Why do avid juicy 5's and elixers lever pop out

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Why do avid juicy 5's and elixers lever pop out
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Posted: Apr 26, 2009 at 4:55 Quote
dh-pete wrote:
live-life-2-ride-mtb wrote:
In the event of a crash the lever disengages from the cam so the master cylinder does not get ripped out.


It's Avid's safety mechanism to prevent such a problem, it's better for your lever to disengage and not the master cylinder.

Shimano, Giant and the Formula Oro's have a design where instead of how the avid does it, the rod that pushes the pistons just disengages from the master cylinder.

Formula's the One brake has a really simple version on what I can only describe as a retention spring, and when hit it slips over a ramp on the rod that drives the master cylinders piston, disengaging the lever and not causing any harm at all to the system.

Hayes 9 and below however just rip the whole lever unit out. I think the Strokers and other's have this solved, but the mess made from a crash with the Hayes was pretty bad.

I've probably bored you all now with a history/brake comparison lesson. Ah well.

yeah. i hit a tree with my hayes 9's and the rod came out, so the lever keep moving about. i have juicy 5's nowSmile

Posted: Apr 26, 2009 at 6:22 Quote
david-bike wrote:
johnmcisaac wrote:
my codes don't pop forward and i beleave the reason that other brakes do is to adjust the leaver
david-bike wrote:

yep thats definitely the reason
same as avid codes
mine do but

do you have code 5s or the normal codes?

omfg - can you people not read the back of the lever hits the lever main body - so the piston cannot be pulled out! its used on juicy 5/7/,codes ,elixers!(basicly all the upper end avids end of thread!

Posted: May 30, 2012 at 3:22 Quote
I've noticed this on a few sets of avids, I've just got a bike with avid elixir r's on and a friend has avid juicy 5's, we both seem to be having the same problem where the click has gone. The brake still works fine, but when the lever has no pressure applied to it, it just dangles down, almost out of reach!

Anybody know if there is a part that I can replace to get the lever to click in and out again?

Posted: Jun 4, 2012 at 4:48 Quote
its basically a cup and ball design, the ball is attached to a rod which is connected to the lever and the other end of it where the ball is goes into a plastic cup which wears pretty easily so the lever pops out. I think you can buy lever rebuild kits to solve the problem but a quick fix would be either using an elastic band to hold the lever at the correct reach or take your lever off and get to the worn cup and put a bit of bluetac in there which should hold the lever in place. Much cheaper than forking out on the rebuild kit!

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