2013 Canada Cup 1 Results, Mont Tremblant

May 20, 2013 at 10:43
May 20, 2013
by Lama Cycles  
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This Sunday, a few athletes managed to rise above the rest at the first Canada cup of the season. The fastest run of the day went to Remi Gauvin in the Senior Elite category with a impressive time of (3:47.4) followed by Kyle Sangers (3:50.4) and Matthew Beer 3:50.8. The Elite women’s category was won by Miranda Miller and the Junior Expert category was won by McKay Vezina with an time of 3:56.0 that would be good enough for the fourth spot in the Elite category!

Results are as follows:

Top 10 elite men:

1- Remi Gauvin Performx/ Commencal 3:47.4
2- Kyle Sangers Performx/ Commencal 3:50.4
3- Matthew Beer Intense Cycles/ Fox Shox/ Troy Lee 3:50.8
4- Forrest Riesco 3:55.7
5- Philippe Cyrenne Blanchard Sports Aux Puces / Norco 3:56.7
6- Matt Nielson Primary Sweet Pete's Sram Avid 4:00.3
7- Adriano Digiacinto Bryson Racing Clan 4:02.9
8- Andy Thibodeau 4:05.5
9- Samuel Vallee Devinci/ Lessard Bicycles/ Race Face 4:07.1
10- Benoit Rioux Xprezo/borsao 4:07.1

Full Elite man results here.

Top 3 elite women:

1- Miranda Miller Santa Cruz/sram 4:24.7
2- Vaea Verbeeck 4:46.7
3- Kristen Courtney Adrenalineracer/towheels 4:49.3

Full Elite women results here.

Top 5 junior X men:

1- McKay Vezina Cycles Devinci/newbury Park Bike Shop 3:56.0 (good for a 4th place elite man!)
2- Lee Jackson Norco Factory Team 4:04.6
3- Matt Hardwick Devinci 4:07.8
4- Jayson Giorio Performx/ Commencal 4:13.1
5- Benjamin Despres-Morin 4:13.7

Full Junior X results here.

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Complete race report, pictures and video coming soon.
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  • + 19
 If it wasn't for Lama Cycles, we would have no coverage of the Canada Cup DH series. Lama Cycles is first class!
  • + 6
 thank you lama cycles for caring about downhill mtb racing in the true north strong and free.
  • + 1
 Merci Lama Cycles!
  • + 3
 il devrait remettre le le dh à tremblant,c'était une si belle montagne à rouler, j'ai ai fait là-bas pendant deux saison 98-99..
  • + 2
 J'y étais. Le parcours était cool, kind of pinball machine track.

Gros problème d'organisation. Remise des médailles très en retard en xc et en dh.

36$ pour prendre le chairlift c'est du vol!
  • + 6
 thankx Lama..
  • + 1
 trop de bla bla aucun contenue et l`organisation de sur place manquais énormement,aucune indication rien pour te dire ou aller pour l'inscription le simple fait d'etre oubliger de repayer pour pouvoir prendre les remonte pente pour simplement aller marcher la trail apret avoir payer plus de 100$ pour participer a l'évenement c'est vraiment inacceptable
  • - 2
 sound like fun
  • + 3
 La raison pourquoi il on fait payer pour la remontée c'est qu'en raison de plusieurs blessures de l'an dernier, les assurances ont augmentées drastiquement cette année. Les organisateurs doivent faire leur frais !!
  • + 0
 Omelet du fromage.
  • + 4
 anyone know where to get the full results? for all classes? Thanks for the coverage Lama!
  • + 4
 and close the hill know, thank you for the great season at Tremblant 2013. Frown this place SUCKS for DH'er.
  • + 2
 Good Job Lama Cycles to organize this and to the filmer of course, more people should come out to race and have fun
  • + 2
 organise une coupe Qc chez toi à Rivière du loup et tu verras par toi même si tu fais payer le lift ticket ......
  • + 2
 Leave it to Jamie Biluk to be using feminine hygiene products to protect himself out here in the east:p
  • + 2
 great, another reason for me to ride biluk like a grocery store nickle pony.

the cardboard thing has been done before , same as the maxi pads..............its straight up stupid.
you think full padding is hot?
ever spent the entire summer on the 7th floor of a hospital? now that can get real warm, and stinky.and ya can't do any scrubs in there, unless its the 350 pound male nurse giving ya a sponge bath.his name is frank, and he'll touch ya in places your mom warned ya about.......ouch and yuck.

kids, please don't think jamie or minnaar or ben reid are cool for doing this..............it makes them all look like total amateurs.
worse yet, they are risking their health and season over trying to be cute and or funny.
  • + 2
  • + 3
 I think a lot of riders prefer to not use elbow pads(myself included) and use more low profile "pads" to get around the rule of required elbow protection.
  • + 3
 I don't wear elbow pads too for the simple reason that they constraint blood flow on my not so muscular arm...: i get armpump faster and (really) ride worst with them, raising crash frequency. Protections on more vital parts are a must imo, back plate, neck brace, helmet should be on everyone list.
  • + 1
 Elbow pads do not prevent elbow dislocations, humeral, radial or ulnar fractures. Those are caused by leverage and axial loading. Backplates aren't much better. Fact. Stacy, your personal experience was unfortunate but it was yours. Not everybody is going to go through what you did just because they don't want to wear full padding.
  • + 1
 huh? dude i fell off a swing set at the local playground.
what does that have to do with common sense and sport appropriate padding?

  • + 1
 Well I don't know you THAT well, but I know of you and your previous comment suggested (mostly because you didn't mention what landed you on the 7th floor of that hospital and this was a bike-related article) that your injury was due to biking without padding/armor.

No harm no foul?
  • + 1
 You don't know who Stacy Kohut is? I thought everyone knew who Stacy Kohut was. New world Disorder and New World Disorder-Fat Tire Fury fame, If you haven't seen them Check them out, two of the better bike movies. I don't know Stacy personally, but I do know who he is. I do know Jamie Biluk from my time in Winnipeg though.
  • + 1
 Ummm I think you misread my comment because the spelling is all correct... I don't know him personally but I definitely do know OF him. I even commented once (on this site) that he was the badest man on four wheels.
  • + 1
 no harm, no foul. if ya wanna ask someone about the benifits of padding and armour...ask trish bromley. every little bit of padding helps. now neck braces, i'd be willing to engage in a healthy debate whether they help or hurt in the event of some crashes. in any event, keep the shiny side up. and in all reality, i was on the 5th floor and no, no one by the name of frank was in my room...........lol.
  • + 1
 Miranda wins the Women's Pro cat, a gets a hydration pack!! YEAH!!!!
  • + 1
 The crash at 0:04-0:12 is brutal.. Sweet edit!
  • + 1
 Thanks Lama Cycle !! You rock!
  • + 1
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