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2012 Super 8 Enduro Race in Taiwan

Dec 5, 2012
by Tyler Maine  
Press pics from X-Fusion for the 2012 Super 8 Enduro Race in Taiwan

Taiwan is known as the production base of hi-end bikes, and historically has not much to do with the sport itself.

Now the situation has changed all because of Super 8 Enduro Race. The first race in 2010 was not a scheduled one; it was only a topic among some riders on the Internet. Later, it was decided to go on before they understood if it could even happen or not.

The rules are simple. Within the given 8 hours, the one who rides the most laps wins the first place and so forth. When tied on the same laps, the one who arrives at the finish line first wins.

Press pics from X-Fusion for the 2012 Super 8 Enduro Race in Taiwan

It was to everyone’s surprise, over 300 hundred people were there for the first race. Free beer, BBQ and buffet lunch made everyone feel at home. The prizes from sponsors kept the participants around until the lottery at the end. For best costume, you received a Scott Scale frame (riders voted on each contestant), and it attracted many riders who liked to “dress up” while riding.

Press pics from X-Fusion for the 2012 Super 8 Enduro Race in Taiwan

This year, riders from a local club, Bike Forest, formed a traffic police team of three riders. One was disguised as a police car, the other two as speed cameras. They walked up the race trail and had fun with the racers. They did this to mock on those semi-professional riders who started participating in the Super 8 last year. Bike Forest guys thought that these riders were over devoted to the racing and were missing all the fun and food. It’s all against the spirit of this event! Somebody had to tell them to slow down. It seems like Taiwan is growing MTB culture of its own kind and may even produce some serious racers in the future.

Press pics from X-Fusion for the 2012 Super 8 Enduro Race in Taiwan

Since Taichung Bike week shifted their dates earlier this year, many bike industry people were in Taiwan when the Super 8 took place. People from Bionicon, QBP, X-Fusion Europe, Spank and Commencal were there having fun too. Even Mr. Max Commencal was hanging around enjoying the fun all day. They all agreed the draft beer was totally irresistible!

Press pics from X-Fusion for the 2012 Super 8 Enduro Race in Taiwan

The Super 8 Enduro Race has been scheduled to take place on the second Sunday of November every year. So mark your calendars and don’t miss it when you are visiting Taiwan at that time next year.

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 where can i get an angry birds helmet....
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 U mad?
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 First time I see someone using his middle fingers to brake!
  • 1 1
 I used to do thatSmile
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 Yes, of course I'll mark my calendar! Cause I mean... I visit taiwan on the daily...
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 I'll stop by next time I'm in Taiwan! Said no one ever
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 Taiwan is a super rad place for biking. They even have a resort in southern Taiwan just for cyclists that comes complete with a high end Giant road or mountain bike and tons of killer trails (plus excellent surfing).
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 Here is the official video from the race this year. Enjoy!!!

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 Is it just me, or does that yellow bike in the picture have the smallest all-mountain frame ever? Seems perfect for guys like me who are 5'4" or shorter.

What is it, like size XS? What is the make?
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 It's an Meta from Commencial
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 Mmmm beer...
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 here are 2011 video....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6YGG6dMt44
so much fun in Super 8 Enduro Race ^^
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 question, will it be cheaper to buy frames in taiwan (thinking since they are manufactured there and no shipping cost if you buy it there)?
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 yes and no,
No, If your're looking for authorized frame from the company with no branch here, you'll probably end up buying a frame that's manufactured in Taiwan, exported to the company in the other country and then imported again into Taiwan by agent. And that'll cost you about the same anywhere you buy it.
Yes, you can probably find tons of after market stuff or factory leak frame which don't have logo or official paint scheme on it at ridiculously low prices(say 80$ for a new ruckus frame). But without the backing of the original company who own the rights over the suff. You're using it at your own risk.
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 I will participate in next year absolutely!!!
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 Shaun Palmer was also jusing his middle fingers back in the daySmile
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 Nice SLS in the background there..
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 it's coming up next 8th can't wait!

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