2013 BC Cup #5 - Mount Washington

Aug 27, 2013
by Sam Tomkins  
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Despite the closure of its bike park, Mount Washington and Cycling BC decided to go ahead with the BC Cup DH anyway. Located about halfway up Vancouver Island, Mount Washington is difficult place to access resulting in a lower-than usual turn out of racers. Those who made it out were rewarded with empty trails and small lift lines, keeping in mind the lift and trail was open to registered racers only.

The mile long ride up the Eagle chairlift was a cold one for the riders in shorts and T-shirts.

The bike park may be closed this season but evidence of it s existance covers the mountain.
The race course, AKA Monster Mile, starts at the top of the Eagle express chair. The first part of the course follows a ski run covered in loose rocks and shale. This leads into a steep rocky forested section that quickly pops back out on to a open section under the chairlift. The course remains mostly forested until the finals sprint with the exception of short traverses across ski runs. The end of the course is a 45 second sprint down a fire road into two final jumps and a 180ยบ loose gravel corner the shoots you into the finish line.

Daniel Shaw s race run just before his flat.
Loose shale right out of the gate.

Couldn t escape the rocks even in the trees.
The entire course was covered in rocks and roots.

The course crosses many grassy ski runs.
The course cuts across tons of wide open ski runs like this one.

This wasn't a course of huge drops and gnarly airtime, this being about the highest anyone got off the ground.

The sprint to the finish was long and flat with a few jumps scattered along it.

The course weaved it s way from the peak over to the top of the yellow chair then back over to the left before reutrning to the base.
The final turn before the finish line.

The weather for the weekend was generally cloudy and rather chilly, but the area did see some sun poke through as well as a few showers here and there. Despite the rain the course was very dusty and got thrashed pretty well after two days of racers riding it.

The weather was generally nice but there was a bit of rain and some clouds rolling through the area.
The peak, and starting area for the race, poking through some clouds.

The village area wasn't nearly as busy as it should have been with only a few team tents sighted and an almost empty parking lot.

There were a lot of flats this weekend and I mean a lot.

The top section of the course wasn't friendly on the tires and flats were a common sight all around the mountain. The absense of an on-mountain bike shop meant a lack of tubes and some riders had to resort to stuffing 29er tubes into their 26" wheels.


Elite Men
1st - Remi Gauvin
2nd - Dean Tennant
3rd - Adriano Digiacinto

Elite Women
1st - Tara Mowat
2nd - Berny Jaques
3rd - Lindsay Trimble

Thanks to all the Mt Washington staff, volunteers and sponsors for making this event possible.


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 Hopefully this last weekend will teach Mount Washington that if they want to be a legitimate year round destination they need to just pony up and pay the expensive insurance. Losing money in the summer to continue to build the reputation of their resort has to be a worthwhile investment. I was up there for BearClaw and the BC Cup days, and it was dead. DEAD. I couldn't believe how small the crowd was when we had some of the best slopestyle riders in the world competing.
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 Wish I could have been there maybe next year. Did they close cause of insurance or slow business?
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 Both really, their insurance costs doubled and the slow business didn't provide enough revenue to cover costs...
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 Wow, pretty negative write up, well the captions at least, not many favours done for the mountain here.
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 Yea a lot of people have been saying it's negative, I really wasn't trying to make it so it just came out like that. I think the course looked really fun and Mt Washington did a great job. It was unfortunate that not as many people made it out to the BC Cup. And when I mentioned there was no bike shop that wasn't meant to be a negative on Mt Washington (why would you need a bike shop without having a bikepark), it was more of an idea of how many flats people got, because all the guys who brought up extra tubes (Dunbar, Jay Louden, Cove etc. were running out.
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 Fair enough, I guess they get a bit of a rough deal with the season being so short due to the snow and then what seems like really high insurance rates. On top of that ppl have to get out to the island (slow business). So unfortunately it all adds up. Good to see pics of a local area regardless
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 Can someone shed light regarding the insurance issue. What insurance doubled on them? IE, was it liabiltiy insurance, fire insurance, insurance on their equipment and buildings? I have never heard this before as a reason for the bike park being mothballed.
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 What I've heard differs from this 'insurance cost' thing that people keep pointing out. Mt Washington closed their bike park this year because they are trying to sell and the potential buyers want to see maximum profits from the resort, so the current management took a different route this summer and closed the bike park so they could spend that budget on major improvements for the winter season in hopes of maxing out profits when the snow falls. Given their location and distance from nearby towns and such Mt. Washington has costs beyond just running the bike park business in the summer as they also have to man their own full time fire department etc.
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 @thatguyonpitch - That seems like a reasonable explanation as well... The insurance costs story has been told to me by senior staff at the resort on multiple occasions. However, I have not talked to the owners directly... There could be a deeper story here...
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 did magnus crash? it's kinda weird for him to be second
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 I believe Magnus got a flat in the lower part of the course.
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 course looks sick man, and stoked for Remi!
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 Some post results pleaaaaaasseeeee
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 There are no official results avalible online at the momet, usually takes cycling BC about a week to get them up.
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 fun looking course
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 What were the times?
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 I will post the link for the full results as soon as they are avalible.
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