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Gry rowerowe :) - May 14, 2008 at 0:57
mały slopik ... 8D rp ce sc d9 t3 e5 tv f6 us g6 105 h8 11g i4 138 j2 14q jn,14p jm 15p jr 16v k0 18d k4 19t k6 1bj k7 1db k8 1f3 k8 1gq k9,1gq k8 1uk k8,233 j1 24e id 25k hr 26s h4 282 ge,1uk k7 1vb k5 203 k2 20r jt 21i jm 22a je,234 j1 22j j9 224 jg,33u fa 3gc k7,3gd k7 3h6 kf 3i4 kl 3j7 kp 3k9 kr,3kb kr 3sh kt 48a ks 492 ks 49s kq 4ao kl 4bk kb 4cd ju 4d2 je 4dm iu 4ea i8 4eu hg 4fg gk 4g0 fk 4g6 fp 4fn gs 4f3 hv 4e8 iv 4d4 jv 4c3 kh 4b2 ks 497 ku,4g6 fp 4g3 ks 4av ku 4bh kn 4fk ki 4fp gl,4s4 9o 4sj ag 4t4 b9 4tq c5 4ug cu 4va dn,513 f1 520 fi 53f g7 555 gq,513 f0 4v9 dm,554 go 568 h2 57k h9 592 hd 5ao he 5cj ha 5ea h1 5fu gg 5hh fo 5is er 5k1 dt 5l0 ct 5m2 bn,660 aq 66o bg 67n c9 68s d3 6a4 dr 6bn em 6dm fi 6fm g8 6hn gm 6jn gv 6ln h3,6lm h3 7ce h8,95b 30v 955 31e,84c 1ih 8kl 21v,8kj 21v 8lb 22k,8la 22k 8m7 23a 8nb 241 8ou 24r 8r2 25m 8t4 26a 8vg 26s 91t 27e 947 27v,947 27u 95g 287 96u 28f 98c 28l 9a2 28r 9c3 28u,9mq 2c1 9np 2co 9os 2dn 9pg 2f2 9ph 2gh 9p8 2hv 9or 2j8 9oo 2ki 9ov 2lp 9p5 2n0 9om 2o9 9o7 2pm 9nt 2rn,at5 35m au5 36a,au8 369 avf 374 b0t 381,at4 35i ash 354 arp 34q ar4 34v ar8 35o aqj 36i apo 378 ap2 37q,aot 37r aot 38i ao6 39b an1 39h alt 39k aku 39e ak9 390 ajs 380 ais 376 ahn 36s age 36q af3 36t adu 37b ad5 385 adf 39a aef 3a9 afq 3at ahc 3b0 ain 3an ajq 3a9 ako 39m,ad6 38p ac4 39m aaj 3af a8g 3b2 a6p 3b1 a56 3al a3c 39o,a2s 38a a3g 36p a4m 35e a6i 34j a8f 34g aa6 34n ac3 358 adg 361 ado 375,ag9 3bd aef 3cb acm 3d3 aal 3dn a8i 3e0 a6q 3dq a5k 3d1 a5c 3bt a5v 3at,a4i 35a a3p 349 a2o 33b a1c 32i 9vs 32c 9u9 32k 9ss 33f 9s5 34s 9sb 36j 9tm 38c 9uv 39d a0r 39t a2i 39h,b6g 3be b7q 3c6 b9j 3d4 bb9 3dr bd9 3ej bf9 3fa bh7 3g0,b6g 3bg b0n 37v,bh5 3fu bi8 3g2 bjn 3g7 blc 3gb bmu 3ge bom 3gg bqm 3ge bsd 3g7 bu7 3fr c03 3f9 c24 3eh c47 3di c69 3ce c8a 3b7 ca8 3a1,cc4 38r cdv 37k,cfo 36e chg 359,e1q 3it e3l 3jm e5k 3kd e7n 3l0 e9u 3lg ebr 3lq,dmp 3bv e1p 3ir,dmn 3bt did 37s,ebp 3ls ecm 3lv edt 3m1 ef6 3m3 ege 3m5 ei0 3m7 ejd 3m7 ekr 3m5 emh 3lv eod 3lq eqe 3ld esg 3kj eu0 3jq evh 3ir f12 3ho f2i 3gi f43 3f7 f5j 3dq f6v 3ch f8a 3c6 f9i 3d1 fad 3ec fb0 3g4,ft8 36d gil 36n gje 36o gke 36o glg 36i gme 368 gne 35r gof 35d gpk 353 gqv 34t gsb 34q gtk 34s gur 353 h00 35e h10 35q h25 368 h3c 36i h4r 36p h65 36t h7i 36s h91 36n hah 36e hc4 365 hdo 35t hfd 35t hh3 363 hip 36d hkg 36q hm9 372 ho8 371 hq7 36p hs7 36e hu6 364 i06 35p i25 35e i45 354 i64 34q,ir8 3jf ish 3kl iu4 3m5 ivf 3nb j0r 3of j26 3pg j3j 3qd j59 3rc j77 3sc j9d 3t8 jbp 3tt jea 3ub jh1 3uk jjs 3uo jmo 3un jpf 3uj