15 eMTBs from the Southern Enduro Round 1

Apr 12, 2021
by Nick Bentley  

After the carnage that one E-bike caused last week, let's see what happens with 15. So sit back and enjoy 15 eMTBs from round one of the Southern Enduro Series (or just the comments section).

The Southern Enduro team were running random spot checks on bikes to stop the issues around derestricted bikes and leveling the playing field. This to me felt like any other class in the field today with all of these riders competing in separate E-bike Classes so did not go head to head with riders, not on eMTBs.

Will Brett-Atkin s Whyte E150RS
Will Brett-Atkin's Whyte E150RS

Simon Coventry s Specialised Levo SL
Simon Coventry's Specialized Levo SL

Adam Ellard s Cube Stereo 160
Adam Ellard's Cube Stereo 160

Tim Clark s Specialised Levo 2019
Tim Clark's Specialized Levo 2019

Laura Greig s Cube Stereo 160
Laura Greig's Cube Stereo 160

Alexia Desile s Moustache
Alexia Desile's Moustache

Gilly Custom s Trek Rail
Gilly Custom's Trek Rail

Rich Knott s cube stereo 160 TA
Rich Knott's Cube Stereo 160 TA

Ollie Price s Whyte E180 RS
Ollie Price's Whyte E180 RS

Paul Sawyer s Specialised Kenevo
Paul Sawyer's Specialized Kenevo

Nigel Lewis Orbea Wild
Nigel Lewis' Orbea Wild

Tom Woodward s specialised Levo
Tom Woodward's Specialized Levo

Stuart Howard s Commencal Meta
Stuart Howard's Commencal Meta

Bradley Briggs s Whyte E160RS
Bradley Briggs's Whyte E160RS Bradley didn't race his eMTB in the end.

Mike Norman s Whyte E150
Mike Norman's Whyte E150


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 Looks like I'm too early, guess I'll check back in a couple hours.
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 Having recently ridden a Turbo Levo for the first time... ebikes are awesome. Change my mind.
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 @pcledrew: Solid argument.
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 I definitely see the application, I just don't want to drop that kind of money on a bike.
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 We can talk about it on a non-ebike trail xD
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 @danielfloyd: They are definitely pricey!
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 Riding a trail that was bland at best(very gradual climbs followed by gradual declines and not much tech) on my trail bike and quit riding because I was bored....., then got on a Specialized ebike and the trail turned it into a race course of fun! The pedal assist turned the slow, dull, grinding climbs into zippy lines and then the weight of the bike allowed me to really push into turns on the declines which made the trail feel way more entertaining!
I can't see myself buying one anytime soon, and will just avoid boring trails(if I can) so I just have fun on my trail bike, but they definitely have a place and can change how trails feel
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 @Gamertebo: define "non-ebike trail xD"
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 @tankthegladiator: they're banned on some trail systems
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 Roller coasters are awesome too. And dirt bikes. Motorcycles in general actually. Skydiving. Movies. Video games. Yet you’re a mountain biker. Why?
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 @imnotdanny: not in the UK. I think. We just ask them to be considerate to other users the same as anyone else on the trails.

Those Sur Ron things are banned though. Electric motos disguised as pedal bikes.
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 @CustardCountry: holy shit just googled those. They don't even come with pedals on the base model, those are a $200 option. That is ridiculous.
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 @Blackhat: does this question still apply if i am a rollercoaster, motorcycle, skydiving, movie, and video game enthusiast?
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 @Blackhat: my experience was that of mountain biking, I just got up more heinous climbs without having to push my bike. And I got to do twice as many miles as normal, without having to shuttle. It’s about as pure a mountain bike experience as you could have. I made a video about it, check my YouTube channel.
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 @GlassGuy: Those trail problems you are describing - easily solved by a fun hardtail at half the price (or less). Lighter, less $, great for skill development, low maintenance, fun at slower speeds also, etc. Not for everyone but I know I will always have one in the stable.
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 @letsgoridebikes18: It doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of room to change your mind then. After all, your experience is your experience, and trying to tell you otherwise is borderline gaslighting.

My basic position is that mountain biking was one of the very few (only?) adrenaline filled activities where you earned the fun through your own effort. And not only did you get an amazing rush, you got healthier too. And over time you steadily got better and better at the hard stuff.

E-bikes are breaking that connection and turning the sport into just another endorphin dispensary. Put money in, get thrills out.

If you think the world’s purpose is to give as many endorphin hits as possible then that sounds like a great deal. I won’t argue with that because you can’t change someone’s value system.

