Freecaster charging for World Cup coverage!

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Freecaster charging for World Cup coverage!
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Posted: Apr 22, 2010 at 8:59 Quote
SO what are your opinions on this?
I do realize that they are a company and need to make money but its still a bummer

Posted: Apr 22, 2010 at 13:29 Quote
Well, last year, here in canada we couldn't watch it because we are not in europe, and then they charge? WOW don't they have enough ads going on EVERYWHERE on the site?

Posted: Apr 22, 2010 at 14:23 Quote
This is a post from freecaster in an ongoing thread on ridemonkey.....

Thank you for all the posts, I'm sure more will come :-)

I'm certainly taking the constructive feedback on board. I'd also like you all to realise a few things:

-the LIVE video production is managed by the UCi and they do a great job with very little financial resources as there is not major sponsor in the sport
at Freecaster we don't have the resources to add cameras to the UCI production as we first have to cover the streaming costs

-we acquired rights first because we started the LIVE coverage of MTB racing and didn't want to be out the game, secondly because you can't have too many people in the market selling the same project to sponsors. By the way those rights are internet only and thus not TV. + there is no money to be made with MTB rights on TV, trust me on that one!

-besides costs for rights, travel, photos copyright and commentary, Freecaster also has to pay for the bandwidth. The more people watch and the longer they watch the higher the bill. Our success in 2009 cost us dearly as we had no sponsor

-we produced a DVD and I'd like to thank those who bought it as they put their money where their mouth is when it came to support us

-we have no choice but charge you the fans as there is no way we can offer for free something that is costing us hundreds of thousands EUR (yes it's a six figure sum)
had we secured more sponsors we would have remained free. We have been since 2004 ...

-we will work hard to offer paypal and season passes as well as a season bundle with the DVD

-we invested in developing a NEW video player that uses http streaming technology. This is new and very promising technology. Will it work under the pressure of 100,000 people all expecting the same stream at once, only a live event will tell. But we work with akamai who are the leaders in that field ...

-we remain very motivated and work very hard at providing you the best possible coverage of a sport we are passionate about

-maybe we should one day show you all who we are so that you realise that we are just 3 people like you with a tremendous passion for the sport, a belief in what we're set to do, too few sponsors and no investors

-be grateful to Scott for offering every one a free access this week-end. Use the opportunity to test the new set-up and see for yourself

-talk to the brands you know and convince them to follow Scott's lead, who knows maybe all races will remain free afterall

Please bear in mind that in the eyes of the big media houses: MTB is a niche sport with a tiny audience. If Freecaster can't generate revenues this year by charging a small fee or by finally securing enough sponsorship revenues, there will be no more LIVE coverage on the Internet for quite some time as no one will ever invest so much money for the fun of it.

Feel free to respond on the forum or email us anytime at


PS. Will, who manages the MTB channel, is at all races, so don't be shy, go up to him (usually he isn't far from Warner) and share your thoughts face to face. I hope I can make it to the worlds this year. I'll welcome critics or free beer, your call by then ;-)

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