js2 3uc jug 3u1 k0r 3tk k33 3t4 k58 3sk,kqe 3tq l8v 41h,l8v 41j la3 41p lbf 41v lct 424 lec 42a lg6 429 lia 422,lib 422 lj9 420 lka 41r lll 41h lmq 414 lns 40j loo 3vv lph 3uv lq3 3tt lqh 3su,m7i 498 m7v 4ac m8g 4bh m98 4cs ma6 4e7 mbc 4fl mcv 4h1 meh 4hv mg9 4ir mi8 4jf mk8 4jq mm6 4jv mo2 4jt mps 4jm mrm 4jb mte 4ir mus 4in,-18 1s -19 1i,bo 1m bo 21 -19 1u,1i 1j 1i 1t,2i 1j 2i 1v,3a 1j 3a 1t,45 1l 45 1t,53 1u 53 1k,5v 1j 5v 1u,6q 1k 6q 1t,7h 1u 7h 1m,8b 1m 8b 1u,95 1l 95 1v,9q 1n 9r 1v,ai 1n ai 1v,b5 1n b5 20,-19 1q -19 1u,-19 1q -19 1m,15 1i -1a 1h,n 1h n 1t,2 1h 2 1t,-l 1i -l 1t,-19 1v -18 74,-p 1v -o 74,-18 73 a4 74,48 22 4a 72,4p 72 4n 21,ar 75 bl 7k c8 8a cm 9b d0 af df bk e9 ci f9 d6 ge ds hc ep i5 fo iv gs k0 i7 l9 j0 mj jd o3 jm pg jr qn ju rt k1 sv k3 u0 k8 v5 ke,18p k5 182 k5 178 k2 16a k0 15c jv 14f ju 13i ju 12l ju 11m k1 10p k5 101 kb v7 kd ug k7 tk k3,15 1h bo 1k,8b 1j 8b 1t,7h 1k 7h 1u,9q 1k 9r 1v,bn 22 bp 7o,b8 22 ba 7c,3r 20 -o 6p,-g 73 48 26,b7 6r 4u 1v,-17 24 -16 2i,-v 2b -v 2r,-15 2n -14 3e,-v 38 -v 3s,-14 49 -14 4g -14 54,-10 4l -10 4p -10 5a,-10 5u -10 63,-15 5j -15 5r,-12 6h -12 6r,-10 6c -10 6j,-v 45 -v 4a,3u 23 3r 27,3l 2f 3b 2q,33 33 2n 3d,29 3q 21 45,1d 4j 16 51,t 5d n 5h,f 5o a 60,-3 6d -b 6j,1r 4d 1l 4k,2j 3k 2e 3n,35 2r 31 2t,4d 27 4d 2m,4i 2n 4j 33,4d 33 4d 3h,4h 3j 4h 43,49 4g 49 4j,4a 4b 4a 4r 4l 4e,4i 4q 4i 57,4d 5c 4d 5r,4m 5r 4l 6a 4e 6a,4e 6j 4e 6s,bd 2b bd 2s,bh 2r bh 3b,bd 3b bd 3v,bh 3v bh 4u,ba 51 bd 5v,bk 5o bl 69,bh 6c bh 6r,bh 58 bh 5b,bh 72 bh 78,bd 70 bd 77,4j 6l 4j 6p,4v 28 5a 2b,55 2f 5d 2h,5q 2r 62 2u,5o 2v 60 34,6n 3j 71 3o,6a 3c 6d 3d,7h 4a 7n 4e,8f 4t 8t 55,83 4n 86 4n,8i 52 8r 59,9d 5r 9m 5t,9a 5h 9d 5j,a5 6c al 6o,ak 6h b1 6o,70 3s 79 42,aq 75 a5 74,aq 75 4q 2d,rl cd r9 cv,r9 ct ql d9 pv dt pk ep pb fk os gd o4 ha n9 i9 mg jd,287 gm 25v i2 233 jd 22c jo 20q k9 1ui k8,20p ka 28a k7 288 gm,27q gt 27r k6,283 ge 288 gl,21l jv 27q js,27p in 26k jq,27o j5 26u ju,26e hp 26e js,25r i5 25s jt,246 iv 246 js,23m j5 23m js,3k7 ks 289 k8,27v h0 27t he,283 he 283 hm,27u hs 27u i7,281 i4 281 ib,284 im 284 j1,27u in 27v j1,283 jb 283 jo,281 jc 281 ji,287 ja 287 jm,27u jq 27u k0,283 jt 283 k0,285 h0 285 h6,260 i8 260 ij,26a ic 26a il,264 in 264 j2,260 j5 260 jc,268 j8 268 jh,27k j2 27f j4,276 jc 275 jg,27b ja 279 jd,26u jk 26t jo,23q ja 23q jf,242 j9 242 jh,23u je 23u jk,220 k3 22e k5,22o k3 235 k4,23b k6 23i k7,23j k1 240 k1,244 k3 24a k3,24m k2 253 k3,24u k3 257 k3,25u k3 269 k3,25j k1 25q k1,26s k4 273 k4,27c k1 27p k2,1vs k5 20a k5 20s k4,214 jt 21d jq,20t ju 218 jv,21j jr 221 jo,22k jd 232 j7,22d jf 22g je,23d j2 23v it,24d ig 