I personally don’t understand why the world finds it so terrible that there’s a single experience that requires serious physical effort and personal growth to access. Seems like all those other things would be enough.
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 @Blackhat: Your argument falls apart as soon as you consider shuttles or bike park laps. Are those no longer mountain biking because you don’t “earn the turns”?

To ride the ebike like I ride a mountain bike was not a terribly noticeable difference. I was still breathing hard and working, I just rode more miles, which to be honest was more strenuous than my normal ride. I basically did two rides in one. My arms and legs were roasted by the end!
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 @letsgoridebikes18: Ask backcountry skiers how they'd feel if someone had electric propulsion to allow them to skin up and get "double the laps!" on epic ski lines.
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 @letsgoridebikes18: dude this is just gonna become an argument for people who bike for health and other who bike for fun.
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 @pcledrew: You mean like heli or cat operations... or snowmobiles?
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 @Gamertebo: Someone should tell the pros to stop training on ebikes, they must have missed the memo!
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 I went from Anti-Ebike to Pro-Ebike to Neutral. This year I was fortunate enough to buy two new bikes. Both are directly in the same category, big mountain/enduro/freeride. Both are 170+mm bikes, from the same brand. One has a motor, one does not. I love them both for very different reasons; and one will never completely replace the other.

The Ebike is an exploration vehicle. Finding new trails, new routes, or practicing new lines. We can in fact get in double the ride distance and time compared to the traditional bike. We often laugh at ourselves for being cheaters. However, nothing makes you a better rider than practice. 10 laps, 30km, etc. Practice on the Ebike has given us a new lease on the traditional bike. When we do get the manual bikes out, our lines, technique and level of fun is greater than it ever was. However without the Ebike, we wouldn't enjoy the traditional bikes as much as we do.
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 @letsgoridebikes18: Completely agree. I am blasted after an Ebike ride. Arms, legs, torso, I'm beat. It is a total body workout. However I choose for it to be, switching between trail and eco - reserving boost for only climbs which would leave all but pro XC riders, walking a manual bike.

I'm still just as beat on my Ebike vs my manual bike after a big ride... The Ebike rides are just 2-3x bigger.
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 @tankthegladiator: Yeah you make good points. I wish I could have one of each!

And for all the “haters”, I didn’t say mountain bikes aren’t awesome, just that ebikes are also awesome. And I bet if you tried one, you’d agree.
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 Was a bit indifferent about ebikes. Then a week or so ago I was at a bike park. Quite a few folk on them. One guy was getting in 2-3 runs for every one of mine because of the push up. And before you ask, yes. He was going bigger on the downs than most folk here.
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Riding a trail that was bland at best(very gradual climbs followed by gradual declines and not much tech) on my trail bike and quit riding because I was bored....., then got a YZF250 and the trail turned it into a race course of fun! The motor turned the slow, dull, grinding climbs into zippy lines and then the weight of the motorbike allowed me to really push into turns on the declines which made the trail feel way more entertaining!
I can't see myself buying one anytime soon, and will just avoid boring trails(if I can) so I just have fun on my trail bike, but they definitely have a place and can change how trails feel

Nothing against you, just trying to make people think about where is the limit...
Given the prices of ebikes, if motorbikes where allowed everywhere, do we still will ride MTB ?
Given the fact that it is less expensive to increase power than to diminish weight, ebikes will become heavier, larger and more powerfull. Components have already beginning to differentiate between ebikes and muscular bikes.
So next time you're on the trail, do you really want to cross a guy going 10 mph more than you with a less maneuvrable 90 lbs ebike ?
Can you imagine to put on your exoskeleton when you're going hiking ?
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 @gnaralized: the issue with someone zipping past on an Ebike is not about the Ebike itself. It is an issue with etiquette of the Erider, and attitude of the manual bike rider.

Ebike riders need to exercise trail etiquette and remember where they came from. 3x your natural power available is undeniable, and it is easy to get carried away.

Often riding in Eco or Trail, we're only climbing at the same speed as ultra fit XC guys... You're not mad at XC guys? Yes there are boogers who ride in boost turned all the way up, but they also can't do that for long before they're out of juice. Yes motors are coming out with more and more power - which is IMO unneccessary... but that is an issue within itself. I personally am completely happy with E7000/E8000 power output.

