Video: 2013 Fort William World Cup From the Parkin Bros

Jun 10, 2013
by Karl Burkat  

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 God I love World Cups just cause of all the stokage and the epic recaps that are sure to follow. And who knew Stevie had a sense of humor like that... pretty awesome
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 What Canadian doesn't have a sense of humor lol
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 haha another reason why I want to move to Canada.
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 Protour. Protour is a Canadian without a sense of humor.
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 Protour and Celine Dion
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 @ donch15- that makes for a disturbing yet entertaining visual.
banger edit yet again by the parkin bros.
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 All Canadians have a sense of just happens to suck dog dick. See: Tippie's atrocious commentary from the world cup.
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 Not a very confident sounding Aaron Gwin before the finals @ 1.50...great get by the video crew!!!

It's amazing how well done these are and how quickly they put them together...almost better than watching the actual race.

Well done Parkin Bros.!!!
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 Isn't that how he always sounds?
  • 9 0 would take me most of two weeks to put out an edit like this - not that anything I do would be of that quality. That's why they're the pros!
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 Has Gwin and Specialized put a media ban on themselves ? Surly the question on everyones lips is what happened to Gwin ?.
The fastest person by a country mile over the last 2 seasons, new team, new bike and over 6 months to test and get things dialed in and he finishes way down the order, even cunny and warner were in so much shock but not a whisper from the websites on what happened on the day ?

Im sure we will hear some excuse that they are trying to come up with while driving to Val Di Sole for the next round, come on Pinkbike give us an exclusive ?
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 Having spent the weekend there and filming myself, I didn't see much of Gwin at all. Not that I was hunting for him! However there wasn't any obvious reason for it! I guess he needs to get upto speed again and I'm sure we'll see him up there again at VDS. On another note, one of the impressive edits of a race for a while! Completed so quick! Haven't had a chance to even look at my footage yet!
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 I know pinkbikers hate twitter... but Gwin tweeted post race

"Well definitely not the result we'd hoped for but that's racing. Always another race, lookin forward to improving and up for the challenge!"
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 ^^ Someone just mentioned the words 'Gwin' and 'Twitter' in one comment- I just threw up into my own mouth.
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 Lol, love how you put 'from the parkin bros' because you don't want to put DIRT TV. Rolleyes
Vital Mtb are not so proud. Wink
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 Ha...that's pretty funny. I watched it on Dirt's website first.
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 I would have been more upset if they didn't put the filmers in the title!~
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 Seriously how do the Parkins bros put together feature film quality race recaps in ONE day? I hope someone is paying them well for their efforts, it's simply amazing.
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 As an amateur film/edit person, it blows my mind completely how they can do it.
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 No clue either, I haven't even managed to get a proper look at my footage!!
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 They send all the footage to a sweat shop in India and it's done overnight. ;-) KIDDING!
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 This recap video was so amazing good had to watch it twice. Please keep these coming all season!!
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 Please someone give these guys a fat check and the contract to film the WC series! This footage is a bergillion times cooler than the Redbull/UCI stuff! I appreciate seeing it, but the angles and the camera placements made it kinda dull and slow on the official showing. However where these guys really get it! I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack watching this video!
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 Seriously Red bull have upped the live coverage game endlessly did you watch any of it? It was amazing considering the timings they have to deal with. e.g. a 4/5 minute track with riders down at 1 and 2 minute intervals. you saw a lot of racing in it. and fort William is in internet terms in the middle of no where. The fact you managed to see any footage is quite incredible.

The Parkins video is meant to be in your face good, with your emotions being pulled in every direction your not going to get the same with a live feed no matter who does it.

Both of these feeds are exceptional.
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 Someone has! It's called Dirt Magazine, keep up!
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 Brook MacDonald @ 5.26 : When you're smacking yourself in the face with your know your pushing hard.
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 The coverage on the day was also amazing, they would see in the riders live over the line then cut immediately to highlight of the next rider on the upper section. They would then go live to that rider to see him over the line, then so on to the next rider!! It was absolutely relentless, Brilliant. Also, we don't get much in the way of weather in Scotland like we had over this weekend, really topped off a great event.
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 Agreed. Usually, there's those lags where I'd nod-off and miss 1/2 the race - it's usually 6am when the European WCs air in my time-zone. I never had a chance for my mind to drift off this time and, quite honestly, I liked it!!
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 alot of my after run coversations are like steve smiths and brooks... except for the podium stuff, im not that good. haha smith is awesome.
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 Stop being a bitch and stand up!
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 Absolutely excellent edit, best in a long time! On a different note, did anybody else notice there was less photographer articles this year, not as many track/ track walk pics etc. as there has been previously?
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 'if i can manage to crash at the motorway I'm a retard' hahaha steve
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 Man that was amazing!!!huge props to the Parkin bro's,thats some legit video wizardry
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 Have the Parkin Bros started composing music?! How else could they find something this dramatic to match their awsome editing skillz! Thanx guys, this really gives us a taste of what it would have been like to be there in the flesh. Keep it up!
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 People! Please! Gwin is fast - he had an off day - everyone wants to know why. Minnaar placed 9th - poor by his standards - both had clean runs, just weren't on fire like Gee and the others. Don't sweat it - Gwin will be on top again as will Minnaar. Opening round and they and others, just need to fine tune. It'll all be good. That's racing. Oh nice vid btw. Congrats to the top 5.
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 Seriously. Nobody seems concerned about Minnaar, but this is the first time in eons that he hasn't been on the podium. I find that more of a shock, especially with Greg's track-record at Ft. Bill. I think it's just a matter of a later start for the WC season. Some riders timed their training much better than some. And, of course, it's racing.
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 Loic Bruni scares me.
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 Is this the song- are you ready come and get it -Selina Gomaz in Dub with no voice instumental ?
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 Sweet video I keep catching bits i never seen before tight world cup with a 2 sec spread from top 6 guys top 10 was alot of Talent. got to watch that again Fort William was monumental .
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 So yeah, if we could have a video of pro riders discussing their runs like in 9:00, that would be great.
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 watching all the parts on the bikes makes me very confident in the manufactures... they know their shit!
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 Starting song. Now please.
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 F##K i want to go ride BAD .
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 Brook is a bear, the guy is huge!
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 He's one of the few people that somehow looks even bigger in person.
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 When I grow up, I want to be just like the Parkin brothers. That was the best-spent 10min of my day!
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 Epic songs! What are they?
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 Good stuff! Love the way the speed and flow are shown. Not too much slow-mo. Rider commentary a bonus.
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 the song that starts at 4:30 ? anyone know what it is?
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 and they are all friends, Its cool seeing them hang out
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 exactly what I thought...Pretty cool to hear them talking about the track all together...
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 Is it just me, or can anyone else not get this to load?
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 not only you. i got the same problem
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 Even the racers had something to say about Gee's jersey.
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 is that peaty's world champs bike sitting in the scaffolding at 2:57?
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 Yes it was.
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 I got goosebumps at the end!
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 Yeah...keep it coming for VDS next week... brothasss!!
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 Pretty cool seing the riders' personalities. Stevies such a hoot
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 "ball cam" the next technology from steve smith
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 val di sole!!!here we go!!! always a great edit dirt tv!
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 what's the song at 4:35 please?
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 The new GT Fury was amazing. Gee deserved the win.
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 Stellar edit!
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 Steve Smith... And Ahhh IM fast and ahhh

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