243 ij,248 ij 245 io,24r ib 24l if,254 ia 250 ic,25f i0 256 i4,25s hv 25l i4,266 hk 260 hl,25r hp 25n hr,26h he 26c hj,270 h5 26q h9,26r h9 26q hd,27b h0 271 h6,27i gs 27e gu,333 fc 32k g0 32d gr 320 hk 319 i4 30g in 2vs jb 2v9 js 2uo ka,33s f9 33c f7 32u fg,4fj kh 4g2 kh,4fk jc 4em kh,4fk iv 4e8 kh,4e5 j4 4e0 kh 4eg io 4ea ke,4cn k7 4cn kj,4d1 k1 4d1 ki,4fu gp 4fu gs,4g1 hd 4ft i1 4ft ia 4fs it 4g0 j0,4g0 jf 4fs jg 4fs jv 4g0 k3,4fp ju 4fp k9,4ft hd 4ft hj,4fv gr 4fv h6,4g3 gi 4g3 gr,4g0 ib 4g1 ij,4fs j6 4fs j9,4cu ka 4cu kf,4cs k9 4cs kd,4bn kh 4c1 ke,4c4 k8 4cg k3,4co jv 4cu jq,4d0 jl 4da jg,4da jk 4dk jc,4dk j8 4ds j0,4e3 is 4ec il,4ec ii 4ef ie,4ei i9 4ej i3,4ej i2 4es hu,4er i1 4f2 hr,4f3 hk 4f8 he,4fa h6 4fe gv,4fs g5 4g0 fs,4fr g6 4fn gf,4bb kg 4bd kd,4b2 kn 4b8 ko,4aj kn 4ar kn,4cc kp 4cm kp,4cu kp 4d6 kp,4da kr 4dh kq,4dj kn 4dt kn,4du kr 4e4 kr,4e8 km 4eh km,4el ko 4et ko,4f8 ko 4fg ko,4fg j9 4f7 jj,4f3 jo 4f0 jt,4es k1 4er k4,4ek ka 4ef kf,4c2 kp 4bt kp,4bo ku 4bg ks,4s4 9l 4rj a4 4up ea 51v gc 558 hg 58a i1 5c3 i6 5fq hg 5ib g0 5kt dt 5me c5 5m2 bm,4rs ak 4rs kh,4g3 kr 5t5 kp,5lo d4 5lq kp,5ks e2 5kv kp,5fi hn 5fl kr,4sf bb 4si kp,4rs kg 4rs kn,51m ga 51o kq,529 gh 52d ks,57k hu 57k kp,589 i2 588 kq,5ep hr 5es kp,4s3 bc 4s3 bl,4s7 bl 4s7 c0,4s6 d5 4s6 dc,4s6 cf 4s6 cq,4s3 e1 4s6 et,4sa e2 4sa ea,4s9 fa 4s9 fv,4s3 ff 4s3 fp,4s3 gk 4s3 h0,4sb gn 4sb h1,4s7 hv 4s8 ie,4s2 i1 4s1 i9,4s2 j5 4s3 ju,4sb jb 4sb js,4sb k9 4sg kh,51r gm 51r gp,524 gn 524 hb,51s hd 51s hm,528 i0 528 ie,51u ib 51u io,523 is 523 j6,521 jl 521 ju,526 jt 526 ka,520 ka 520 ke,57p ic 57p in,57v ij 57v j2,57n jn 57n k4,582 jk 582 k1,57u k4 57u ke,5eu i6 5eu il,5f9 i7 5f9 il,5ev j2 5f3 ji,5fb ja 5fb jo,5f4 k1 5f4 kc,5fg k4 5fg kg,5l2 e9 5l2 eh,5lh e6 5li f1,5l3 ev 5l2 fh,5lf fa 5lf g5,5l7 g7 5l7 gi,5lk gi 5lk gs,5l8 h1 5l8 hf,5lj hf 5li ht,5la hv 5l6 ic,5l8 ig 5l9 j1,5lh iq 5lh je,5lk jd 5lk k1,5lg jm 5l9 k5,5l7 k9 5lc kf,5lf ce 5lo cp,5kn d8 5l0 dl,5jq e4 5k3 eg,5iu er 5j7 f6,5i8 fa 5if fp,5h6 fu 5hg ge,5g5 gb 5ge h1,5eu gq 5f4 hk,5di h7 5dm hq,5c4 hd 5c6 i5,5aq hg 5aq i1,59o he 59n i1,58i hd 58g i0,57f h9 57b hq,56d h4 56a hk,55b gr 557 he,54b gi 546 h3,537 g5 530 gl,527 fo 51r gb,51b f8 510 fn,50h el 505 f4,4vj e0 4v8 ei,4uv de 4uj dv,4uc cq 4tu d9,4tl c0 4t9 ca,4t2 b8 4sn bi,4sh af 4s5 ap,5t4 kq 5u0 kq 5us kv 5vn lb 60q lr 61u m7 639 mm 64o nb 66e nv 687 om 69p pl 6b3 qo 6cf rp 6ec sl 6g0 t6 6hp ti 6jm tr 6ll tu 6ne u3 6p2 ui 6qj va 6s9 103 6ud 10o 70o 118 732 11j 757 11l 779 11i 79g 11j 7bs 11q 7eb 124 7gk 12l 7ip 13i 7kr 14h 7ms 15f,7vg 1aj 801 1bg 80b 1cj 80k 1dn,81k 1ft 82b 1gn 832 1hc 