All I can say is if you're envious, buy one. I've figured in most brands it is only $1500 CAD more to have the same bike with a motor. Norco Sight vs Sight VLT. $5500 vs $7000 with similar component spec. If you're spending $5500+ that decision to spend a bit extra is yours. Its the same bike just with assistance for climbs..... My Ebike was a lower/mid level spec as I dont ride as hard on it, and was actually less $ than my manual bike. Its all perspective and wants. Not all Ebikes are $13,000.
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I already have extensive time on two, but thanks for proposing.
My father is 75 yo, always did cyclotourism and he bought one after his prostatic cancer...
He is regularly hitting 34mph in downs ha ha...
My masson has one too, he bought a turbo levo 2 years ago to follow his son, he's 75 too and is a mountainbiker since inception of the sport...
I regularly see some guys at the trailhead, newbies who never would have bought a muscular MTB but spent thousands on eMTB, in full DH suits, having some cigarettes when they finished their runs...
I definitely don't want to be assimilated to these guys.
So being only 44 yo, in good shape and non-smoker, I still feel a little uncomfortable to go the e-way...
And I'm a little old school too so l do prefer spend on hi-quality, light and durable frames and parts than on a system bike. I like the philospohy of a durable, upgradable bike, with less programmed obsolescence.
I have no problem to spend 9k on a full XTR Knolly Fugitive with custom I9 hubs/DT rims /sapim CX rays spokes wheelset, but I guess you understand that it will be a total non-sense to put these parts on a ebike...
So that's why I prefer to compare ebikes and motorbikes, as they belong to the same paradigm on power vs weight based on increase of power rather than decrease of weight.
I like motorbikes, I like bikes, but ethically, philosophically I'm not confortable with the "in between".
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 @gnaralized: If it’s mostly a perception thing, in the sense that you care more about what people think of you or the bike you ride, you’re doing it wrong. Ride what makes you happy, whether it’s a road bike, a mountain bike, an ebike of some variety, or a dirt bike. The only point to having any of these bikes is because they bring us joy, and that’s the only reason any of them are worth spending a penny on. Just pick one makes you the happiest and be a duck about it, I guess.
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Not everyone is smoking at the bottom in full DH suits.
Not everyone is 75 years old.
Not everyone is tearing around in boost mode being a nuisance.

However it has allowed these people to either begin or resume riding. With positive engagement, we can hopefully curb bad habits and increase trail etiquette. I'm mid 30's and extremely fit, riding it as a normal bike just longer, higher and further. Up here they've taken on strongly, so like you - i've seen all types riding Ebikes.

If you can spend 9K on a custom build manual bike, you can on an Ebike too. The only thing unique is the Motor, Battery and Display. Outside of that, you can build it how you like with XTR, custom hubs, hoops, spokes, etc.

It sounds like your choice to stay away. I've embraced it in full while still keeping a high end manual bike... The Ebike has brought me more riding overall, and that's what it is all about. Riding! *cheers*
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 @pcledrew: they use skidoos , helicopter's and cats , just like shuttling, chair lifts and ebikes
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 Come to NZ, they're welcome everywhere here :-)
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 Stupid fu^&ing eBikes! *loads bike in truck and shuttles, then buys park pass
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 "The batteries have a huge impact on the environment!" *Buys non-recyclable carbon frame that comes wrapped in foam and plastic. Installs components shipped in blister packs and riddled with single use plastics*

"See!? No nasty battery! So much better for the environment!"

*Tosses packaging in bin, shipped to landfill with other packaging and old carbon frames that were destroyed for warranty claims*
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 @TrailFeatures: writes his comment on a smart phone that he changes religiously every twelve months to maintain the status quo with his peers in the office. He then leaves the office, climbs into his 4.2litre 4x4 and drives 800meters to the coffee shop/deli that he always frequents at lunch.

Look, I get it! We can all be critics but in reality, we are ALL hypercrits . We all go on About the planet, yet we won’t stop consuming technology that causes the issue. Is your bike made from local wood and rubber?

Let’s not preach, unless you’re a hemp wearing vegan, who communicates to the World Wide Web via his twin brother Neo, from the Matrix.
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 @2-1RacingUK: What are these litres and meters you speak of?
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 @hockeyg0d9: They're like gallons ands yards but better Wink
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 @TrailFeatures: ..... after realizing his huge mistake, he sells the bike and buys a carbon eBike that ships from Taiwan but has a frame wrap made from recycled coconut shells. Full of joy he rides out into the sunset, just the soft singing of an electric motor disturbs the otherwise perfect silence....
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 @2-1RacingUK: Ha! True! We all are hypercrits in some way. My point was to address the common counter-argument to eBikes by talking about their environmental impact. Which, yes, they do. I've seen in person how horrific mining is for a local ecosystem (Colorado has many mines). LiOn batteries in general need to get phased out. Hopefully, that happens sooner than later with some of the tech on the horizon.

