100% Introduces New Half-Shell & Lightweight Full-Face Helmets

Jul 9, 2019
by Mike Kazimer  

100% have added two new helmets to their lineup, the Altec and the Trajecta. The Altec is aimed at the all-mountain crowd, with generous venting and the extended rear coverage that's become the norm for this style of helmet.

The Trajecta is a lightweight, DH-certified full-face helmet that's designed to meet the needs of enduro racers and riders who want more protection than a half-shell, but don't want to lug around a hot and heavy dedicated downhill lid.

Both helmets are equipped with 100%'s new Smartshock rotational protective system, which uses elastomers attached to the helmet's EPS foam and then the removable padding. The system is designed to help reduce the amount of energy that's transferred to the brain during a crash.

The new helmets use 100%'s Smartshock system, which consists of multiple elastomers that are affixed to the EPS and the removable padding.


The Trajecta checks in at 872 grams for a size medium, or 170 grams lighter than 100%'s Aircraft DH helmet. Highlights include a three position visor, 24 vents, and a D-ring buckle.

Along with the 13 point Smartshock system, the Trajecta uses multi-density EPS foam to provide impact protection at a range of speeds. There are only two shell sizes (SM/MD and L/XL), but an additional pad kit is included with each helmet to accommodate different head shapes. MSRP: $250 USD.


• Multi-density EPS foam
• Rotational impact protection: Smartshock elastomers
• Multi-position visor, anti-microbial liner
• Sizes: SM/MD, L/XL
• Weight: 872 grams (size SM/MD)
• Certifications: ASTM (F1952-15), CPSC, CE, and AS/NZS
• MSRP: $250 USD


There's no shortage of big, air sucking vents on the Altec; 24 of them are strategically positioned around the entire helmet. There's also a multi-position visor, and a perfectly positioned channel on the side of the helmet that can be used to hold sunglasses when they're not in use. A ratcheting dial is used to fine-tune the fit, and can easily be adjusted with one hand.

Like the Trajecta, the Altec uses multi-density EPS foam along with the Smartshock system for impact protection.

Available in size XS/S, S/M, and L/XL, the Altec retails for $165 USD.

• Multi-density EPS foam
• Rotational impact protection: Smartshock elastomers
• Sunglasses storage, multi-position visor
• Racheting fit adjustment dial
• Sizes: XS/S, S/M, L/XL
• Weight: 369 grams (size SM/MD)
• Certifications: ASTM (F2032-15), CPSC, CE, and AS/NZS
• MSRP: $165 USD