83n 1hu 84a 1ig,661 aq 65i bh 686 df 6au f3 6fo gu,65o bm 664 gu,66g c7 66t gn,66p f0 69g gp,66o e1 6ag gp,6ao f1 6ap gq,6bh fe 6bh gp,65r c0 65r c8,662 c3 662 ck,66a cf 66b d5,662 dk 663 e5,66a ds 66a ee,667 eq 66a fd,66j f3 66j fu,66b fs 66b ge,66l g8 66o gg,67j h6 680 h6 68d h6,6b7 h6 6c1 h6,6er h6 6f8 h6,6fl h7 6g2 h7 6h9 h7 6if h7,6is h7 6j9 h7,6jm h7 6k3 h7,6kg h7 6la h7,6n1 hb 6nf hb,6oc hg 6os hg,6pc hg 6pr hg,6qb hg 6qp hg,6qq hg 6rc hc 6rt hc,6rv hc 6sb hc 6so hh,6t5 hj 6ti hk,6tl hk 6u3 hj,6v1 hj 6ve hj,6vf hj 6vs hj,70a hj 71i hj,73p hj 74j hj 751 hj,75f hj 75t hj,76d hj 76s hj,76u hj 77d hj,78b hk 78r hl,79b hl 79q hl,7aa hl 7b6 hl 7bj hl,664 gr 65n h7 65i hp 65e if 65h j2 65p jh,65i jb 664 jp 66p jr 67a jb,667 he 65p hs,65u j3 66j j8,66c i3 666 ih 66g is 66i ic 668 i1,66c jr 7cg js,7cf h7 7ct hm 7d4 i8,7d4 i6 7d4 io 7cv jc 7cm js,7cf js 7cn js,69e gp 69j gr,6ae go 6aj gr,6ao gq 6ao gu 6bg gn,6bg gq 6bg gu,66m hh 66q i5 66r iq 66g jb,65o hq 65o if 65s j4,66m h4 670 hl 677 ia 679 iv 675 ji,664 gs 6ja gv,66l hh 666 he,66l h4 666 gv,685 hs 6a9 i4,689 ig 697 ii,67v j2 69h ja,6b5 i0 6cr i0,6bb j0 6dh ja,6ep ii 6hh ii,6f7 j4 6hv ja,6hd hs 6ij hq,6dv i4 6fb i8,6e3 hk 6fh hk,6nf io 6op io,6kv im 6lp im,6k1 j0 6kn j4,6jh hs 6kv i2,6lr i8 6nl i8,6pl im 6ql im,6pv j2 6r9 j8,6rn ic 6sv ie,6sj iu 6uh j2,6vn ii 71b ii,70d j2 70p j6,6u1 i8 6un i8,6mn j4 6n3 j4,6o3 j8 6p3 ja,73p i4 74h i4,72p ie 73h ig,729 iu 72t j0,73h j4 75d jc,753 io 76p io,76f i8 76v i8,77d io 787 io,775 j6 77v ja,783 ia 78h ia,78h io 79f io,791 j6 79n j6,79v ig 7ah ic,7af iu 7bb j0,7an i4 7c3 i6,7c1 iu 7bj j0,71l ie 70f ie,71n hu 713 hu,6pl i2 6oj i2,6k3 ii 6h7 ik,6dd ig 6dj ig,6df ig 6cl ig,6d9 hk 6ch hk,67h i6 683 i6,6ab iu 6av iu,66u ev 67l f4,66q ei 67d em,67n fa 67v ff,682 fb 68j fh,68f fo 68k fr,68q fr 694 g0,697 g7 69b ga,69r go 69u gp,6av fh 6av fv,6b7 fn 6b7 fs,6b0 g5 6b0 ga,6b5 g9 6b5 ge,6b9 gd 6b9 gg,670 bn 66k c8,681 ch 67l d3,698 dd 68u dr,6aa e2 6a3 eh,6bh el 6b9 f5,6cn f5 6ch fl,6do fk 6dj g2,6f2 g2 6et gi,6gf gd 6ga gr,9bv 290 9cj 29a 9ct 2a1 9dd 2am 9e1 2b4 9er 2bc 9fl 2bh 9gf 2bs 9hd 2c2 9if 2c4 9jf 2c4 9kf 2c3 9ld 2c3 9m6 2c2 9mt 2c6,al 99 8d c8,91 8s 66 c0,64 9f 4c b9,4c 8q 1a bu,12 8g -19 am,-1h 8o -4h ci,-3q 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3sm,ivr 3rr iut 3sa,iur 3s0 ito 3sh,isn 3r4 iqr 3rc,iqp 3r9 iq7 3s2,iq2 3q4 iov 3qo,ioq 3pl iog 3q9,ioo 3p3 ipm 3ou ira 3qv,kqs 40a ks4 423,krl 3uv kst 41d,ktk 40c kuu 42q,l01 40u l19 43j,l1r 41p l3a 43v,l4n 42s l64 449,l75 434 l83 455,l98 43e l9v 45a,lav 43l lcr 455,le6 43l lf6 455,lg2 43v li8 449,lke 431 lkt 447,llr 43t lmp 44j,lhr 43o ljb 455,ljv 436 ll7 44r,lnp 434 lpq 44h,lqt 43g lrp 444,lrc 40d lrf 415,lrj 412 lsi 419 lrq 41h,lrq 41h lrg 41l,lrr 41h lr7 41k,r0 g3 r3 gf,rj g4 r1 gr,qq ge r0 h0,ud ia u8 ij,v4 ih v2 io,u7 hr uq io,s0 ef rk fg,qg hq qf i7,vo if vl j1#