My question is, are these people pro-environment or just anti-eBike? Are they basing buying decisions off the impact they will have on the environment? Or are they just making a straw man argument to say, "You can't love the environment, AND be pro eBike!" to put someone in a catch-22.

The real trick is living in a way that has the least amount of impact while still being practical. Case in point, I usually keep a cellphone for 2-4 years and then gift/sell/pay to recycle them when I actually can justify an upgrade outside of "want new shiny". I'm going to generate eWaste regardless what I do, so I do it in the most responsible way possible.

Before Covid I took mass transit and biked to work when it was nice, but drove when needed. (BTW, I drive a Subi Crosstrek. practical and good MPG). Now that I'm likely going to be going back to the office soon, I'm legit thinking of getting an eBike for my 20mi/32k (one way) commute. Between the lower overall impact on the environment, lower cost over a car, and the health benefits? It just makes so much sense. I can either get to work twice as fast, or with half the effort compared to a normal bike depending on my needs.

"Ah, yes. But that's a commuter bike. We're talking MTB! eMTB make no sense!"

Well, let's be real for a moment. None of us *need* a MTB, at all. It's 100% for fun. So if we are going to try and argue the impact of eMTBs, we also have to agree that MTB in general brings little value. However, we're sensible enough to agree that MTB is fun, but we should nudge our favorite brand to cut down on the waste they produce to get us those bikes. We should also praise a company any time they legitimately make it a priority to become more green. Whether it's making their products recyclable, easy to repair, on at least cutting out all single use plastics in packaging.

So, if people legit don't like eBikes for no other reason than they just don't like seeing more eWaste and mining? You know what, you have a valid point.

But if they just use that as something to shroud the fact it busts their ego that someone is faster than them on their local climbing trails? Well... That sounds like they need to ask why that matters so much in the grand view of it all.
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 I sure love my eBike for turning my local trails into park days without having to drive (or drive far). Still ride my regular bike a lot though...as well as my Beta 300rr. They are all just different use cases for the enjoying this brief time we have on the planet. As for the environmental impact, most of that guilt goes away after the first or second drop.
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 "Those a$$holes ebikers are just going to poach trails, and piss off other trail users by blasting down the trail for their Strava times! If they are seen as bikes, there's no chance at advocating for Wilderness access!" *cancels IMBA sub, rides illegal trails, scopes out Strava times, mocks trail "sanitation" work, rides groomed park-like trails*

"I mountain bike to enjoy the serene silence of nature. A motor goes against that!" *buys obnoxiously loud hub, thinking it serves as a bell to attract the attention of bystanders, while the rest of their bike rumbles against the ground as they roll by*

"Ebikes are too expensive! I wouldn't buy one anyway, as the challenge of the climb is part of what makes mountain biking rewarding!" *spends 50+% more to buy the lightweight/carbon version of every major part on their bike to make it "more fun". Buys a separate bike with the tough and capable parts they actually needed, but didn't want to pedal up, reserved for big days*
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 If you are using an bike to replace an internal combustion engine in any way then you are doing it right. If not (which is certainly the case round here) you are just lazy and or stupid...
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 @hockeyg0d9: hahaha. Sorry, I shall translate. Gallons and yards or feet. You measure your foot potions in feet so, let’s go with that.
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 @TrailFeatures: awesome response dude. Genuine conversation with many valid points.

Yes totally agree that mining and production of batteries for Ebikes is a negative selling point for many. In reality though, we a humans are evolving with this technology quickly. We are now finding ways to recycle the byproduct.

If you can buy an ebike and gain a good 5+ years out of it commuting daily then you’ve done a great service to the environment as well as your own mental and physical well-being.

The individuals who hate on the bikes are a majority that doesn’t like change. 29er and 650b were always seen in the same vain. Boost and boost plus are just another string to the bow of disliking of evolution.
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 @Varaxis: can anyone spell “stereotype”? Hahaha. Spot on dude.
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 @2-1RacingUK: but not everyone is stereotypical! ebikers are definitely the worst of the worst though! I don't even know why people are buying them. They are the worst of both worlds. Just buy a real motor vehicle with that money, rather than pretend to be a cyclist! No ebiker is a friend of mine. /sarcasm

What bikes haven't changed? Even granny bikes (e.g. omafiets and mamachari) have changed. Some even have pedal-assist. The world of biking for sporty fun and exercise is way diff, esp when tied to racing.
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 @Varaxis: well I’m really sorry to hear that your current experience within your town/state, sees you with this emotional reaction.
Not all bikers are the same and like your retort about not everyone is stereotypical, it can be said for the bikes as well as their owners in other areas of your country and globally. I can assure you from my personal experience that riding an EMTB processes the same physical exertion as a normal MTB. I climbed quicker and that’s about it.
As a “pedal ASSISTED” bike, when sat upon it, it goes nowhere without the turning of the cranks. So, yes it is an electrical assistance to amplify that power output but it is not a independent motor propulsion system like a motor vehicle.

