10 Things You Probably Shouldn't Do In The Peloton - Sunday Comics with Taj Mihelich

Jul 14, 2019
by Taj Mihelich  
With all the amazing mountain biking events going on this summer it is easy to forget The Grand Tour is happening over in France. It can be confusing understanding all the strategies and unwritten rules of the peloton, but I have compiled a list of some things you definitely probably shouldn't do.


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 Love this! Watching TDF and seriously these athletes are mad sportsmen!
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 Although I really don't care about road cycling, #5 is the best idea ever
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 I thought chain smoking was done at the back, exclusively by mountain bikers !!
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 @panchocampbell: joints maybe
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 still my favorite TDF stunt ...even though he crashed...…… www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFZAb-xXKvM&feature=youtu.be

I still have the Kona poster from that PR gig
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 Got a pic of that poster?

Has anyone done a road gap this year?
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 @mtb-jon: looking for it..... I might have given it to a Kona riding buddy of mine.

got several Lance posters from when he won his 7 tours riding Trek and for Postal.

TDF rant --- yeah yeah, he dope'd… so did everyone else.... they still dope... he also brought in 450mil for Livestrong, he also MADE the bike brand TREK millions upon millions of dollars in wanna be like Lance sales and hell...when he was racing, he put USA television of TDF on the map.... dope or no dope, to do what they do 7 years in a row. holy crap.. those boys are probably the most fit professional athletes in the world.
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 @BikesNBites: dope or no dope , his battles were awesome especially making Ulrich run off the road, he was a f*cking great rider, total c*nt for what he done to le mond though
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 @pigman65: YUP --- That look back ----- BEST Move ever!!!
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 Found it... and a few posters I forgot I had

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 @BikesNBites: Read Seven Deadly Sins by David Walsh, Lance is an extraordinary bike rider and the work he did with his charity is beyond reproach. However, he destroyed a number of careers, professional reputations and generally steam rolled anyone or anything that got in his way. Whilst I admire his cycling abilities, the way he went about things pretty much destroyed any of the good he did.
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 @Blackers: yup, agree -- total love/hate view of him.... Hoping that it (the bad side of him) was not just him but maybe moves made for him by sleeze bag agents he got tied up with.

valid points made ---- not commenting on his actual behavior of course. www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vot-s5p1l5A
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 @BikesNBites: People don't beef Armstrong for doping, they beef him for suing a shitton of people who tried to expose him for the piece of shit he is. He doesn't compare to anyone else as nobody else was that shitty about it.
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 @sherbet: Willie Nelson said it best. He said it's just horrible how everyone treats Lance Armstrong for what he accomplished on a bicycle while on drugs. When he was on drugs he's not even able to find his bicycle.
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 @BikesNBites: it's not really the dope, it's how he treated and the shit he did to people like LeMond , Hamilton, Emma (? the masseuse?) etc. to cover up his lies. The guy reps the worst impulses of people to get ahead, and to justify it in the name of winning speaks to larger ills in this country.
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 @Blackers: f*ck that guy and guy give Dave Weins the win he was scammed out of.
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 I prefer this guy jumping over the peloton:

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Not the best picture of it. Its in a bike shop at a local trail centre

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 That was awesome, best so far hahah.
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 dope AF, I'd say
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 Number 9 - The funny thing is back in the early years of the tour - riders would actually take a smoke before a big climb to help "open their lungs up". How sport science has changed.

Number 5 - the funniest!

Keep them coming!

Need on for UCI cross country!
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 don't knock it 'til you tried it
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 In Canada and I guess Colorado - you have lots of options on what to smoke too...........
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 Don't steal Sagan's wheel , he's a character . Great tour so far , no team sky boring dominance
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 In which way is Ineos not dominating? They’ll win with Thomas again just as easily as they used to do with Froome or Wiggins.
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 Loved it, thanks Taj.
As far as the Lance comments and the 'At all costs' mind set. There was an interesting study done that asked elite olympic caliber athletes one simple question- Would you be willing to die in 5 years if you were guaranteed a gold medal? Over 50% said yes. The study was repeated 2 more times with the same results. Lance just answered- I would be willing to destroy/discredit multiple lives.
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 I can’t rally read the word they are trying to spell in #5... can anyone help?
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 “PENIS” Although I sense a missed opportunity for lots of exclamation marks
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 It's actually part of a saying: "The PEN IS mightier than the sword." They just need a bigger peloton.
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 You really out did yourself this time, Taj!! So many should be made available as t-shirts and artwork.... your really sitting on a goldmine here
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 These made me laughSmile
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 This is awesome! Sooooo funny!!!
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 Hahaha these are getting better and better XD
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 These are great, thank you Taj!
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 Is there any UCI rule banning wide bars? Number 2 would be a good strategy if you start in a good position
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 There's a UCI rule for everything. Wider bars does cause more wind drag though.
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 Can't wait to squirt my camel pack hose on the next ride
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 Number 4 is just spot on Big Grin
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 Yes! Best ones yet!
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 Love these comics
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 Funniest series among the others
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 Best Comics so far. #5 especially
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 Pee, poop, wanker and butt jokes. They never get old.
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 Wacky Tour de France
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 Lol spot on
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 Ha they used to smoke during the Tour
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 and drink beer....
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 Roadie the most hated Athlete on city streets. Anyone who doesn't believe me just come down here to the South and try to ride on our tarmac. No such thing as Southern Hospitality if you're a roadie.
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 right on! Now lets go get a burger or 3 and ice some charging stations. Their moms should shuttle them up Tourmalet and Ventoux. Road riding. Pfft.

Wonder what other athletes are found on the streets of the south?
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 p e n i s
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 Those were pretty good
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