Gry rowerowe :) - May 7, 2008 at 2:15
NUDNY PORAANEK :p -18 1i 18 1i,f1 4c fk 4j g2 53 gk 5k hh 60 ig 67 jg 6b kf 6d l8 6r lp 7e mg 7t nb 7o o1 7d oc 7v p7 8i qe 8v rm 95 t1 9i u7 a8 us b2 vt bo 116 c5 12m c9 146 cl 15j dl 16u er 18i fj 1ab g4 1c5 gm 1du h7 1f4 hh,1f2 hf 1t5 ht,1er hh 1fn jn,1fp js 1gd kh 1ha l3 1i9 lo 1j2 mj 1jq ni 1kt oo 1m4 po 1nr qm 1pi rg 1r5 ru 1so s2 1uf se 209 td 223 uj 23g vk 24u 10p 26c 11u 27s 134 29e 14b 2b2 15i 2ck 16p 2e7 180 2fp 198 2hb 1af 2it 1bn 2ke 1cv 2lv 1e7 2ng 1ff 2ov 1gm,2ot 1gj 2t1 1i5,2t1 1i3 2to 1ia 2ul 1if 2vn 1ij 30r 1im 323 1io 33i 1iq 353 1is 36n 1it 381 1iu 39c 1iu 3av 1is 3cc 1io 3dq 1ik 3f9 1if,3fc 1ic 3gc 1i9 3hg 1i1 3in 1hp 3js 1hh 3l5 1h7 3mj 1gr 3o0 1ge,4h5 1ji 545 1qg,543 1qe 54r 1qi 55s 1qm 570 1qo 585 1qq 59g 1qs 5b0 1r2,5b1 1r0 5bs 1r2 5cu 1r3 5dv 1r4,5fm 1r5 5fm 1r0,5fl 1qu 5fq 1qu,5fq 1r5 5fu 1r5 5fu 1r0 5g4 1r1 5g4 1r4 5g9 1r4 5g9 1r1 5ge 1r0 5ge 1r4 5gi 1r5 5gi 1r0 5go 1r0 5gn 1r4 5gs 1r4 5gs 1r0 5h1 1r0 5h1 1r4 5h5 1r4 5h5 1r0 5hb 1r0 5ha 1r4,5ha 1r5 5he 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Gry rowerowe :) - May 3, 2008 at 0:44
Taka plansza z samego rana ;) -18 1i 18 1i,-39 1j 49 1h 47 28 -39 27,-39 1f -37 27,3b 2a -29 77,41 2a -2j 85,9 9t -j 9o -1d 9h -29 9n -2p 90 -2m 85 -2d 75 -2j 5v -38 51 -3s 3v -43 2u -3t 1r -3m q -3o -b -3t -1j -46 -31 -4h -4c -50 -5m -5o -73 -6l -8i -7i -a4 -8g -br -9g -dk -ak -ff -bf -gs -cb -i9 -da -ji -ep -kt -ga -m2 -hp -md -j4 -ls -k2 -ks -ku -jr -m4 -im -n9 -hi -oj -gb,-d5 -5 -8a 39,-al 12 -bg 36,-ab -4a -9f -p,-aj -3o -dp -34,-ef -5l -d5 -39,-hj -42 -eq -1s,-b6 5j -cr 6d,-6e 6p -95 9c,-9q 7l -61 ac,-br -9f -f8 -89,-ht -a1 -bc -5l,-fn -be -ki -3j,-lh -b6 -ht -95,-gt -cb -jl -bq,-l2 -dh -g2 -bt,-d2 -ad -c0 -74,-9p -5l -9n -4f,-9l -4h -c5 -4r,-d3 -6q -aq -2o,-8c -1g -7u 25,-7p 2s -6q 4e,-5t 34 -8k 42,-l9 r -h2 20,-ek 1p -f4 3d,-hm 13 -g9 25,4 9q 12 a2 23 9v 37 9s 4a a6 5b ai 6c al 7b aj 8e am 98 at aa b6 b9 c0 cf d3 dh e3 el f6 fu g9 ha hd io ij,ip ij jc j5 k0 jm kl k8 lb kq m5 lc n3 ls o4 m8 p5 mk qe n0 rp nb t4 nn un o3 10j oc 12j oh 14o oh 16c og 181 od 19m o6 1bb no 1ct n3 1ef 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Gry rowerowe :) - May 2, 2008 at 13:54
