3ea du 3f0 e6 3fo ef 3gp eu 3hk fd 3i7 fr 3il gh 3j0 h5 3jq hq 3ko il 3lk j9 3mk jm 3ni k9 3o2 kk 3p6 l2,3p7 l2 3q3 lm 3r6 mi 3sd n5 3td o2,3v4 pb 3vq q5 411 qm,411 ql 41n qr 42d rb 430 rr 43s s6,45f st 45m to 46f to 479 ub 48c ue 49c uv,4ao va 4bl 10a 4cg 10b 4d6 110 4do 11g,49a uu 4an va,4dp 11h 4eb 11t 4f3 129 4ft 12h 4gm 132 4h9 13n 4i5 141 4j5 13s 4k3 13v 4ku 148 4m1 14r 4oq 161 4om 168 4mk 15a,4m1 14r 4mt 15h 4np 163 4on 16a 4og 17a 4nt 186 4nu 19c 4oa 1ac 4p9 1ai 4qc 1ar 4rf 1bj 4sq 1cf 4u1 1d3 4uh 1d8 4v0 1dp 4vj 1eb 509 1er 510 1f9 51m 1fj 528 1g1 52p 1gg,56r 1ik 583 1j3 595 1j4 5a6 1j6 5b4 1je 5bt 1j7 5cr 1j5 5ds 1jg 5f2 1jj 5ga 1jd 5hd 1jk 5ii 1jb 5jp 1it 5l5 1ib 5mf 1hn 5ne 1h9 5of 1hd 5ok 1i6 5p0 1ir 5pm 1ja,-b3 -9f -af -8l -a0 -7k -9o -6g -9b -5a -8k -4e -7t -3p -77 -31 -6i -25 -5q -1d -51 -o -46 -4 -3d f -2o v -24 16 -1l 1f -15 1i,4go 133 4jd 13j 4jc 13q 4gs 139,52v 1gm 53k 1h7 549 1hi 552 1hr 55n 1i3 56a 1ic 56q 1ik,3td o0 3tv o9 3ug oh 3us p1 3v7 pe,52o 1gg 534 1gr,5pk 1ja 5pu 1jv 5q6 1ko 5qe 1lg 5ql 1m9 5r4 1mu 5rv 1n6,5rv 1n5 60k 1n7,61g 1n7 61u 1nr 62i 1oa 63b 1op 644 1pe 654 1q8 66a 1r4 67f 1s2 68l 1su,60n 1n6 615 1n5,615 1n4 61g 1n6,68n 1su 699 1t7 69q 1td 6ad 1tj 6al 1u6 6b9 1ue 6c0 1uh 6cm 1v6 6dc 1vi 6e2 1vt 6el 207,68c 1sn 68r 1sv,6go 20r 6hm 21b 6ih 21f 6jd 225 6kc 22m 6l9 22r 6m8 23f 6md 24a 6n1 24v 6nn 258 6oh 25o 6pa 26b 6q3 26i 6r1 272 6ro 27v 6s4 28j 6sk 293 6t7 29l 6tn 2a9 6ug 2aj 6v6 2b8 6vt 2bs,71f 2de 71r 2ee 724 2fe 734 2g2 745 2gr 74v 2hc 76i 2ie,76j 2if 76v 2ja 77h 2k6 783 2l2 78o 2ma 79e 2ng 7a7 2o4 7ba 2oh 7ce 2p9 7db 2q7 7dt 2qb 7eu 2qn 7fo 2r5 7hi 2sb,6vp 2bq 71d 2dd,7hj 2sc 7ij 2t6 7jn 2u5 7kq 2v1 7la 2ve 7lv 2vs 7mj 306 7n9 30d 7o1 30h 7or 30k 7ps 30m 7qs 30m 7ro 30l,6em 206 6f8 207 6fr 209 6ga 20h 6gq 20q,1ef 98 1lk cu,1d2 96 1di 91 1e2 92 1eg 98,7rp 30l 7sh 30o 7t9 312 7u2 31g 7ur 31t 7vp 32g 80n 33b 81i 340 828 34d 833 34s 83r 358 84u 35o 860 362 877 36n 88g 37l 89k 38i 8as 39h 