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Simpel Summer Session 2009
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Posted: Aug 28, 2009 at 16:15 Quote

We are happy to announce that soon-to-be reopened Liberty Square in Tallinn will host Simpel Summer Session. Nate Wessel designed skatepark, best local and guest riders, afterparty and all that is so familiar with Simpel Session. Event will be hosted by no other than Catfish himself!

Here are the drawings of the park itself:

The park is shaping up...

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Posted: Aug 28, 2009 at 16:18 Quote
Registered riders:

Arvis Martinjanis LAT
Maksims Losevs LAT
Stanislav Braslavsky LAT
Martins Catlsks LAT
Rando Kärk EST
Roman Ofitserov EST
Vasya Lukyanenko UKR
Lauri Suuster EST
Helmut Risti EST
Timmo Lass EST
Deividas Budkovas LIT
Petras Umbaliejus LIT
Lennart Ruuda EST
Martin Raadik EST
Jere Lähde FIN
Silver Veetõusme EST
Viktor Ignatenko EST
Andero Ausna EST
Camilo Monsivaiz MEX (Vans, Mutante BMX)
Pavel Terentyev RUS (DC Shoes)
Aleksandr Kuznecov EST
Danielius Zidelis LIT
Matias Aura FIN
Mikael Savolainen FIN
Johannes Gustav Varkki EST
Viktors Kronbergs LAT (Parbmx, Vest)
Aleksei Šarandak EST
Anton Gorlanov EST
Chad Vioette USA (Liberty Cycle Shop, SIxSixOne, Fluid, Monster)
Ingus Jēkabsons LAT (Grizins shop)
Panagiotis Manaras GRE (Redbull, Vans, Carhartt, United, Protec)
Brandon Kirby UK
Luke Padgett UK
Joe Cox UK
Ruslan Kurilin LAT (Superstar, Animal, Parbmx, Kaunet)
Simone Barraco ITA (Nike 6.0,, Oakley)
Martti Lainevool EST
Roomet Säälik EST
Oskars Zajarskis LAT (Colony,
Janis Chunchulis LAT ( Properbikeco)
Sergio Dotsenko EST
Aleksandr Tokarev EST
Otto Suits EST
Kristaps Reimanis LAT
Daniel Dhers VEN (Red Bull, DC, Team Blowin It, KHE Bikes, Albes)
Spencer Bass USA (Red Bull, Eastern, Osiris, Liberty, Hidden, Alliance)
Oskars Ābele LAT (
Andris Shpics LAT (
Erik-Olev Orgo EST
Rihards Loginovs LAT (Sporta Manija)
Rûdolfs Veidemanis LAT
Dmitri Tsaklidi EST
Risto Kütt EST
Ingvar Neumann EST (RipCurl, Eastern, Rockstar, Pull-in, North Legion)
Ronnie Surridge UK (Vans, Alpinestars, Profile, Staff Bmx ,Team Blowin It)
Isaac Lesser UK (Mankind Bike Co, Zeal Distribution)
Roman Gorovoy LAT (Tempered Bikes,
Kristjan Aasmäe EST
Matthias Tamberg EST
Erik Pirn EST
Andres Lainevool EST (Ripcurl, Vans, Rockstar)
Ravel Tammeleht EST
Kristjan Kasemets EST
Rasmus Paimre EST (Rockstar, Alprausch)
Ansis MartinJohn LAT (Vest, Alien Bike Co)
Sander Kingo EST
Aleks Issaenko EST
Marko Kirso EST
Joosep Nilk EST
Oliver Kurbas EST
Andris Dembovskis LAT
Patrik Alaspää FIN (Duo Brand)
Kimmo Tenhunen FIN
Timo Huomo FIN
Erico Melo POR/FIN
Eduards Zunda LAT (Simple, Parbmx, DC, Carhartt, Sporta Manija, Kaunet)
Eki Vainikka FIN (Osiris, United BikeCo, Signaturebmx)
Jukka Mäennenä FIN (Osiris, Numen, WTP, Signaturebmx)

BMX Qualification Table

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Posted: Aug 28, 2009 at 16:23 Quote
The unforgettable contest will be followed by an unstoppable afterparty later that night.

