19 Portraits from Darkfest

Feb 10, 2020
by Samantha Saskia Dugon  
The first Fest Series stop of 2020 was in Stellenbosch, South Africa for the newest iteration of Darkfest. With the event growing every year, this year's saw a long list of names, from freeriders who have shaped the sport from the beginning to Fest Series first-timers.

There aren't many times you would be able to get all these names and faces in the same place at the same time and that is one of the beauties of Dark Fest and the Fest Series in general, it isn't just a mountain bike event, it is a family reunion and a chance for the long-serving freeriders to inspire the newcomers and vice versa. It's a wonderfully unique event which unites mountain bikers throughout the community, whether it be freeride, downhill, BMX or slopestyle riders.

Here's a little series of portraits of some of the riders to grace the hills of Stellenbosch with their presence over the past week.

Nico Vink

Sam Reynolds

Nicholi Rogatkin

Brendan Fairclough

Graham Agassiz

Clemens Kaudela

Brage Vestavik

Ike Klaassen

Tom Van Steenbergen

Adolf Silva

Matt MacDuff

Kaos Seagrave

CJ Selig

Daryl Brown

Remy Morton

Phil Auckland

Bienvenido Aguado

Jaxson Riddle

Szymon Godziek

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  • 30 0
 They either look happy, or like they've seen some shit. But I guess deep down they're all happy either way.
  • 23 0
 CJ is a beast! That step up she hit is HUGE. So awesome to see women breaking barriers left and right in the freeride world these days! We would love to see more about her and her experience at Darkfest!!
  • 4 0
 Please tell us more about CJ. Actually maybe not. I already feel inadequate enough.
  • 9 0
 @dro-cfr: CJ is awesome!! She is apart of this new underground/grassroots movement happening right now in the Women's side of the freeride and slopestyle scene. Her insta is @cj.selig and she is a great freerider. She has hit multiple large features at the old Rampage site and she has an awesome trick bag!

Its been great to see so many women interested in joining these types events and contests as well seeing so many women and men who are interested in watching them. I think the current barrier is that these women have to push to be apart of these event, they arent necessarily invited or welcomed all the time (although this is changing!). The way everyone here can support these efforts is to watch women's events and express to organizers and media channels (like Pinkbike) how interested and excited you are to see these women sending it.

A big portion of the effort has to come from the women actually doing the work, but another effort has to come from the media and the audience expressing its interest. So glad to see so many people want to know more about her!!!
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 Good on ya. Thanks for the positive and supportive post@pressurecooker:
  • 3 0
 @pressurecooker agreed on all fronts!
  • 8 0
 @ridersmitty: Wow, thank you guys SO MUCH for the support! Smile
  • 22 0
 Vestavik is rocking like a jolly giant Viking.
  • 19 0
 I'm vaguely unsettled.
  • 17 0
 Remy Morton = Chest Hair Level 10.000
  • 12 0
 Still waiting for Tom to officially change his last name to "Van Steezebergen"....
  • 3 0
 For darkfest he should be Van Stellenbergen
  • 2 0
 No thats Bas
  • 10 0
 to close for comfort!
  • 6 0
 Brage Vestavik is proper GOT.. in name and appearance. #bikingviking
  • 4 0
 Hey, why no portrait of Tay Tay (Theo)?
  • 3 0
 A lot of them have the old 'one eye open more than the other' look about them from hitting the head a few too many times
  • 3 0
 the black and white cover photo on the front page had me worried for a second
  • 3 0
 I ride go get away from this level of human closeness
  • 5 2
 Is it just me or do they all look kinda strange
  • 6 0
 cause they'be been made close up with 35mm lens, wich gives a bit of shape distortion, an unnatural look. I don't like it neither, works well with some faces and some others look like shit.
  • 3 0
 also, I should proof read for typos lol
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 The fill light is from below, so you get a bit of a sinister look. I like it, but it's definitely different from the usual.
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 Where were the others? Makken Lacon? Did silva ride at all?
  • 3 0
 Tommy Araya showed up, nice.
  • 3 0
 Some real legends right there
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 What a charming bunch of individuals! Portraits are an awesome idea you can really get a sense of their personalities here.
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 Nicholi Rogatkin beard looks like one tour in Afghanistan away from the medal of Honor.
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 This I love. Brilliant work!
  • 2 0
 Aggy looks like jesus
  • 11 0
 I like to think of Jesus like, with giant eagles’ wings and singin’ lead vocals for Lynyrd Skynyrd with like an Angel Band, and I’m in the front row, and I’m hammered drunk.
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 Remy looks like frggn chewbacca or sassy the sasquatch..
  • 2 0
 OMG, so many Jesuses! Wink
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 cj !!!!!
  • 2 4
 There is definitely no potential wallpapers in this article. Move along.

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