8c6 3aj 8dd 3bp 8eh 3d2 8fm 3eb 8gu 3fl 8i9 3gs 8jp 3hs 8ld 3ip 8nr 3jt 8pa 3kf 8qe 3kt 8re 3lg 8v0 3nl 90t 3ot 93q 3qm 95n 3rp,9pk 3js 9qh 3jg 9r9 3ja 9s2 3jb 9sn 3jk 9tm 3jv 9uk 3k8 9ve 3kq a0g 3li a1j 3m8 a2p 3mv a3m 3nc a4m 3nm a5i 3np a6d 3o0 a7h 3oe a8i 3ov a9m 3pl aar 3qh ac4 3rh ad7 3sd aec 3tb afk 3u7 agv 3v2 aib 3vq ajk 40a aku 40q am0 419,am1 419 amo 41i ani 41o aof 41s apc 41v aqb 420 ard 421 ash 41v atm 41r aun 41n b00 41b b18 411 b2e 40m b3p 403 b58 3va b6g 3ui b7p 3tn b8u 3sr b9l 3s7 bag 3sn bbm 3sg bco 3sk bdq 3sn bf3 3sn bg5 3s4 bh4 3rf bia 3qq bjj 3q9 bkl 3q2 blm 3ps bmj 3p9 bni 3ok bok 3nu bpn 3na,c5h 3pa c67 3pe c6k 3pf,c67 3pe c6c 3q8 c72 3r0 c7o 3re c8l 3rm c9d 3sm ca8 3th cb5 3tm cc1 3tp ccn 3us cdf 3vd cea 3va ceq 409 cff 41d cge 426 cha 42f ci8 42f,c47 3oh c4p 3os cag 3pn,bpm 3na bqb 3n3,bqc 3n3 br3 3n1 bs0 3mv bt1 3mu bu5 3mt bv6 3mu c06 3n2 c13 3n8 c1v 3ng c2n 3no c3c 3o0 c49 3oi,c4p 3ot c5g 3pa,ci9 42f cis 431 cjl 43r ckf 44k clb 45c cm8 463 cna 46p coe 47i cpl 48d cqo 496 cru 49v ct6 4ap,ct6 4aq ctj 4b6 cuj 4c0 cvo 4d1 d0q 4e0 d1p 4es d2u 4fr d3s 4gk d50 4hg d65 4i9 d7d 4j0 d8j 4jl d9r 4kb db4 4l2 dcc 4lj ddn 4m1 det 4ma dft 4mf dgt 4mg,dgt 4mf dhp 4mg dik 4mf djj 4md dkh 4m9 dlj 4lv dmq 4lf do1 4ks dpc 4k4 dqd 4jd dr9 4in ds0 4i4 dsq 4hj dtj 4gu dul 4g5 dvm 4fr e0h 4g4 e1k 4gm e2f 4gn e3e 4gu e4g 4h3 e5h 4h7 e6i 4h9 e7j 4hc e8k 4hb e9h 4h7 eam 4gs ebr 4gl ed5 4gm edv 4gn eer 4gn efq 4gn ego 4gr ehl 4h0 eii 4h7 ejd 4hf ek7 4hr eku 4i9 ell 4il emm 4j9 enn 4jr eou 4kh eq8 4lc erd 4m2 esp 4ms eum 4o1 f0c 4p9 f26 4qk f42 4s1,f43 4s2 f4k 4sg f59 4t0 f5u 4tf f6m 4tr f7f 4u4 f87 4ua f90 4uf f9o 4uh fao 4ug fbp 4uh,gbh 580 gcm 581 gds 580 gfc 581,fbr 4ug fif 52v fnp 52s,gaa 57u gau 57u gbh 57v,ggl 57v h4t 57t,gf8 581 ggl 57v,h4u 57u h5f 57u h64 57v h6o 57v h7d 57u h8b 57t h9a 57r,43t s6 45f st,95m 3ro 96e 3s2 976 3sb 980 3sk 98q 3sr 99l 3t1 9am 3t9 9c0 3td 9db 3td 9ef 3t9 9fj 3sv 9go 3sf 9i0 3rn 9j2 3qu 9k6 