Specialized Big Hit riders thread to elect the coolest Big Hit...

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Specialized Big Hit riders thread to elect the coolest Big Hit...
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Posted: May 21, 2021 at 9:16 Quote
mediocrityontwowheels wrote:
Sounds like a good idea. Save some money for a used fork in the meantime.

Update. A nice local fellow, marlon-d, messaged me yesterday to offer up what appear to be clean, gently used 2008 RockShox Domain 318 forks removed from, you guessed it, a 2008 Bighit...lol what are the chances?! Not sure where to leave feedback, but props to Marlon!

mrgonzo wrote:
Might be able to find a set of lowers on an old broken domain, or if you want to go down the rabbit hole you could find another older bike that has a workable fork and buy that then get into selling and swapping parts and building up bikes. If you have the space for it and the time you can make a little money especially if you live in a mountain bike town where there's a good inventory. I see old 26 frames selling for more than I would pay for the complete bike but people are buying them bless their hearts

All bicycles, and more properly all recreation equipment, seems to be in very high demand locally, and I suspect globally, as the people still working have more discretionary income due to travel restrictions. So I'm not surprised in the least that things you could barely give away in 2019 are enjoying a price bubble.

Grandos-MZFK wrote:
Getting a set of good old 888's on this frame might sound like the best decision out there. Finding an old Dorado or Domain DC would also be fine. Just make sure the fork does not make any 'extra' sounds and the stanchions are still usable and don't have any major dents/scratches. Some people believe that this is the best possible iteration of the Big Hit model, yet I personally fall for the latest revision of the previous generation.

Yeah, dual crowns would've been a nice touch, but unfortunately anything that met your suggested condition requirements fell into the category of my previous statement i.e. too spendy for my price objective with this two wheel unit.


I'll post again once the replacement forks are mounted.

Posted: May 24, 2021 at 17:09 Quote
So, I installed the forks, but the headset is giving me issues with back on forth slop on the top cup. I've installed these things before and think I did it correctly, but will tear it down again nonetheless to inspect bearing orientation, race placement, etc.

Edit: So it was a combination of two problems.

The first problem, the original top spacer didn't provide enough room between itself and the steer tube. So, the top cap wasn't able to clamp effectively and keep everything tight. I swapped to a taller space and that did the trick.

The second problem was I must've been distracted because both bearings were improperly oriented. So, when I tightened the top cap correctly whole thing seized up and I couldn't turn the bars easily.

I took everything apart, reoriented the bearings, used the new spacers, tightened up the top cap, tightened up the stem and now the headset works as expected - no slop, no grinding, just silky smoothness.

Next on the agenda, deal with the mushy front brake. It either needs to be drained, filled, and bled, or replaced due to a failing master cylinder.

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