Video: 100% Announces the 2020 Spring Bike Collection

Feb 19, 2020
by 100 Percent  
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Redefining comfort and function with the most advanced mountain bike riding gear to date. Find no limits with the entire line from the Altec and Trajecta helmets featuring Smartshock Technology, to the premium RCore-X and Celium kits. Let your eyes feast on the new collection on our site or at your local dealer. Spring 2020 available worldwide now.

The Spring 2020 Collection sees completely new designs and colorways that complement the innovative materials and technical features across all gear, helmet and glove lines. From the flagship R CORE-X Downhill gear to the premium All Mountain CELIUM, AIRMATIC and RIDECAMP gear, racers and riders will find quality and performance at any price point in the 100% line up.

Amongst all other lines, the ATEC and TRAJECTA helmets welcome a few new colors to the range, while retaining the utmost quality and protection with dual-density EPS foam and our very own Smartshock suspended rotational system for any cross country, trail or enduro riders. For the downhill and bmx riders, the AIRCRAFT and STATUS helmets continue to grace the heads of champions and up comers alike with a little added flair in the all-new Spring 2020 Collection.

The Spring 2020 Bike Collection is now available at all 100% retailers, and online at Follow us on our social channels for exclusive product, racing and lifestyle content.


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 About 40% of that clothing is nice.
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 100% correct
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 I always buy them at least 30% off...
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 White kit stays white for 1.00% of its life.
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 @ozhuck2flat: I've seen enough black in my life
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 @ozhuck2flat: I see what you did there.
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 One thing that is really frustrating about so many MTB apparel companies is that lack of transparency in where stuff is produced. There is a reason some companies hand out clothing to every semi-pro and IG influencer - it's cheap marketing for a product with huge markups. Would love to see PinkBike do a Made In North America Apparel feature. Yes, that would include Mexico.
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 if ur flannel cost $220, it was "made" in the US. n. carolina, to be exact.
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 @savagelake: I'm sure you can get a flannel at Goodwill for under 10 bucks.
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 @tacklingdummy: ssshhhh, don't kitsbow that!
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 2018 100% was made in Nam.
2019 was China (boo!)
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 @jaame: ...and it's not that I don't think the Chinese can't produce quality clothing - it's just the markups are ridiculous for these companies. They take a shirt that costs them $5 landed and sell it for $65. Granted, that huge markup employs designers here in the states, sponsorship with free handouts to riders, money towards local events, OH AND MARKETING etc. That's all cool, but Voler, for example, does all that and makes stuff in Grover Beach, CA.
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 @PHeller: I think you're misunderstanding how clothing markups work. First off, it's unlikely that a $65 item only cost $5 to make. The real number is more likely in the $15-20 range, as the apparel industry typically employs a 3x markup (regardless of where it's made). Secondly, you mentioned everyone BUT the retailers. While 100% might sell direct, most of their sales are through retailers. Wholesale costs are typically half of retail, so that $65 item only sells for $32.5.

That's only a ~60% profit for the actual apparel company, not some bizarre 1300% number.

You're right that apparel companies give away tons of product because it's cost effective marketing, but you're getting it twisted when it comes to how the apparel industry writ-large works. Ask yourself how much profit is fair. You seem to be ragging on companies like 100% for what is essentially 60% profit. Should retailers not be allowed to charge 100% markups on their goods too?

I agree with your original point that more MiUSA is good for the industry, but look at Kitsbow or Chrome or Search and State. Following the same math, it costs $70 to make that shirt here in the states and that's why they charge $220 for it as @savagelake pointed out.
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 They can charge whatever they want, I’m not paying it unless it’s on heavy discount.

The first 100% airmatic shirt I got was a shit fit and bog standard fabric. I also had a football shirt from my son’s football team made from the same bottom of the range material, and it had my name and number on the back, and that cost me about $18. So as far as I’m concerned, the 100% riding shirts are worth about $15-30 depending on how much I like the colours.