3pp 9l3 3oo 9lv 3nn 9mr 3mm 9ni 3lr 9o7 3ku,9o7 3kt 9ot 3k5 9pk 3js,2np f1 2pl ei 2qe e5,2ig eo 2jr f0 2l3 f4,2l4 f4 2me f4 2nq f1,29k cs 28q d5,29k cs 2a1 cs,2ig en 2a1 cs,hak 57k hb9 57e hc0 577 hcp 56t hdh 56j heb 567,h9b 57r h9t 57o has 57i,het 563 hfe 56f hfs 573 hgf 57v hh8 58s hi4 59p hiv 5ac hjm 5ar hkd 5bj hlc 5bt hml 5c5 ho0 5cb hp0 5c7 hpr 5bn hqn 5bt hrg 5cf hse 5cm htb 5df huf 5e3 hvq 5ei i15 5fe i25 5gc i38 5hc i4g 5ib,heb 568 het 563 hec 567,i4a 5i7 i52 5io i5u 5j5 i70 5j7 i7t 5j6 i8u 5jn i9p 5kd ib1 5k9,id0 5kf idu 5lb ieq 5m1 ift 5m8,ih0 5mo ii0 5nj ij6 5nl ik6 5mu ilb 5mg,ib0 5k9 ica 5k3 id0 5kf,ift 5m7 igr 5lr ih0 5mp,imv 5o5 inp 5p1 ioq 5q1 ips 5qv ir3 5s2 isa 5t3 itm 5u7 iv2 5va j0e 60d j1u 61i j3k 62r j4v 63r j6d 64r j7t 65s j9e 66t jb2 67u jcq 690 jej 6a1 jgc 6b2 ji7 6c2 jk5 6cv jm5 6do jo5 6ea jq6 6ek js5 6en ju4 6eq,jvc 6ep k09 6ep k18 6ep k2b 6en k3k 6eh k4u 6e6 k63 6dq k75 6db k85 6cn k8v 6c1 k9k 6b9 ka5 6ak kas 6a5 kbm 6a3,m0q 6jk m2k 6j6 m4b 6ij m5u 6hr m7c 6gv m8p 6g1 ma4 6f2 mbg 6e5 mci 6de mdk 6d5,mdc 6d8 mf8 6cn mh2 6cg mii 6cv mjh 6e2 mkf 6f4 mll 6g7 mn8 6h4 mp1 6ht mr0 6ih msj 6iu mu8 6ja mvt 6jk n1j 6jq n3b 6jp n53 6jm n6r 6jk n8i 6jo na7 6k8 nbi 6l7 nct 6ma nea 6nh nfs 6ou nhh 6qd nja 6rt nl5 6te nn5 6v1 np7 70k nrd 725 ntl 73l o01 751 o2e 760 o4q 76i o73 76q o9a 76r obg 76n,ju2 6ep jvn 6ep,jso 6eo jub 6ep,l34 6af kba 6a3,obg 76m oda 76e oeq 766 ofs 75s,obp 76k oa9 76q,ofr 75s og8 7j8,og3 7j0 of5 7j0,oeu 76g of8 7j2,pa1 797 pab 7kh,pab 7kf p9d 7kc,p97 794 p9d 7kb,p96 793 p9v 798 pvs 7ef,lrq 6k0 lss 6k0 lud 6jt m00 6jo m12 6jj,l6a 6ap l32 6af,imv 5o5 ilb 5mg,pvr 7ee q0v 7el q24 7er q3d 7f2 q4s 7fa q6m 7fh q8m 7fo qao 7ft qcq 7g2 qet 7g7 qgt 7g9 qiv 7ga qkl 7ga qmd 7g8 qo7 7g7 qq1 7g5 qrs 7g2 qtq 7g0 qvp 7fu r1q 7fr r3s 7fp r5v 7fn r83 7fk ra9 7fi rcg 7ff ren 7fd rh0 7fa rja 7f7 rll 7f5 ro1 7f2 rqj 7f1 rt7 7f0 rvt 7f0 s2h 7ev s57 7er s7t 7eo sak 7ek sdg 7eh,sdb 7eg sdg 79o seq 79o seq 7eq,sdl 