If it’s one of the other electric motorbikes like the Cake that hides it self as an MTB then yes, these are the unwanted bike on the trail.
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 Is it just me that thinks all E-enduro bikes look butt ugly?? The only way I can describe it is 'baby with a full nappy' look
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 They are all so ugly. Except for maybe the Kenevo, the dual crown seems to balance out the horrible Ebike proportions.
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 The only one that looks OK to me is Tim Clark's Specialized Levo. I think it's the combination of the dipping top tube and the way the colour combo works. It maybe reminds me a bit of a trials motorbike too. The Meta isn't too awful either, again, I think it's having a lot of the mass low down, so you don't get such massive contrast between the skinny top tube and massive belly.
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 Yes, many are ugly. Only a few look ok. More companies should make lighter ones with less power and smaller batteries like the Levo SL.
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 Only "acceptable" ones are the Kenevo and the Commencal
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 @theoskar57: YT Decoys look killer. I know, I have one.
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 Kanevo looks sick and the Trek looks the most natural acoustic bike.
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 I agree. The Kenevo, Commencal and to a lesser extent the Levo SL. There isn’t one in the article, but the YT Decoy also looks OK
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 @jaycubzz: I agree. Paul Sawyer gets it. “I’ve got a motor, so I’m running a 40.” Having a bike with a motor and the geo and travel of an xc bike is insanity.
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 Marin Alpine Trail E2 looks pretty good.
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 @Varaxis: It does, interesting that it also has a low top tube with a dip in, that does seem to be the way to make them look better. The YT Decoy does the same trick.
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 I wonder how long it will take for this comment section to turn into a monkey sh*t fight
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 Not long, I've hit the "boost" or "turbo mode" for you sir...
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 @cunning-linguist: Sneaky good comment!
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 is monkey shit particularly sticky and nasty?
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 Remember when the point of enduro was to be able to race downhill after pedaling your bike to the top? The pedaling-to-the-top part was pretty important. The goal was to have a race format that encouraged the development of bikes optimized for downhill fun with the constraint that they could be pedaled to the top in a reasonable period of time.
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 probably because e-bikes werent around yet.
  • 31 5

Perhaps race series would have evolved differently if reasonable e-bikes existed then. But in the early years of enduro, the fitness aspect was central. Downhillers race for minutes, XC racers race for an hour and a half, enduro racers spend a few hours a day climbing (even if that isn't race-pace) over multiple days. The name "enduro", being obviously related to "endurance", was chosen for a reason. Now a bunch of e-bikers adopt the name, and get all snippy if anyone points out that it isn't quite the same thing.

What do you sail?
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 I think that the ebike enduro race format features timed technical climbing as part of this, something that is not part of the traditional enduro racing. I'd say that climbing is still seems important here. The key part here is technical climbing, if it was fire roads (like it typically is with regular enduro) it would be pretty pointless to time it. www.pinkbike.com/news/ews-launches-e-mtb-race-series-for-2020.html
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 Remember when people were allowed to do what they want without others criticizing their choices? Pepperidge Farm remembers..
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 The only way to make e-bike-duro interesting is to increase the distances massively. At the point where the vertical descent is 4000m - 6000m you have something that’s properly difficult even with batteries.

The problems seems to be that all the bikes have different ranges and it’s more expensive to do these longer events.
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 @stumphumper92: When exactly were the glorious good ole days when "people were allowed to do what they want without others criticizing their choices"? Kansas 1992? Pepperidge farm remembers your mom
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 I have an e-bike and they are not so hot. I can climb my local trail in 5 mins instead of 15 but the bike is a tank, it squats too much on landing, it doesn't pop or turn, my saint brakes take forever to slow it down. It's ok but I want to quickly squizz few laps in 30 mins but often I'd rather quality instead of quantity. I wish media would stop with the e-bikes are fun...the truth is pedal bikes are funner
  • 8 2
  • 12 7
 Finally someone said it, quality>quantity

Would you rather ride 6 mediocre trails

Or 2 amazing trails?