Pojedz to. 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-b2v u1,O -b3c u1,O -b3c u1,O -b3c u1,O -b2g u4,O -b4g ri,O -b4g ri,O -b47 ro,O -b3u rs,O -b3f rl,O -b39 rl,O -b39 rl,O -b2p rl,O -b27 ro,O -b4j ou,O -b41 oc,O -b41 oc,O -b4m oi,O -b4g ol,O -b47 ol,O -b3o oo,O -b3l oo,O -b3f oo,O -b3c oo,O -b32 oo,O -b2v oo,O -b2s oo,O -b2m oo,O -b08 ou,O -b08 ou,O -b08 ou,O -b08 p4,O -b0e pp,O -b0e pp,O -b0e pp,O -b08 q8,O -b0n qb,O -b0n qb,O -b0h qh,O -b0h r0,O -b0h r3,O -b0n rf,O -b0n ri,O -b0n s8,O -b0n s8,O -b0t se,O -b0t sq,O -b13 st,O -b13 tc,O -b13 tf,O -b13 tr,O -b08 ou,O -b08 ou,O -b02 pj,O -avp qh,O -avm qn,O -avg r0,O -avg rc,O -avc rs,O -av6 s8,O -av6 sh,O -av0 sq,O -aut t0,O -auq t6,O -auq t6,O -aun to,O -aun to,O -auk to,O -ats q2,O -ats q2,O -au8 qk,O -au8 r0,O -au5 ri,O -au5 sb,O -au2 t6,O -au2 tf,O -au2 tf,O -au2 tl,O -au2 t0,O -au8 se,O -au8 s2,O -art pg,O -as3 pm,O -as9 pm,O -as3 ps,O -as0 pv,O -as0 qb,O -as0 qn,O -as0 r3,O -as0 r6,O -as0 s2,O -as0 sk,O -as0 sk,O -art sq,O -art t6,O -art tf,O -art tf,O -art ti,O -as3 ro,O -as3 ro,O 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Gry rowerowe :) - May 1, 2008 at 13:18
efekt zwalonego popoludnia:D-18 1i 18 1i,18 1h 2p 1n 3s 1m 57 1s 60 20 75 1u 86 23 9o 28 b2 25 b8 25 b5 2i bi 2p bm 36 bu 36 cs 44 d3 44,d4 44 dd 49 dv 49 e9 4j fc 52 ft 5h g2 68 gm 68 gu 68 hb 6n,hd 6n i1 6n i4 6s il 73 je 82 k6 8m km 8p l7 91 lk 98 m0 9d,m7 9d mi 9d,mr 9g ng 9q,nk 9s o1 a1,o3 a1 pe ae q5 aq qm av,qr b1 rd b4,ri b6 rp b6,rn b5 so b7,sp b7 tk bq uj bu,ul bu vf ca 105 ca,10f cc 10p cj 11o cs,11p cp 139 cs,13o cu 152 dn 168 dv,16d dv 16n e4 17b ee,17d eg 181 eq,18o f4 197 f4,17s et 1ah f2 1au fe 1c3 fm,1cb fo 1ci ft 1cl g5,1cs gh 1d4 h5 1dv hp 1fh k2 1ff kr,1ff kt 1fc lh 1f2 m5 1er mf 1em mu,1em n1 1ej nb,1em nd 1f0 nn 1g0 ob 1g0 oe,1g0 ol 1ga p9 1i1 pt,1ie q0 1lk qc 1mg qf,1mv qf 1ot q5,1p7 qf 1pf qp,1pr qu 1rb r3,1rb r0 1ri qf 1rg q2,1r8 pm 1qf pc,1q8 pe 1pr pr 1ph qh,1p2 q7 1om p9 1nb p4 1mg pt,1mg q2 1md q5,1m8 q7 1m6 pc,1m6 p7 1n4 o9,1nb o9 1nj o9,1ng oo 1ng p2,1nl p4 1oc og 1ot oe 1pu ol 1pp ph,1ls oe 1l3 og 1k0 pm 1k0 pr,1ln p7 1ln pe,1la ol 1m1 p4,1c8 fo 1kj ft 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Gry rowerowe :) - May 1, 2008 at 9:22
-18 1i 18 1i pk 1i qa 1i r0 1h rl 1a,rq 18 sf s t2 f tm -1 u6 -j uk -19 v2 -21 vd -2r vl -3l vq -4f,13n -10 146 -4 151 l 162 16 17d 1p 18v 26,18u 26 19m 26 1ae 26 1b8 26 1c2 26 1cr 22 1dl 1o 1eb 19,13k -u 12o -12 11s -14 116 -15,114 -18 10m -1o 10f -2b 10b -2v 104 -3g vv -40 vt -4f,11o -18 11b -1j 116 -23 11i -2g,11e -2g 11t -2g,122 -2g 11o -32 11m -3l 11v -46 12j -4a 12v -3q 134 -37 12u -2k,13a -26 13k -1o 137 -1d 12n -16,12c -1i 11u -1a,12c -1i 12p -17,13a -26 130 -2g 12m -2g 130 -2q,11o -3o 130 -3o,12c -4c 