7at sej 7b0,sdi 7br sfe 7br,sdq 7cs set 7cs,sdl 7e1 seq 7e1,sdd 7ej slc 7eo,qrj 7g0 r2r 7di,r2p 7di r2u 7fm,fnl 52s frq 52n g7t 576 g9a 57l gbe 57v,lhe 6h8 lik 6hs ljk 6ib lkm 6io llr 6j3 lmt 6jc lo4 6jl lp7 6jr,lp6 6jr lqe 6ju,lrr 6k0 lqd 6ju,l8p 6b7 lf7 6fp lhg 6h9,l8o 6b6 l8d 6b1 l7q 6au l66 6ap#2v2 5k 2v2 7e 30o 7g,30d 5t 30t 5t 30t 6j 319 6j 30n 75 303 6m 30f 6l 30f 5s,30l 7h 318 7f,2v2 5k 327 5j 326 7e,2vb 5r 2va 6i 2vk 6i 2vk 5p 2vb 5p,2ve 6n 2v7 6t 2ve 74,2vd 74 2vk 6v 2ve 6n,4h2 135 4h1 13a,4h9 135 4ha 13a,4hh 138 4hi 13c,4hq 138 4hq 13d,4i2 13b 4i2 13g,4ia 13c 4ia 13h,4ii 13c 4ih 13j,4io 13f 4io 13k,4iu 13f 4iu 13l,4j2 13g 4j4 13n,4j7 13j 4j9 13p,4j5 13p 4iu 13p,4j0 13n 4in 13q,4ij 13o 4ie 13t,4i4 13o 4h7 13o,4hg 13c 4hu 13o,4hs 13o 4i8 13r,4hl 13j 4i3 13n,4i5 13n 4i7 142,4i8 13s 4i5 13p,4id 13m 4i3 13p,4hn 13p 4he 13j 4h7 13g,4mg 151 4mi 15a,4mn 153 4mp 15b,4n0 158 4n2 15f,4n5 15a 4n9 15j,4nh 15e 4ni 15n,4nr 15j 4nt 15p,4o8 15o 4o8 162,4og 15s 4oi 166,60l 1n3 60j 1lh 612 1lh 614 1n3,612 1n5 60l 1n5,60m 1lu 612 1lu,5qu 1mc 5r4 1lu 5rp 1m1,5rp 1m2 5rr 1ml 5r9 1mv 5qt 1m8,5qj 1le 5qv 1ld,5qu 1ld 5qv 1m6 5qh 1lo 5qq 1le,5qu 1lj 5r7 1ll 5qs 1ls,5qq 1lr 5qn 1ll 5r2 1lh,5rs 1mm 5rk 1n0,5ru 1mo 5rv 1mt 5rl 1n2,5rv 1n5 5t3 1kl 5tc 1k3,5td 1k3 5tp 1jk,5tr 1jk 5ub 1j8,5uc 1j8 5vt 1ib 637 1gv 65v 1g0 69a 1eq 6am 1dt,6an 1dr 6b2 1d5,6b5 1d4 6ba 1cc,6ba 1c9 6be 1bm,60m 1n5 60s 1ki 614 1jv,618 1jt 61q 1jb,61r 1j9 62s 1ik 69q 1fd 6ai 1eo,6aj 1en 6b0 1ds,6b3 1dr 6bc 1cv 6be 1bn,5ub 1n3 5ui 1ld,608 1j9 612 1ir,5uo 1ks 5ve 1jp,61e 1ii 620 1i9,62e 1i3 62r 1hu,62s 1hr 699 1f6 6a9 1ei 6ap 1du 6b5 1d1,6b6 1d1 6bb 1ce,-b6 -9j -d0 -bo -d0 -fb -fg -im,-fl -ip -ks -lq,-kv -lv -lt -nm,13h ab 13o 3r,150 ac 150 3r,142 4k 11l 61 142 3p,142 3i 11r 4q 13r 2n 121 3l 13u 1a 127 26 141 -1 12j l 14l -1r 17p 15 14t -5 17h 26 15f 1b 174 43 15b 2k 175 57 152 3s 175 66,174 66 14h 4k,14j c 13m s 14l s,14k 20 142 2a 151 2f,14b 35 14t 3c 14a 3m,150 -13 15j -n,15i -n 14q -i,13u 5q 136 67,142 61 139 69,134 63 12t 5q 12j 69 12m 6i 136 63,7nf 30a 7nf 2u6 7nq 2u6 7np 30e,7ru 30k 7rv 2u9 7rh 2u9 7rg 30m,7rj 2up 7rv 2up,7ne 2un 7nr 2un,7np 30a 7op 2r3 7pl 2ph 7qq 2oo 7tu 2ob 7uq 2lr,800 2kc 81f 2la 81f 2ml 80m 2pa 7ut 2qi 7sf 2r6 7ru 2te 7rh 30g,7ov 2v0 7pg 2v0,7po 303 7q9 2v8,7pv 2th 7q2 2sv,7pq 2sl 7qe 2sb,7qo 2r3 7rf 2rs,7pl 2to 7qc 2tt,7q7 2qu 7qh 2qf,7rh 2q5 7sd 2q0,7tl 2pp 7u4 2oh,7ub 2nq 7v2 2o2,7ve 2o9 7v7 2pm,7ul 2pp 7s5 2ph,7rp 2pc 7q9 2pu,7pe 2r1 7q4 2tc,7vo 2mb 7v7 2lu,80a 2lp 810 2mn,7ve 2mv 7vc 2n9,7sk 2jm 7ru 2j4,7q2 2i4 7pl 2i1,7vj 2jr 800 2kp,7vo 2la 831 2oh,7ts 2oj 7uo 2pa,7rr 2s6 7qr 2t4,7ut 2oe 800 2no,80c 2n1 813 2mi,81f 2n1 810 2oe,7v2 2oc 7ve 2md,807 2or 800 2ml 7vm 2oe 800 2oe,c5e 3p7 cac 3pu,cae 3pm cac 3pt,c5m 3ov c5k 3p5,c6b 3p3 c6a 3p9,c71 3p8 c71 3pe,c7o 3p9 c7l 3pi,c8c 3pc c8c 3pk,c91 3pf c90 3pn,c9n 3pk c9m 3pq,ca5 3pu ccb 3u8,c9i 3pr cbj 3tk,ca4 3qk c92 3s1,cab 3qv c92 3sa,ca4 3qi cae 3r1,c92 3s0 c8s 3s4,c7n 3pj c6i 3qd,c8b 3pl c6o 3qm,c7n 3pi c89 3rj,c82 3pi c8l 3rl,c84 3qb ca3 3q6 ca4 3qe c86 3qk c85 3qa,30g 93 30h 7g,316 7e 326 7e,313 7g 312 8p,h03 58u gvm 56o,h0p 58s h04 559,gvn 56r gvf 558,gvj 55m gu6 57p gvh 54b gts 55v gve 52r gu4 53p h00 517 h2d 54l,h2b 54l gvo 53d h26 55b h07 54i h1u 56j h00 55g,gvo 52f h1i 533 gvo 533,gvo 522 gu1 51t,gu1 520 gvj 52r,gvr 54n gul 55b h02 55b,il3 5mh iko 5lq ijn 5m7 ijv 5n1,ik5 5m1 ijt 5l8 iik 5lf iio 5ma ijo 5m8,ijo 5mg iih 5ma ii9 5n0,iia 5n0 ijq 5n9,iif 5mv ii5 5nj,iit 5lk ij0 5m6,ij8 5ln ij8 5lu,ijc 5lf ijm 5m3,ijo 5lh ijs 5ls,iiv 5lp ik2 5lh,ij2 5m1 ijv 5lv,iki 5m5 ijp 5me,iko 5m7 ik1 5mj,ikl 5mg ijr 5ml,ika 5m5 ikf 5mk,ikh 5m8 ikp 5mk,ik5 5m1 ik2 5n3,iip 5mh iij 5n4,ij4 5mg ij2 5n0,ijc 5mk ijd 5n8,ijo 5ms ijm 5n4,iik 5mm ik2 5mp,iif 5mr ik7 5ms,iii 5nf ij9 5nf,iir 5n5 iio 5ng,iij 5n8 ij5 5nk,fif 52u fl9 4rb fn2 4o2 fop 4ls fql 4k5 ft3 4i9 fvt 4gg g2n 4ea g5t 4b6 g7k 484 g99 45f,fnr 52r fqj 4qb fsc 4no fug 4lb