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 Bought the Trajecta 2 weeks ago, been on some rides and an enduro race, ventilation is great, comfort is AMAZING compared to some of the other similar style helmets. Visor extends up to allow goggles to be placed under visor rather than having to turn backwards. Would 100% buy again
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 *would buy 100% again.
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flag ratedgg13 (Jul 9, 2019 at 9:54) (Below Threshold)
 The air vents look like they might have room for an Aircraft, with extra room for different Trajecta-ry around inside.
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flag scary1 (Jul 9, 2019 at 12:09) (Below Threshold)
 Is that red one still in prototype stage..er..uh...3 printed mouth guard??
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 Looks good, maybe a little heavy compared to the competition.
It’s of course purely subjective but those enduro race often have boring to ugly colour schemes compared to the DH equivalent. 100% possibly went further than anyone here: available in black, black, dark grey, grey and greyish blue and this red. And most of their DH helemt look amazing.
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 Who remembers Altec-Lansing?
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 They were amazing
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 Good sound good price.
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 Yeah m8, I had a Altec sub amp in my first car! Yiew
  • 2 0
 I have 3 sets....!
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 The first computer speakers I ever bought!
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 idk why all helmets dont have mesh in vents, i hate bugs and wasps in ma hair...
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 mainly angry trapped wasps...
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 @Fulgacian: are there any non angry wasps? theyre like bees on meth
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 @mironfs: methamphetabees
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Portmanteau of the month, right there. I'm using "methamphetabees" forever more.
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 I would love to see ventilation and weight continue to improve on full face helmets to the point where a lot more people use them for all mountain riding. Its kind nuts the things we do on trail bikes with open face helmets on rocky or tree filled trails! I don't think we'll see that change until someone invents a cheek pad solution that breathes way better
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 In an Instagram post, Jill Kintner says she just pulls the cheek pads out for the climbs and pops them back in at the top.
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 @jojotherider1977: That's what you do if you have big pedals between stages or up to the top. When I pedal stuff at Whistle, I usually run a FF which I remove the pads for the big ride up. It's a no-brainer.
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 Killer looking lids, lets hope they both perform as good as they look !
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flag WAKIdesigns (Jul 9, 2019 at 9:29) (Below Threshold)
 How would you know?
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 @WAKIdesigns: i would say put it on, „hmmm it fits“. Buy it. Ride in it enjoy it. Hopefully after a month or so it doesn’t stink and stays comfy.
Smash your head into a hard object. Have a moment, reflect on the Moment. „I‘m ok. My head isn’t broken“. Then you know you had a good lid.
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 Lost me at D ring buckle.
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 A lot more reliable than some fiddly plastic junk, cheaper too.
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 Curious, why? More secure attachment. Yes it's not as easy to unclip as magnet or buckle, but even if you take the helmet off every climb/descent it's still not that often.
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 LOL. name doesn't check out.
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 The D ring on my Met Parachute is actually no hassle at all as you can loosen it and tighten it without undoing the whole thing. So I'd give this one a try before I'd knock it.
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 So people have issues with plastic/magnetic buckles being insecure? Huge convenience, one of the things I love about my proframe is the fidlock buckle.
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 @gramboh: I often slip out for short rides on my lunch break and it annoys me to fight with D rings as opposed to the fidlock that I have now.
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 Yeah.., well lost me at helmet...
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 @gramboh: A locked fidlock is better than a unstrapped D-ring. Because i have seen a lot of people riding with D-ring helmets unstrapped, or not tight enough. As it takes too much time to strap, and hard to do with only one hand, compared to plastic buckle or fidlock.
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 @yzedf: mine has rusted because of all the sweat that comes through the beard onto the buckle, it is hard to undo it now and I hate it.
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 I'm torn... My Parachute has d-ring, and I can just about loosen it to take it off without fully undoing it. But a clip would be soooo much easier. I can understand people saying that clips can break and write off your lid, but in 20+ years of riding I've never had a clip break. If the clip breaks in a crash, you probably want to replace the lid anyway...
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 @dumr666: I've never rusted one, riding sport bikes, moto or DH. I'm always the sweatiest guy on a ride (can't wear a jacket on a ride until it's below freezing out). But then again, I try my best not to buy junk, I can't afford stuff that doesn't last.
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 @Startgas: and strapped D-ring is better than locked or unlocked fidlock. And where does that lead us? Nowhere. If people are not strapping it or not having their straps tight enough it is not a problem with the D-ring, it is a problem with the user. D-ring system is better because you get it tight each time you put your helmet on, and this is certainly noticeable when your weight is not absolutely the same in grams. What I mean to say that I have a normal clip on my other helmet and it is usually tight when I start and a bit loose after half an hour of serious pedaling. And that is not optimal. The strap should be tight all the time. D-ring allows that easily, fidlock or other solutions don't. Also, D-ring is less bulkier, and probably not encumbered by patents. Also the only choice for motorcycle helmets. No wonder why.
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 They both look like old props from Battle Star Galactica!
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 But which BSG?
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 @ratedgg13: the original of the 70's.
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 @Gavalar66: fracking toasters
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 Bears beets battle star galactica.
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 @creativefletch: Jim, what are you doing?

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 I wish on these light trail/enduro style came with the shell formed as one piece. I saw some pictures of a proframe failure that made the chin bar look kind of weak for a side impact on the chin bar.
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 My thoughts exactly. After seeing this post
forums.mtbr.com/apparel-protection/fox-proframe-crashed-design-problem-material-defect-1104969.html I sent proframe right back. Chin bar (especially side areas) looks too fragile to me to use it as it was proper dh lid. I wish I knew the details of the construction/side chin bar impacts resistance of this new Trajecta helmets. If I knew it is side impacts safe I wouldn't hesitate a second to buy this lid, especially that I'm tired of using not very breathable dh helmets for enduro rides. I bet 100% guys are aware of this post/ad on Pinkbike and they might even be reading the comment section. It would be nice to hear from them.
Ps. Let's be honest, these days enudro bikes are used like they were dh rigs and the comfort and ventilation of enduro helmets shouldn't compromise safety. Pps. Regarding moaning about Dd ring - for me it's the only 100% secure way of belaying the helmet. Props for that!
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 Here's the thing though, I think too many people see the DH certification and think they're all good, if you want DH level protection get a proper DH lid. Not a lid that compromises total strength for ventilation.
Look to what the pros are riding, both DH and Enduro, you want see many/any of these lighter full face helmets.
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 Extremely cool to see these brain suspension systems replacing MIPS.