12c -42,1ei 18 1f3 u 1fo f 1gc -3 1gt -t 1h9 -1t,1os -u 1o3 -u 1n7 -m 1me -4 1ll h 1kq 15 1k1 1r 1j8 2p 1ie 45 1hs 5i 1hq 71 1io 87 1k3 8t 1l4 9d,1l4 9d 1k8 b0 1ia c1 1gp cs 1fv ea 1ha fl 1iu gf 1kj gt 1m2 h3 1n5 gu 1nl g3 1oi en 1qk dr 1s8 dg 1td e8 1u2 fk 1vr gh 220 go 23j g2 24r ek 25i d2 24u bm 23o ap 21u 9u 20d 98 1ut 8h 1tg 7l 1s5 6a 1rn 4o 1s1 37 1rt 1l 1q5 i 1o6 -6,1le 68 1n1 63 1od 5s 1pj 5e 1q7 4k,1n0 1s 1mk 2f,1na 1s 1mo 2b 1nd 2v 1o7 2v 1oa 27 1nk 1q,1os a0 1p5 aj,1p6 ak 1ov bd 1pi c6 1qh cb 1ri c6 1s7 bj 1s3 am 1rc 9s 1qp 96,1pq bi 1qk b5 1r8 aq,1qo b8 1r2 bn,1os a0 1o7 a0 1nr 9g 1od 93 1p2 8v,1pq 9c 1pv 8k 1qk 85 1ra 7v 1ri 8h 1r1 8t,1pq 9c 1pa 96,1fg de 1f9 f9 1f3 h3 1et il 1ej kb 1dt m8 1d1 no 1bu p9 1ak qo 194 s7 17f tg 15m ui 13s vd 123 102 10d 10e uq 10j,uu 10g ts 108 sm vt rh vg qe uu pd u6 oj td nr si n0 ri lr qa kq p4 jn nr im md hm kr gs j6 gh he,fu hg fu ih fu jr fu l9 fk mu es or e9 qc do s0 d6 to cd vb bf 10p ab 121 93 135 7m 142 5m 14l 3g 14n 1p 14e 0 13t -1d 136 -2k 11u,60 1c1 6v 1cb 84 1ci,9j 1a5 8n 1ar 81 1bs,-4i 1bs -40 1d0 -2r 1db,-l6 10e -qb 19s,-qf 19p -rc 1a8 -sa 1ai -tj 1b0 -v0 1bg -10m 1c1 -12m 1cc -14s 1cj -16f 1cj -18k 1cf -1a8 1ca,-1a7 1c6 -1as 1bv -1bi 1be -1c9 1ap -1d4 1ab -1e4 1af -1f0 1au -1fr 1be -1gs 1bm -1i5 1bc -1jj 1al -1kt 1a0 -1mf 19p -1o7 1a4 -1q4 1aq -1s4 1b9 -1u9 1at -1vt 1ad -21j 19t -23f 19n -25g 19s -27l 1a7 -29q 1ak -2c1 1aq -2e7 1ah -2gb 1a1 -2if 19c -2km 18q -2n5 18o -2pp 194,-323 1eq -33a 1gb -34f 1hr -35g 1j3 -36c 1k6 -37a 1la -38b 1mh -398 1nm -3a5 1ou -3b2 1q7 -3ce 1rd -3dv 1s4 -3fn 1sk -3hj 1t0 -3ji 1t9 -3lj 1te -3nk 1te -3pk 1ta -3rj 1t2 -3tf 1sl -3v0 1s4 -40m 1r9 -41p 1qb -42b 1p9 -42i 1o6,-43k 20b -43h 21k -43g 22v -43h 24a -43j 25p -43m 278 -43q 28u -441 2ar -44a 2cs -44l 2f1 -452 2gm -45p 2ic -46n 2k0 -47s 2lf -49b 2mj -4b6 2mu -4da 2md -4fd 2lh -4hf 2kh -4jf 2jf -4ld 2ia -4n8 2h3 -4p1 2fq -4qp 2ej,-586 2fo -58q 2gd -59i 2h0 -5ag 2hf -5br 2hs -5da 2i5 -5ep 2ie -5gg 2if -5ib 2i9 -5jv 2hl -5l7 2gg -5m2 2f9 -5md 2dt -5m8 2cm -5lr 2bk,-5o5 2al -5nr 2bf -5nm 2cf -5ni 2dr -5ni 2f6 -5nq 2gi -5oe 2i0 -5pc 2j4 -5qq 2jv -5sf 2kh -5u7 2km -5vv 2kc -61m 2jq -63c 2j3 -650 2i7 -66c 2h6 -67b 2g1 -67m 2el -677 2dd -666 2ca -64p 2b2 -636 29m -61q 28k -60b 27l -5uq 26q -5td 266 -5s6 256 -5ro 23m -5rm 21p -5rt 1vk -5s5 1tr -5sg 1ru -5sp 1pv -5ss 1nr -5sl 1lk -5s4 1jb -5rb 1h1 -5q6 1eo -5om 1cf -5mp 1aa -5kh 188 -5i2 16d -5fg 14r -5ct 13j -5ac 12q -581 12b -55v 128 -54e 12o -537 146 -52k 164 -525 187 -51u 19s -51q 1bi -51p 1da -521 1f3 -52g 1gt -531 1in -53j 1kh,-53h 1kh -543 1lf -54k 1mj -558 1nn -561 1p2 -56q 1q8 -57n 