g0o 4jc g3q 4gl g62 4ea g78 4c6 g88 4a8,fjp 522 fnf 51j,fl1 4vl fn7 4vd,fm9 4sh fp3 4sh,fnk 4pn fq1 4pi,fp3 4mg frj 4n4,frt 4jr fug 4l1,fun 4ic g02 4j0,g0m 4gg g1k 4gq,g23 4ff g4l 4fi,g4g 4dj g6a 4d7,fi7 52p fa1 5oa,fnp 52o fl2 5vb,fia 54i fle 55d,fia 59a fnk 5aq,ffo 5da flh 5dk,ff9 5he fi0 5ia,fes 5jp fip 5lq,fed 5nc fkj 5rh,7um 2m0 7sq 2jn 7oe 2hc 7mq 2du 7mi 2cm 7mn 28s 7oe 23i 7rn 1rl,81e 2l9 7so 2h5 7q3 2f9 7p2 2c5 7pf 28i 7qa 235 7t9 1u0 7te 1ro,7sl 1se 7r1 1t5,7s9 1tk 7sb 1tu,7r1 1un 7r1 1vq,7s4 1tr 7qn 201,7p7 217 7pf 222,7qn 20q 7r6 206,7r1 20b 7q5 22a,7pp 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It has steep bumpy sections at the beginning with fast big jumps at the end, you can take the first section fast or slow, my fastest time is 42.441seconds

Posted: Dec 31, 2008 at 22:09 Quote
-18 1i 18 1i,16 1j 27 1n 3a 22 4b 2h 5b 33 6i 3t 7p 4u,9h 70 aa 86 b2 9f br ao co c4 ds df f5 em gk fl i7 gg js h2 li ha n9 ha p1 h0 qm ge s7 fn ta er u5 dr uo cq v3 c0,17l 9o 184 at 18n c4 19b d6 1a1 e2 1b3 f0 1ce fi 1ds fs 1f4 fu,v8 c2 10d c6 10o di 116 eo 11m fq 129 gr 12v i1 140 iq 159 jj 16j k4 17r kg 18u km 1a1 kr 1au ku,10d c6 17k 9p 16b 9j,v5 c0 16c 9k,-t 1i -15 1b -16 v -12 q -s p -h n -l g,-l f -a -l 8 -l,1f2 fu 1gn fv 1id fr 1k4 fg 1ln eu 1n4 e4 1oa d5 1p8 c4 1pv b2,1aq kt 1cp l0 1ei ku 1gb kl 1hu k9 1js jm 1lk it 1n5 hu 1oc gt 1pb ft 1q8 en 1qu dm,1q1 b5 1r1 dq,289 dm 290 eo 29t g1 2ar h0 2bp hs,1qv dk 289 dm,12m b3 134 a0 12k b1 132 a0 12l b3,134 a2 136 b5 135 a2 139 b5 136 a0 137 b5,131 a1 132 9f,136 a4 138 9e 13l 91,131 9f 12m 90,132 9b 12p 8v,137 9b 13j 8t,132 9b 132 94 138 95,136 95 137 9b,132 93 130 8v 13a 8v,130 8v 132 8s 138 8t 13b 90 138 93,13l 8t 13n 93,13l 8t 13n 8o,13m 90 13r 8v,12p 8u 12k 91,12m 8v 12h 8t,12o 8v 12n 8p,137 8v 132 8t,7 -m 7 -t,-p -r -1j 1m -14 1h,2be hg 2cf i2 2di ii 2em j0 2fr jd 2gs jn 2i2 jv 2j3 k4 2k1 k6 2kv k6 2lp k6,2lp k7 2nf k8 2p9 k2 2qu jl 2se j2 2tj i8 2un h7 302 f3,303 f2 