Video: Velosolutions Race Team Closes its Doors

Nov 26, 2018
by Velosolutions Global  
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PRESS RELEASE: Velosolutions

Over the last decade the SCOTT-Velosolutions World Cup Team has been a permanent fixture on the Mountain Bike World Cup. Claudio Caluori developed the team from humble beginnings to become an elite racing team. The team had its highlights with several World Cup podiums by Nick Beer, Fabien Pedemanaud, Emilie Siegenthaler and Floriane Pugin, as well as junior podiums and wins by Noel Niederberger! It also definitely remembers the World Cup victory by Floriane Pugin in Leogang 2011!

10 years of Velosolutions

During the last few years, Velosolutions was developing into a force of its own, diversifying the way in which it promotes the sport of cycling around the world.

SCOTT-Sports commitment to racing remains at the heart of its story, but the shared journey came to a natural end and the unbelievably hard decision to wind down the team was made.

10 years of Velosolutions

As SCOTT-Sports ventures in to a new era, Velosolutions shifts up a gear and increases its commitment to the sport in a big step. Through the Red Bull Pump Track World Championship, #pumpforpeace and more, Velosolutions takes its world to the next level!

Over the last 10 years the team has travelled the world and brought with it an infectious spirit, they have partied hard, raced harder and rocked out with the best riders in the world. 

10 years of Velosolutions

“While we weren’t known for the big victories in the elite men’s category, we certainly kept the paddock busy and the fans excited over the years. Other teams will be relieved to hear that they can now remove their ear plugs. The future is brighter than ever before and we are excited about the next stage in our history. Our goal is to make cycling and action sports accessible for everyone and we are focused on that mission. I want to thank all the riders, the staff, our sponsors and the fans for their commitment to the team and thank SCOTT-Sports for helping us to bring our dream to life” – Claudio Caluori 

10 years of Velosolutions

10 years of Velosolutions

Over the course of December, Velosolutions will be bringing you news of some of their inspiring stories from around the world and showcasing some exciting new projects for 2019 as a part of the Christmas Advent Calendar – Watch This Space


  • + 134
 I guess it doesn't take a Genius to work out that the Scale of investment needs to balance out to Spark enough sales to make it worth while and that decision shouldn't be made by a Gambler.
  • + 51
 Too many puns might break the voltage meter.
  • + 9
 Looks like they ran out of Octane.
  • + 1
 @Boardlife69: They'll just have to get Intoxica-ted on Endorphins.
  • + 12
 You are just throwing out some Ransom words.
  • + 1
 Just don't let the contessas know...
  • + 35
 Somebody just tell me what’s happening with Brendan pls
  • + 58
 My money is on Honda.
  • + 7
 After Rampage he did post on Instagram that he'd been out "for a spin" in Santa Cruz, CA. That's where my money is; we'll see him on a V10 next year...
  • + 24
 @Huw32: only way that’s gonna happen is if he went there to buy himself a v10 Wink
  • + 13
 *cough* Scott *cough* VV Racing *cough*
  • + 3
 Google for pinkbike 2019 team rumors, they confirmed he is staying with scott.
  • + 0
 E-bike racing
  • + 3
 @Huw32: i know he is going to be back on fox suspension in 2019 and on enve wheels with chris king hubs thats some inside info he gave me
  • + 6
 scott with their own factory team is my guess.
  • + 41
 he is still waiting for judges to correct the score of his AMAZING rampage run...
  • + 7
 @Maxcommencemal: Here, have some cough syrup mate.
  • + 2
 @bigtim: Hyundai
  • + 18
 Probably making more money building pumptracks.
  • + 6
 100% agree, their pump track business has become huge, for good reason. They have almost singlehandedly pushed pump tracks into the main(er) stream.
  • + 16
 Take away: Warner does his commentary sans shirt.
  • + 11
 Brendog, robbed AGAIN!
  • - 3
 Not as badly robbed as Randy!
  • + 10

  • + 2
  • + 8
 Thanks Velosolutions! You were a fun and inspiring team on the WC circuit and good luck with whatever you'll be doing next!
  • + 1
 If I could have A ChiCkeN drumstick every day I would have loved this one but I am not going into this and I can’t express my excitement enough for words. The little things in life are the most expensive in terms of Chicken bukBukBakBAAaAk. Please protect the chicken.
  • + 9
 now this... this is art
  • + 4
 @DarrenV: modern art, but yes definitely a form of art.
  • + 2
 You ok chief?
  • + 3
 Brendan contracted to Scott. Scott bought out VV racing. Both confirmed.

Big rumour is Gwin requesting ( or maybe stebber offered it) a share of the business at Intense.
  • + 2
 Sad to see them go after being such a staple in the mtb community for so long. I'm sure everyone involved will continue to do great things. Shred on boys!!
  • + 2
 Whatever Brendog rides I hope it's not a Scott. Remember when he used to podium on Specialized.
  • + 1
 it was def a good thing..and good things often come to an end. the team's vibe was great! and not many teams have that chemistry.
  • + 1
 The future looks really good! Thanks you for creating one of the best bicycle organizations in the world Cla
  • + 3
 Need more HO_HO_NH_OH!
  • + 1
 It's been ace, jolly adventure times! All the friggin' best x
  • + 1
 Ain’t lying, got kinda misty on that one.
  • + 1
 Very sad to see this. Such a fun team.
  • + 1
 Brendog got.... a new gig?
  • + 1
 "Permanent" fixture? I think you mean "prominent", Claudio. Wink
  • + 1
 Gwinn and Brendawg on SB200!
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