If you compare one to an Adidas techfit top, for instance, it’s pretty amazing to me how they can sell them for so much. Techfit tops have several panels and different materials, vented parts, arm grippers and such. A lot more thought and effort has gone into making them and I’m sure the actual manufacture cost must be double... but they cost about the same at full retail price (Techfit tops are usually a bit less from memory).

I’m not bagging out 100% specifically. I’ve actually got four airmatic shirts and two pairs of shorts because I am a fan of the colours (much more than I am a fan of the quality or fit). I think it’s fair to say the majority of riding tops are overpriced considering they are apparently pretty basic garments.

Everyone wants to get paid, that’s the problem. Consumer direct would be the way to go if they would drop their prices by 40%.
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 @ThermalAttorney: I want to believe you, but looking at Alibaba prices for stuff that looks nearly identical to 100% product line makes me skeptical. If they can charge $10-$15 and offer free shipping from across the globe, I'm going to assume that if 100% clothing line is coming out of the same factory they are getting it cheaper. Which goes back to my original point - these brands should convince us why we should buy from them vs ebay or aliexpress. Why shouldn't I buy from a MiUSA brand that is only 10%-20% more expensive? Or in some cases the same price.

Also, some of Kitsbow's prices are ridiculous as well, but not all their stuff. Voler produces stuff in California and doesn't charge Kitsbow pricing. Aerotech produces stuff in Pittsburgh and they aren't overpriced.

I'm don't want to criticize 100%, what I'd rather do is try to hype MiUSA brands more, because I feel like don't have as much spare dollars to market like some Chinese produced brands.
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 White riding gear is silly "look, i shit myself!"
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 I have some white fur and I can verify this comment 100%.
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 @IamTheDogEzra: I do hope you are a dog, not an old hairy dude...
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 I buy white gear end of season on sale cause nobody wants it then dye it dark
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 Thank you @100percent for making rad clothing for female riders! I personally appreciate the minimalist approach to your designs.
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 Love the 100% stuff for women! Still waiting for a 3/4 length jersey though. I REALLY wish they'd reintroduce the women's airmatic shorts from 2018 - the clasp buckle from 2019 isn't great for small female riders; I'm really missing the velcro adjustment...
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 @turdull: Yes! A 3/4 jersey would be the dream. That's good info on the clasp!
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 PHeller (18 mins ago)
One thing that is really frustrating about so many MTB apparel companies is that lack of transparency.
I've never wanted my cycling clothing to be transparent...
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 Comment of the week mate. ExcellentSmile
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 What continent is this Spring you speak of, looks like these pictures were taken in Summer! Due to climate change, we only have Flooding Season and Fire Season! Lets see some riding gears for these new season!
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 This was shot in Madeira, a Portuguese island in the Atlantic ocean, end of January. We had good weather on the first day, and a bit of rain on the second day.
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 All I want is riding fabric cut to make me look like a retro 70s lumberjack.
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 Meanwhile, I'm still riding in my simple, black TLD jersey and my black TLD Moto shorts. Ah, and Mechanix gloves, because they last for years. If its good for the army, its good for me.
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 things I learned about the clothing by watching that video. 1. You can ride a bike while wearing it. That's it. No technical features, no key differentiators, no value propositions. Just another riding video.
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 The new sling gloves are great fitting and extremely lightweight for those that don't normally like to wear gloves like me. They made it through one crash already.
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 If that photo of Spring, I must be living in the North Pole!
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 their aliexpress collection is 50% cheaper!!
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 As soon as the music started, I turned the volume down %100
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 good to see alpinestars has some competition for worst looking kits this year.
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 Has the stitching stopped failing yet?
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 People wear these pajamas?
  • 4 3
 I do. Because I know it annoys people... they wanted to wear some Enduro mismatched stuff or flanel to feel chill, and then there is this guy going racey on them... Awful!
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 Frix frix is the man
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 Light colored kits only work for those who get free ones for every race.
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 Quite like some of this

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