1rj -58n 1t8 -59k 1v6 -5a0 20m -59m 226 -58t 23b -57i 24c -565 25a -54r 26d,-54t 267 -54b 274,-1df 184 -1e3 17u -1en 17j -1f6 172 -1ff 16e -1fi 15e,-1dh 183 -1cr 17o -1ca 175 -1bv 16c -1bv 15f -1c5 14k -1cf 13o,-1fi 15d -1fd 14o -1f6 144,-1f4 13t -1fn 13l,-1ch 13o -1bv 13e -1bj 12t -1bg 125 -1bu 11h -1ck 117 -1da 11c,-1d8 11b -1dg 11r -1e0 11f -1eh 111 -1fa 10u -1fs 11b -1g7 121 -1g6 12q -1fr 13d,-1dg 11q -1dm 12b,-1eu 17b -1e3 17d -1db 17f -1co 17h,-1dj 17j -1dl 183,-1ma 17l -1ms 17d,-1ma 17i -1lm 17h -1l3 179 -1kq 16k -1l0 15u -1lb 159 -1ll 14k,-1lm 14k -1l2 14j -1kd 14j -1k7 13r -1kf 135 -1ku 12i -1lj 126 -1ma 126 -1mo 12p -1mj 13f -1n8 133 -1np 12i -1oi 12c -1p7 12o -1pb 13g -1ou 144 -1oe 14b -1nq 14d -1nc 14v -1nf 15m -1ni 16m,-1mt 17c -1nc 172,-1nj 16l -1na 173 -1md 173 -1ll 16v,-1kv 16t -1li 16t,-1m4 170 -1m1 17g,-24r 17f -25g 16v -25v 168 -260 152 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2g1,-656 2fu -65v 2fp,-64v 2fd -625 2d9 -61h 2d9,-60g 2dc -5vl 2dc -633 2f3 -606 2g1 -5rq 2gn -5qg 2i7 -5se 2i2 -61r 2hb,-60t 2hb -5ud 2i7 -60j 2h4,-64i 2f0 -66o 2io,-63i 2hg -648 2jk,-60g 2h1 -5uu 2jf,-5t2 2ih -5ui 2ln,-5rv 2ki -5ql 2k0,-5qi 2im -5tc 2ka,-5tc 2ir -62c 2ka,-61e 2it -63n 2ju,-612 2i7 -654 2jp,-63n 2ij -669 2jf,-643 2i2 -66m 2ho,-648 2gq -68p 2fk,-66t 2fk -680 2f8,-659 2fa -69d 2ea,-66e 2dr -65g 2d7,-63n 2ct -688 2c1,-64v 2c1 -68f 2bd,-646 2bd -65l 2au,-62m 2ap -66h 2a3,-61t 29c -630 29f,-606 29h -62f 297,-60e 297 -659 29p,-60q 29u -651 2a5,-5vl 2au -646 2b3,-60o 2bi -62c 2bi -60o 2bq -614 2e0,-5uk 2do -60q 2e2 -64n 2ep,-60b 2e5 -614 2fi -61e 2g3,-5ui 2eu -5up 2hj,-5tf 2h6 -5t7 2gq -5s4 2io,-5s7 2gn -5r4 2ju,-5r4 2j7 -5qb 2jr,-5jh 2ea -5lb 2ht,-5lb 2gq -5m4 2ic,-5k0 2gl -5ki 2j5,-5hv 2gq -5ic 2jp,-5gs 2hq -5fd 2i9 -5dt 2j5,-5dj 2hb -5dr 2h9,-5do 2fu -5e0 2eu,-5e2 2eu -5fs 2ie,-5ef 2g8 -5gv 2io,-5f3 2fd -5j5 2j0,-5gg 2fp -5i2 2gb,-5hb 2dt -5j2 2f0,-5hv 2cq -5ml 2fa,-5ls 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9a t1 9h,t7 9h u9 9j,ul 9j vd 9f,vg 9d 105 91,106 8v 10m 8k,10p 8k 11j 8s 123 92,125 92 12q 8m 13a 8c 14a 8q,14a 8r 14u 8u,152 8u 160 8d,105 8c 10j 8c,10k 8c 11s 8h,11t 8h 12r 89,12u 88 142 8c 14o 8j,14s 8j 187 81,so 84 s9 8b sk 8d so 84,rt 8v sr 8q s5 98,uj 9j u9 9j,u0 7p sp 7s,-hs 10b -hi 151,-fk 11f -j2 13p,-gd 13a -jt 15v,-he 15r -ht 173,-fs 10t -it 10r,-5hl 28t -5hl 2a0,-5hl 28t -5gq 28t,-5hg 292 -5h4 294,-5gb 28q -5gb 29t,-5fi 2a2 -5fi 28o -5eu 2a0 -5er 28o,-5ec 292 -5ec 2a2,-5de 28v -5e0 294 -5dc 29j -5e0 29r,-5ct 292 -5ct 29m,-5bs 28v -5bs 29r,-5cl 29c -5bi 29c# noowa traska

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