34h f2,3nb j4 3f7 j4,3a9 h5 3d5 h5 3f9 j4,3d5 h5 3d5 a8,393 ft 3ac h8,396 dc 3a7 e8,39o dr 39o gl,3a7 h2 39q fq,3a5 g7 39r f4,3a4 fe 39r ek,3a7 es 39t du,397 es 39c f1,3ak ed 3cn ed,3ak ef 3ak g2 3ck g2 3ci ef,3bf ef 3bc es 3b3 fg 3am g2,3bu eg 3c0 eu 3cb fl 3ck g1,3bd fe 3bi fl,3bd f4 3br fq,3bk f8 3bn fd,3b3 fd 3ar f9 3ak f4,3b5 f9 3au f4 3ak eu,3ca fh 3ce fg 3cj fd,3c8 fd 3cc fc 3ci f8,38s gb 38s j0,34g co 38q gb,34g eu 391 j5,34g co 34g f3,34k cs 34k f2,34p d0 34p f6,34t d4 34t fc,352 d7 352 fh,37a f3 392 f3,359 dd 359 fm,356 dc 356 fi,35d dg 35d fr,35j dk 35j fu,35o dr 35o g4,35s dt 35s g8,361 e1 361 gc,367 e6 367 gg,36e ec 36e gn,36l ei 36l gu,36q em 36q h4,370 er 370 h9,375 eu 375 he,37a f4 37a hj,37g fa 37g hp,37m fe 37m ht,37s fi 37s i3,382 fo 382 ia,387 fs 387 ie,38d g0 38d ik,38k g6 38k io,2bl hu 2d1 j2 2eh k3 2ga l2 2ht ll 2jl m1,302 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20b bu,223 bd 243 bc,242 bd 23i d1,224 bf 22a bo 23k bo 23h cs,22j bt 23g cv,22i bu 22c bt 23g d0,23i d7 23d dd 23k dj 23p dc 23i d7,23j d8 23k dh,23g de 23m dd,23h da 23h dd,23i d9 23i de,23g d9 23e de,23f de 23l dh,22i bt 239 co,238 cn 22i bv,230 cd 22f bu,22u cd 22g bv,232 ch 22q ca,223 be 241 bd,241 be 224 bf 23q bf,226 bh 240 bg,240 be 225 bg,227 bj 240 bi,240 bh 226 bh,240 be 237 be,241 bf 232 bf,226 bi 22r bi,229 bk 23v bk,23u bj 230 bj,240 bh 23h cv,23t bj 23h ct,23u bj 23o c7,23r bk 23i ck,23p bk 23j cc,23p bl 23q bu,23p bj 23k c4,23n bj 23l bv,23q bh 23n c6,23p bd 23j ce,23j cs 23i d1,23i d9 23n dc,23j da 23m dd,23m da 23k df,23m db 23j dg,23o db 23k dh,23l dc 23i dg,23f dd 23h da 23f de 23l df,23k dd 23j dh,22c bg 236 bj,22f bi 23k bg,23o bg 23n c1,23v bg 23n c0,23r bi 23o c7,23o bj 23o c3,23t bj 23m cb,23s bn 23k ck,23m bt 23i c8,227 be 23u bh,22d bi 23o bg,22a bf 23o bg,3st 55 3ud 63,3ud 61 3uf jn,3sr 55 3sr i3 3u9 jl,3sq 55 46q 55,3ub 62 488 62 46q 55,485 5v 485 ji 3uf 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