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Posted: Sep 11, 2019 at 23:55 Quote
Had the exact same thing on mine, adjusted the b tension screw and applied some mastic tape and now it's silent - drove me mad for some time too!

Posted: 10 hours ago Quote
BryanBobo wrote:
jeremyk wrote:
BryanBobo wrote:
I have a 2018 YT Tues CF Pro with a Fox Float X2. Pretty much since Day 1 I noticed when the the rear suspension compresses at sudden/high speeds (Think hard breaking bumps or small square edge rocks at high speed) the shock (At least pretty sure its the shock) makes a “knocking” noise. It doesn’t occur in big hits (jumps/drops on smooth landings). I had the shock completely rebuilt, still does it. All the bushings/bearings, etc are tight. Any idea what could be causing this? It’s driving me nuts. I can’t recreate it by compressing by hand or even bouncing around on the bike in the yard. I’m not sure if it could be a suspension setup thing (current the rebound and LS compression are about middle of the road) or just a quirk of the shock?

Anyone have any clues?

Are you sure it’s not the rear mech? I’ve been getting similar noises, thought it was the shock but it was the rear mech. Common on the Tues apparently. Keeps happening on mine

Very possible, good idea - Maybe I’ll try keeping an ear on that. Were you able to fix it or do you just live with it?

It’s on my long to do list. My friend, who is a far far better mechanic than me mentioned something about the pivot in the mech needing to be greased. Also on a previous Tues I had, a shop mechanic applied some sort of extra washer to the mech which he reckoned sorted out the problem for good. I should have taken a photo of that fix but didn’t unfortunately.

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