2012 - Second Half Recap: Best Videos of the Year - Part 1

Dec 26, 2012
by Scott Secco  
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Loam Factory: Created by David Peacock and Liam Mullany.

Views: 187,703    Faves: 3,889    Comments: 155

An Ending: Have you ever felt that panicked feeling in the pit of your stomach, knowing that something you love is about to come to end? "An Ending" documents Dylan Sherrard's last few hours of fall riding before the cold Kamloops winter hits.

Views: 64,971    Faves: 1,381    Comments: 95

Dustin Gilding: The Revealing - PT.1 This year Dustin and I set a mission to create a two-part web series, "The Revealing". I traveled to Dustin's for a weekend to shoot this video and everything went as planned, even exceeding our expectations.

Views: 127,704    Faves: 3,268    Comments: 259

Mind Spark 01 - Creation: Brendan Howey and Paul Genovese visit Green River for the first time together.

(Password protected)
Views: 105,477    Faves: 1,458    Comments: 70
This video is password protected.

Silvia - Sun Peaks with Matty and Karl: With this Silvia video we wanted to show the diversity of Karl and Matt, both as filmers and riders.

Views: 213,588    Faves: 3,873    Comments: 158

Growing Up Whistler: Twenty-one year old Ian Morrison is a true Whistler legend, and a nine year old Finn Finestone is well on his way. Despite their age difference, watch them tear apart the Whistler Bike Park.

Views: 188,342    Faves: 3,327    Comments: 203

Fabien Barel - My Way... The story of his World Championship victories: A 25-minute feature documentary into the career and World Championship victories of Fabien Barel. A film by MTBcut.

Views: 79,504    Faves: 584    Comments: 38

These Are The Days - Dylan Dunkerton: These are the days, the ones that really matter. Memorable laps with friends, summer time vibes, and golden sunsets. Nothing beats time at home, it is paradise to say the least. From dusk to dawn this is how we choose to spend our days.

Views: 117,821    Faves: 2,810    Comments: 124

At Home with Kirill Benderoni: Video: Maxim Antipov.

Views: 62,339    Faves: 1,377    Comments: 85

Jon Televison - Roles Reversed: After a long year behind the lens I needed to switch things up and move over to the other side of the glass. Time to reverse the roles; outsource the director duties and instead play the leading role. This film proves that riding bikes will always be more important than capturing it with a camera. Music: I Blame Coco feat. Robyn - Ceasar / AWOLNATION - Guilty Filhty Soul.

Views: 69,855    Faves: 1,629    Comments: 91

Sea of Rock: WARNING - This is a report, it contains a story and the video does not start with instant shredding. If you never liked storytellers when you were a kid, maybe this is not for you. Please proceed to 3:20 min to avoid interviews etc. Music: AWOLNATION "Sail" I "People" | "Wake Up" Album: Megalithic Symphony Courtesy of Red Bull Records.

Views: 66,649    Faves: 661    Comments: 44

Antti Rissanen - Work In Progress: Video: Fabian Kluhs. Production and Still PhotographyL Lars Scharl. 3D Animation: Chris Rebmann. Sound Design: Daniel Walt. Sound Recording: Janne Jääskeläinen. Music: Heaven`s Basement - "The Long Goodbye."

Views: 32,597    Faves: 913    Comments: 97

Through the Mill: Chris Akrigg is unbelievable.

Through the mill from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

Four by Three - The Family Film: Clay Porter's short film chronicling the Atherton's compound is nothing short of stunning.

Lacon de Catalonya: Some time has passed since Antimedia pointed our lenses towards the world of mountain biking. We figured it was time to go back to our roots and make a new MTB edit. For us, the best place to do this is Andreu's new training compound in Llinars del Valles outside of Barcelona. In 2011 Andreu bought Edgar Torronteras' FMX compound, built a 13 meter tall run-in to compensate for his lack of horsepower, and brought his A-game to his everyday life. As usual Andreu's riding didn´t dissapoint, and we had a blast with a week of dirt, cameras, drones, motocross, and mountain bikes.

Honourable Mentions:
Brett Rheeder in Kelowna by Harrison Mendel and Rupert Walker
Fall Lines with Mark Matthews and Mason Mashon by Callum Jelly
Sessions #3 - At Home with Garett Buehler by Connor Macleod

Title Photo: Mike Zinger

Best Videos of the Year: January 1st to June 30th
Part One
Part Two
Must Read This Week


  • + 23
 There isn't one video there that's doesn't get my stoked to get out on my bike
  • + 4
 Man the Silvia one and the mindspark one got me so pumped for when the snow is gone.
  • + 5
 I would pay soo much money to ride the trail in the revealing part 1
  • + 4
 There goes my next two hours
  • + 13
 The Chris Akrigg video blows me away every time!

Al the videos are great but you kind of know what is coming up even if it is amazin. With Chris you are always thinking WTF next or WTF is he going to do to get down from there Smile
  • + 13
 The day Coastal Crew and Silvia stop making edits will be a dark one.
  • + 3
 It will be a sad day when they hang up their cameras, but they're two real pioneers of the way riding is documented now, and someone will take their place when they bail out of the game, and thy will be good at what they do because of coastal crew, anthill, silvia etc.
  • + 2
 you missed larock! without those three videos would still be good but they all have their style that nobody can copy
  • + 8
 in the andreu lacondeguy video his flipwhip to double backflip on the next jump was one of the most insanne lines ever
  • + 4
 this video MUST be in part 2, really fun and great riding for sure.
is the one where martin soderstrom became a douche
  • + 2
 That sea of rock clip is so sick! I'd class myself as a freerider, so this is not the usual type of clip I'd fav, it's like trials riding on a mountain! Hitting a massive gap or some gnarly chute is impressive (and more my kind of riding), but this guys hard earned skills are pretty mind blowing!
  • + 4
 That chris akrigg vid nearly impressed me as much as one of Danny macaskils vids
  • + 4
 loam factory. hands down. every time.
  • + 1
 WHERE IS THE NINE KNIGHTS VIDEO WITH ALL THE RIDERS HITTING THE OBSTACLE AT THE SAME TIME. If this video is not in, Pinkbike did a bad job on the choice of the videos.
  • + 1
 that downhill jump line in four by three is the most magnificent thing ive ever seen...
  • + 1
 So where is Rob Waners Dirty Business ? That is some of the funniest shit I ever watched
  • + 2
 first one awesome, loam factory #1
  • + 1
 if ther'es not "mining for nugs" in part 2 i have to punch some people at pinkbike!
  • + 1
 sea of rock was excellent and Akriggs vid was too, but they're all A+
  • + 1
 My favourite part was Andreu's that was so sick!!!!!!!
  • + 1
 Sea of rock and nothing else !
  • + 1
 Nice recap of this 2012! waiting the part 2
  • + 1
 Imma go change boxers now.
  • + 1
 hi all, please help find the last song with video (four by threer )
  • + 1
 Dudes of hazzard movie would have been a good one to include
  • + 1
 can andreu please hold a comp at his house on tose kick ass jumps?
  • + 1
 who knows 3 songs, HELPP (four by three )
  • + 1
  • + 1
  • - 1

Video of the year. That is it. That is all.

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