Would you rather bang 6 ugly chicks

Or 2 hot chicks?
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 @theoskar57: bang the ones who know how the rabbit runs - simple!
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 @theoskar57: I'd rather ride 6 amazing trails...
  • 9 7
 So true, ebikes are not as fun going down the trails
  • 1 0
 @theoskar57: well where I live I only have mediocre trails and ......
I need some sort of performance adder to made them both more fun
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 @theoskar57: Thanks Buddy the truth is here hahahahah
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 "The Southern Enduro team were running random spot checks on bikes to stop the issues around derestricted bikes and leveling the playing field. "

Ah, ebike racing. Yes, this is exactly what the sport needed.
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 I suppose they have classes? Otherwise I don't see the point when you have a 30NM SL vs a 90NM Levo...
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 Feel bad for Simon Coventry on his low power ebike - Turbo SL no match for everyone else full power class1 bikes.

Surprised to see a number of riders running coils on bikes that fox specifically not to use them due to the frequency of failures and risk to bike damage or injury. www.ridefox.com/fox17/help.php?m=bike&id=1138
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 Interesting call out, never seen that before
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 Anyone race this event and let me know what effect the low power ebike would have had? tighter transitions so harder work? Different stages which play to more power?
  • 3 0

I raced my mega. The transition was easy on a normal bike, lots of pedalling on stages over the limiter too. So I would have thought a levo SL may have been ideal.

I own a normal Levo and I would have much rather ridden a normal bike on the terrain in the race.
  • 3 1
 @dirtbiker100: I raced it on my non-ebike. Transitions weren't timed, and often single file, so little advantage to a full fat ebike there. Probably more tight sections than flat out pedal sections, so the lighter low power ebike might have been faster. Hope that helps
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 That's because those riders are all using coils that support the Levo without issue:

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 Commencal wins again. That Meta looks like a beast.
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 The Commencal definitely has my heart in this group.
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 it won the 'if i had to buy one' game in my head by a long way. They done a good job balancing the proportions
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 the zeb on it looks like a toy
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 its not ebikes thats the problem, its the people that ride them and call bikes "analong bikes" that are the problem
  • 4 17
flag platnum (Apr 12, 2021 at 9:34) (Below Threshold)
 Not analog bikes, slow bikes
  • 7 2
 @platnum: you sound like doublecrownaddict
  • 5 0
 Also have heard, and used the term “ acoustic bikes” mainly to annoy my lbs friends... it works great
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 I like how the kenevo has a dual crown.
  • 61 30
 What a lovely array of motorcycles
  • 29 21
 @ethlikesbikes: *mopeds
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 @laceloop it is SUCH a fun bike!
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 @ADGproductions: when you're 45 have 2 kids and work behind the desk doing accountability every bike seems fun
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flag FoesKnows (Apr 12, 2021 at 13:28) (Below Threshold)
 @theoskar57: when you are 45, have 2 kids and get little time.....rather ride something that really "handled" to get you through the lean ride opportunities than a whale with a gut full of krill that doesn't ride crisp, light and superb.

Just such an acknowledgement that your "accountability" to yourself and the environment comes second to selfishness and sloth.
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 Looks like the dance floor at the end of the night.
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 The blue Spesh actually looks like a Bike, the others are rubbish, look at those Cubes. They look like a Cube xD
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 The Levo SL is the standard for a minimal eBike. I also think the paint job on Tim Clarks full strength Levo is cool enough to distract from the massive battery. Cube's are designed in the same way that mobile game ads are, so aggressively bad you can't not think about it.
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 The Cubes are an eyesore
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 I appreciate that pinkbike knows this article is going to cause a shitstorm, and they lead with that in the opening paragraph to go straight to the comments section to view said shitstorm. They know their audience well.
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 this saddens me on a visceral level
  • 24 7
 Me too. I thought e-bikes would be A Good Thing. I imagined them being put to use as utility bikes to replace short car journeys, or as an exercise option for people not physically capable of riding a bike under their own steam.
We took a trip through southern Utah a couple of weeks ago and the trails were full of young, fit, healthy people riding the same sort of bikes as those pictured above, and notably lots of Santa Cruz's, on the same beautiful, easy, green/blue single-track that my 7 year old was riding on her rigid 24" wheeler with piggy in the handlebar bag.
I hate to judge those people for their choices, but it makes me sad to see how this technology has been taken up so far.
  • 8 3
 @nattysupper: I'm sure there's lots of "keeping up with the Joneses", "neighbors-grass-greener", and "well it's out there, I might as well buy it" going on when it comes to e-bikes.