MIPS felt like a dead on arrival technology.

100% and POC are top of my list for price performance on safety. 6D is gouging mountain bikers.

Good job 100% !!
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 Bought the altec and trajecta a week ago
The only flaw that i've found was in the rachet interface of the altec. The 2 "flaps" attached to the racheting system are often unhooking themselves from the racheting interface. It would be an easy fix for 100%, just put rhe opening on the other side.
I'm sure someone who also bought the altec could explain it better.
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 Finally! Been waiting for a half face and enduro helmet from 100%. I love my aircraft mips
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 Vents looks great but the colour options are not great, I have a aircraft carbon mips, colour options are brilliant use it for bmx racing mostly but the trajecta looks like the perfect summer training helmet because of the ventilation , would hope the launch more colour options
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 Bell super 2 with chinbar is not so bad actually. I have witnessed bizzare crash where girl fell together with her bike into the stream in the alps and her face caught the rock on the bank of the stream. The bell super chinbar deflected few centimetres but did not touch face protecting her from otherwise certain dental reconstruction. Since then she only uses dh lids though currently ixs xult which is well vented for a heavy lid. On the other hand I have returned a new urge downomatic lid because the chin bar can be flexed with your hands without using too much force. Seeing that bell in action I think that urge might work properly in a crash but it just feels too flimsy for dh helmet
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 Took my Trajecta on two rides at the bike park and I gotta say it was great until my visor broke tilting it down. Brought it into 100% to show them where it snapped then they came back and said it broke from a crash. I told him I had my goggles stored under the visor and when I moved my goggles down and went to tilt my visor that’s when it snapped. Oddly enough he said I shouldn’t be storing my goggles under the visor which is what I thought a tilting visor was meant for. I did have some very light scuffs on the chin bar that had nothing to do with the visor breaking. He also pointed out there was a soft piece of material missing that prevents it from scratching the top of the helmet. I mentioned to him it never came with that piece and he said “Well when you buy your replacement visor it’ll come with it”. I was all about 100% until I got this poor excuse for customer service. Will not recommend anything from these guys. I would totally understand if I broke it from crashing it would be acceptable. However, after spending $250 on this helmet and just have the visor snap like that then have 100% assume I was lying then tell me I gotta spend more money on a poorly constructed part really makes me frustrated.
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 Good to know that the warranty is iffy. On my second ride with the Altec, something caught the visor and snapped one of the pins off. So far so good, that's what's supposed to happen. However, the moulded hard plastic that indexes the pins and holds the pins in the helmet separated from the shell, so even with a new visor it will just flop around. The whole point of weak pins designed to shear is that they don't damage the helmet... I guess I'll have to try the TLD A2 which has real breakaway visor mounts.
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 Looks like a ldl type solution from kali
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 more like the new MIPS thing that only comes in the specialized ANGI helmet, where the liner moves on these little discs....pretty slick system.
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 I think closer to the 6D or Leatt technologies.
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 i was wondering when that altec was going to be released! hows the smart shock compare to mips or POC spin?
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 @mikekazimer just a small typo in the article, the helmet is the altec not altrec Wink
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 Oops, good catch. That extra 'r' is gone now.
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 It's a pity they make their helmets so narrow. I love the brand, just can't fit my noggin inside their lids
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 offering only 2 sizes with padding to make up the difference is a bit poor imo
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 shame about the weight, def would have bought it over a TLD stage if it weren't for that
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 For those who have tried on the Trajecta helmet ... Whats the fitment like? Round or Oval?
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 Dang good looking goods! I give them 100%
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 I haven't seen white styrofoam used in a helmet since the 90's
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 I'll stick w my Aircraft brain carrier
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 I want it
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 They should stick to FF helmets. That half job is half assed.
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