10 days left to win the 'Ride Giant. Ride Whistler' contest!

Jun 8, 2012 at 0:08
Jun 8, 2012
by Giant Bicycles  
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10 days left to win the “Ride Giant. Ride Whistler” contest!

Wow, more than 50 awesome videos have been posted so far! Tons of great stuff rolling in for the “Ride Giant. Ride Whistler” video contest, it’s great to see all the different stories from different parts of the world.

If you’ve submitted your video already, best of luck. And if you haven’t, you still have 10 days to go. Go get cranking if you want to go to Crankworx!

Danny Hart s Worlds Bike

There are too many awesome videos to narrow down the field—we’ll leave that to our expert judges in a few weeks—but here are a couple of examples that definitely capture the spirit of the contest:

Views: 13,765    Faves: 208    Comments: 18

We love how “chajcu” captures his ride life and shows us some super-sick trail riding in his world too! Great story there, definitely inspiring.

Views: 6,435    Faves: 52    Comments: 10

Another good example comes from “mxer83” in the Pacific Northwest of America. Makes us want to go ride those trails up there!

Remember, this contest is to win a sweet Giant Glory bike, along with that trip to Whistler, but that doesn’t mean you have to be riding a Giant bike in your video. Whatever trails you ride, and whatever bike you ride, show us your world—the people, places and things that make it matter—and you’re in.

Once again, here are the guidelines (see the official contest page here):

- Video should be less than 150 seconds long.
- You can post videos directly to Pinkbike. Go to the Pinkbike/video page and upload your submission into the “Ride Giant. Ride Whistler” contest category.
- The contest goes through June 18.
- 20 finalists will be selected on June 25, and our celebrity judges—urban freeride legend Jeff Lenosky and filmmaker Clay Porter—will then pick the winner.
- If you live outside Canada, you’ll need a valid passport to enter the contest.
- And you have to be 18 or older to win.
Giant Glory frame

The grand prize is a brand new Giant Glory frame plus a free trip for you and a friend to Whistler, British Columbia, for the world-famous Crankworx event, August 16-20. We’ll cover airfare, accommodations, lift tickets and free Giant bikes to ride at the most amazing bike park on the planet. Plus parties and hanging out with the Giant Factory Off-Road Team.

Good luck!
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  • + 28
 Coincidentally, I want a Glory frame AND to go to Whistler! Time to go throw myself off a mountain!
  • + 14
 I want a Glory frame, but im lucky enough to live in Whistler anyway.
  • + 1
 So Jelous Frown
  • + 7
 www.pinkbike.com/video/261369 in my opinion this guy should win, I mean look at the video, I have no words to describe it really... and for the rider go on dude hope you win!!!!
  • + 2
im just going to post the link again
this guy SHREDS
if he doesnt win the contest im going to be PISSED
oh, and this deserves VOD too
  • + 6
 the second video is pointless ,he's already got a giant glory and he doesnt need to go whistler he has some sick trails already
  • + 6
 Agreed, not to mention the music sucks soooo bad...and I'm stoned right now.
  • + 3
 I wish i could win this contest my dream is to go whistler and Dannys my idol so Glorys are my favorite bikes. I started making my entry for this video and gave up there's to much inspiration and i have to much love for this sport that i couldn't think of a video to sum it all up that didn't go over the 150 second limit. I was still thinking of something for my entry but now i see you have to be 18 to win anyways Frown that sucks ! good luck to everyone who enters and i will be so jealous of the winner, if your 18 or older you would have to be stupid to not enter this contest, hopefully you have a better imagination than i do !
  • + 3
 What? we must be more than 18 to win? this rule isn't in the guideline page and I planned a lot and now you're telling me that i must be more than 18? If the problem is for getting o whistler, If I win I don't need to come to whistler I just want the frame. Shame on you. I made half of my video!
  • + 1
 I'll be waiting for your answer. I'm jus 17 and reading this new rule was really hard for me. because I planned for GLORY! his rule wasn't in any of last blogs about this contest.
  • + 0
 I read some comments and I found out you said if our parents can take a seat there will be no problem! is it ok? My parents can come with me but they can't ride GRAVITY in whistler Big Grin maybe they can hang out in shops Smile
  • + 3
 yeah!!!!!!!! in the first rules it didnt say you had to be 18!!!! wtf???
way to throw that on us at the last minute!!!!!!!!!!
  • + 1
 Sigh... I need to ride more. My skill level isn't even at a point where it's worth trying this contest. Those jumps sure do look scary to me! Haha! I hope there will be more contests like this one in the future, when I'm actually at a skill level to appreciate such an awesome frame and not die at Whistler. Oh well, let bygones be bygones. Hope the Supermarket bike rider wins! He seems to need the bike more than anyone else entering the contest and has the skill to really shred on that thing! (www.pinkbike.com/video/261369 for those who didn't see the link already posted).
  • + 3
 yea, give the giant glory to someone who already has one and lives in whistler Wink
  • + 4
 have to be 18 to win?!?! This Sucks!
  • - 1
 if i win, i would like to get the giant frame signed by danny hart and put it up for auction. everything past $1000 goes to charity of danny harts choice... more stoked about making vids for a reason than winning anything for myself. the money kept would goto my friend who shot the video. i'll be posting an entry sometime next week, so many good entries!! keep shredding.
  • - 2
 For everyone that is crying about the age requirement, Giant doesn't want a bunch of snot nosed pricks running around Whistler crashing on their bikes. There is a huge legal liability for children under the age of 18.
  • + 1
 Im not a snotty nosed prick thankyou.
  • + 1
 i bet you sunday vans was once a snoby nosed prick and still are one.
  • + 1
 oops my passport has expired
  • - 1
 Can I ask for one day more time for uploading the video? because I'm in final exams and I can't make my video and the only free day that i've got is june 18th. pleaaaase.
  • + 0
 the guy with supermarket bike should win it!!

  • + 0
 what for soundtarck plays in the last video?
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