Few people these days live the admirably simple life of that Dave Van Dame guy in today's MFYM.
  • 6 6
 @nattysupper: No reason to get sad my friend. E-bikes are letting those people go further for longer than they have ever before. At the end of the day, they are still just as tired as they would be on a non-e, but they covered 3 to 5 times the distance.
  • 6 2
 @oregonryder: I don't find that consoling, even if it were true.
  • 6 0
 I have 2 E-bikes, and I don't see the appeal to racing them. I have them mostly due to health issues, but also because of how fun they are. But when it comes to racing, I don't see the appeal.
  • 12 4
 the athletes are so embarrassed to be in this race they won't take a picture with their bike
  • 8 1
 Lmao it gets better.

I have an ad on pinkbike advertising "speedchips - chip your e-bike to break the limits"

Pretty shitty guys.
  • 11 4
 All I see is a herd of pregnant cows. Quite a rodeo, then! But where are all the promised bikes?
  • 4 0
 Reading through all these comments and the battle rages on... until one tries it... may not be for everyone... but i can guarantee i will eventually have one... One things is certain... we will ALL get old and slower... this opens up the door to continued long rides... and enjoyment!!
  • 3 0
 Absolutely. Life takes over too right? Like you, I don't have one yet but will. When riding is a day here and there if you're lucky, squeezing in as many laps as possible really appeals.

I've tried a couple and my only negative observation was the weight on steep downhill sections. I'm sure you learn to account for that but I'm hoping to see these beasts lose a few kilos in the years to come.
  • 50 44
 This is like wheelchair racing, but with someone else pushing you, but you still take the glory. What a crock of sh*t...
  • 6 0
 Moustache? I want to ride that Moustache.... Never thought I'd say that phrase...
  • 2 0
 i believe its..." free mustache rides" At least thats what my shirt says.
  • 1 0
 Moustache Bikes are the best and it makes people talk ahahah
  • 14 8
 FUggliest bikes I have ever seen just abominations might as well be a Harley
  • 4 1
 No bash guards?

my eeb has changed my life, but I hate the way the motor hangs way out front ready to get kicked in the nuts. i bash the shit outta mine regularly in our rocky terrain but my homebuilt kydex codpiece has so far saved the day.
  • 6 2
 If you're old, disabled, MAYBE super out of shape... maaaaaybe you get a pass. But if you're healthy, in decent shape... you're F'in dweeb if you're on a eBike. You know you are.

"...the roller blades of MTB"
  • 7 0
 Gleaming the Cube...
  • 1 0
 I get this reference old.
  • 1 0
 I feel old knowing that only 2 people got his reference.
  • 3 0
 @OlSkoolJake: 32 year movie. That makes it older than most Pinkbikers!
  • 2 0
 @CustardCountry: I remember it. 45 years old here.
  • 3 0
 @CustardCountry: I guess we are the only 3 old skateboarders here
  • 5 0
 why so many inline shock. also hate as much as you want but those cubes look weird in a good way. they're interesting.
  • 12 0
 This is southern UK enduro, you don’t need a piggyback shock for 400ft of elevation
  • 36 3
 @rudymedea: One might argue you don't need an e-bike for 400ft elevation either Wink
  • 4 1
 @rudymedea: lol. If you like good quality damping, you need a piggyback shock for a 40ft descent
  • 10 4
 looking at those Cubes for any length of time makes me feel sick.
  • 6 1
 It seems weird to have enduro races with e-bikes unless the timed downhills have absolutely no pedal sections.
  • 15 9
 Potbelly bikes for potbelly riders.
  • 8 4
 As interesting as Formula E. Which is to say, for about 10 minutes it's interesting from an engineering standpoint and then you go watch the real thing.
  • 3 0
 It’s a proportion thing in my eyes, the spesh seem to be balanced from front to rear. They Whyte bikes look too bulbous up front, and spindly at the rear, like they skipped leg day.
  • 3 1
 Dear PINKBIKE, there's absolutely NO information in this article about where this race was held and who were the organizers. There's also a bunch of Southern Enduro rounds this and your side of the Atlantic and though I'm pretty sure it's a UK race I couldn't find a website or results with categories. It really seems obvious to me, the sole reason for this article is to make a fuel eBike controversies just to get some attention. I'm an avid reader of your website, so please - Elaborate.
  • 3 0
 There is a southern enduro race report and photo epic here


It might not be on everyone’s front page dude to there location
  • 2 0
 I’ll probably get one once the technology slows down and stabilises a bit and they sort out all the reliability issues. At the moment the motors will be two generations old by the time your bike actually arrives
  • 2 0
 Funny, Mammoth made a ebike trail and i try it on my regular bike and was a pain to pedal and they have a teeter totter and me and my reg bike was to light to bring it down so I just jump it.lol
  • 1 0
 As far as I can see, the biggest critics of eMTB seem to have never ridden an eBike. On the other hand, those who have, have tried both modes and have arguments to be able to give their opinion.
Those who don't like it, I'm sure that sooner or later they will eat their words and go for an eBike.
PS if it's for healthy exercise don't spend 9K to lower the weight of the bike, buy a 100 Dollar bike and go to the mountain that you will do more exercise.
I see a lot of envy and foolishness.

