2012 Vienna Air King in photos

Apr 3, 2012
by Ian Hylands  
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vienna monument

day one rain
  Vienna Air King day 1, rain...

riders meeting
  Riders Meeting

Sam Reynolds portrait
  Sam Reynolds

martin soederstrom tired portrait
  Martin Soderstrom. After watching Martin's just released video edit we were all expecting to see him on the podium, unfortunately the Swedish trick machine crashed during practice on a barspin to tailwhip. Luckily he's mostly all right with just a concussion and a few stitches, he should be back at the next tour stop in Switzerland. Heal up quickly!

Sam Pilgrim tired Portrait
  Sam Pilgrim, waiting out the rain...

day two wind
  Vienna Air King day 2, wind!

1 liter glass

vienna brew

Amir Kabbani Backflip at the 2012 Vienna Air King FMB event.
  Amir Kabbani, flipping into the wind in practice...

andreu Lacondeguy portrait

day three Snow
  Vienna Air King day 3, snow...

course overview


huge crowd in Vienna

event participant in practice at the 2012 Vienna Air King FMB event.

event participant in practice at the 2012 Vienna Air King FMB event.

jakub venkl drp 360 sequence at the 2012 Vienna Air King FMB event.
  Jakub Venkl spinning off the drop...

jakub venkl drop 360 at the 2012 Vienna Air King FMB event.
  ...and from a different angle...

jakub venkl backflip barspin at the 2012 Vienna Air King FMB event.
  Venkl again, flip barspin

Jon alm Hogman superstylish Superman at the 2012 Vienna Air King FMB event.
  Jon Alm Hogman superstylish Superman

Luis Reboul 360 flatspin at the 2012 Vienna Air King FMB event.
  Luis Reboul

Yannick Granieri Tailwhip at the 2012 Vienna Air King FMB event.
  Yannick Granieri

Szymon Godziek flip no Handerat the 2012 Vienna Air King FMB event.
  Szymon Godziek flip tuck no hander.

andreu Lacondeguy FlipWhip at the 2012 Vienna Air King FMB event.
  Andreu, flip whip on the first jump.

Sam Pilgrim Flip Table at the 2012 Vienna Air King FMB event.
  Sam Pilgrim, flip table off the drop.

picture of bummer just a backflip with this epic light for pilgrim in his very last run cause he was already the winner
  Picture of a bummer: the light was epic for Sam's last run, but he had already won, just a backflip in the epic light.

congrats moment pilgrim and reynolds with andreu s face on the wall
  Sam Reynolds congratulations Sam Pilgrim when it's all done...


You can find the full post on the event with results here

After the first event the FMB World Tour top 10 looks like this:

Full Tour Rankings can be found here

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  • + 11
 umm if andreu got 3rd why isnt he in the fmb rankings?
  • - 36
flag henry-turner (Apr 3, 2012 at 12:15) (Below Threshold)
 because he didnt deserve it.
  • + 3
 There are even riders who wasnt there and appear in the rankings, and other as Andreu that doesnt appear and they were there...
But sure Andreu was 3th!

Anybody knows why?
  • + 7
 I think it is because they haven't paid the the inscription to enter at the FMB ranking
  • + 4
 No, Andreu doesn't compete because he doesn't like to compete. He hate competitions. He only wants to ride, not to compete.
  • + 1
 they pay him to enter the fmb, like they did last year? and @PabloCrew stop copying his interview, he competes but just rides as he would normally, so technically he still competes but doesnt get competitive he just has fun
  • + 9
 its szymon godziek, not simon....
  • - 2
 Does szymon means simon in french and english?
  • + 12
 Cheques for negative dollars? what a rip
  • + 1
 like miguel is michael
  • + 1
 well why not just write the real name? in this case szymon :d
  • + 7
 Sam Pilgrim can definitely afford a front tooth now. I hope he gets a gold one, he can pay for it with all his giant checks
  • + 9
 yahh pilgrim!
  • + 3
 Sad for MacDuff. Qualified for the finals but went down in practice... Destroyed the rear wheel and injured himself. Matt's a warrior we'll see him back at these events soon!
  • + 3
 fmb top ten will look like that till the first north american contest...then all those european boys will start to fall in the standings.
  • + 2
 probably Sam will take a part in most of american events so he remain at top3. besides that a lot of events takes place in europe so others riders will stay at top10
  • + 2
 There are no diamond events in Europe though...
  • + 1
 its true...the winners of the gold events jump the point standings so quickly
  • + 6
 OMG PB Beer Big Grin
  • + 3
 Its Jakub Vencl actually...
  • + 3
 anybody catch andreu's duck face in the last picture? ahaha classy.
  • + 3
 WTF, the girls on picture 14!
  • + 9
 duck face strikes again
  • + 3
 GO GO Szymon
  • + 2
 Why andreu doesn't compete in FMWT?
  • + 1
 he doesnt like comps.....

read this....

  • + 3
 thanks man, nice info
  • + 1
 wasnt there Frown but next year!! Big Grin
  • + 1
 what is the story behind pilgrim's missing tooth?
  • + 1
 Soderstrom has had such bad luck since he quit riding for NS. Voodoo? Wink
  • + 0
 is it mandatory for dirt jumpers to dress like douchey bros with oversized energy drink caps when they're not riding?
  • + 12
 I don't think it's mandatory as not all of them are wearing it...why? what do you wear when you're not riding, or in-between runs in the FMB World Tour?
  • + 2
 DH guys are the same. They're just reppin' their sponsors. That's no excuse for the horrible skinny jeans though.

Doesn't matter anyway, it's the riding that counts and these guys all kill it. Nuff said Wink
  • + 2
 is this a rhetorical question?
  • + 1
 Sweet shots Ale! Best selection I've seen from this year!!
  • + 1
 go great britain 3 in the top ten and two in top 3
  • + 0
 Great job Linus!

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