Simpel Session afterparty will be PLAY! at club Balou.
The evil twins of famous estonian hip-hop dj-s play whatever the f*ck they want. The ultimate house, italo-disco, baltimore club, electro, techno, rock and roll experience. Full on party party!
On the decks are Paul Oja, Critikal and Quest.

Entrance costs 50/75 EEK before midnite and 75/100 EEK afterwards. (Cheaper price is with the flyer).

Club Balou is located in Rüütli 18, in Old Town. It's just a few hundred meters from the Liberty Square where the event takes place.

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Posted: Aug 28, 2009 at 16:31 Quote
Next Update will be tomorrow, after the finals. Update will consist of winning places and those who advanced to the winter Simpel Session.

There will be a web-edit made after the Summer Session, be sure to check it out... I'll post the link and also will upload it onto pinkbike.

Posted: Aug 28, 2009 at 23:18 Quote
couple of photos from the night...

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Unsecure image, only https images allowed:

Posted: Aug 29, 2009 at 14:15 Quote
Daniel Dhers won the Simpel Session Summer 09 Smile

Posted: Aug 29, 2009 at 14:48 Quote
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Simpel Summer Session was a lot of fun and although we had some rain, then it cleared out and everything got done well! The riding that went down was amazing and we want to thank all the riders that came out for the jam! Also big thanks to all the people in the audience for hanging out with us and to our crew!

Here are the final standings:

1. Daniel Dhers VEN
2. Isaac Lesser UK
3. Viktors Kronbergs LAT
4. Andris Dembovskis LAT
5. Eduards Zunda LAT
6. Oskars Zajarskis LAT
7. Andres Lainevool EST
8. Pavel Terentyev RUS
9. Luke Padgett UK

Invitations to big winter-time Simpel Session went to:
Andres Lainevool, Aleks Issaenko, Oliver Kurbas, Erik Pirn, Erik-Olev Orgo, Martin Raadik, Rasmus Paimre, Viktor Ignatenko, Ingvar Neumann, Joosep Nilk
Oskars Zajarskis, Eduards Zunda, Viktors Kronbergs, Andris Dembovskis, Janis Chunchulis, Roman Gorovoy
Deividas Budkovas, Danielius Zidelis
Eki Vainikka, Jukka Mäennenä

Gongratulations and see you all in February!

Here are the overall standings besides the final:

10. Panagiotis Manaras GRE
11. Janis Chunchulis LAT
12. Roman Gorovoy LAT
13. Joe Cox UK
14. Aleks Issaenko EST
15. Deividas Budkovas LIT
16. Vasya Lukyanenko UKR
17. Oliver Kurbas EST
18. Eki Vainikka FIN
19. Oskars Ābele LAT
20. Erik Pirn EST
21. Rihards Loginovs LAT
22. Ingus Jēkabsons LAT
23. Erik-Olev Orgo EST
24. Martin Raadik EST
25. Jukka Mäennenä FIN
26. Rasmus Paimre EST
27. Viktor Ignatenko EST
28. Ingvar Neumann EST
29. Camilo Monsivaiz MEX
30. Ruslan Kurilin LAT
31. Ansis MartinJohn LAT
32. Joosep Nilk EST
33. Matias Aura FIN
34. Kristaps Reimanis LAT
35. Matthias Tamberg EST
36. Marko Kirso EST
37. Risto Kütt EST
38. Daniel Lepik EST
39. Janis Menis LAT
40. Aleksandr Tokarev EST
41. Stanislav Braslavsky LAT
42. Patrik Alaspää FIN
43. Dmitri Tsaklidi EST
44. Rando Kärk EST
45. Sergio Dotsenko EST
46. Silver Veetõusme EST
47. Kristjan Aasmäe EST
48. Aleksei Šarandak EST
49. Johannes Gustav Varkki EST
50. Danielius Zidelis LIT
51. Andris Shpics LAT
52. Maksims Losevs LAT
53. Sander Kingo EST
54. Kimmo Tenhunen FIN
55. Anton Gorlanov EST

Posted: Sep 4, 2009 at 16:31 Quote
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