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  • 15 10
 racing for dads
  • 12 8
 "My bike has a sick motor, bruh".
  • 3 0
 Missed a photo of the winning ebike and was 7th fastest in the overall times Smile #notchipped
  • 1 0
 Hahaha I know I didn’t know you two were racing!!
  • 2 0
 @Mandownmedia: they were helping me but got a lap in
  • 9 4
 Ow my eyes
  • 12 7
 AKA, motorcycle race
  • 8 6
 I wanna see an episode of doctor pimple popper where she squeezes the down tubes and bottom brackets on these bikes
  • 20 17
 when does it just become motorcross?
  • 7 0
 When people start riding the Sur Ron's and Segway e-bike things (no pedals and throttles). Don't get me wrong, they look like a blast but they are not e-bikes, more like lightweight motos.
  • 5 5
  • 1 0
 @thegeologist: would a 5% pedal assisted Surron be an E bike or Motocycle? It might seem like I'm being facetious, but I do think it's a question that needs to be asked.

For the record I think E bikes totally have their place, but they need to be distinguished from bicycles.
  • 3 0
 What is the carnage mentioned in the article lead in? Anyone know?
  • 2 1
 I've been told it was something about e-bikes.
  • 9 7
 Never seen an ebike in a mountain bike race and that's just fine - i guess mopeds are not mountain bikes after all.
  • 6 3
 Loads of E bike riders votong down comments on this one!
  • 2 2
 I appreciate that ebikes have legitimate usage cases but their fans are fanatical. Folks get hyper defensive when they spend that much on a product and people talk smack I guess.
  • 2 1
 @Peally: People pretty much only talk smack online though from my experience. I've had a Decoy for 3 years now and have not ran into a single person who has talked crap about me riding it out on the trail. Not to my face anyway. In fact, most riders I run into are actually really positive about it. Granted I have a few buddies that give me jibbing now and then but that is the extent of it. Maybe it also helps that I ride normal bikes as well.
  • 2 0
 how CUBE was able to make such bike, do they have access to the internet to browse how competitors look's like?
  • 3 1
 My moped has pedals, runs on gas....
  • 3 2
 This is an article best seen on the radio. Not one of those bikes should be seen.
  • 2 1
 The best looking e bike is the one that doesn't look like an e bike, tells you all you need to know.
  • 1 0
 for those who think that you can't exercise with an eMTB, watch this video:
  • 11 10
 Always less whales in the sea, always more whales on the trails.
  • 6 1
 It's the same with the elephants. And, now that we're on the subject, dinos were clearly ahead of their time.
  • 11 10
 What's the idea here? to see whos battery lasts the longest?
  • 6 3
 That's what she said
  • 2 1
 What I take from this is 'E-Bikers' like flat pedals.
  • 3 3
 i love riding mine into the alpine, makes it so easy wish they would make a faster motor
  • 9 10
 Electronic Motor Bikes SUCK, BAN THEM!
  • 18 20
 E-MTB = Emoped.
  • 16 14
  • 6 3
 @rabidmonkfish: Not necessarily. I am fit and having some overuse knee injuries with pain. Been riding mtb-ing forever. Ride 2-5 days a week with a lot elevation and miles. I'm starting to think about getting one. I think all PBers will eventually get one to extend their riding time when they get older.
  • 4 2
  • 5 1
 @tacklingdummy: same here. Rode DH and MTB my whole life and having a genetic disease destroying all my joints, EMTB is the only way to do some biking nowadays.

Every time i am on my hometrails i have to justify why i ride an EMTB and it just makes me sick. People are not able to simply „live and let live“.

Get over it people - or do you like to justify everything you do? Always thought fellow bikers are open minded people.
  • 1 0
 @danielson-01: Yeah, but the last thing I want to get is an e-bike though. Can't stand electronics on my bike, but being able to ride longer trumps that.
  • 1 0
 @tacklingdummy: believe me, my Trek Rail is the first bike i have ever had which i don‘t love for it‘s looks and is just a „solution“ bringing back bike riding for me. I barely touch all the gadgets the comtrol unit has to offer and just switch it on and off. If i could ride a normal bike, i would for sure prefer that.

So expect Ebike riders to have their reasons riding such a bike and just accept it. Why should one have to justify it?
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